tagExhibitionist & VoyeurModified Ch. 11

Modified Ch. 11



Jack awoke in his usual semi conscious state, and as usual, his cock was fully erect. It wasn't as though he hadn't had the opportunity to satisfy himself the night before with Andi, however his body was responding and willing for more. The early morning light told him it was around 6am, but he was aware he wasn't alone in the room. Sitting up on his elbows he could see Andi naked and stretching out on the carpet at the bottom of the bed. He took a moment to admire her all over tan and toned body, and was impressed when she did a full splits and rolled her hips back and forth. She was facing away from him, and seemed lost in a combination of yoga positions, until he politely coughed.

Andi turned her head and smiled at him. "I was coming in to say goodbye before I left, but then I saw all this space and decided to get my morning yoga done. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all. I'm normally awake at this time anyway, so you didn't disturb me. I'm impressed with your flexibility." She smiled back at him and stood up, turning to see the very obvious tenting in the sheets giving away his aroused state.

"Wow you are insatiable man! I fucked you as long and as hard as I could last night, yet here you are in the morning ready for more. But I have a secret to share with you. All this exercise and training I do, it makes me fucking insatiable too."

She pulled back the sheet to unveil Jack's quivering cock, then mounting the bed, she stood over him, then slipped her legs astride him until her pussy was almost touching his cock. Pausing briefly, she lowered her body into his cock with her legs fully astride, her pussy pulsing wishing anticipation. She raised and lowered herself a few inches at a time, her thigh muscles beautifully defined with exquisite control. Jack pulled her towards him, and kissed her gently in the lips, feeling her small breasts crushed against his chest.

"You are exquisite Andi. I've never been with an athlete before, but you seem just about the perfect specimen of a woman to me. But this morning, it's my turn to fuck you, so get on your back and relax, let me do the work." Andi giggled, perhaps unused to such a compliment, but also happy to be the one on the receiving end. She raised herself off Jack then lay down beside him. He kissed her again, this time, allowing his hands to trail over her body, a pinch of a nipple being met with a pleasurable groan.

Jack kissed down her six pack stomach, then reached her shaved pussy. He kissed all over her vaginal lips and her thighs, taking his time and eliciting a moan of pleasure. His tongue trailed along the outside, then slid in, lapping at her juices which were by now very much flowing. He raised her legs so he could get in close to her, his shoulders under her thighs. He licked up and down from her ass to her clit, introducing a finger, then a second to her pussy while his tongue teased her ass. He probed it briefly, being met with a gasp followed by further moaning.

He curled his fingers inside her, seeking and finding her g spot, while using his other hand to finger her ass too. He lapped, licked, probed and sucked her to a leisurely orgasm that had her body shaking for a full minute. He kissed his way way back up her body till she hungrily kissed him back.

"That was fucking.amazing. I have NEVER had a woman give head like that, never mind a man. I want you inside me. Fuck me, fill up."

Jack slid his cock into her willing pussy and was fully inside her when they paused. The kissing became hungrier and more insistent, their tongues probing each other with Andi tasting herself on his mouth, which just seemed to turn her on even more. Jack started to thrust back and forth, slowly but deeply at first, but he soon was caught up in the moment, and they were vigorously fucking each other, Andi's hips thrusting hard to meet Jack's downward motion, their bodies crashing in to each other. She seemed totally into the moment, so he decided it was time to see if he could enhance her experience too. He focussed on her near perfect body, her glistening skin and urgent thrusting, and played with her desire, toying with it in his mind. Andi's reactions seemed to turn up a notch, getting louder and, if possible more physical.

Jack shifted his weight then lifted Andi's legs over his shoulder so he got deep unhindered access to her. He pounded her swift and hard, her moaning interspersed with shouts of passion, and before they knew it, he was thrust into her, pulsing deep and hard as his cum exploded inside, her own orgasm milking his cock and both moaning loudly as their orgasm erupted over them.

Jack placed her down and rolled onto his back, gasping for air as did Andi. Neither could speak for a minute, but they could hear a round of applause from outside the room which made them both laugh. The door burst open as all of the women came into the room in verying states of undress.

