tagNonHumanMolly's New Horns

Molly's New Horns


Molly pulled at the straps her of bra, trying to loosen it for the sake of her sanity. The whole thing had seemed a little tight this morning, but it was new, so Molly had just shrugged it off as an issue with the straps. One that she could correct in the bathroom at work. Still, after 15 minutes in front of the mirror and dozens of different strap lengths, nothing could make the undergarment sit comfortably on her chest.

It had fit just fine in the store, but now it felt a whole size too small. Or so Molly imagined, since it was almost impossible to find a cup size too small for her sleek breasts. She was about to turn the garment around and check the sizing on the tag when someone else came into the bathroom.

Oh crap, Molly realized that she'd been in here far too long. If she didn't get back to work soon she'd probably face a lecture from her boss about checking makeup on work hours. Not that she wore makeup. Sexiness as a whole had eluded Molly for her entire adult life. It wasn't that her breasts were small, Molly was actually attracted to that quality in other women, nor was it her thin figure. Her face was cute enough and her copper hair would probably never go out of fashion. On top of all that, she had a degree from Brown and had quickly climbed the ranks of her small publishing firm to the point where she was managing groups of editors, some with much more experience than herself.

Yet, while all the components were there, some piece of the puzzle was missing. The keystone to her sexuality simply wasn't there and so all of its parts inevitably came crashing down.

Case in point: her office crush, Amber, had just wandered into Molly's small office. Workplace gossip had it that the young accountant was bi, so Molly knew that she had a chance, but nothing that she did could draw Amber's hazel eyes or produce anything more than a friendly smile on her full lips.

"Hi Molly," she said, knocking lightly on the open door.

"Hi," Molly swallowed, suddenly feeling very self-conscious about her ill-fitting bra.

"I was just wondering if we were supposed to send the billing on the Rogers account to the Seattle office or the New York one."

"Well I'm sure you're talented enough to send it to both," Molly suggested, suddenly feeling very stupid. "Um, not that you would, I mean. It's just- Uh, New York is fine."

"Thanks!" Amber flashed a smile and skipped off down the hall.

Well fuck, Molly cursed herself. And as if the day couldn't get any worse, the band of her jeans was starting to make her hips itch.


As soon as she stepped through the door of her apartment, Molly quickly unbuttoned her shirt and unhooked her bra. An hour earlier at 5 it had been digging almost painfully into her chest and now she was concerned that the whole thing might pop off on its own. By some miracle she managed to wiggle out of her jeans and hurried to the full-length mirror in her bedroom. Cupping one of her breasts left her with no doubt that they'd grown, impossibly, almost two or three cup sizes over the course of one workday. Her hips felt wider too, but with no tape on hand she wasn't able to measure them and she couldn't tell just how much they'd changed.

Molly sighed and collapsed on her bed. She clearly needed Chinese takeout and Netflix to take her mind off of this craziness.

She received the delivery driver at the door in a long t-shirt, trying desperately to hide her new assets for which she had no workable undergarment. All seemed well as she lay sprawled out on the couch, a box of half-eaten stir fry sitting on the coffee table and an action movie blaring on her television screen. She had almost forgotten about the strangeness of the day when the lead female actress appeared onscreen, dressed in a skimpy swimming suit and performing some sort of exotic dance to distract one of the villain's guards.

Ordinarily this sort of thing would've earned a spit-filled laugh from her, as silly as it was, but tonight she felt unusually horny and the erotic swaying of the actress's hips combined with the sultry look on her face was too much for Molly. She paused the movie and began to massage herself under her panties, her free hand slipping under her shirt to grope her new breasts.

Molly was used to simply rubbing her nipples for erotic effect, since it had been difficult to get a good handful of her breasts without pulling hard on the flesh, but the feeling in her enlarged breasts was simply electric. She groped one roughly, moving her hand around in an effort to grab as much of it as possible and relishing in the powerful feelings of arousal that her efforts produced.

She loved it so much that she took her right hand out of her panties and moved it up to her other tit, covering it with her slick fluid in her haste to produce more of the intoxicating feeling. But as her arousal grew, so did the needs of her pussy. With great sorrow, Molly slipped her fingers back into her panties and tried her best to please both breasts with just one hand.

