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Molly's Way


When Molly Evans started working for Johnson Homes, she was married to Gary Evans, who worked for the Great Southern Banks. That was five years ago. Now, Molly was newly divorced. Gary was always so prim and proper. Not a hair was out of place. He would push her away before he left for work so as to not get her lipstick or powder on his clothes. As you might imagine, he was a lousy lover. Karen wanted more out of life, but wasn't quite sure how to go about it.

She had never really been in the dating scene, since she and Gary started dating in high school. Gary never found out, but Molly did have some vices. When she was with her girl friends, she smoked and drank. She loved brandy, or Ouzo, a Greek drink. She had experimented with marijuana while in business school.

Six months before she married Gary, she went to Orlando with three other girls. They decided that since they were in an area where no one knew them, that they would really let it all hang out. That resulted in four very inebriated females being taken to a motel by four guys they only knew the first name of. It was a very naughty night, with all four girls experiencing all four guys.

Gary never heard that story either.

Now twenty-nine, Molly was the administrative assistant to Mr. Brad Johnson, owner of Johnson Homes, who had inherited the company from his father. Brad was a jean and sleeves rolled up executive, who preferred to be at the job sites instead of doing paper work in the office. An engineering graduate of MIT, he was very bright, and a bit ruthless. To Molly, he had an animal attraction about him. She sometimes thought about him being on her and in her. But she knew that would never happen. He was devoted to his wife, Ellen, who Molly knew and liked, as well as his twin boys, Tom and Edward, who both parents would do anything for.

The day came that Brad arrived at work very drawn and worried looking. It was so evident that Molly asked, "Brad, what is wrong? Is there anything I can do?"

Tears came to Brad's eyes. "Ellen has been diagnosed with lung cancer. It is already stage four. Her doctor told me that she has no more then six months."

"Oh God, Brad, I'm so sorry."

Four months later Brad came in looking just terrible.

"Brad?" Molly asked.

"Molly, the person in my bed is but a shell of Ellen. It is time for her to go."

A month later, Ellen died. Molly managed the meal after the funeral.

Two months later, both Brad and Molly worked late. "Take you to dinner?"

He asked.

"Yes, that sounds good."

He made no pass at her that night, but she caught him studying her intently several times.

The following Friday afternoon Brad smiled as he said, "Say, how would you like to spend tomorrow at my place? I have a large pool."

"Is that asking me on a date, Brad Johnson?"

"Something like that."

It was a pleasant afternoon. Molly, who was a diver in high school, did a few easy dives off the one-meter board. Brad clapped when she did a full gainer.

"Wow, you really get height off the board."

It was nothing like Molly once was, but Molly simply said, "Thank you."

Tom and Edward came to the pool at just after five, when Brad was cooking burgers. "They always show up when there is food cooking," Brad said with a laugh.

Both boys were very reserved with Molly. They had known her as that office girl. Now, she was something very different. She was at their home, sitting where their mother once sat.

After they ate, the boys left for a movie. Brad and Molly went into the house. Molly found a wall of books and photo albums in Brad's study.

Brad took a call. Molly was shocked to find nude photos of Brad, Ellen, and both boys taken in the house and at the pool. Then she found more of them naked with many other people. Brad Johnson and his family were nudists.

She left Brad's that night at just after ten. Again, he had made no pass at her.

In her apartment, Molly Evans poured herself a glass of straight Ouzo on the rocks, lit a cigarette, put her feet up to ponder what she knew, what she wanted, and what she must do to snare Brad Johnson, who was rich, attractive, and available. Yes, he was forty-three, which made him thirteen years older then she was. It would be exciting being married to a rich man. She knew that Ellen had taken trips to Europe, as well as going with Brad on Caribbean cruises, as well as trips to Jamaica, and Aruba. It dawned on her that the boys were her main obstruction. She would take care of those pampered boys.