Debbie was the first to speak. "I thought I'd be coming in to give bloody CPR." The whole group laughed.

"Did we wake you?" Jack asked innocently, aware that Andi was blushing and had a sheet pulled over herself. That was met with more laughter, with Debbie and Laura reaching in for a cuddle with Andi which seemed to relax her. Julia announced she was making breakfast and took orders, while Natalie smiled, happy to see such contentment amongst her friends.

Jack showed out the remaining visitors, then hugged Andi. "They're a marvellous bunch Andi, you need to give them a chance. No one meant any harm with that, but we were rather loud."

"I was just caught unawares. I've nothing to be ashamed of, so please excuse me."

"Nothing to apologise for. Now I'll see if we can't get some clean things for you to wear, and a shower." Andi smiled, and confirmed she didn't have classes for a few hours, but needed to swing by the pizza joint to drop off her cash from last night by noon. He popped out the room to be met by Laura with some shorts and panties, and a tee shirt.

"You read my mind, you gorgeous thing." He leaned in and kissed her wand gave a big hug, then took the clothes back into the room. He placed them on the bed, noting that Andi wasn't in the room, so entered the ensuing to find her starting the shower. A few moments later they stepped onto the shower together and were soaping each other's bodies, with Jack able to feel the muscle tone beneath her skin as he rubbed and massaged her shoulders and her bum. She turned round to reciprocate, and gasped, seeing Jack's cock at 3/4 started to soap her hands then rubbed the length of him, carefully touching the head.

Jack stiffened in her hands, and they pulled close for a kiss under the shower, water dripping down their bodies. Jack lifted Andi up and she slid onto his length, while he placed her against the tiled wall, and they started to fuck again. After a few minutes he put her down, spun her around and entered her from behind, and their bodies slammed into each other as they fucked vigorously and fast. Andi started to pulse her pussy muscles on Jack's cock, and that triggered him again, this time a couple of pulses being all that was left in his tank. He kept fucking and rubbing her clit until she came a minute or so later. They finished washing each other, and wrapping herself into a towel stepped out while Jack towered himself down.

In all of the sexual shenanigans Jack had got up to in the last month, this was as intense as any of them. He'd met her less than 12 hours ago, and had cum in her 4 times and fucked her for the better part of 2 of those hours. He stepped out to see Andi in a delicate pair of black lace panties, and having found the hair dryer was casually drying her hair. Jack walked up to her and put his arms around her. He could see her smile and felt her press back into the hug.

They finished dressing and went downstairs to find Julia cooking up a storm, with scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage accompanied by orange juice, toast and lots of coffee. Andi seemed to relax in the group now, and the conversation turned to her college studies and athletics.

"I'm on an athletic scholarship, but I don't have the talent to make the US team. But it pays tuition, and I couldn't afford to study law otherwise." This immediately piqued Natalie's interest, and the rest of the conversation was around her law studies and her plans. Julia wandered over with the coffee pot to Jack, and while pouring whispered that he should get used to this, when Natalie gets around other lawyers.

After breakfast Jack saw Debbie and Andi exchanging numbers, and a mention of an invitation to a party coming soon. They hugged, she turned and smiled at Jack and then left. Debbie practically skipped past him to Laura, and the pair excitedly discussed what to wear to the college party which they were all invited too.

Jack's phone pinged, and he got an email from Scarlett (at 7:30 no less) that he was not required at the facility today, but Angela would like to see him to continue their chat and would it be okay if she came to him? Jack quickly showed the email to Natalie, and whilst she had her misgivings, indicated he should reply yes. Around 10 minutes later Jack got a note saying Angela would call at 10:00.

Jack informed the group of this change of plans, so whilst Debbie and Laura headed off to facility at their usual time (more training planned), Julia went about cleaning the place for Angela's arrival. Jack remained in shirts and a tee shirt, and busied himself helping to prepare for their guest. The villa had a small lounge that they could use for a discreet chat, so Jack set up glasses and some iced water just before the doorbell rang just a minute after 10:00.

