tagExhibitionist & VoyeurModified Ch. 05

Modified Ch. 05



Jack was again slowing becoming awake, and as was his expectation over the last week, he was again sporting a significant morning erection. For once though, he was alone and was therefore imagining an energetic sex scene with a partner who he couldn't quite make out. She was wearing a long glittery dress, was blonde and had a gorgeous figure. It looked like they were having sex in a dressing room, when a knock at the door shouted "10 minutes Holly". Jack then realised it was Holly Willoughby that he'd watched hosting the 'Dancing on Ice' show the night before, and they were fucking before the broadcast. He enjoyed the fantasy moment, and gave her a very satisfactory orgasm, though for some reason he already knew she was a screamer so he had earlier stuffed pair of her silk panties into her mouth. She removed the impromptu gag, gave him a sexy kiss, then threw him out with her phone number scribbled on a napkin thrust into his tuxedo jacket.

He made it to the shower still very aroused, so played the scenario over in his head while he masturbated, then dressed casually while he planned the day ahead. Firstly he was expecting a visit from Alex the tailor, and Jack decided he would add a tuxedo onto his wish list there, though he doubted that it would be ready in time for the flight later that week, he could put it to good use when he eventually returned. Next was a visit to his solicitor to finalise and sign the agreement to the trial in the US, though at this point it would be a formality. Final planned activity would be his final pre trip physical and discussion with his doctors.

He was sipping on a coffee when his doorbell rang. Expecting the tailor, Jack opened the door to see a bright faced woman in a three piece suit, with a slightly punk hair style. "Hi I'm Alex" she said. Slightly taken aback, his face betrayed him so she added "Carlotta NEVER tells anyone I'm a woman" she giggled, and Jack's trance was broken and he invited her in. She brought in a sizeable suitcase and they started to discuss what was wanted. He told her that he was expecting to travel on Friday of that week, and whilst that seemed to take her aback, she indicated that she would do her best to get anything they decided on to him by Thursday.

Jack indicated he'd lost some weight and wasn't sure of sizes, but Alex insisted that she needed to measure him to ensure what he got was just right. So he stood up while she took out a notebook and pen, and the started to measure him all over. Neck size, arm length, chest size, waist size...whilst she was very efficient it did take a little time to get done. She then asked him to try on a couple of jackets for size, she took yet more notes and measurements, and then dropped the bombshell "I'm going to have to ask you to take off your trousers". Jack's earnest hope at that moment was that he would not betray himself while being measured here, but removed his clothing so that he was standing only in a pair of boxer shorts and a smile. A smile flitted over her lips, as the size of the resting cock still didn't leave much to the imagination given how much he'd grown in that area. She quickly measured his legs and thighs, and with a light professional touch Jack avoided any unwelcome swelling.

"I might suggest some new underwear too, something with a little more...eh breathing room than the ones your currently wearing." Jack nodded his assent to this wondering what else had to be done before he could get dressed. Jack almost immediately could smell the sweet scent of arousal from his tailor, and he cast his eye over her. With her jacket removed,he could see that the waistcoat was hiding a large pair of breasts, while the shirt was unbuttoned and gave him a very pleasant view of her cleavage, while trousers clung tightly to her hips and bum, showing rather than hiding her curves. His cock responded appropriately, and very quickly an unavoidable bulge showed in his shorts.

"My, that looks rather uncomfortable Jack..." and without warning she whipped his shorts to his ankles, his cock rapidly rising to attention. She swiftly unbuttoned and shed the waistcoat and shirt, leaving a bra supporting a pair of heaving breasts just short of his throbbing cock. She reached out with her finger tip, smeared some pre-cum before popping into her mouth, loudly sucking.

