tagErotic CouplingsMolee's World Ch. 01

Molee's World Ch. 01

bySara and Ron©

Meeting Sweet Molee

Molee stepped out of the shower and onto the tiled floor of the bathroom of the Holiday Inn in Portland Oregon. She was currently standing 14 floors above the busy streets below. She was naked and wet and she was smiling at herself through the steam streaks of the mirror.

She stared at herself with critical eyes. No one would mistake her for a super model, but she still felt sexy as hell at moments like this. She stood 5'6" inches tall or so and was what black men might describe as 'thick'.

She did have a nice round ass, and men did like it. At least the ones that liked nice round asses. She turned admiringly. Her pussy was shaved completely, a habit that excited her husband and made her feel especially sexy/naughty. Her breasts were full and topped with dark pink nipples. She enjoyed being naked and enjoyed an all over tan that she wore with pride.

All in all, she was not a supermodel, but still sexy enough to get laid whenever she wanted.

'And here we are' she thought as if concluding that last comment.

She still could not believe she was here and was actually 'going through with it'.

A shiver went through her as she imagined the possibilities. They were endless because she had been led here with very little information to go on except the possibility of getting laid. God she was really going to do this and the thought both excited and terrified her.

But was she? Part of her mind still toyed with the idea of backing out. This was after all a little crazy. No, scratch a little crazy, this was a lot crazy and she knew it. But yet she was drawn to this experience like a moth to a flame. Was she being set up? Was this for real or would she be disappointed? Was it dangerous?

The not knowing made this moment exciting and scary, sexy and dangerous, erotic and risky. It was in short all of the things she wished for in her secret heart, when she was lost in her 'normal life' of the kids, the husband, and the job. For the first time in a long time she felt alive. And that was wonderful. But would there be a price?

She remembered how it started just two months ago, and could not believe it had happened so quickly.

Two Months Earlier

Molee sat at her desk surfing pornography. She really loved the thrill pornography gave her both as a sexual tangent and also as a way to do express herself. She was a housewife, a mother, and a professional. No one would suspect that she would have such a strong affinity for 'dirty sex'. And this pleased her deep down. It was her way of having a secret that was just hers, in a life that was not full of secrets or much excitement. She was not unhappy. She had a wonderful husband and children, a nice house, a good job, but there was something missing. She craved some excitement in her life. Sometimes she fantasized about throwing caution to the wind, driving to another city and just letting go. Pornography was an escape to that fantasy, although a hollow one, that allowed her to fantasize and be whomever she wished.

She often would read or watch pornography and masturbate.

The orgasms were always intense and such an amazing thrill. Well most of the thrill was in the ride. The fantasy of sharing a part of herself that she hid from the people closest to her with a virtual stranger was a powerful aphrodisiac. She was aroused not by her 'internet friends', but by actually saying in words all of the kinky ideas that blossomed in the fertile soil of her imagination. She would never tell her husband about some of the things she had fantasized about with her online cyber lovers.

Molee saw this little personality quirk of hers as a healthy hobby. It was what got her through the days, and it was a little exciting. The way she looked at it, some people spent thousands of dollars a year on golf or tennis. Her hobby of the casual cyber-fuck of mutual masturbation was both cheaper and more rewarding.

She was just about to close her browser window (which displayed a woman tied to a table sucking two black cocks) and make dinner, when the familiar 'ding' of a yahoo buddy signing on sounded.

She glanced at the system tray. Michelle69 had just signed on. Molee grinned. Michelle 69 was always a turn on.

They had 'met' in a chat room a few weeks before and had only had cyber sex once, but had chatted over and over about her fantasies. Michelle69 was blunt, experienced (if she could be believed), and into damn near anything. She was clearly an intense personality and there was something about her that tripped Molee's trigger through her vicarious life.

She smiled noticing the tingle in her pussy. Jesus, could a name alone invoke that kind of response? The answer was yes when it was Michelle69.

Molee hesitated not wanting to seem anxious, but eventually relented to her desires and opened up an IM window. "Hi." She typed.

"Hey Girlfriend. What's up?" Michelle69 responded.

