tagExhibitionist & VoyeurModified Ch. 13

Modified Ch. 13



Jack wasn't sure if it was the infection or the cumulative effect of the experiences he'd had in the last few weeks, but his dreams were particularly wild and erotic that night. The good thing about dreams is that it can be anything you want, so he was at a party that in addition to his wonderful housemates, included a bunch of his favourite celebrities. He was circulating round the party and like Cheers, everyone knew his name. So while stopping for conversation with Anna Kendrick & Britanny Snow, they were just a few feet away from Julia busily fucking Scarlett Johansen with a large strap on. Wandering further along he found Isla Fisher and Gal Gadot engaged in some tonsil tennis, while Debbie was being double teamed by Cara Delevigne and Margot Robbie, each sucking on one of her breasts. He found Laura chatting to the women that he'd met in the laboratory, only they were all naked.

Natalie and Julia (presumably having finished with Ms Johansen) were politely chatting to Ellen Degeneres and her wife Portia, possibly getting tips on being a power lesbian couple, and finally after wandering around for long enough, he opened the door to a room where Angela, Christina Hendricks and Jessica Chastain were engaged in a redhead ménage a trois. He stopped to watch, his cock rigid and he found himself suddenly naked like the women, so naturally they invited him onto the bed. He was just deciding on which woman to fuck first...

"Wake up Jack." It was Laura, gently shaking his arm. Dammit, he thought, just need to keep that scene on hold for now. He was a little confused, unsure of the time. But he saw sunshine and assumed it was morning.

Opening his eyes he saw Laura smiling at him. She explained he'd been out for almost 11 hours, and he needed to take his antibiotics. Jack sat up and followed her instructions,

"You've been like that for more than 45 minutes." Laura pointed to his cock which was fully engorged and pointing at the ceiling.

"Not allowed to leave it like that for too long before the stitches come out tomorrow." Laura placed a sample jar beside him and busied herself making notes. Jack closed his eyes, returned to the party scene and had elected to play with Christina first, he having been a fan of her curves through all of Mad Men, and it took very little time before he was pumping into the jar, his cock relenting finally.

Laura took the jar and did the required notes, and requested a collection. She came back to see him, and announced that he would have visitors this morning. The surgeon was doing a house call as was Scarlett.

"Joy." That was all Jack could muster, and he was pretty confident that it would be echoed by his housemates. Angela appeared, and after a discussion, she felt it best to not be there when Scarlett arrived, with too many questions that didn't need answering right now. Jack nodded and kissed her quickly, so it was decided that her and Julia would go out, ostensibly to get some grocery shopping, but would wait to get the all clear before returning.

Jack was a good bit more mobile now, but asked for a hand to wash just the same, as he'd been warned about twisting and stretching. So Debbie was busy with a wash cloth, making sure he was all sorted for his visit. She was washing his groin, and couldn't avoid his cock limply hanging in front of her, but figured another erection wasn't helpful right now and elected to be patient. Little did she know that Jack was concentrating like crazy to avoid reacting to the sensations of her touch, but he managed. Mostly, that is until she slipped on his boxers and the silk sensation was unavoidable, and he was soon sporting a decent semi.

"Do you eh...want me to do something about that?" Jack pondered for a second, but realised that it wouldn't be great to meet Scarlett with Debbie sucking his cock, even if she thought that's what his housemates did all day long.

"Best not to with our visitors due shortly. Maybe later?" They smiled at each other and he went back to his bedroom and waited for the doctor. A little bit later Debbie was leading the Doctor in to see him, with Laura in tow, and she quickly shut the door with Scarlett loitering outside. The Doctor very quickly chatted with Jack, reviewed the monitoring data, then asked to see the wounds. Debbie slipped off his shorts and lowered his boxers, and Jacks cock (still sporting a semi) popped into the fresh air. He removed the dressings and arched an eyebrow.

"You're wound is completely healed Mr Spencer. Completely. I'll remove the stitches now, as frankly they're serving no purpose. I have to say I'm surprised to see you recover so quickly." He turned to Debbie and dictated some notes, Laura produced a sterile tray with scissors and he set about taking care of the remaining signs of the surgery.

