tagMind ControlMoire Ch. 2

Moire Ch. 2


Anxious to be off, I showered and barely ate before racing off hours earlier than needed to arrive at the college lab. The lab was prepared and an hour before Moiré would arrive another of the test subjects arrived unexpectedly.

"Cindy what are you doing here?"

A tall leggy blonde not as big in the chest as Moiré but her raw beauty more than made up for it.

"Well I was walking by yesterday and saw you and some brunette going at it. Not too subtle about it but what a blast watching you two fuck. I was wondering if you could fit me into some research?"

I was thinking about how to raise the bar on Moiré's testing and now I had it.

"Do you like girls Cindy?"

Her smile said everything. I gestured to a seat and stared as she molded herself into it. I walked and stood behind her my left hand moving around and cupping a breast. She moaned and leaned back in her chair and enjoyed the attention I was giving her. I pinched a nipple and saw her nearly climb out of her seat. My other hand soon followed suit cupping the other breast and teasing that nipple as well. I tweaked and pinched and massaged until she was panting then I stopped and told her she had to wait till Moiré arrived. The hunger there was going to be fun to exploit, research was never this fun in the past. Cindy didn't have too long to wait because Moiré arrived early dressed to kill. A short black skirt and cut off shirt that barely covered her breasts; the lower part of those globes visible as she sauntered over and looked briefly at Cindy and then to me.

"I want you and this woman here to entertain me, do you understand Moiré?"

I asked and watched this heterosexual young lady lean over and kiss Cindy deeply with their tongues swirling about. Their hands were into each other's clothing before too long. Cindy cupped Moiré's breasts and they were both standing and intertwining their bodies. Hands and lips were seeking and probing as I watched amused and becoming aroused. I hopped onto one of the work surface and watched from a nice angle. Clothing soon was drifting to the floor as more and more flesh was exposed. And then like moths to the flame tongues found mutual clitorises and soon fingers were questing into pussies. I took out my cock and was lightly stroking it watching these two beautiful women pleasure each other. Minutes dragged out as they got each other off grinding pussies into faces and they were drenched with each other's juices.

I applauded them and some unspoken word past between them they crawled over and moved to my penis and then their tongues were now working on it fiercely. Like a lollypop they took turns sucking on the head and running their tongues along the length, my eyes closed involuntarily as the sensations gripped me.

When my erection was nearly painful I heard Moiré whisper, "I want to see you fuck her."

And then Cindy responded, "oh yes fuck me."

I dropped down and grabbed Cindy and propped her where I was just sitting and opened her legs and eased myself into her as slowly as I could. She gasped and then we both moaned as Moiré grabbed my dick and with her other hand teased Cindy's clit. So as I moved in and out of the blond the pleasure was double with Moiré's hand increasing the sensation. Moiré seemed very intent on my pleasure over and above her own.

"Fuck her good." She whispered in my ear for me alone to hear. I moved a little faster in and out of the pussy of this woman I hardly knew. I pulled out and directed Cindy to stand and then grab her ankles. I reentered her with a vengeance, slamming into her and watching her ass vibrate from the shock. She groaned but otherwise played the submissive in this situation. Like yesterday all thought of being caught never came into my mind and so my own cries echoed across the lab as I came inside her spent and drained. Cindy seemed to have at some point climaxed and was shaking as I pulled out and Moiré cleaned off my cock with her mouth.

"Will you get me hard so I can fuck your tits Moiré?"

Cindy forgotten she dressed and left as we continued with our love play. Moiré continued to lick and suck until my erection was fierce and pointing straight away from my body. Moiré then lay on the lab surface and positioned herself so that her breasts were at the edge for my easy convenience; I dabbed a little lubricant from my briefcase between her breasts. Her head was hanging off the edge as I approached and she pushed her tits together around my cock. I moved back and forth her cleavage enfolding me like a silk pillow. It was unlike anything I had every experienced, damn what a sensation! Her tongue slithered around my balls when she could reach them. I quickened my pace then stopped, I had to have her pussy one more time. I climbed on top of her and pulled her close so she was more comfortable. I eased in her once more and moaned as her pussy wrapped around me again. She ground against me and chose the pace and I met her thrust for thrust. With a quick movement of body I found myself on my back with her impaling herself on me. The look on her face was angelic, pure rapture. With eyes closed she drove up and down and a little mantra spilling from her lips over and over again.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah." One last thrust and her orgasm tore through her; she quivered transfixed there on my cock. Then she opened her eyes and she said it was my turn. She turned around facing away worked her pussy over my dick as fast as she could. Now slow, now fast she pleasured me as no one ever has. When I finally came I was shuddering and shaking, she seemed very pleased with herself.

"Tomorrow?" She only purred, grabbed her clothing, dressed and left. I dressed and went to the rest room. When I looked in the mirror I noticed the change the Nanobots had already done in less than twenty-four hours. My musculature was more pronounced and features more finely chiseled the programming directing the changes to improve my body were working better than even I planned. When it finished I would be, well the next step in evolution.

