tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMolly Ch. 02: Self Help

Molly Ch. 02: Self Help


Molly Indrabooty nibbled at her dinner with a succulent fear. Hidden within her expression she chose to remain silent as her parents Sahseej and Marjorie communicated quite vividly. Finally, her Mother decided to include Molly.

"How was your day Sweetheart?"

Molly attempted a perky smile and shrugged at her beautiful Librarian like Mother.

"It was fine."

Unacceptable to Marjorie she continued probing, "Make any new friends?"

Her father eyed his daughter with scrutiny, curious if she would mention the boy who waved at them.

"Yes, I guess so. Casual acquaintances at best. The boys at this school are trying very hard. The girls seem intimidated by me."

Marjorie warmly smiles, "Of course. You are a beautiful young lady. Boys are always intrigued by beauty over brains. You have both. This will always create jealousy among other girls. Just be yourself."

Sahseej leers at Molly, "How are your Instructors?"

"My Teachers are very nice. Helpful when I am confused. Our cultural differences makes learning more challenging."

He nods, "America. Confusing to say the least."

Marjorie frowns, "Behave. It is America that signs your paychecks. Quite handsomely I might add."

"Goldigger." He jests with a slim smirk to show his whit through a dry humor.

"You know me well, Darling." She pats his hand.

Molly feels her cellphone vibrate in her pocket but does not let on.

"May I be excused? I have school work I need to finish."

"Two more bites. I worry because you barely eat." Marjorie points out.

Quickly she finishes her carrots and wipes her mouth with a napkin.

"Thank you for your concern. I merely try to keep my figure. A girl's prerogative." Molly winks before standing up and taking turns hugging her parents. With kisses goodnight she retreats to her bedroom.

Once her door is shut she pulls out her cell and reads a text from Caleb.

"Hi Molly. I'm sorry if you think I'm cruel. Have some faith in me and learn to enjoy yourself. I'm not all bad. You will see. Just obey as you agreed and I'll treat you like a princess. Try not to fear the worst. Even if it should be crazy I expect you to be obedient. And to trust I will always keep you safe."

She pouts and recalls the end of the school day when Caleb and Nathan claimed her cell and all of her important contacts. Her Mom and Dad's personal cell numbers. Their jobs. Even her Grandparents back in India. This distressed her beyond belief. Caleb had the ability to destroy her life. Her entire family. Yet, why was she not bawling her eyes out?

Texting him back she writes, "I will obey as promised. I will trust you to be the true Gentleman that I see hiding within you."

After moments of pause he texts back, "Just as I see something hiding within you. I will reach in and drag it out. You will thank me Molly. Now I have a command."

"I await." She replies.

"Remove all of your clothing. Lay in your bed and take selfies of every part of your body. You have twenty minutes to send them to me. If it goes over twenty I will take pictures of you totally naked at school tomorrow. Do you understand me?"

She bulges her eyes at his revelation, "Quite clearly. Let me get busy."

Scurrying to her bed she lays her cell on the covers to undress. In moments she chilled at her nudity. Goosebumps rash up all over her. Reclaiming her cell she gets the camera ready. A simple face shot began the pictures. Then she boldly held the cell over her to capture a shot of her massive chest. Her nipples were aroused at her challenge. A second photo crushing them together tightly made her form a smile. Why? She pondered. This would most likely add fuel to her inferno. Caleb might not be as trustworthy as he let on.

A set of thigh shot revealed her moistening labia. A photo of her toes was a simple reward. She was proud of them and their pink nails.

Finally, she does her best to capture her stunning butt cheeks. It was an awkward angle but she did what she could manage.

At the sixteen minute mark she began sending pictures. One after another went through to Caleb. As she awaited his reply it crossed the twenty minute marker. She lay there shivering for long moments.

Then her reply came, "That was fun wasn't it?"

"It was. May I get dressed now?" She types.

"Spread your pussy lips wide and take one more picture."

She creases her brow then moves her free hand down to pry her hole open. The shot revealed a juicy pink entrance that glistened.

After sending it his reply returned with, "My dick will fit in there perfectly. I expect you to invite me in."

Molly's entire body led to spasm at the sheer thought.

"Oh my gosh. Is this what you intend of me?" She bites her nail.

"An invitation would be much better than any devious command. Don't you agree?" He recites.

"Do I have a choice?"

"No. However I prefer to hear that you want me inside of you."