"I'd still take it easy for a day or two Mr Spencer, but given all of the evidence you're very much on the mend. I only wish all of my patients had your capacity for recovery." Jack thanked him for his care, and he left with Laura escorting him out of the room. Scarlett entered right away, with Jack's cock still twitching at half mast.

"The doctor tells me that you're all fine Jack." Her eyes didn't waver from his crotch during that sentence, and it was loaded with a double meaning.

"Ladies could I have a few minutes alone with Jack please?" This was directed at Debbie and Laura, and given that they were on contract to Pharma, they went to leave.

"No." One word from Natalie and the tension in the room just went up a few notches.

"I'm still representing Mr Spencer, and there's nothing in your contract that provides for any discussions without counsel present." Jack was trying not to smile, but his admiration for Natalie as a professional, and his friend knew no bounds in that moment.

"Quite so. Well Jack, we've been analysing our results of both the tissue sample and our initial lab experiment. It's been interesting, but right now we have more questions than answers. We're planning to continue the lab sessions as we agreed, however it's possible we may have further requests of you."

"Any requests for additional activities or time will be considered in line with the provisions of the agreement, and at the discretion of Mr Spencer." Natalie was taking no prisoners today.

"Of course." Scarlett's voice was dripping with sarcasm, and if Jack had never seen the two women before, he'd assume they were mortal enemies in a movie or something similar.

"Natalie thank you. For complete clarity Scarlett, anything additional we do here will be only once I've had the opportunity to consult and take advice from my solicitor." Jack made sure to use the British term, to emphasise the cultural differences between them.

"But I'm happy to speak with Scarlett for a couple of minutes. I promise that nothing will be agreed." Natalie raise an eyebrow, but left the room just the same.

Jack was still sitting there, his cock in the open, and damn if it hadn't moved to three quarters now.

"Up here Scarlett...". Jack made sure he'd got her gaze away from his cock and looking him in the eyes. Her face was covered in undisguised lust, and Jack could easily sense her sweet smell of arousal.

"What is it you really want? If you're here to see me to talk about more tests, then I think that tells me you don't understand why all this has happened. I know I'm not the only person that you've done this with, but I think there's no one else has reacted the way I have. I'd imagine that if you could replicate the penis growth, you've got a billion dollar product"

Scarlett just looked flustered and didn't respond, but she was showing very clear signs of arousal, and if Jack had been feeling malicious he could have played on that. But today he saw a vulnerable side to her, something he hadn't previously witnessed. She was either a very talented actress, or the stress and the arousal were taking their toll.

"When I was having the procedure explained to me, I was told you'd done it around 300 times previously, with a good success rate. Did you do anything different for me?

The direct question shook her out of her haze, and let her regain her composure for minute. "Not at all. It was all routine, and we thought this was a procedure that we could market around 20,000 times a year in the US. That's good but not great in sales terms. If we could market penis growth, that's millions of sales every year. This is career defining stuff we're dealing with here."

Jack nodded, and understood. "I'm guessing the thinking is that it's something with my genetics that you've triggered through the therapy. But you haven't figured out which gene and what triggered it yet. That might take a while, even with the improvements in gene sequencing. Which means it's not the science, it's time your fighting."

He saw Scarlett's face fall, knowing that he'd hit home with his analysis. He actually felt pity for her, knowing how much potentially was riding on this project.

"You know, you could try a slightly different approach. Everything you've done up till now has been to treat me as only the subject of the research. I understand that. What if you tried treating me as a partner in this? By that I mean get me involved in designing the tests, providing much more feedback." That seemed to catch Scarlett by surprise.

"On Monday you sent women into that lab to see how I would react. I'm British remember, we're polite and try not to hit on women right away." That actually made her laugh, and Jack wondered if that was the first time he'd ever seen her do that. He also noted that his cock was almost fully erect too, something that hadn't escaped Scarlett.