Her breasts turned out to be a non-issue. Not wanting to waste time in search of her vibrator she rubbed her clit vigorously with her thumb while ramming three fingers into herself, as deep as they would go. Everything she did to herself felt incredible, as though it were satisfying a need as deep as breathing.

Yes. Yes. Yes! Anggg! Molly came into her panties and collapsed face-first onto the couch, her tail waving about in delight. Wait what? Tail?!

Molly looked back in shock. Sure enough, a rope-like tail extended an arm's length out from the tip of her spine, covered in a short layer of soft dark brown fur up to its heart-shaped tip. Molly would've panicked from that alone if not for the dark mass blocking her view of the whole tail.

With a screech she ran back into her bedroom, frightened of what she would find in the mirror. There was some relief when Molly herself appeared in the reflection, intact and unharmed. However, she was not how she remembered looking just an hour ago. Protruding from the crown of her head were two thick, twisting horns, about the diameter of a quarter at the base and curving up to a wicked point. Molly reached up to feel their ribbed exterior as she surveyed the other new additions. Two great wings, like those of a bat, protruded from shoulder blades. At present they were folded against her back, but even then they managed to look imposing, their leathery maroon material supported by solid black ribbing. Finally her gaze drifted down to the excited tail, swishing nervously behind her butt.

Molly turned around and looked over her shoulder. The wings had ripped the back of her shirt open, but there were no other surprises.

This is impossible, she thought. They must have slipped something into the stir fry. I'm going to sue their asses so hard-

Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice near her window. "Hmm, well you're a bit older than I'd expect, but nice job with the wings."

Molly jumped in fright and turned to see a woman standing by the open window, her own wings silhouetted by the moonlight and a frightening pair of horns protruding from her skull as well.

"What the fuck?!" Molly exclaimed before whispering to herself. "OK, maybe it was PCP, LSD, oh God I didn't ingest meth, did I?"

The woman laughed. "No, darling, you're not hallucinating."

"Yes I am!" Molly shot back. "People don't have wings or tails or any of this!"

"You do."

"I- I- No!"

The winged woman sighed. "Listen, I've got this Latvian skier waiting on me, so I'll make this quick. You're a succubus, hun."

"What? I'm not a mythical creature!"

"Nah!" The woman tapped her wrist pointedly. "Short on time, remember? You are a succubus and if you want the full briefing you'll let me do the talking. Now where was I... Ah, right. So you're a succubus, a creature of pure sex." While she said this she ran her hands over her own full hips. "Let me guess, you're shocked because you haven't exactly been heartbreaker over these past few years? Completely normal, darling. Your, hm, sexual side has been lying dormant until now. But here it is at last! And look at you, all grown up!"

Molly would've found something to protest, but the woman's sultry tone was drawing her in. Every word of hers was practically dripping with eroticism.

"Now there are a few things to know. First of all, don't worry about the accessories, those'll go away in a bit. They only really come out when you find yourself, mmm, excited. Two, you might find yourself a little hornier than usual from now on. Just go with it, I think you'll enjoy letting yourself go. And finally, mortal food won't sustain you any longer. Only the products of sex can appease you. Sweat, blood, cum, you name it. As long as it's the product of arousal, it's your ambrosia."

"But... how can you know all this? How did you know to come here now, of all the times?" Molly had so many questions, but her surprise mentor was already lifting her leg over the windowsill.

"Oh honey, I'm your birth mother of course!" And with that she was gone, leaving with a great whoosh of her wings.

Molly sat on her bed for some time, taking all of this new information in. Succubi are just a folk story, she told herself at first. But if I'm not hallucinating, then what else could explain all this? No! Of course I'm hallucinating! There's no way this is real. I'll just sleep it off and call the police about that Chinese place first thing in the morning. Yeah, that makes sense. Way to be sensible, Molly. Good job!

With a reasonable explanation in hand she wrapped her wings around her shoulders and rocked herself to sleep.


Immediately after she woke up Molly ran straight to the mirror. She let out a great sigh of relief when she appeared whole in the reflection. No horns, no wings, and certainly no tail. She was in such a good mood that she didn't even bother herself with the two great tears in the back of her lounging shirt and readily attributed her hips and breasts to the ice cream binge that she'd gone on a few nights ago.