"I'm on a tight schedule Jack, or else we could do this properly, but I'm told I do a pretty amazing titty wank and I don't want you going off and taking care of this without me here." Jack assured her he would find that most satisfactory, So producing bottle of baby oil, and slipping off her bra (he guessed she was several cup sizes larger than Debbie who was a self proclaimed EE), she started to smear her breasts and cleavage with the oil, paying particular attention to her swollen nipples...she then leaned into him and licked the top of his cock, and wrapping her soft breasts around him , started to slide then up and down, each visit to the top accompanied by an eager lick or suck. He moaned with unbridled pleasure, the soft flesh wrapping around him whilst the oil caused an extremely erotic sensation to the whole thing. Alex cooed as she tended to his cock, moaning while she played with her nipples was she pressed onto his throbbing member. The whole thing was an assault on his senses, and the only thing that prevented him coming in seconds was the fact of his ejaculation an hour previously. As it was within a couple of minutes he recognised he was close, to which she merely pointed at her impressive breasts and groaned "paint my body". So Jack started to pleasure himself, wanking full length hard and fast so he very quickly came to the brink, but paying attention to his instruction, sprayed the the first three spurts onto her generous bosom. She then grabbed his cock and popped him into her mouth, sucking and licking to get the remainder of his cum and to clean his cock.

She then produced a phone, and opening the camera she said "quick take a picture of how it looks for me right now, I want this for later, hot stuff". Jack took a couple of snaps with the phone flashing brightly, then handed it to the tailor while quickly fishing a hand towel out of the downstairs bathroom.

She had started to clean herself up by scooping the cum and swallowing it, but the towel and some baby wipes that were in her case soon got her body clean and dry, to allow her to get dressed in front of him. "I'll make sure that your trousers aren't too tight for you gorgeous" she smiled. He'd ordered some formal trousers and couple of pairs of chinos, along with jeans and his vanity purchases, smart jacket as well as the tuxedo. "I'll be back on Thursday afternoon to finish the fitting. Please make sure we have adequate time to do that...properly." She packed everything away and before Jack knew it she was gone. He updated his 'therapy diary' and quickly dressed, recognising that he was due at his solicitors in an hour.

Jack arrived at the offices about 10 minutes before the due time, and was greeted by Julia, who was the complete model of professionalism. He couldn't help but admire how great she was at her job, whilst on a personal level had enjoyed her company enormously on Sunday. Before he knew it she ushered him in to Natalie's office and closed the door so they were alone. Natalie seemed a little nervous at first, stumbling over her introduction to signing the document, so Jack interjected.

"Natalie you're my solicitor. You're a great solicitor and I have nothing but complete respect for you as a professional, and nothing will change that. Now show me where I sign, or are there any remaining questions?" There were none, and the document was signed and witnessed (by Julia of course) in a few moments. Natalie asked Julia to scan and email the document to the lawyers that were representing the pharmaceutical company, and they sat and made small talk about his trip. No more than 2 minutes had passed when Scarlett was back on the phone, thanking Natalie for her assistance in promptly executing the agreement.

After she put down the phone, Jack took a moment with her. "When this is all over and done with, I'd like to get to know you a little better on a personal level." She smiled at him and said she would like that.

Jack checked his watch and realised he would need to be moving to get to the clinic for his appointment, and so said his goodbyes and stepped out of her office. Julia walked him to the door. "I told you that you're a good man Jack, so I thank you for looking after my girl too." They rather formally shook hands and off he went.

Jack no sooner arrived at the clinic than he met Laura just inside the entrance. They hugged and after Jack checked in at reception, he was regaled with tales of the rest of their shopping trip, and the fashion show they gave each other when they got back to their flat. Laura produced her phone which was filled with pictures of Debbie in various forms of undress, and the occasional selfie of Laura in various tops and skirts. Jack felt a little bit uneasy that he'd abandoned them on Saturday, only to end up with 2 other women in his bed, so tried to keep the conversation light and focussed on their upcoming travels.

"You know we had a couple of visitors on Sunday." Jack raised an eyebrow wondering where this was going. "Debbie and Audrey got on famously on Saturday, so she popped by with a friend to visit us." His discomfort level was rapidly rising, until he realised that Laura was deliberately teasing him. "We got a full report on Saturday night from them, and Julia was mad keen to meet us. Sounds like a fun evening."

She winked and smiled at him, explaining Julia had been interested to meet the nurses. "I think she was making sure we were not taking advantage of you Jack, that woman seems to have your best interests at heart. We passed her test I think."