She finds it hard to type. She wants to touch her clit and play.

"The thought of that is indeed appealing. Finding the time and place is impossible. My father drops me off and picks me up. If not he then my mother."

"Let me figure that out. Please answer me."

"I would allow this if it means keeping my family from knowing. Yes."

"I expect you to invite others too."

She tenses up, "Others?"

"Nathan. Wyatt. Anybody I allow to feast on you. Would you tell me no?"

Curling up in a fetal position she huffs loudly.

"No. Caleb? Please do not make me do this."

"Resist further and I will force it upon you. Am I understood?."

"Yes, Caleb." She pauses before sending to add, "Why do you do this to me?"

No reply for five minutes. She frets at no answer.

Finally, "Because you want me too."

Her jaw droops low as she reads his reply multiple times. How could he insinuate such a thing?

"I do not. This terrifies me."

"You change your clothing twice each school day. From proper to sexy. You, yourself have said that you like the attention." He returns.

"Yes. But, not to be a whore. I am a good sweet person. I do not deserve to be treated badly."

"Can you deny that you liked coming to class without panties on?"

She shivers, "No. It was quite liberating."

"Can you deny that you liked showing us that pussy of yours?"

Her shivers become quaking in her limbs.

"I only intended to do such a thing once." She defends.

"If that were true you would not have showed us off and on during the entire class."

He was correct, knowing that she pouted.

"Yes, but not in letting Mr. Crandall see me."

"Bullshit! Stop lying to yourself. You wanted him to see it or you wouldn't have taken the risk."

"I only did that to make you happy." She whined as she typed.

"Keep making me happy. You will show anything to whoever I tell you to. Wear whatever I tell you to. AM I CLEAR?" His bold letters scared her.

I only have those two dresses. Some cute bras and panties. That is all I have hidden away from Father. I cannot buy too much or he will notice."

"Text me your measurements and sizes. I'll buy you things and bring them to school each day. Whatever I bring you change into. Am I clear?"

She smiles brightly, "You would buy me nice clothes?"

"Only sexy clothes. Nothing proper."

"It cannot be too revealing or I will get in trouble."

"No you won't. I'll take care of you. I promise." He confides.

"If you say so. I will obey. Here are my sizes."

She texts him her dress sizes, bra size, shoe size. Favorite colors even.

"Got it. Do you feel sexy?" He asks.

Puckering in thought she couldn't resist, "At the moment yes I do."

"Do you want the attention of every guy in school?"

"I like to be noticed. Much further scares me."

Have you noticed that all of your male teachers drool over you?"

She bulges her eyes, "A number. It is quite strange."

"Tomorrow you will flirt with them. Nothing extreme immediately. Each day forward you will continue."

She gasps then grins, "How do I do that?"

"You will figure that out. Every class I will have someone watching you. If you fail and that watcher gives me a bad report I will punish you in some fashion. Am I understood?"


"Good. I'll meet you when Daddy drops you off."

"Good night Caleb."

"Night Sexy." He compliments.

Sleep would prove difficult.

The next morning Her Father took her to school. Again, Caleb, and this time his brother Nathan met her. Their Father took the time to wave at Sahseej himself as he pulled around beside him. Sahseej merely nodded then proceeded to drive to work.

Inside the school Caleb handed Molly his own book bag. She opens it to look inside and finds a pale Orange t-shirt and a pair of white shorts.

"These look harmless." She grins.

"Go change. You have five minutes." Caleb prompts.

Nathan watched her walk away, "You raid Kayla's closet?"

Caleb smirked, "They look almost the same size. Sis won't miss them. Hell she might have out grown them." He chuckles.

"Yea. Kayla's 120 pounds wet. I'm guessing Molly is about that. The twenty is all in those fat Titties."

"36D's. Can you believe that shit? She's inhuman."

"Shorts have to be tight on her. I think Kayla has a thinner ass and legs."

"We'll find out Bro."

Six minutes pass before Molly returns shyly. The shirt was entirely too snug and short. Her belly button peeked out as she walked. Her chest lifted the hemline higher than it should have been on her waist.

The white shorts were second skin. Her deep tan was easily noticed behind the material.

Both boys whistled under their breath.

"Daaaaaaaaaaamn!" Nathan squinted in admiration.

"The clothing does not fit me." Molly pouted.

"Looks perfect to me." Caleb nodded, "There's only one thing out of place?"