What she did not know is why the Johnsons became nudists. Plain and simple, Brad Johnson is a voyeur. When he was just a boy, his mother carelessly would walk around the house, naked. She liked to do all the cleaning naked. When he was ten, she went from being Mommy to being a woman with tits and a pussy between her legs. By the time that he was fourteen, he wished that he could fuck her, but never had the courage to try.

So, when he married Ellen he insisted right from the start that she sleep and walk around the house naked. As the boys got older, both he and Ellen would kid about their reaction to seeing Mommy. Many times, the boys would get a hard-on as their Mother moved around the pool, or bent over in the house, giving them a shot of her open pussy. Tom got so bold that he would hug Ellen from the rear, with a tit in each hand. Ellen mentioned it to Brad, who said, "It is just harmless fun. I would rather have them feel you up than some young girl."

Tom and Ed got bolder still. When Ellen made no move to stop their advances, they both would wrestle with her in the water. Tits were grabbed; hands ran between her legs with fingers searching for her hole. Then it happened. Tom finger fucked her. Ellen froze, and then turned to look at Brad, who could see the motion of his hand, and knew just what he was doing. Brad winked at Ellen, whose pelvis was pumping back at the invader. Brad told the boys that night that it was okay to explore their mother. That was just good fun, but she was off limits to their cocks. Brad loved watching the boys sexually explore Ellen.

Before it could go any further, Ellen got cancer. Now Brad was plotting how to substitute Molly for Ellen for his watching pleasure.

The following Friday night found Brad and Molly alone at his house. After eating, he poured her a large glass of brandy, then another. Molly knew that he was different. He was more intimate, with his hands touching her. Her pussy was wet waiting for him to get it on with her. He did not disappoint her. He kissed her and then led her to the bedroom. Each undressed. Neither was a kid. Each wanted the sex to happen. He was ruthless, as she had guessed. He took her hard, assaulting her pussy, creating an ecstasy of pleasure in her loins. He had taken Viagra, so he was able to take her again, again, and again.

Tired and sweaty, they lie talking. "Brad, I noticed while looking at some photo albums the first night that I was here that your family are nudists. Would your boys be more comfortable around me if I was to go naked too?"

Brad could not believe his ears. In an instant, he knew that he had found a new sexual toy that he and his sons could play with. He smiled broadly contemplating how the boys would enjoy her. "Molly, that has been my main worry, if the boys would accept you. I do love you. You were always attractive to me. Now, if you are willing to meet the boys halfway, so to speak, I'm sure that they will enjoy having you become part of the family."

Perfect. Molly thought, as she leaned forward to kiss Brad.

"Molly, we were very understanding of the boys interest in touching a woman. I hope that you don't mind if they touch you?"

"They can treat me just like they treated Ellen." Molly whispered.

Later, when Molly was asleep, Brad went to the boy's bedroom. They were still up, checking out some porn on a web site. "Listen up, guys. As you know, I'm interested in Molly Evan, who is our guest."

"Yeah, sleeping in your bed, Dad." Tom said.

"Well, I've got some news. She will be naked at the pool tomorrow. She told me that she is willing to have you treat her just like you did your mother."

"Such as?" Edward asked.

Brad got a horny smile on his face thinking of how much fun the boys would have with this woman who was much younger than their mother. "She knows that you were allowed to touch your mother all that you wanted."

Tom, the bold one said. "Dad, you told us that Mom was off limits to our cocks. Molly isn't Mom, and we aren't related to her. Is it okay if we try to have sex with her?"

"I don't think that she will let you."

"Do you mind if we try?" Tom pressed the subject.

Brad, the voyeur grinned. "I would really enjoy watching you guys come on to her. Let's see how far that she will let you go."

"Great." Both boys said at once.

Brad and Molly were sunbathing naked, when the boys came out of the house, also naked. It was hot, so soon Molly wanted to take a dip. She got on the diving board and jumped several times getting a feel for the board. She knew also that the boys would be treated to watching her breasts bounce, as well as checking out her hair-covered pussy.

She walked back to the end of the board. This time when she advanced to the diving end she did it forcefully. She executed a perfect one and a half gainer, which was a feat off a one-meter board.

