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For the introduction to these characters, please feel free to read my story, Schooling Molly, also available on this fine website - https://www.literotica.com/s/schooling-molly


Lazy Saturdays are one of life's most over-looked and under-rated treasures. This Saturday was shaping up to be one of those wonderful days - my ex was looking after our daughter for the weekend, I had nothing to do, other than to go to the gym, tidy the house and watch sport. The only people I were planning to speak to would be any lady who was mildly attractive at the gym, and whichever spotty teenager would be bringing me pizza this evening.

I was up early, hoovered and tidied so the place looked presentable and headed to the gym. I was back home by half past nine in the morning, showered and dressed in a loose t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, not bothering with underwear. A cup of tea was steaming away on the table next to the sofa, I had sports news on TV and was thinking about placing a couple of bets when my peace was disturbed by a knocking on at the door. I remembered I'd ordered a couple of things from Amazon that were due to be delivered, so went to the door, expecting to see the postman.

I opened the door and found myself looking at Karen, Molly's mother.

'Hi,' I greeted her 'Everything okay?' even though the look of anger on her face told me that everything was most definitely not okay.

She took a deep breath, clearly trying to control her temper. I suddenly found myself looking at a photograph of myself on Karen's phone. I'm stark naked, kneeling next to a pair of obviously bare legs, taken in Molly's bedroom. My semi-erect cock was very much the focus of the picture.

'Ah.' I said. It was all I could say.

'I made her forward it to me. What the fuck is this?' she hissed. 'Why the fuck has my daughter got a picture of you like this?'

I open my mouth and promptly shut it again. I had no idea how to explain this - what could I say that doesn't make me sound like a sleazy bastard? Your daughter needed someone to teach her how to have sex, so I stepped up? Better me than some random guy in a club? Time to fall back on a good old English trait...

'Come in. I'll put the kettle on.'

As the kettle has recently boiled, I can provide her with tea reasonably quickly. She has milk and refuses the sugar without saying a word. I invite her to sit on the sofa, which she does, as far away from me as possible.

'Have you asked Molly about what happened?'

Karen nods. 'She told me it was a one time thing, it meant nothing. Is that true?'

'Pretty much. She's a lovely girl, but we're never going to get married or anything. She's off to university, it'd never work as anything more serious. Just one of those things that happened, I guess.'


'A couple of weeks ago. I've not seen or contacted her since. I'd forgotten that she even took the picture, to be honest.'

That last line is a bare-faced lie, of course. I've been admiring the picture of Molly that I have on a daily basis.

Karen seems placated by this. 'She is at an important stage. She wants to go to university, and I don't want anything to jeopardise her studies.'

'Me neither. It was what it was, and nothing more. We've not spoken since.'

She takes a deep mouthful of her coffee. 'Why haven't you contacted her? Are you the screw-'em-and-leave-'em type?'

'No, nothing like that at all. It was a spur of the moment thing. She's not contacted me, I don't want to look like a stalker. I thought we'd both moved on from it. How did you find out about the picture?'

'She showed me and then I made her send it to me.'

I almost spit my tea all over her. 'What? She's been showing people?'

Karen laughs at my reaction, and I see her visibly relax. 'No, it's not like that. We were drinking wine last night, we got tipsy, the talk moved to sex, and she told me she'd... well, met someone who was great at it, and showed me your picture. You can imagine my reaction. She told me not to come round here, but I was so angry, I had to.'

'Any chance the picture could be deleted? I'm not sure I want ladies to be able to ogle my, erm... gentlemanly department.'

'Why not? You've nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it looks quite nice.'

I wasn't quite expecting that as an answer. It's at this point that I start to look at Karen and check her out a little bit. She has dark straight hair, in a ponytail. She's a little taller than Molly, 5'8'' and a little plumper, I've noticed her belly hanging slightly over the waistband of her trousers a few times at school. She's wearing blue jeans, white trainers and a black zip-up hoodie that's struggling to contain her breasts. I can't see anything under the hoodie, but I start to think that maybe she had another motive in coming to my house and complimenting my penis.