I arrived home energetic and feeling as if I could run a marathon. I decided on a shower to wash away the remaining funk from the lab. I went upstairs and started my shower letting the water warm up while I picked out some clothes. While walking upstairs I decided to treat myself to dinner, and not fast food a restaurant for a change, hell I deserved it. I entered the cloud of steam in the bathroom and slipped into the shower and let the hot water cascade over this wonderful new body. I washed away the sex from this morning and thought about the next step and I got hard just thinking about what I was going to do to Moiré. The daydream was like going to a movie theatre and seeing my fantasy up on the big screen starring Moiré and me. She arrived at the door of my apartment dressed to kill, a short black dress, stockings and garter and four-inch stiletto heels. I stroked myself as the fantasy continued my hand traveling up and down my length. In the daydream like reality I was in the shower and she undressed loosing every piece of clothing in a striptease up the stairs, leaving a trail up to the bathroom door. I imagined the door opening and her stealthily easing in and closing the door behind, 'creak' was that the door? My hand running up and down my cock as Moiré entered the shower behind me and I felt her breasts press up against my back.

"Sh…" Just then a firm pair of tits were pressed against me, I slowly turned lost in the daydream expected to see Moiré but it was my next-door neighbor the college student. Her eyes were half closed and she was panting with desire. Her nipples were erect and she took me in her hand.

"Here let me." She said as she stroked the length. I looked her over, I had always fantasized about banging the shit out of her but hardly a word has every passed between us. Her breasts were large probably a D-Cup at least and with a petite frame narrow waist and hips that flared out. She had short muscular legs and her pubes were completely shaved. I looked her in the eye once more noticing that they were in fact blue, framed by deep auburn hair that hung to her middle back. Her face was pretty, nothing as exotic as some but pretty nonetheless. I wondered what her lips on my cock would feel like. She knelt down as if wondered the same thing and she took me into her very talented mouth. She sucked on it a little and then pulled it out and said, "Like this silly." And then she returned to giving me one incredible blowjob. Lips, mouth and hand danced across the surface of my dick and made me ready to blow in very short order, but like a spoiled baby, I wanted to fuck her I mean fuck her stupid. She grunted and stood up and turned away and like Cindy earlier grabbed her ankles and whispered, "Well then fuck me, I want you inside me." This was getting eerie; it was like she could hear my every whim. I slipped past her drenched pussy lips and hilted myself there. I wanted her to squeeze her muscles as hard as she could around me. Sure enough her pussy grabbed me like a silken fist I groaned again and started moving in and out of her. Damn she was tight!

"Why thank you, you feel so good in me." I grabbed her hips and pounded into her as fast and as hard as I could, hoping her orgasm wasn't far off. I felt her body spasm just as I blew inside of her. I wanted more of her and she seemed more than willing. "I have class tomorrow morning, but besides that I am yours for the evening." We finished our shower and we decided to take this out to dinner. I was hungry and would be sated tonight with her help of course. I had to dig out some older clothes because my regular stuff was too big; I had lost inches around my waist. So while I dressed my neighbor collected her clothes and dressed herself. Nothing so glamorous as what I daydreamed but nice nonetheless. She now wore a short sleeve button up shirt with tight blue jeans and tennis shoes.

"Ready?" I asked her as I picked up my wallet and keys.

"Wet, willing and able." She had a dazzling smile; I was going to like this.

I looked at my beat up truck and she didn't even slow down as she unlocked her trans-am and tossed me the keys. She slid into the passenger's seat and closed he door. I unlocked the driver's side and sat into the leather bucket seat and was in heaven. I started it up and heard the engine purr as we pulled out into traffic and off we went.

The Chinese restaurant was packed but the Asian doll that met us at the door took us to the back where the family normally ate. She sat us in a booth and acted as our server. Her name was Succulent Tsih and made suggestions on what we should order. Before long a bottle of their best Plum wine was on the table and Tsih was sitting in my lap feeding me. My neighbor didn't seem to mind in the least. Her silk covered bottom rubbed me to another erection and she seemed pleased at this reaction. As she fed me with one hand she expertly freed my hard on with her free hand and slid her dress up enough to allow my cock access to her pussy. She positioned herself and let it slide in with no resistance whatsoever. Tight as a clenched fist, that was the only way to describe her fiery Asian depths. She cooed as she slid back and forth on my erection. And she continued to feed me pausing once in a while with a glassy look in her eye. Her pussy got hotter and wetter as we so clandestinely fucked.

"Master I am about to come, may I?" She was asking me if it was okay to cum. I waited for a full minute until I told her it was okay. Her pussy contracted as she continued to ride me, never missing a beat. I wanted her lips to get me off though. "Anything that my Master wants." The way she said anything, damn, she stood up and closed the curtains dividing the two halves of the dining area and then without pausing crawled under the table and started sucking me off. I leaned back and enjoyed the attention nibbling on my food all the while. When I felt myself getting close she stroked hard and fast sucking my seed down her talented throat not spilling a drop. She used a nice hand towel to clean me up and then stood up awaiting instructions. I patted my lap and finished my meal by having her sit there and feed me all the while. I left the restaurant without having to pay and her phone number. I moved into her place the next week as her Master and she my willing maid and slave. My neighbor was a little jealous as we drove back to my place.

"What's bothering you?" I asked. She told me she wanted to know who was better at giving head, she had been practicing for years to get her technique down and now some Asian bimbo blows me like a pro. I had to think about it, I mean the one was fresher in my mind. Well even as I thought it, she unzipped and freed my overworked cock and lowered her head.

"Here, let me refresh your memory, and keep your eyes on the road." All I can say is that it would become a point of contention between those two.

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