"Let's be less adversarial about this. I promise you Natalie is ferocious when looking after clients, especially if she thinks they're not hearing the whole truth about things. Wouldn't this work better if we were on the same team?"

"There may be something to that Jack, but I need to give it some thought. God I'm so distracted right now." Jack knew her arousal was almost off the charts, her sweet smell overpowering him.

"I know. I can sense your arousal Scarlett. But here and now is not the time to do that, let's just get another sample ready for the lab. Sit down and relax, allow yourself to enjoy the moment." Jack started to stroke his member, while Scarlett unbuttoned her blouse and slipped her skirt to the floor, eagerly twisting her nipples and plunging fingers into her pussy.

"I'm going to show you some of what I'm capable of now, but if at any point you want to stop just say." Her eyes widened in anticipation, while she vigorously masturbated in front of Jack. Watching her turned him on as well, so his own pleasure mounted quickly. He closed his eyes and in no time at all could visualise Scarlett's arousal, and started to play with it. She knew right away when it happened, her eyes almost popping out of her head and she gave out a loud and unmistakable moan of pleasure. He continued his stroking, but noted Natalie quietly standing in the doorway watching the lewd scene in front of her. When she'd heard the moan, she knew right away something was happening, but hadn't anticipated this. For all that she disliked the woman, she had a great body and watching her masturbate was not unpleasant.

Jack felt his balls tingle and he stroked faster, while at the same time turned up his attentions on Scarlett who almost immediately came. Jack started to fill his sample jar a few seconds later, and Natalie quietly closed the door. Scarlett panted while she recovered her breath, just having had the best orgasm she'd had in weeks, possibly even longer than that. She'd never cum that hard by her own hand, and absolutely could feel his influence in her orgasm. It was epic, and she felt a degree of calmness that she had been missing since the start of the Florida leg of the experiment.

"Goodness me sir, that was quite something." Jack smiled at her.

"All I do is recognise when you're into it, and help you along. You could feel that right?"

"Oh lord yes, that was very clearly happening for me. We need to have a long talk about how you do that, but that is not for today. I'll take that with me."she said pointing to the jar. "Lots to think about Jack. We're scheduled to have you back in the lab on Friday, let's catch up then."

She quickly dressed and spent a minute or so tidying her hair before leaving the room. Natalie was of course just outside.

"You want to explain how your conversation led to that?" Natalie pointedly used air quotes around 'conversation'.

"I think she's going at this all wrong. I want to understand what's happened to me too, especially if something happens at a later date and I become unwell. But it will mean becoming more of a research partner with them during the experiments. Oh and she didn't stop looking at my cock the whole time, seeing as I was left half naked when she was in the room, so eventually I collected a sample, and helped her to unwind a little." Natalie blushed forgetting she'd left him in that state, but it did make the scene she walked in on easier to understand.

"We need to give this some thought Jack, make sure you have exit opportunities and don't suddenly acquire liabilities through this."

"Sorry to interrupt your holiday. I had been thinking about potentially acquiring some sort of royalty on whatever they end up selling, but we can discuss that in more detail but the good news is that I can put on some shorts and get out of bed."

"You'd better get dressed. My affections are promised to another, but I don't know if can control myself in the same room as a semi naked sex god." Jack laughed while he pulled on his boxers and then shorts, and made his way out of the room. Scarlett had left, and so they could give the word to Julia and Angela to come back.

When they returned, Jack firstly relayed the good news on his stitches and recovery. Then he talked about his discussion with Scarlett, and how they might change tack with the experiments.

"Let's be honest. They could bring the most beautiful women in the world into that lab, and I'm not going to do any more than have polite conversation. If they think I'm going to flirt and try to get into their pants, well it's just not my thing." The irony of him stating this in a room of 5 woman, all of whom he'd had sex with multiple times wasn't lost on him or the audience. "Well, you know what I mean." That brought the much needed levity to the conversation.