Her eyes flare up, "What?"

"The bra has to go." Caleb stressed with a stern look.

Molly dropped her jaw, "Please Caleb, No."

He turns her around and reaches under the back of the t-shirt and unclasps her bra even as students pass by. She feels it loosen over her breasts. Finally, he turns her to face him.

"Do the rest. It goes in my bag here until school gets out."

Glancing around her she notes boys watching intently. Mostly the usual gang of geeks that eye her each morning. After too much hesitation Caleb grips her chin to force her gaze. She stares into his eyes intently.

"If that bra isn't off by the count of five I'll take your shirt off and remove it myself."

After biting her lower lip she hears his countdown. At two she pulls her arms through her sleeves and peels the bra straps off and lowers the cups to her hem. Finally, Caleb snatches the bra and tucks it into his bag.

As they watch Molly pull her arms back out the sleeves her chest line emerged magnificently.

Molly crosses her arms over her chest self consciously and looks around her. She notes the geeks whispering and looking over at her in awe.

"The natives are restless. Why don't you go say hi." Caleb nudges her after dragging her arms back down to her side.

"You do NOT cover yourself up. Am I clear?" He growls.

"What should I say?" She frets with a creased brow while nodding at his command.

"Use your imagination." Nathan chokes up.

Hesitantly, she turns and walks over to them.

"Hello." She shyly strikes up a conversation with the six of them.

Silence at first as all six ogle her bulging chest.

"Nice T." One chatters.

"Nice three T's as in TiTTies." Another found amusing as he snorted at his own humor. It worked as two others laughed also.

She fidgets, "I notice all of you staring at me every day. Am I doing something wrong?"

They all raise their eyebrows and shudder a unified "Nooooo!"

This made her smile, "That is good. I have been worried. Being new to this school it is hard to fit in."

Another stutters, "You fit in that shirt. So awesome."

"Shorts too. Whoa!"

Their careful study of her chest combined with their quips made Molly tremble. She felt her nipples increase in size and held her breath.

Jaws drop all around as the nipples stab out toward them like missiles.

She felt faint yet exhilarated at the same time.

"My name is Molly Indrabooty."

Several honorary "Hi Molly's" greeted her.

Somehow they seemed to forget their own names.

"Thank you." One of them named "Eric" stammers.

"Thank me for what?" She beguiles them warmly.

"For dressing like that."

"Like what?" She finds curious.

"Girls here dress all Preppy. You dress casual but slutty too. Nice contrast." One boy, "David" expresses.

She puckers, "Would you rather I wear more?"

"NO!" Once again they spoke as one.

She grins, "Would you rather I wear less?"

Caught off guard they grow silent and merely nod a vivid "Yes."

"Really? I am glad that you notice me. The bell is about to ring. I hope we can all be friends. Have a good day in classes."

She walks back to Caleb who had been abandoned by Nathan.

Caleb places both of his hands around Molly's throat tenderly and looks down at her, "How bad was that? You made new friends."

She finds his grip on her to be stimulating as she warmly smiles.

"Rather fun actually. Was this a lesson of some sort?" She pouts.

"Absolutely. You need to feel comfortable like this. You just know all six of those bastards are heading to the pisser to jerk off now."

She giggles, "I hope so."

Taken back by her comment Caleb grins, "There's what's hiding. Little Miss let Me Out."

Offering him a confused look the bell interrupts their moment.

"We can talk more later. Let's go tease Crandall."

She says nothing and merely follows Caleb into class.

As the seats fill Molly blushes heavily at the eyes stabbing at her. She looks forward at Caleb who turns using his own posture to inform her not to slouch. Stick that chest out he motions.

She settles back into her chair and lets the room gawk at her monstrous breasts.

She notices Wyatt beside Caleb panting with his tongue out which made her giggle and blush even more.

Finally, Teacher "Nelson Crandall" enters his class shutting the door. He doesn't see Molly at first as he gathers his notes on his desk.

"POP QUIZ, KIDDIES!" He blurts out turning to pass out sheets of questions. As he made his way down the aisles he reaches Molly and stops to glare down at her. She opts to look directly up at him with puppy like eyes. Right beside her she senses his arousal as he lowers papers over his crotch.

"I hope you studied up Miss Indrabooty."

"I have indeed." She swallows hoarsely.