Everything was perfectly normal in Molly's world and, being the appreciative customer that she was, she decided that she'd wait until after work to call the cops about the Chinese place that was clearly running a drug operation on the side.

Feeling pleased with herself, Molly brushed her perfectly normal teeth, found a perfectly normal loose sports bra, put on a perfectly normal stretchy skirt, and went to her perfectly normal job. Once there she looked over some perfectly normal paperwork, ate a perfectly normal bagel, and indulged in her perfectly normal office crush on the perfectly normal (but exceptionally cute) Amber.

Conversation with her crush in the breakroom elicited some perfectly normal reactions. For instance, a perfectly normal elevated heartbeat, a perfectly normal lip bite, and a few perfectly normal swishes of her tail under her skirt.

Wait what?!

Molly stopped mid-sentence and the color drained from her face as she tried desperately to get her tail to behave.

"Um, Molly are you OK?" Amber asked, giving the fledgling succubus a puzzled look.

"Uh, I just remembered something I had to do. Bye." Molly scooted out of the room, her tail literally between her legs, and hurried to the safety of her office.

Once there she closed the door behind her and collapsed against the wall, a wave of relief washing over her.

It was real. It was all real. If the tail was here, then the wings and horns wouldn't be far behind. Wait, no. The woman had said that they only came out when she was excited. That meant that as long as Molly could calm down, she'd be in the clear.

OK, no more thinking about Amber, no more thinking about her great legs and- No! Baseball. Think about baseball. Uh, what's baseball again? Let's see, you hit the ball and then somebody catches it and you lose points... Er, no. Oh, student loan debt!

Molly's tail disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Thinking back she wracked her brain for what else the strange woman had said. Well first things first, Molly was a succubus. That explains the sudden boobs. They're for... sex appeal. She had also mentioned being more aroused than usual. That would explain last nights, um, session.

There was one more thing that Molly couldn't quite wrap her head around. It had something to do with food... Oh, oh no that's so gross! Apparently she had to survive off of sexual fluids from now on.

Eager to find a way around this clause, Molly microwaved some of her leftover Chinese for the lunch break. She took a tentative bite and discovered that it had gone bland. No, it hadn't gone bland. The problem wasn't with the food, it was with her. A few more bites of the plain vegetables confirmed that it wasn't doing anything for her. Molly's stomach felt fuller, but her hunger was untouched.

What am I gonna doooooo, she wailed in her head.

It was when Amber walked into the break room that Molly was hit with an idea. If she could get in bed with Amber and find some way to explain why she had horns and wings under the sheets, then maybe she would be able to... feed.

It was a fine plan on paper, but Molly had had hundreds of chances to ask Amber out and each of them had gone by uneventfully. She sighed, what are the odds that things are gonna go my way now?

But some new resolve took charge. Motivated either by her new succubus side, the threat of starvation, or a mixture of both, she approached Amber and sat down across from her, chest puffed out with great purpose.

No point in wasting time, she thought. "Amber, do you want to get a drink with me after work today?"

Amber froze, her mouth open in mid-bite. Her hazel eyes swept over Molly's body, drinking in her new curves. She gulped and set her fork down. "Um, yeah. I'd like that a lot."

"Great!" Molly smiled and stood up. Feeling good about herself she strode out of the room before running back in. "I mean, I'll meet you outside of the accounting offices at 5. Unless you want to meet me in front of my office at 5. Unless you were planning on staying late, I mean. Well unless you were going to leave early, in which case I can leave early too, I mean it's no big deal or anything. I mean obviously we'll find each other at some point-"

Amber cut her off with a laugh. "Your office at 5 is fine."

"OK." Molly disappeared back into her office, unable to believe what she'd just pulled off.

The rest of the day flew by as Molly buried herself in work, trying very hard not to think about getting Amber in bed and keeping her clothes intact for her efforts.

As soon as the clock hit 5 Molly rushed Amber out the door and brought her to a bar just a little ways down from their office. She placed a beer in front of the brunette and waited impatiently.