"Back in the lab on Friday, and I've got the all clear health wise, so I wondered what you guys thought about a water park tomorrow?" That got an enthusiastic reception, so they made plans to go to Blizzard Beach the following day. But today with the nurses having been up all night with him, it was a day for chilling out, so naturally after a bit of lunch, they headed for the pool. Jack made a point to message Audrey and Andi to let them know his news, and he got responses back from them both in fairly short order. Jack told them their plans for the following day, and both asked if they could join them, which of course he agreed to.

Back out poolside, and it was a return to working on tans, so bikinis were very optional. Angela hadn't got the message and stepped onto the patio in her swimwear, but when she saw the scene around her, she calmly stripped off and worked on putting her sun screen on. All things considered, Jack realised how normal their nudity around each other was at this point, and wondered what the reaction might be to go to a nude beach. His inner nerd was aware of a rocket launch at the weekend, and he'd been contemplating going to watch it, thinking he might get one or two of them to go with him. But he also had heard of a beach not far from the launch site that was nudist, and wondered if it might make for an interesting outing.

He was sat beside Angela, and apart from marvelling at her beauty as usual, he made sure to relay what had happened in his chat with Scarlett. She was quiet for a moment, and Jack wondered if she might be upset with a sexual encounter with other people. She turned and smiled at him.

"I would not have predicted that, nor frankly imagined you seeing Scarlett as vulnerable and wanting to help her. But you did, and I like that you did. I guess we will figure out what we're doing, and what kind of friendship we will end up with..."

"Angela, I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm way, WAY out of practice at this. I look at Natalie & Julia who are madly in love with each other yet still have sex with other people. I respect that, even if I don't quite understand it. I want to see where we go, but it doesn't place restrictions on who you're with. Let's define our own rules while we're here, and see what happens when its time to go home."

"I've tended to be fairly conventional in my relationships Jack. But there is no sense of jealousy here. People spend time with whoever they want to be with in this house. I don't want to lose you by stopping you from being yourself while you're here, so let's play it by ear."

They relaxed in the afternoon sun, had the obligatory water polo match, then Natalie suggested going out for dinner, which got an enthusiastic reception, so by 5pm Jack had showered, dressed casually and was waiting in the lounge watching the local news. One by one the others arrived, with a large taxi collecting them from the villa to go to a nice Italian place. They relaxed over red wine and garlic bread, and had noisy fun conversation right through dinner. The restaurant had a photographer who took a group picture, which Jack bought a couple of copies of plus a key ring. Jack was sat between Debbie and Angela during dinner, and whether it was the sense of relief after the procedure or just a glass too many of wine, he was really enjoying the company. Debbie was wearing a simple white tee shirt that was at least one size too small, and was wrapped tightly around her amazing breasts, with enough of a scoop neck to show off a canyon of cleavage. She caught him peeking at one point, then calmly stroked his thigh and felt his cock swell at her touch. She then took his hand and slipped it inside her shorts and pressed her pussy against his hand. He slipped a finger inside and started to slowly and deliberately stroke her, rubbing her clit every so often. Her nipples were soon fiercely erect, and he'd no doubt that she was rather turned on.

Oblivious to this, Angela had been playing footsie with him, which was fun. But she took his other hand and placed it on her naked thigh, which he slid up and under her dress, discovering that she'd gone without panties that evening. It occurred to Jack that if they were back at the house, he'd have taken one, or possibly both women to bed and spent some quality time fucking them. Debbie helped resolve the question by abruptly announcing she was going to the loo and dragged Laura away with her. They were gone a little over 10 minutes when they returned, both women showing signs faces of a post orgasmic flush. She sat down and pecked him on the cheek, happier at least for now with a little risqué restaurant toilet sex.

The meal finished, and the large party left a decent tip on the table, and wandered outside. They waited in the warm evening air, until their van arrived and whisked them Home.

It had been a long and stressful day, so people headed off to bed soon after returning. Jack popped his head into Debbie and Laura's room, and gave them heartfelt thanks for looking after him. They were in the process of changing for bed, with both woman now advocates of no pjs, following Angela's example. So the naked hugs exchanged had Jack toying briefly with staying, but he said goodnight and headed off for his room. He opened the door to an empty room, so turned immediately and headed for Angela's room, tapping politely at the door.

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