"Nada, just getting ready to make some dinner for the fam.", Molee responded hoping to sound casual, but really desperately wanting to tell Michelle69 that she was wet and ready to fuck. And she could say that here.

She thought about calling her husband on the phone and saying, "Hi honey, just wanted you to know I was horny and want to fuck." She often wondered what hubby would say if she ever made that call. She, of course, never would find out. But here she could say just about anything to Michelle69. Hubby would probably have a heart attack if she said that to him.

"Whatcha been up to? Get laid recently?" Michelle69 queried.

"LOL…. Well I did suck hubbies dick dry last night." Molee bantered. This was true also, but the thought of sharing that with Michelle69 was as pleasing as the act itself. She wondered what it would be like to talk to one of her real life friends like this and shivered. There was something very different about the etiquette of the net. She wondered if she was more of herself when online, or less.

Her net personality that she shared was certainly more interesting.

"ooooh my tell me all about it." Michelle69 said.

And she did. Every detail.

She told her about kissing down his chest as she fondled his balls. She told her about how hard her nipples got and how she used her free hand to touch herself. She told her about taking his shaft in her mouth and the salty taste that she didn't like, but didn't hate either. She told her about how wet it made her to have such complete control over him as she did when he was thrusting his thick cock urgently into her wet mouth. She told her about feeling his balls tighten and the taste as the first forceful jet of ejaculate spurted into her hot mouth. She told her about almost choking as the tip, still coming, slammed hard into the back of her throat. And most of all she told her about how she masturbated herself to orgasm as he shrank in her sticky, wet mouth.

Molee was full on horny now. She had just described the most intimate moment she had had with her husband in two weeks with a complete stranger and the intensity of the retelling combined with the taboo of the act itself was enough to make her hot with desire. She was involuntarily rocking her hips in her chair.

"Wow. Sounds hot, but I bet I could make you hotter." Michelle69 had typed.

"Mmmmmm I bet you could sexy." Molee responded knowing that she may already have.

"Tell me what you would like me to do to you." Michelle69 typed.

And so it went on from reality to fantasy, until both were blurred in Molee's mind and one was no different than the other. The minutes ticked by as letters filled Molee's screen, and images filled her mind.

Molee was no lesbian, although she had experienced a few bisexual experiences. The few times she had been with women, now years in her past, had been extremely intense and enjoyable. She loved playing the role of a bisexual slut in the cyber-reality of her net personality.

She was horny and wet now and it was an hour since she had planned to sign off. Michelle69 was a time eater, but it was time well spent. Molee's pussy was on fire and she barely had time to get herself off before having to return to real life. She looked back over the fantasy that Michelle69 had just told her about. God it was crazy and Michelle69 really knew how to get to her.

She heard a car door outside her home and quickly bid Michelle69 good bye for another day and signed off. Her skin was flushed and she was breathing rapidly. She took two deep breaths and thought, 'Well either he's going to fuck me or I am." And then she smiled.

Over the following months, Molee and Michelle69 shared more and more of both their realities and fantasies with each other, but it was Molee who bared everything. She told Michelle of every fantasy she had ever conceived, both real and imagined. She told her about the group sex encounter in college and the secret part of her that loved every minute of it.

She told her about the two lesbian experiences that no one knew about. She told her about how hard she came as another woman's mouth licked her so skillfully, as well as her reciprocations. She told her about when her tongue first entered a woman's pussy and the sweet taste that was so much more wonderful than a man's, and how she often fantasized about being with women.

She told her about her husband and how they met. How it was so romantic and wonderful and had matured into a loving and rewarding life. She told her how as wonderful as her life was she wished it was more exciting, more daring. She craved new experiences, but she felt unlikely to get them with the stresses of middle age, family, and work.

She was surprised at how easily she shared these things with a person who was nothing more than a series of 1's and 0's to her. She would never meet Michelle69, but she was her friend. It was strange, but she was closer to her than some of the people she had known since childhood.

Perhaps she was this close to her because of the zero risk environment of the internet. She could say or do almost anything here. She could be who she was and if that was not good enough, well sorry but you go to the recycle bin with no further comment or discussion.