Jack was sure Julia would have had plenty to say on the subject if she was less than satisfied when she saw him not an hour ago. He almost missed Laura telling him that Debbie and Audrey had gone off to her room for half an hour of noisy recreational fucking which seemed to have almost worn Debbie out. Lo and behold Debbie appeared and added some lurid detail to the encounter, indicating that she thought that in Audrey she might have met her match in terms of sex drive.

Jack was then summoned to have the routine tests and scans completed, and he had an invitation go to the nurses flat later that day for a bite to eat, which he had gladly accepted. His head was swirling with the complexity of the new relationships that he was a participant in, and wondered what the right way to do this was. He eventually figured out that the simplest thing to do would be more of what he had been doing, which was taking each day as it came. Everyone appeared to be relaxed with the situation, and the idea that some of them were busy fucking each other appealed to him in that he didn't want to be the sole source of sexual gratification.

After a bite of lunch at which he resumed his conversation with Debbie and Laura, he was due to see Angela his counsellor for a discussion on how he was doing now that he had been out of hospital for a few days. Waiting outside her office, Jack realised he had missed seeing her and had found the conversations to be helpful in resolving some long buried issues, as well as adjusting to his new situation.

Angela stepped out of her office and Jack stepped up to greet her, and went inside, Jack knew that she would have been looking at his diary too, and was expecting some of their conversation to be around that, however she started with questions about general well-being and how he was sleeping (which was well regardless of whether he had company or not). She talked about the possibility of an 'emotional hangover' after their session where he opened up about how he'd dealt with life after Susan's death, and Jack indicated that he'd been a bit up and down, but was feeling okay as their conversation had in part prepared him for that.

"So Jack I've read your Therapy Diary and I've got to say, if I didn't know you well enough to be confident that you're being truthful, I'd be a little incredulous. Sex with 6 different partners since Thursday, including a new one this morning? I'm fascinated, please tell me what's happening." He was slightly taken aback by Angela's lack of condemnation, expecting to be given a lecture on not indulging in promiscuous behaviour. Instead she was genuinely interested in what had happened.

So he opened up about the events of the last few days, and how each scenario had flowed from one into the other, and that each moment felt natural. He couldn't explain how he suddenly became more attractive to women but felt the unburdening of his illness and Angela's discussions were significant factors in his newfound sense of happiness. It seemed to translate into women being interested and receptive to him. He wondered briefly if he should tell her about his awareness of arousal, as he was now certain it was, but for the moment kept that to himself.

Angela then asked him if he felt the new 'unburdened Jack' was different and that meant he was behaving differently. He said he was pretty sure he was, plus the lack of pain and most of the excess weight were boosts to his confidence anyway, but he didn't understand how those conversations translated into sexual scenarios so quickly.

"You know Jack, you've gone through a lot in the last few weeks. Your health problem seems to be resolved, you've talked openly about your feelings and worked through some residual things in your life, and you're about to go to America for a months worth of sunbathing and theme parks." Jack laughed immediately, and he got the point. He was a changed man, and was in good shape for a man over 50, so perhaps some of this exuberance was just his way of being thankful.

"Don't be surprised if this spell of meeting new people tapers off, and you find yourself wanting to spend more time with someone, but for now, enjoy yourself and play safely." Once again Jack found himself grateful for the support and wisdom of Angela, and whilst she remained a very attractive woman, Jack was happy to think of her as a good supportive professional, irrespective of the now unmistakeable scent of arousal that was thick in the air, at least to him.

"Will there be any more sessions with you?" he asked. She indicated that the project were not planning any more, however if he wanted to continue to see her after his trip, she'd be happy to book private counselling sessions for him.

Jack said he would be in touch, and she gave him a business card which in addition to normal contact details, included a handwritten mobile number. "You can reach me day or night on that number Jack. I'm here for you if you need me."

Angela closed the door and locked it, and strode back to her desk and her handbag, where she fished out an oval shaped object pressed a button causing it to buzz, swiftly slipping off her skirt and sliding her panties down her thighs, and plunging the vibrator into her wet pussy. This man was nothing extraordinary on the physical level, he was no George Clooney for sure, but he got her incredibly turned on in a way she'd never experienced either professionally or personally. She attacked her pussy and clit, and pawed at her breasts through her blouse, tweaking nipples in an angry recognition that she needed fucked good and proper. She came, one hand buried in her crotch, the other clamped over her mouth to stop the sound of a fierce orgasm racking her body...her legs quivered and quaked, while her pussy pulsed with the ferocity of her orgasm. Yet she was not satisfied, and knew she would be wearing out her boyfriend once again tonight. He'd actually complained at the weekend at being asked for too much sex, and she'd briefly contemplated going out to see if she could pick up someone for casual sex, but her mind prevailed and instead she wore out a couple of sets of batteries.

