She was the first person I noticed when they led us, the new English tutors into the Intensive English Classroom. She was beautiful and I noticed the frat boy next to me eyeing her too. Mohana, from Malaysia. I hoped that she would be assigned as one of my students and not handed off to the frat boy or the mousy girl on my left. I wanted her. Instantly.

It didn't work out that way, though. I got two Japanese girls, and a Turkish man. It worked out well for my schedule that the two Japanese girls wanted to be tutored together and eventually, we because friends outside of the sessions. Natsumi and Emiko were sweethearts and during the second semester they were here, we all got an apartment off campus to get out of the dorms.

The girls were coming along nicely with their English. Natsumi wanted to go on into the Chemical Engineering program and Emiko wanted to major in dance. At least that's what they told the folks back home in Japan. You see, Natsumi and Emiko were party girls, just like me. They were in America to be free and have a good time. They were smart, beautiful and totally uninhibited. I adored my students and friends. We smoked pot and drank massive amounts of alcohol all while trying to keep up with our studies. We were all in the International Students Organization and we threw social mixers once a month. The campus police were called regularly to our gatherings.

I was devastated when, after only eight months in the program, Natsumi had to return home to help take care of her mother, who was in a car accident. She was expected to fully recover, but it was Natsumi's responsibility to help her during the recovery process. We threw her one hell of a going away party.

After putting her on the plane back to Japan, Emiko and I were hit with a huge dilemma. We could not afford our spacious apartment without a third roommate and our other options were limited to downsizing into a local dump or moving back into the dorms. As our apartment had become hang-out central for the international students and those who adored them, we didn't want to leave it. So we began the roommate search.

We started with the International Students Organization, posting a bulletin on our group internet forum. Wanted, one semi-serious student tolerant to partying and loud music, with respect for a variety of cultures, $250 a month, plus 1/3 utilities. We got five answers within the first two days and all of them were from men. I personally had no problem with that, but Emiko's family would not have approved if they found out she roomed with a man. I don't think they would have approved of much when it came to her lifestyle, but I didn't push the issue. And then, there was a knock on the door.

Mohana looked like a fashion model. She had dark almond shaped eyes that turned up in the corners. Her hair was shoulder length and a thick, jet black. Her skin was coffee with just the right amount of cream and she smelled like exotic spices and orchids. And she took my breath away standing in my doorway.

"I want to live with you," she said.

Oh, honey, we should try just having dinner first, maybe a movie. Oh, what the hell, let's move in together! My mind buzzed and quipped before I realized that she was talking about our need for a third roommate. I managed to invite her in without tripping over my tongue.

Emiko and Mohana already knew each other well from the IEP classes they took together. She hugged Mohana and chatted her all the way to the couch. Emiko sat next to her and I sat on the loveseat alone.

Mohana explained that she didn't like the dorms because the air conditioning didn't work well and they were always hot. She also said that she hated not having a kitchen in which she could really cook. She told us how she wanted to be free to do whatever she wanted without anyone looking over her shoulder. I'd had no idea that Mohana was a budding party girl! Three Eastern Indian guys and the frat boy tutor all helped Mohana move that weekend.

She adjusted in no time and explored the wonderful world of partying and fun. After three weeks, she broke up with the frat boy tutor and asked to be switched to my roster. I was more than happy to take her on. We sat around our kitchen table and passed a joint around while I went over the oddities of the English language. I think we got her drunk for the first time a week after she moved in. It only took one tequila sunrise, and Mohana was deliciously giggly. When the party wound down, ten or so people were snoozing in various parts of our apartment and Mohana had forgotten to lock her bedroom door. Drunken people are prone to wandering and my Turkish student fell into her bed and started snoring. Unfortunately, she was in it at the time. She jumped out of the bed as though it were on fire, not an easy feat for someone so intoxicated, and left her bedroom. I heard a little knock on my door shortly after I'd heard the scream.

"Can I come?" she whispered.

I threw open the door and smiled at my drunk roomie. "Yes, of course. Poor baby, you've got to lock your door or you get weird visitors on party nights."

She nodded and made her way to my bed. She was tired and drunk but still irresistibly cute. I got her tucked in next to me and started stroking her hair. "Can I kiss you Mohana?"

She mumbled a sleepy reply and I decided she meant yes. I brushed my lips against hers and she sighed against me. And then, she snored the quietest, cutest little snore I'd ever heard. I curled up next to her and drifted off to sleep. A couple of hours later, I woke up to the sound of knocking on my wall. Emiko's headboard was hitting the wall in a rhythmic fashion and I could hear soft whimpers of pleasure coming from her room. I reached up and knocked on the wall as well. I heard faint laughter and then silence. Mohana's eyes were open and she was looking at me.