Jack opened the door to see Angela in a large pair of sunglasses, a sleeveless blouse and fairly short skirt smiling at him. He ushered her in, and this time they hugged. Natalie and Julia were heading out to the pool (Julia begrudgingly wearing a bikini) and said their hellos, so Jack asked Angela if she wanted to see the house. She was happy to do that, so Jack gave her the fifty cent tour, ending up outside where Natalie and Julia were busy reading or listening to music.

They stepped back inside and he led Angela into the lounge and shut the doors.

"It's a lovely place they're giving you while you're here Jack, much nicer than the hotel they've put me up in. But you are the person of interest, and I suspect that your lawyer did a very good job looking after you." Jack smiled and explained that Natalie had renegotiated the contract to have him here with a number of perks such as the car and the plush villa.

"So Jack, come Monday and you will be doing the tissue sample procedure and the first lab test. You've had a few days to process that, how are you feeling about it."

"A little nervous. Any procedure where they take something out of you isn't going to be fun, but the lab stuff feels okay. I'm beginning to understand this a little bit myself now, so there may be some science to it,"

"That's fascinating, tell me what you mean by you understanding it."

"I've become aware that if I find myself interested in someone, if I focus myself I can somehow enhance the experience for them. I've had that in a social setting, but also during sex, where I've done it with the person being aware and asking for it. They found it to be extremely pleasurable."

"That's interesting. So my key question is do you feel that you've used that to influence someone's interest in you, or do you still feel that you're being a nice version of yourself which women find attractive? Direct question I know, but I think you trust me enough now to know that I want to understand this for your benefit."

"I've not consciously done that. Of the woman I've been with, none have expressed any regret of having sex or any kind of relationship with me. I trust them to be honest with me too."

"We all have unconscious things that we do when we're attracted to someone. The lab tests might tell us more, but I'm tempted to think that you haven't been manipulating people for sex, it just doesn't seem in your nature. How are you feeling more generally. Given much thought to life beyond your time here?"

"Honestly I haven't, I've a little nest egg that's enabled me to take some time off work even without the additional compensation for being here. I might go back to what I've been doing, or I might try something new. There's no rush right now, and to be honest, I'm enjoying life for the first time in...well since I lost Susan so I think I'm entitled to a little happiness."

Angles paused. "Emotionally that's a very mature attitude Jack, and it's very far away from how you were feeling just a few short weeks ago. I'm really pleased for you." She took a long sip of water.

"I have something to ask you Jack which may be more of a personal nature, and really stretches the boundaries of what we're doing in a therapy context." He nodded his assent and she continued. "I've been experiencing...significant sexual arousal when I'm around you. Distractingly so. Have you found yourself attracted to me? I'm trying to understand if the additional physiological effects you've described are acting out on me." Angela cast her face down almost embarrassed at her question, but she had to know what was causing this.

"Wow, that's quite a question. I'll try to answer it in as honest a way as I know how. Before I met you I'd virtually extinguished anything resembling any attraction to a woman, in part due to the physical problems but also due to the emotional hang up I had from the loss of Susan. You've helped me enormously with the latter, while the procedure has unleashed me physically." He paused and took a long sip of his water.

"You know that I had to deal with significant arousal after the procedure. I was instructed to masturbate to relieve the problems or to have that done by injection, which I did not want. So I masturbated. And I used what was around me to help me to climax. That included celebrities, the internet, the nurses...and you. You're a beautiful woman Angela, it's only natural that I'm attracted to you."

Angela was blushing at this point, and Jack wondered if he'd gone too far. "I thought at one point I was going insane Jack. You used the present tense there. Are you attracted to me?"

"Yes. If you're wondering what it's like when I focus my desire on someone, I can show you if you'd like..."

Angela put down her pad and pencil, and nodded. Jack took a moment to drink in the redhead in front of him. Her long lithe legs, with the skirt riding several inches above the knee. He noted her blouse, how it had a couple of buttons open to show off a tiny bit of cleavage. He was certain he could see her nipples harden in front of him, pressing to form tiny bumps on the blouse. He loved her hair and pondered if she was clean shaven below or had a matching fiery thatch.