Another part of her lived vicariously through Michelle69. If she had really done half of the things she shared with her, then she was to be admired, for she truly lived her life for herself and no one else. Molee often read and re-read the posts of her virtual friend, sometimes masturbating, sometimes not, but always ending up horny and wet.

And then three days ago the email arrived.

She had not been online in a few days due to some work that had piled up and a sick child that managed to throw up every 15 minutes for two days. Such is real life, and when she finally did sit down to clean out her mail box, it was full of junk, a few work related items, and one from Michelle69.

Molee was grinning as she clicked on the mail from Michelle69. She scanned the few lines of text and sat back in her chair in stunned silence. 'Holy fuck', she thought.

Molee didn't know how to react at first, but her first instinct was to delete the email, uninstall her chat software, format her hard drive, and unplug forever. But there was another tingle inside of her as well. She sat there staring at the monitor, her eyes scanning over the text again not really reading so much as absorbing. Her mind was reeling and her stomach fluttered with both fear and excitement.

The phone rang and she stared at the caller ID. It was hubby. Shit.

On the third ring she reached for it. "Hello." She said.

"Hey babe, I am stuck here at the office late today, can you deal with the kids?" he asked without preamble.

Molee sighed. "Sure hun. Everything okay?" she asked.

"Yeah its just that Robert is sick and I got stuck with a report he was supposed to do. It sucks. Thanks for taking care of the kids tonight. I should be home by 8:00."

"Sure hun. I will see you then." Molee replied and hung up.

Molee sighed again and thought, 'Wake up, feed kids, get them to school, go to work, come home, feed kids, watch tv, sleep, repeat for 20 years.' The thought depressed her beyond words. It was not that she didn't love her family, but there had to be more to life than the overwhelming boredom she felt. Perhaps this was her mid-life crisis. If so she hoped it would end soon.

And then her attention was drawn back to the screen. She re-read the email and this time she smiled and let herself at least consider the words. She smiled and hit print. She had two hours until she had to do anything and decided to luxuriate in the backyard pool for an hour or so. She picked up the one sheet of paper on the printer and walked down the hall toward the backdoor that led to the yard.

She stepped outside into the heat of the day. She kicked off her shoes and stripped her t-shirt and bra off. Then she stepped out of her shorts and panties. The walked naked to the shallow end of the pool enjoying the feeling of sun on her naked body. She enjoyed being naked a lot, although she was somewhat self conscious about her body. Today was not a self-conscious day and she slid nude into the cool water and swam the length of the pool and back enjoying the feeling of the water sliding over every inch of her.

When she surfaced she felt the tension slide out of her as if it were washed away. She smiled and came to the edge of the pool where she had left the printed email. 'Okay Michelle69, you sure know how to get to me.' She thought.

She picked up the paper by the corner and folded it so she could read without getting it wet and leaned her chin on the edge of the pool, letting her body float out behind her in the cool water.

She read.


Hi, I hope you are doing well. Just a quick note to let you know I have to travel to Oregon next month. Since that is close to you, I thought you might enjoy meeting. If you like I will fulfill one of those fantasies of yours. If you are interested just send me a note saying 'yes' and I will make all the arrangements. Plan to be gone for a weekend.

If you are not interested, I understand, but I sense you could use a couple of days away. Give it some thought.


Molee read the letter again and again. What fantasy was she talking about? When would she have to decide? Was she really considering going?

These questions and a thousand others flew through her mind. She closed her eyes and imagined meeting Michelle69 in person. The thought both excited and scared the hell out of her. She imagined her going down on her. She imagined fucking her. God she hasn't been with a woman in years and years and here she was fantasizing like a lesbian in heat.

Molee's nipples hardened and her hand found the wet folds of her pussy as she floated there fantasizing with her eyes closed. She was almost unaware that she was masturbating. She was lost in her mind imagining what she would never do. She knew she couldn't go through with it, but the fantasy was tremendously arousing.

She brought herself to orgasm in the pool. It was hot and as intense and any orgasm with her husband, and she was smiling and relaxed as she came down slowly from the do it yourself fuck.