"You're not drunk anymore, are you Mohana?" She shook her head in the dim light. "I'm not sleepy now."

"Can I kiss you again?" I asked.

"I hope you ask this to me when I wake up." Oh, Mohana. What a surprise.

I brushed my lips against hers again and then lingered with a bit more pressure. She abruptly put her tongue in my mouth and I kissed her back passionately. My hand went to her thick straight hair and I loved the way it felt between my fingers. She put her arms around me and hugged me and I got the impression that she didn't know what to do next. I held her for a while and then let my hands start to explore her body.

Mohana had small breasts and they were free under her shirt. I slipped underneath and felt the soft flesh fill my hand, her little nipple poking into my palm. She leaned back a bit and pushed the nub more firmly into my hand. I moved to her other breast and lightly rolled the nipple between my fingers. It was hard and silky and I wanted to kiss it. But I wasn't sure if that would break the spell I seemed to have woven around her, so I continued my manual explorations. I slid my hand down her side and felt the gentle swell of her hip covered in silky pajama bottoms. Her skin was only slightly less silky and much warmer. She seemed to be growing even hotter as I played with her. I continued down her leg, feeling the young, firm thigh that tapered down to shapely knees and calves. I ran my fingers up the back of her thigh and gently stroked over her round, soft buttocks. Her ass was a work of art and feeling it was even better than watching it move when she walked, as I had done on more than one occasion. Mohana sighed softly and seemed to undulate her body in response to the attention I was giving her. She was enjoying being caressed by me, I was sure of it. But did I dare to move closer, to become more intimate? I decided that I did indeed dare.

I pressed my lips to hers again and she parted to allow me access. Her kisses were a bit tentative, but sweet nonetheless. I nipped and nibbled at her full bottom lip, and sucked her top lip lightly. Our tongues swirled around one another, hers trying to keep up with mine and doing very well for a novice. I felt her hand go to my back and that touch sent an electric charge through my t-shirt and onto my skin. I arched my back, pressing my full breasts against her and moaned. Such an innocent gesture, and yet, I felt it throughout my heated body. I kissed her a bit harder this time, and tried to regain my composure. This was no time to lose track of my devilish plan to drive Mohana crazy on her first time with a woman. I suspected it would be her first time with anyone and I intended to give the girls a head start for her affections.

As I kissed her, I slowly rolled her onto her back. I balanced on my elbow and used my free hand to raise her pajama top again. This time, I dipped my lips downward and captured one stiff bud, laving and sucking it even harder. Mohana moaned quietly and arched her back again for me. I loved each of her small, gorgeous breasts, tracing patterns around and over them with my tongue. Feeling her quiver and hearing her whisper my name, I kissed every delectable inch of my Malaysian beauty's chest. I made the occasional sojourn up to nibble at her graceful neck and that oft-ignored erogenous zone between the neck and shoulder of a woman. Both sides were sampled and I felt her erupt into gooseflesh, and knew that I'd hit my target accurately. Perhaps Mohana was one complete erogenous zone. I pondered that as I kissed my way back down her throat, inhaling deeply of her scent between her breasts and following an invisible trail leading to her naval. I kissed my way around the little button and then licked my way around, following the same path. She had the charm to giggle and squirm a bit, and that encouraged me to make another couple of trips around her ticklish area.

As I kissed her softly curved belly, my breasts were rubbing against her pelvis. She raised her hips ever so slightly, encouraging the contact. I thought it might be involuntary, but I pressed a bit more firmly against her. The whisper of my t-shirt against her pajamas was quiet and unobtrusive, but I decided that both garments were in the way. I raised my body up, kneeling next to her and let her watch me take my shirt off. Even in the dim light, I'm sure she could see me. I have often been told that my paleness glows in the moonlight. It made her beautiful body seem all the more darker and richer by comparison. We were chocolate and cream together and I knew that our combination would be sweet and satisfying.

I tugged her bottoms down slowly over her thighs and she lifted her butt a little to help me. As I slid them off her feet, she sat up and took the matching top over her head. I wished for better night vision, or that I'd had the sense and foresight to leave a lamp on. I would have to look at her beauty another time and instead I concentrated on just enjoying the feel of her. I wiggled out of my panties. Mohana had none to shed. Naked, I couldn't resist leaning over her, pressing her back into the pillows and kissing her full lips again. Our breasts moved together sensually as we kissed. The trail down to her belly went much faster on the second trip. I was focused and in a bit of a rush. I was aching to have her taste on my tongue, to be the first to sample Mohana's sweet nectar. I didn't think I could exist much longer without it.