The sunlight catches her wedding ring, sending sabres of light into the air and I stop my thoughts immediately. She's married, we've known each other a few years and she can be a bit flirty. I've lost count of the number of times she's stroked my arm, laughed a little too hard at my jokes and once even suggested that we run off together to get out of being bored senseless at the school sports day.

'How's Dave?' I ask. 'I haven't seen him for a few weeks.'

She rolls her eyes. 'He's okay, I think. He had his knee operation a few weeks back, but can't walk on it yet. He's lying on the sofa, getting in my way and being a right miserable sod about it. He can't do a damned thing around the house, it's like having another kid.'

'That's shit for him,' I say 'He's such an active guy, must be driving him mad in to be stuck indoors all day.'

'It is,' she agrees. 'He can't do anything for me. Hasn't done anything for me in a few months either.'

The emphasis on 'anything' and 'done' makes my mind race again. Fuck it, I think - I'm going to go for it. Being a bit playful and forward worked on her daughter. Perhaps there's some kind of genetic predisposition in the family to being impressed by my cheek.

'Can't do anything, you say? There's a few things I could do for you...'

She arches an eyebrow at me, a gleam in her eye. 'Really? What did you have in mind?'

'Well, I've been to the gym this morning, and both my knees are in full working order. I can get down on the floor, kneeling, squatting, lunging, the whole lot. No pain.'

Her eyes look me over, head to toes and back up again, stopping briefly at my groin. My cock twitches slightly in my loose tracksuit bottoms. 'And what do you propose to do with these working knees?'

Her answer gives me a momentary dilemma. Have I misread the signs and situation? Is she still angry about my liaison with Molly? I open my mouth and wait to see what my mind tells me. Being male, my mind is over-ruled by another part of my anatomy.

'My working knees would kneel in front of you and I'd lick you out right there, on that sofa.'

Silence for a few seconds. I don't think either of us can believe what I just said. Karen slowly gets up and I think she's about to leave, or slap me first and then leave. Instead she reaches behind her, and pulls the curtains closed. The room is plunged into twilight. She tells me to turn on the light. As I turn to find the light-switch on the wall, I hear the unmistakeable sound of an unzipping. I turn back to her, as the light comes on, to see her shrugging her hoodie to the floor.

She was only wearing a bra underneath, a white transparent, lacy number that shows her hardening nipples. Her boobs are much bigger than I thought, a good 38DD cup. She smiles at me and unbuttons her jeans, revealing a pair of black lace knickers snuggling underneath her slightly overhanging stomach. Despite her years, she still appears to be in good shape and I nod approvingly. She stops undressing once she's in nothing but her underwear and looks at me.

'Your turn,' she tells me.

I take off my t-shirt, glad I've already been to the gym and I'm not feeling self-conscious at all. I stand in front of her shirtless. 'I'm commando under these.' I tell her, pointing at my tracksuit bottoms. 'It's only fair if you take off your bra next.'

She laughs, reaches behind her and opens the clasp. Her boobs fall free, sagging slightly towards the floor. I go straight over to them, and take her left nipple in my mouth, sucking and nibbling on it. My hand tweaks her other nipple and she gasps in pleasure. I feel her hands drop to the waistband of my trousers and push them down. They briefly get stuck on my erection and her fingers brush my helmet as she frees it. Her cold hand takes hold of my cock and starts to work up and down my shaft, forcing all the blood in my body to head straight to my penis. The contrast of cold against my warm length feels wonderful. I decide to repay the favour and pull her panties down her thighs and drop a hand through her bush, reaching underneath for her clit. I start to work the nub, rubbing with my middle finger and feel her breath quicken against my ear.

Karen takes charge of the situation. She pushes me back down onto the sofa and sinks down between my knees. She looks me straight in the eye and takes my cock into her mouth. I moan in pleasure and she starts to bob up and down, taking more of me with each descent. She doesn't take her eyes from mine, giving me the most wonderful sight known to the male gender - a pretty lady sucking your dick and loving every inch. Her hand comes up and starts to cup my balls gently, spittle running down the shaft as she continues to suck me off. I reach down and take hold of her ponytail, helping to dictate the pace. She slowly climbs onto the sofa beside me, and lies with her back to me, taking me deep in her mouth. She parts her legs slightly and giving me easy access to reach in, grabbing her ass and start to work her pussy with my right hand. I slip a couple of fingers in easily, and the sharp intake of breath through her nose tells me she's enjoying this. She starts to hum a little on my cock, and the vibrations feel amazing. This is a woman who knows how to handle a dick, and handles it fantastically.