After a few minutes she got out of the pool and went inside to dress. It was time to pick up the kids. She shredded the print out and went to her computer. The message was still up on the screen and she sighed and moved the pointer to the 'delete' button.

She paused for a minute and then slid the mouse to the 'save' button before clicking and exiting the system. She smiled and thought, 'That email made me cum so hard it would be a shame to delete it. I will delete it tomorrow and put this whole idea behind me.'

* * * * * * *

Tomorrow came and went in the normal flow of her life. She made love to her husband that morning, an event they used to start their day out with regularly, but had reduced to a more of an annual event as the years went by. Her husband was surprised, pleasantly, by the morning's activities but didn't suspect that while he was thrusting inside of his wife, her mind was imagining Michelle69 watching her. They both came together and as his cock erupted inside of her and her pussy clenched him, her mind was thinking of a woman she had never met.

On Thursday she signed onto her instant messenger. She was nervous about encountering Michelle69 in a way that she had never been before. She still had not deleted, nor responded to the email.

Michelle69 was not online, but there was an offline message from her. It read, 'Hope my email didn't scare you off. I didn't see you at all yesterday. Hope you are well. If you want to meet me, I will be in Portland the weekend of the 9th'

Molee was trembling. The 9th was two weeks off. She turned off her instant messenger imagining Michelle69 would sign on at any second and she would be forced to decide. This was crazy.

Molee brought up her email and went to the saved messages. She read Michelle69's email again and hit reply. She typed, 'Hey there. Thanks for the invite. Would love to meet, but not sure I can. I will let you know.'

She hit send before she could change her mind. She hoped that she sounded more casual than she felt. She knew she couldn't go through with this, but she needed more time to come up with a good excuse. She told herself she didn't want to offend Michelle69, so the matter required more thought.

She realized she was sweating a little bit, and her stomach was doing those flip flops again. Why didn't she just say she couldn't go? What game was she playing here? The truth was part of her fantasized about going through with it. Part of her wanted to do nothing more than get in her car and go and see what happened.

'Maybe I could go and just meet her for drinks', she thought. 'Maybe I could just meet her. Forget the fantasy stuff, we might become real friends.'

This was a dangerous thought and she pushed it from her mind. She could not just go off to Oregon for the weekend. She had a husband and a family. She was not single, and Michelle69 was a slut.

Okay that was not fair. Michelle69 was no more of a slut than she was. Maybe this was just a diversion for Michelle69 as well.

She signed off her computer and sat back in her chair. She had a shit load of work to do, and this was not the time to be thinking about her cyber life. She closed her browser and picked up a pile of invoices she had to sort through. It took her twice as long as it should have because her mind kept drifting back to Michelle69. She knew she should just send the note that said she couldn't go and get back to her life.

Tomorrow. She would send the note tomorrow.

* * * * * * * * *

"TGIF", her husband said as he came into the kitchen where Molee had just gotten the kids off to school and sat drinking coffee.

She smiled at him. He was a good man, and she sometimes wondered if she deserved him. He sat next to her and leaned over and kissed her cheek.

"What do you want to do this weekend?" he asked her.

"I don't know. The kids want to go to the movies on Saturday." She replied.

"Okay, but maybe we can grill out on that night. You know hang out and have a family night." He suggested.

"Sure." She replied.

"Are you okay?" he asked her looking at her directly.

"Yeah why?", she asked.

"You just haven't been yourself lately." He said.

Molee's heart sped up. She felt overwhelming guilt all of the sudden. What if he ever found out about her 'hobby'? Would he be hurt? Mad? Shit what was she thinking?

She tried to sound casual, "I'm fine hun. I just have been busy with work and the kids. You know how it is around here. I guess I am just a little tired and overworked."

Her husband stared at her intently for a few minutes. "I know I have not been around a lot lately. I am sorry you have had to take care of the kids so much recently. My work is piling up and that fucker Robert keeps dumping his shit on me. But I have an idea, why don't I take the kids camping next weekend and you can have the house all to yourself. Call some friends, have a 'girls night'. You deserve it."

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