I gently parted her thighs with my hands and trailed my fingers across the inner softness. The sweet, hot, almost musky fragrance that drifted up to my nostrils was intoxicating and enticing. I felt her with my fingers first. Her pubic hair was silky soft and thickly curled. I ran my fingers through it on the front of her mons and then let my fingertips dip further down. Her outer lips were dewy with want and I rubbed gently. She shuddered and mumbled something.

"Mohana, if you want me to stop, all you have to do is say so. But I don't want to stop. I want you so much."

"It is ok for this way to touch?" she asked quietly.

My mind raced. I didn't want to have an in-depth discussion on the morality of lesbian sex. I didn't want to have her question her obvious desire for me, especially not if it meant she was going to tell me to stop. I didn't want her to do anything but feel and enjoy and find ecstasy with me.

"Does it feel ok, Mohana?"

"It feels so good, I think I'll die," she whimpered.

"You won't die. I won't let you. Just relax and let me please you." Before she could protest any further, I buried my face in her silken pubic hair.

My tongue found her moist lips and parted them easily. She tasted so fresh and sweet, I lapped eagerly at her slit. I licked my way up between her folds and encountered her tight, swollen clit. I nudged it and licked my way around, making Mohana moan her loudest yet. Alternating, I kissed around her virgin cunt and then sucked her clit between my lips. Her nectar flowed even more freely and I was anxious to carry her over the edge I felt her approaching. I resisted the urge to penetrate her with my fingers, wanting to talk to her before we took that step. I was satisfied with tasting and teasing her with my tongue.

Her hands were suddenly tangled in my hair and she cried out sharply. Her hips raised and I took my cue to focus only on the sweet nubbin at her center. I held it between my lips and vibrated my tongue quickly across it. Mohana's juices flowed over my chin. I used one hand to help hold her hips down on the bed and I felt her body vibrate violently. She gave a long moan, which ended in a bit of a squeal, I felt a stream of moisture cover my chin and flow down to onto my throat. Then, the sweet girl collapsed back down limply onto the bed. Her body trembled occasionally with the aftershocks.

I kissed her for a few moments, letting her taste those sweet juices she'd given to me. Her breathing was still ragged, but I didn't want to wait. My body burned with need. I positioned myself over her and between her legs. My hand snaked down to her soft mound. My fingers found her sensitive clit again, making her jump. My thumb pressed against my own engorged clit. I kissed her, rubbing our breasts together again and began to move my hips. I rotated them, causing my fingers to caress her while I humped my own hand. My pussy was so wet, but still not as juicy as little Mohana's. She spread her legs further and tipped her hips up, settling me at just the right angle for her pleasure. Her actions only increased my own. I felt her grip at my shoulders and I pulled back. Even in the dim light, I could make out her dark eyes staring into mine. Having already experienced one orgasm with me, she knew what I had in store for her and this time, she wanted to watch me.

I felt my brow furrow and my muscles involuntarily tensed, pressing forward for what my body was seeking. I needed to cum with this delightful woman. I wanted to share my pleasure with her, feel her respond to it. I started to shake and Mohana matched my tremors. She said my name, questioningly and then as more of a demand. Almost there, I wanted to tell her, but the power of speech had left me and my more primal instincts had taken over.

I threw back my head and cried out as my body gave way to the wave that crashed over me. Three, four, five times I rocked against her ruthlessly, grunting and moaning with each thrust of my hips. When I started my decent from the peak of my orgasm, I felt a hot, powerful stream jet into my palm and splash onto my sopping pussy. I was amazed and thrilled that I had brought her such pleasure, or I was sure that I would be as soon as I could think such higher thoughts again.

I brushed her lips with mine before falling onto my back on the bed beside her. Panting, covered in perspiration, and sexual fluids, I closed my eyes and mentally slowed my heartbeat. Mohana was still trembling beside me and I felt her hand grasp mine almost shyly. We laced our fingers together and lay there for some time, glowing, embracing with the only body parts we could move. I gave her a reassuring squeeze and she squeezed back. A few minutes later, she squeezed my hand twice in rapid succession and I did that same in return. Then, she upped it to three. By the time we were up to four, I heard her giggle and I rolled onto my side to gaze upon the playful girl.

"You're a rare treat, lover. Did you know that your body did that when you had an orgasm?" I murmured into her ear before nipping softly at the lobe.

"Did what?" she whispered back.

"You, my luscious, are a squirter, "I laughed.

"You tell me what this mean tomorrow?"

"I'll even show you, Mohana. Repeatedly."

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