Handing Molly her quiz he winks at her then moves on. Once everyone gets a copy Crandall spouts, "Bring your quiz to my desk when you're done."

She instantly began answering questions that she found easy. Upon finding ones more difficult she chose to look around. Caleb cautiously looked back at her and smiled. He was very handsome she thought. Then his cruelty made her fidget. So conflicted she thought.

She then noticed Crandall sitting on the edge of his desk from the side. He winked at her yet again which made her blush. Then, she caught him adjusting his crotch with confidence that only she had witnessed it. Her eyes bulged and lowered to complete her quiz.

With only one question left she bit her fingernail and again looked up. This time Crandall had seated himself to glare out at his class. She noticed that his right hand was under his desk in his lap. It looked as if he was scratching. Then, it dawned on her. Was he rubbing his manhood?

Students began stepping forward with completed quizzes. During that time his hand was removed. As Caleb stood up he looked at her stretching then drops his pen. He bends over facing away from her and lets her view his ass. Afterwards he stood up and pointed at her then toward Crandall.

She understood she thought as she awaited to be almost last to return the quiz. Finally, she stood up and moved toward the desk. Crandall's eyes were glued to her gently bouncing breasts and piercing nipples. Hell, every guy in the room noticed.

At the side of his desk she faked dropping her paper watching it glide behind the desk. She whined and huffed playfully as she moved into position to pick it up off the floor. Bending over in front of Crandall her tight white shorts crept dangerously deep within her butt crack.

Taking her time she managed to snatch her paper up and turn to face Crandall. His hand was back under the desk. From her angle she saw him rubbing the girth of his cock under his slacks. He was enormous.

He realized that she had seen him and stopped. As she rests her quiz on his desk she smiles at him shyly before returning to her seat.

She caught glares from other girls that would kill any normal person. She chose to merely smile at them with pressed lips.

"All the quizzes in? Good. Let's go over the answers."

He reads out question after question. The students vocally reply answers. Knowing after each question if they were correct or not.

"Battle of the Bulge? When and where?" He ventures a glance toward Molly.

Caleb and Wyatt had already wagged index fingers as before. This time it was all about showing off.

Molly acted as if she had a chill and jiggled her tits before crushing them together, her hands tucked between her knees.

The answer given Crandall sat silent before realizing his quietness.

"That is correct. You all seem to have done well. I'll grade these and pass them back tomorrow. For now, open your textbooks and read Chapter six."

Once all eyes were buried in their books Nelson Crandall returned his hand to his crotch. Cautiously, he rubbed at himself without their knowledge. If he could he would have his dick in hand and squirting like a fountain. Of course that was not in the cards.

Molly felt the urge to look up and notes Caleb with his arms to his sides using his hands like pinchers. She could only imagine what he meant. When she saw Crandall looking at her with almost a strain in his expression, she swallowed and bettered her posture. trying not to look him directly in the eye she reached up and pinched her nipples forcing them more erect than before.

Finally, she chose to risk looking at Crandall while she was pinching them. His face looked pale as his arm again made it look like he was scratching.

It amazed her his boldness. He was taking such an enormous risk. Even though she found Crandall unappealing, she did find his infatuation with her stimulating.

Suddenly, he had both hands under the desk. Was he getting ready to pull it out of his pants? Did she have that much of an effect on him?

She bites her lip watching him as he struggles slightly in his posture. His mouth opens as if exhaling lightly. One hand returns to his desk gripping the edge before him. The other remained scratching.

Molly was mesmerized yet took the time to examine the other classmates. Most of them were deeply reading. Others lost in thought but looking down or out a window.

Another glance at Caleb she finds his hands using a gripping motion as he yawned .

She took that hint and returns her gaze toward the never ending eyes of Crandall.

She raises her hands and squeezes her tits jostling them about as she pouts in his direction. Another round of tugging at her nipples she witnesses his face turning red and his eyelid fluttering.

Her heart raced at knowing what he was doing right here in class. She had her own thoughts suddenly. Divorced of Caleb's direction she looked around for safety just before choosing to lift her shirt briefly to expose her tits to Crandall. She had faith that she would not get into trouble. After all it was obvious to her he was masturbating.

He see's them and nearly falls backwards in his chair. Catching himself forced the notice of other students. He chuckled, "I really need to fix this chair."

He cautiously grit his teeth and zipped up without finishing. This made him unsatisfied and tense. Regaining his composure he glanced toward Molly.

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