Somewhere in the room, my mobile phone pings to tell me I've got a text. She stops and releases my cock from her mouth. It hits back onto my stomach with a satisfyingly wet, meaty slap.

'Don't you dare answer that!' she tells me.

I feign innocence. 'No man alive is going to stop an awesome blowjob just to answer a text!'

She wipes her chin dry and straightens up. For the first time, I get a good look at her pussy. She's got a neatly trimmed bush, triangular in shape, with the point leading the way to the best place on earth. She's clearly had a bikini wax done, and all I want to do is bury my face in it.

'You promised a licking out...' she tells me, reading my mind. She lounges back into the corner of the sofa, opens her legs wide and invites me in. I don't need a second invitation. I lunge across, get my tongue straight onto her clit and start to lick up and down, paying special attention to her lips and every so often pushing my tongue into her hole. I start to pick up the pace and insert a finger, realising very quickly that she's nowhere near as tight as her daughter.

'Stop comparing them!' I tell myself, push all thoughts of Molly out of my mind and add a second finger into the mix. I wiggle them in a 'come here!' motion, and watch as she starts to pinch her nipples, stretching them into the air and moaning louder and louder as she starts to get close. I open my mouth and put it around her clit, making a vacuum and start to nibble on it, listening as her breaths get quicker and quicker, her voice and squeals get louder until she suddenly tenses, her thighs squeezing against my ears, blocking all sound. I barely hear her climax. As her orgasm finishes, she flops away from me, breathing deeply and still toying with her nipples, flushed and happy.

'That was fucking amazing!' she tells me. 'Just what I needed!'

'When was the last time you were fucked?' I ask.

'Two years ago,' she replies.

'Shit! Two years?'

She nods. 'Dave just hasn't been interested in me.'

'He's an idiot,' I tell her. 'Let's do something about it, shall we?'

I stand up and mount her, pushing my cock to her vagina. I start to enter her, feeling how unbelievably wet she is, and I slip in easily, all the way to my balls. She wraps her legs around my lower back and holds on tight. She pulls me down to her and whispers quietly 'Don't cum in my pussy. Understand?'

'Of course,' I whisper back and start to fuck her. It's a struggle at first, as my bare feet struggle to gain traction on the carpet. I keep slipping and have to push back up which gives me a great excuse to suck on those wonderful tits but Karen pushes me off. She gets up, turns away from me and goes to her knees on the sofa, and offers her pussy into the air, along with a view of her ass. I quickly slip my cock into her again, and nestle the base of my length tight up against her butt. I stand still for a second, enjoying the feel of her cunt around me. I pull out slowly and slide back in again easily, loving the slippery noises and gasp of satisfaction it causes. I start to pump harder, my abs slapping against her ass. I'm resisting the urge to spank her. That would be too weird after I did it to Molly. I satisfy myself by taking a firm handful of her buttocks and squeezing. Hard.

'That's enough,' Karen tells me after a few minutes as my breathing increases. 'I don't want you to cum in there!'

I stop, and pull my cock out. 'Where can I cum?'

She doesn't answer, and goes to her handbag. She rummages for a few seconds and produces a pot of Vaseline. 'You can fuck me up the ass...'

My mouth goes dry. I've always loved anal, but haven't found many women lately who were into it. My ex tried it once and hated it, so to find a woman who was keen enough to offer me her ass was incredible. She prised the lid off, and strode over to me. She applied a liberal amount to my shaft, and polished my helmet. Stroking my cock a couple of times, she dipping her fingers into the lube and delicately applied it around her anus. Once done, she tossed the Vaseline into her bag and looked at the sofa.

'We better use your bedroom,' she tells me 'I don't want you to start slipping again...'

I take her hand and lead her up the stairs. Once into my room, she climbs onto the bed, lies on her back and opens her legs, giving me a full view of her empty pussy and glistening ass, ready to take my cock. I take a deep breath, climb onto the bed and position myself between her legs. I push my dick to her butthole and look at her. I'm about to be a gentleman and ask if she's sure, but the look of wanton lust that lies deep in her eyes tells me everything I need to know.