Angela could feel her self control weaken. She'd objected to the visit but Scarlett had insisted saying there was value seeing him in his home environment, but in truth Angela had wondered if she could hold it together long enough to run a session without throwing herself at him. Her nipples hardened in moments, and she was aware again of her choice not to wear a bra that day. Was it a subconscious brazen attempt to seduce Jack. She could have worn a longer skirt but she knew her legs were one of her best features. Her pussy was suddenly wet, not moist, and she had an overwhelming urge to masturbate there and then. Or she could just fuck him and see what all the fuss with his cock was about.

Jack backed off a little, though his cock was still rigid. He tried to let Angela regain her poise. After three attempts at asking if she was okay, she finally responded.

"Oh my goodness, that is something unique. I've never felt so aroused, possibly ever. Are you turned on Jack?" He nodded, feeling his arousal building again.

"Once we cross this line, there is no going back. I can no longer be your therapist, I'll need to leave. But right now all I can think about is fucking you here and now."

"You do nothing that you don't want to do Angela, even though I've lusted after you for weeks. If you consent, I'll take you and fuck you with all of my ability. You can move in here if you want, we have spare rooms and plenty of space by the pool. No one will think anything of you for choosing that, I'm already fucking my lawyer. No one in this house is jealous of who gets what attention. But I think the smart thing to do is to go to lunch with all of us, see what it's like before you decide anything. I'll give you the room to yourself, but if you want some private time there is a bathroom at the top of the stairs." Angela nodded, her head dazed with lust, but fighting to make a sensible decision.

Jack stepped out to the pool side and got both the attention of both women. He quickly explained the exchange he'd had with Angela, and what he'd suggested. Natalie spoke first.

"You have to preserve her professional credibility Jack. I've no doubt that bitch Scarlett would ruin her without a second thought. So yes we go to lunch, then she goes back to the lab, writes up her report then leaves."

"Do you trust her Jack?" Julia asked as usual the importance questions.

"Yes. She's helped me finally move past the loss of Susan, I'd never have done that without her. She's in there right now struggling to understand what to do Jools, I want to help her. I think my attraction to her started as a classic 'fall for your therapist ' thing, but it's beyond that now. But I won't fuck her if it means the end of her career."

They quickly agreed to go to lunch as planned and went back inside. Jack checked the lounge but Angela was gone. He went upstairs with his companions and lightly tapped on the bathroom door. He could hear the sound of gentle weeping, but Julia ushered him away. She opened the door to see a disheveled Angela sitting on the floor in floods of tears. Natalie stepped in and shut the door behind him.

Jack went back downstairs and waited for perhaps an hour. Natalie came downstairs first, now dressed with Julia holding the hand of a much more composed Angela. Jack was really distressed to see the pain he had caused this wonderful woman, and it showed on his face.

Julia explained. "We've had a long talk. Let's go for lunch and I'll explain." And so they did just that. Angela would complete her work and leave pharma to go back to private practice. She would take a day or two to decide if she would return to the UK, but knew she had an option to come stay with the group for a while if she wanted. Angela spoke herself, explaining the professional problems this could cause her if it wasn't handled properly, but that she was dealing with a need to spend time with all of them on a personal level.

It was obvious that Natalie & Julia were concerned for Angela's well being, but he was surprised with their next suggestion. "She's here alone Jack, and I don't think that's a good idea. I'd like to have her come down to the coast with us this weekend if that's okay with you." Natalie, ever the practical one had surprised him with such a kind and caring gesture.

"Of course it's okay. You let us know when you need to be out of your hotel and we'll make the relevant arrangements to have you join us.

"I'm slightly in shock at all this. I'm going to be eternally grateful for your care and comfort, Nat, Jules, but isn't this your commitment ceremony. Would you want me there?"

"I'd be worried the whole weekend if I thought you were on your own darling. You're coming with us and that's final. But we need to go dress shopping for the ceremony, do you want to join us and go pick out a posh frock?" Julia managed to bring levity to the situation, but also showed incredible compassion.

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