tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMolested Ch. 06

Molested Ch. 06


You guys are the best. Your comments are wonderful; it's great to know you're enjoying the stories. As always, I have to mention - all the participants are over 18.


I'd had several more treatments and each time was better than the last, I couldn't wait for each appointment. I was still banned from touching myself or wearing panties and this had the effect of making me keenly aware of my semi-nakedness.

It was also driving me a bit crazy, by denying me any release, except of course when I was on Mr. Reed's desk. I guess now, that was the point of making me do these things.

As always, I almost skipped to Mr. Reed's office. I was virtually delirious as I anticipated the sweet release he'd give me. I hoped I was proceeding correctly with the treatment regime. I knocked on the office door and Mr. Reed called me in. Like a good girl, I stood in front of his desk with my hands behind my back while he checked the notes.

I studied his face while he read the notes. He was so handsome. I thought about him a lot, I wondered if he liked me as much as I liked him. I could feel the tingling between my legs. I knew what was coming next and I couldn't wait. My nipples were hard already, and had been for most of the day.

"So Jenny, are you ready for your treatment?" He asked putting the folder down on the desk.

"Yes Sir," I replied enthusiastically. I'm sure he knew by now that he had me in the palm of his hand and he could do what he liked with me. I started towards the desk and hesitated.


"Umm, I was wondering Sir, you know when we did the treatment and I took my uniform off?"


"Would it be ok if we did it like that again please, Sir?"

"Of course it would, put your clothes on the chair there."

He gestured to one of the chairs on the other side of his office. I stepped out of my skirt and pulled off my blouse. I left my shoes and socks on. I struggled with my bra for a few moments. I looked over my shoulder at Mr. Reed who was watching me intently.

"Umm, could you help me Sir, it seems to be stuck."

Mr. Reed came up behind me and I could smell the lovely woodsy spicy cologne. His fingers went to the clasp on my bra he tugged at the stiff clasp for a moment then with a pop the whole of my bra disintegrated and I was left holding just the rags of it.

Any one would have though some one had deliberately weakened the material and crushed the hook closed with some pliers her dad had left lying around the house. I turned round to face him with the remnants of my bra in my hands. "Whoops, I'm sorry Jenny, it just fell apart."

"It's ok Sir, it was a bit old, does it matter if I don't have a bra on for your class?" I asked coyly. Mr. Reed may not have been in love with me, but I was with him and I wanted him to like me so much.

"I think we can manage."

"Thank you Sir."

"Now before we begin, I think you're ready for the next phase of the treatment."

He guided me over to the desk and rested me back on the edge. He pulled out a slim purple object probably about five inches long and one and a half in diameter; it was pointed at one end.

"Do you know what this is?" He asked. I shook my head.

"It's a dilator, it is one of the tools, like the probes I use on you, that we can use to help desensitise you. Do you understand?"

"What do I do with it?" I asked transfixed by this strange object.

"Let me show you."

He moved one of the chairs close to the desk and lifted my foot onto the chair so I was semi standing, but still leaning on the desk. He placed the dilator on my pussy and started to rub it up and down my slit; because I had my leg up it slipped easily between my lips and started to rub against my soft inner lips and hot clit.

It felt so good, not like either of the other probes Mr. Reed used, but it still felt great stimulating me. My breathing started to get heaver as he worked the dilator along my slit, I could tell how wet I was becoming. Then he moved the tip of the dilator to my hole and slowly started to work it into me, I moaned low in my throat as he slid it up me until his hand touched my mound.

He started to pump the dilator in and out slowly, all the time building the rhythm as I started to moan and push down on his hand, hungry for more. Before I knew what was happening I was coming. Mr. Reed just held it there and let me squirm all over his hand. He pulled it out slowly making me gasp as he did.

"You're very wet Jenny, did you enjoy that?"

"Oh yes Sir," I said all flushed.

"Good that is all perfectly normal. Now the other thing is girls with your condition often respond well to anal stimulation and that is the other thing this dilator is used for."

My eyes nearly burst out of my head as he said that, he wanted me to put that in my ass? He obviously read my expression clearly and chuckled to himself.

"It's ok Jenny, just relax I'll show you."

I took a deep breath and Mr. Reed pushed the dilator deep into my wet pussy. He stroked it back and forth a few times then pulled it out completely and rubbed the tip on my asshole. I twitched as he rubbed it round me, then it he slid it back into my pussy. It slid in so easily, then back out and around my asshole again. He did this several more times, until he pushed the tip of the probe into my ass, just the tip.

"Breath, Jenny, take a deep breath in and then breath out."

I did as he instructed and as I breathed out, he pushed more of the dilator into my tight asshole. It felt weird and good at the same time as he violated me. Slowly I relaxed, as the new sensations began to course through my tender body.

"Now masturbate." He instructed me and for the first time in over four months my fingers slid over my pussy, my fore finger sliding down over my clit and into my soaking wet hole, I rubbed my finger back and forth stimulating myself as Mr. Reed held the dilator deep in my asshole. I couldn't help but stare into his blue eyes as I brought myself to a crashing orgasm.

"Well done, would you like the treatment now?"

I nodded, still unable to speak clearly. Mr Reed pulled the dilator out of my ass and I turned and put my knee on the desk then he helped me lift the other leg, his strong manly hand on my inner thigh, spreading me, positioning me just as he wanted.

I lay forward and let my face rest on the desk, his muscular hand stroked down my spine making me all tingly and then the tip of the probe was on the entrance to my pussy.

Slowly, deliciously, gently, he pushed the probe deeper into me. I was in heaven as he slowly worked the probe in and out of my soaking wet hole, I sighed deep and passionately with each stoke of that wonderful probe. He pressed on the dilator on my asshole.

I was so relaxed; it slipped into me surprisingly easily. It was wonderful as both my holes were filled perfectly. I could feel my body respond and my breathing became erratic as the sensations flooded over me. I groaned deeply as I came so hard again, making my body a trembling mess of desire.

I felt the probe twitch deep inside me and I felt flooded by something, I guessed it was the lube. Presumably, the lube comes out of the end. I didn't really care, it felt wonderful. Mr. Reed pulled the dilator from my asshole and slowly pulled the probe out of my wet pussy, somehow it didn't feel as hard as when it when in.

"Oh hell Jenny, I've gone and got all the lube inside you this time." His hand went between my legs and wiped away what he could.

He helped me to stand and then he helped me dress, I loved to watch his big hands close the buttons on my blouse, I decided there and then that I would always get naked for my treatment and let him dress me, like I was some sort of doll, his willing doll.

He smoothed my blouse down feeling my breasts as he did so. He smoothed my skirt down, his hands on my ass and touching my pussy I could feel the lube start to come out of me and trickle down my inner thigh. He pulled out a handkerchief and handed it to me after wiping the lube off my inner thigh and pussy.

"I think you're going to need this. Oh, and don't forget this." He handed me the dilator.

"Now it is important that from now on you should use this at least once a day and more if you need to. Do you understand?"

I nodded and stuffed the dilator into my bag. I hurried from his office and I was in my seat when he came in to take the class, I had to slip the handkerchief between my legs as the lube leaked out of me. I couldn't wait to get home and try the dilator out in private.


If you kinky people leave me nice comments, I'll tell you all the perverted thing he did to me next, in great detail.

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