"You're not having anything?" Amber asked, taking a sip from her drink.

"I'll have a drink later." I hope.

"You know, I was thinking just yesterday about how I've never really noticed you much around the office and how crazy that is! I mean, you are just really hot. I was going to ask you out on a date today, but you beat me to it." She gushed, suddenly enamoured with Molly. "Oh, not that I meant that this was a date or anything. Well, unless it is?" she concluded hopefully.

Molly smiled. "It's a date." Then she returned to matching states with capital cities in her head.

They chatted for a while, but Molly was quickly becoming more and more impatient. Here was this delicious morsel right in front of her, but she couldn't eat Amber up until they were alone!

Finally Molly had had enough. She looked Amber straight in the eye and said "Come home with me."

Amber stopped, her cup hovering near her lips. "OK," she said, a dazed tone in her voice.

Huh, that was easy, Molly thought. She paid the tab and led Amber out to her car.

On the drive to Molly's apartment Amber was practically crawling over the fledgling succubus. "My God you are so hot!" she said, trying to reach over the divide and cuddle with Molly.

"Not now!" Molly said, fending off yet another snuggle attempt while trying to keep both eyes on the road.

When she got her meal - no - her date through the door, Molly finally let herself off the hook for not being able to remember the capital of Vermont.

She gave one warning, "Um, Amber, things might get a little strange during the sex. Just know that I'm totally into you and I would never do anything to hurt you! OK?" before indulging in all of the carnal thoughts that she'd been pushing aside since this morning.

"Sure thing," Abby said, throwing herself at Molly and planting a series of warm kisses straight onto her lips.

Molly jumped a little when her tail appeared, but she simply tucked it under her skirt and guided Amber onto the couch. Fortunately, the eager woman quickly unbuttoned Molly's shirt and tossed it aside, saving that particular garment from being shredded. Her bra was similarly saved as Amber pulled it off to get at the warm gems beneath. She began to knead Molly's breasts, kissing softly at their erect nipples, when Molly felt her wings burst out of her back.

This foreplay stopped abruptly.

"Oh my God," Amber whispered, cowering back from Molly. "What are you?"

Molly looked away and folded her wings as close to her back as she could manage. "I'm a succubus," she said plainly.

"That's impossible."

"If only..." Molly gave a weak smile.

"No, no, no I can't handle this. What am I even doing here. I barely know you!" Amber began to back away towards the door.

"Amber, wait," Molly called. "I know it sounds insane, but I literally need to fuck you. Please don't go."

Amber continued slowly for towards the door, but stopped at one last call from Molly.

"Wait." She hung her head low. "Just... please don't tell anyone."

And then she was gone.

Molly curled up on the couch, tears streaming down her cheeks as she tried to comfort herself in the warm wrap of her wings, but these things did little to solve her problem. She had come so close to that which she had desired for so long and that which she had come to need so recently, and then it had slipped away.

There has to be a way of making this work, she thought. After all, the other succubus - her... mother - didn't seem to have any trouble finding food. How did she keep her quarry from running after her full demonic form was revealed?

Given all of the insanity of the past two days, Molly hoped desperately that the strange woman would appear again.

But she didn't, and Molly slept alone.


She saw Amber at work the next day. The first time was at the copier and they said nothing to each other. The second time Amber came into her office and dropped off a stack of papers. She hurried to leave, but Molly called after her.

"Wait. Amber, please."

Amber waited, but made an obvious effort to avoid eye contact with the fledgling succubus. "What do you want?"

"I want you to not be afraid of me! Amber, please. Whatever you were scared about happening last night, it was a harmless crush! I just wanted to be with you!"

"You hypnotized me!" Amber shot back. "I just went out for a nice drink with you and you fucking hypnotized me into coming back to your... your lair!"

"My lai- what?! No, Amber, I didn't hypnotize you!" Then again, it had been impossibly easy to convince the brunette to come back to Molly's apartment. Molly buried her face in her hands. "Oh fuck. I really did, didn't I? Amber, please believe me when I say that it was an accident. I'm as new to all this as you are and I never meant to hurt you or hypnotize you or anything."

Amber paused for a moment before going to the door and closing it. "You're really a succubus, aren't you?" she said.

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