I start to push into her tight ass. I love the view of disappearing into her most forbidden of holes, admiring as inch after inch enters her. I grab her legs and hold them steady. Her ass stretches and engulfs me, her hand drops to her clit and starts rubbing. I'm finally fully into her, feeling her tightness as I push into her rectum. She removes her legs from my shoulders, opening them wide and giving me the perfect view. She's masturbating luxuriously and without any urgency, moaning and groaning softly as I start to pull out and slide back in again, making sure I don't hurt her. We go slowly for a couple of minutes and I start to build the pace a little, rocking her forward and back with my efforts. Her hand speeds up in time with my fucking and she starts to get more vocal.

Her mouth was as dirty as her sexual preferences. All I could hear was 'fuck me!', 'fuck my ass!', 'fuck, I love your cock!' and my favourite 'I love your big cock!'. I'd always thought Karen was reserved, a quiet, perfect housewife, but she was rapidly proving herself to be a demon in bed. I felt like I could screw her all day long, especially if she was so willing with her ass.

She was starting to get close to cumming again. The thought of a woman having an orgasm always tips me over the edge, and sure enough, I started to feel the buzz of ejaculation deep in my balls.

'I'm going to cum!' I gasped, which were just the words to give her a whole new stream of vocabulary. 'Cum in my ass!' was followed by 'I need your cum!' and 'Fuck me! Yes! YES!'. Her body tensed again as she had her second orgasm, racking her whole body in pleasure and squeezing around my dick even harder.

That was enough for me. I came almost immediately, shooting my semen deep into her ass. I shuddered as the final drops left me and collapsed on top of her, sinking my head onto her soft breasts. Karen wrapped her arms around me and we lay silently for a few minutes, the smell of sex in the air. I turned my head quietly and sucked on her nipples, as my softening appendage remained in her.

'That was great,' she told me.

'Yeah. I wasn't expecting you to be so... so... fucking horny!'

Karen laughs. 'Why? I love a good shag as much as the next person. Dave doesn't like fucking me anymore, a woman has needs. Plus I thought your cock was the right size to go up my ass, so decided to go for it. And I was right, it fits perfectly!'

I laugh. 'Any time you need to be fucked anywhere, you come and find me.'

She pushes me off, and slowly climbs off my bed. 'Is it okay if I have a shower? I probably need to freshen up before going home.'

'Of course,' I tell her, and show her to the bathroom. I even get her a clean towel before realising that one of the side-effects of anal is smeared on my dick. I wait for the water to start running before sneaking into the bathroom. The steam hides my entrance and I quietly open the shower cubicle. Karen sees me and holds a hand out, stopping me in my tracks. She reaches up, removes the showerhead from its stand and carefully sits down in the corner of the cubicle, spreading her legs wide. She aims the jets of water at her crotch, directly onto her clit, flicking it gently up and down and toying with her nipples again.

It's a mesmerising view. She keeps looking me dead in the eye, getting herself off with the showerhead. My hand drops to my hardening cock and I start stroking myself, getting harder and harder with each movement. Neither of us utters a word

She orgasms first, arching her back and stretching up the wall of the shower on tip-toes, eyes clenched shut. I take the showerhead from her, clean my cock quickly and continue stroking. Karen reaches over and pulls me into the shower by my penis and holds her breasts up, inviting me to cum all over them, something I'm more than happy to do. My knees buckle as I ejaculate, a disappointingly small amount, but not surprising considering how much went into her ass. As I finish and lean against the wall, she scoops up a glob of cum and licks it from her fingers. This could be the single most erotic thing I have ever seen in my life.

'Wow,' is all I can say.

She smiles. 'Can I finish my shower now?'

I leave her in peace and head downstairs, my mind replaying the morning's events over and over. The school run will never quite be the same again.

I suddenly remember my phone went off some time ago. I find it, and read the text. It's from Molly.

'My mum knows about us. I think she's really pissed off with you. Look out!'

'Don't worry,' I reply 'I think I can take care of her.'

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