Her need temporarily sated, she pulled her clothes back on and tried to analyse the situation. She'd been almost hyper sexual (constantly aroused) since the beginning of last week, with her desire peaking immediately after her sessions with Jack. She could detect signs of him being interested in her, but that was not uncommon for female counsellors and something she dealt with from time to time. What was uncommon was her raging libido, which seemed to have no way of being satisfied, however she elected to try to see it out. Ultimately she would know if matters subsided after he went to the US, and while that would tell her who was lighting her fire, it didn't tell her why.

Jack went back to the reception area, and paid attention to his phone for the first time in a couple of hours. In addition to the usual emails, he'd received texts from Alex asking him to make sure he was available at 3pm on Thursday, Julia wondering if he was free for lunch tomorrow and Audrey who was offering Italian lessons if he was interested. While musing on replies, he was called to an office for his appointment with Dr McKellar and Scarlett. After initial pleasantries, Dr McKellar confirmed his medical tests were all as expected, and he was cleared to travel to the US on Friday.

Scarlett confirmed receipt of all the signed documentation, and his visa for the US had been expedited for the extended study. "I need you and your travel companions to be at the airport by 11:00 on Friday, so we're organising a car to take you there. You will be met by a colleague who will ensure you get checked in and are all set for your travels, and once you have cleared customs and immigration, look out for a sign with your name in arrivals." Jack acknowledged all this, and indicated how much he was looking forward to the journey.

"Now we have those details out of the way Jack, I've been studying your 'Therapy Diary' and it seems you've been a busy man." Scarlett's innuendo was unmistakeable. "I've just read Ms Collins report and she has signed you off as being psychologically fit to travel, so it looks like we're all set, I will need you to continue to update your 'Therapy Diary' for the duration of the extended study. Otherwise I won't see you again until you're in Florida, I have some things to attend to here to wind up the study, then I'll join you next week."

Jack rose and shook hands, taking time to thank Dr McKellar especially, and saying he looked forward to seeing Scarlett soon. He headed out the clinic to a waiting cab, whereupon he headed home and decided to change for his visit to the nurses flat.

Once Jack had left the office, the sexual tension in the air reduced, but didn't disappear. Scarlett had met and used a fitness trainer for some sexual relief since she had been in the UK, with her demands rising since her first masturbation session in the hospital with their patient. Whilst actually reasonably handsome minus the excess weight and his renewed joie de vivre, Scarlett knew there was more to the almost obscenely high level her sex drive was at, and it wasn't the local food. Her best guess was he was emitting high levels of pheromones that was triggering the sexual response in women, but she needed the specialised facilities in Florida to confirm that. As for his cock growth, the question was it a facility of the medication, the gene therapy or a combination of both. The study should get to the bottom of that. But first she hit the speed dial in her phone for a booty call.

Elaine McKellar just about kept it together until she reached her private office. Once inside, she could not avoid the signs of arousal in her body, the erect nipples, the juices flowing from her throbbing pussy. But he was a a MAN, and Elaine had known she was a lesbian since her early teens, her course through life was made a little more complicated as a result, but she'd found things in recent years to be much more understanding both professionally and personally. She'd come out at work only a few years before, and was in a long term relationship with pharmacist just a few years younger than herself, and they had a wonderful physical relationship, without anything triggering a physical response in her from a man in...we'll ever. Yet her body was clearly responding to something that was driving her libido off the scale, so much so that whilst her partner initially enjoyed the new sexually aggressive Elaine, she wondered how she would feel about another session tonight? For now she did the sensible thing, locked her door and masturbated in her private bathroom. She'd discussed the possibility of pheromones being part of the reason for the reaction he generated, and that was one of the reasons for the extended study. Whilst she liked Jack Spencer, she hoped she didn't need to see him any time soon.

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