Both boys joined her in the water. "Nice dive." Tom commented.

Edward, who had approached her from the rear, placed both of his hands on her waist. He pulled her to him, so that now his hands were on her stomach. She didn't say anything, so he lifted them to cover her tits. Ed could stand up, but it was too deep for Molly. She closed her eyes and floated in his arms, which allowed her lower body to float up. Tom moved between her legs, as his hand found her pussy.

Molly kept her eyes closed and said nothing. Tom's finger entered her. She opened her eyes to looked at Brad, but he was gone. He had left her to her own devices. It was traitorous in a way. But it was more comfortable for her to allow the boys to play with her with Brad not watching. It did feel good.

Tom pressed forward. His hands raised her rear. Ed was playing with her nipples. Tom's cock entered her. Just like that, he had run it into her to the balls. Her mind raced trying to recall exactly what Brad had said about the boys conduct with Ellen. The booze had clouded her recollection.

Tom withdrew his cock. Both boys carried her to the lounges. Two pads were placed upon the deck. Molly was placed on them. Tom lie between her legs and entered her again.

Brad, in an upstairs window, was operating a video camera with one hand, while jerking his cock with the other. He was so proud of his sons. Chips right off the old block. Soon, Ed had his time on her. By now, who was on her and why did not matter. She had had one orgasm, and another was building deep in her body. When Ed withdrew, he turned to Tom. "I'm hungry, let's go get something to eat."

"Damn it, not yet. I've got another one coming. Tom, get on me." Molly


Tom put the wood to her again. This time it was like his father, fast and powerful. Molly was shaking in sexual ecstasy.

Brad made ham and eggs, with toast, orange juice and coffee. The boys, Brad, and Molly sat around the kitchen table chatting like nothing had happened. For Molly, it was surreal. What have you gotten yourself into girl? Molly thought.

She smiled to herself. In the last twelve hours she had longer, better sex then she had ever had, and she was snaring a rich man to boot. Her pussy felt really good. Her tits, even now, after a half hour from the time that Ed had pulled and twisted them, were still pointed and puffy.

And the Boys? She knew that she had them wrapped around her finger. She was the honey and they were the bears. Her mother had told her once. "Don't underestimate what you have between your legs." Molly had thought that it was gross at the time, but now she took it as advise from a smart woman.

Two months later, Molly Evans married Bradford Johnson in a wedding that cost twenty-five thousand dollars. Both Brad and Molly wanted it to be a small affair. But of course, Brad invited the entire construction crewman for a good party afterward.

A month later Brad went on a four-day fishing trip with some of his old friends. Molly was sunbathing at the pool. She was on her back, naked, with her legs comfortable apart. She heard the boys enter the pool area, but did not open her eyes. She had just covered herself with sunscreen, and hoped that they would not want to play at the moment.

A hand spread her legs further. She smiled. The boys had wanted to look at her pussy every day, an event that she now accepted. Using two hands, one of the boys spread her cunt lips. "Neat, huh?" Tom said.

Molly opened her eyes. She was startled to see that there were three boys standing around her. Each was sporting a hard on. Ed said. "Molly, this is John Duff, one of our best friends. We told him about you. He wanted to see for himself."

Molly reached for a towel to cover her breasts. John, who had been instructed about what he could do to Molly by Tom, reached down and slid his index finger into her cunt.

"Be nice to our friend, Molly." Ed said as he and Tom spread her legs and held her arms above her head. John lie on her chest, with his head next to her. Using both hands he found her pussy lips, which he spread. He humped his ass forward, driving his cock into her body.

Molly recalled thinking to herself that she would take care of the pampered boys. She had meant that she would control them. She realized that they considered her body to be theirs. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sensations in her body of an approaching orgasm that caused her cunt to throb, and clutch John's cock with convulsions. He came, rolled off, and was immediately replaced by Tom, who fucked her ruthlessly. She came, Tom came. Ed pounced upon her, driving his cock deeply into her, fast and hard. She exploded again in a convulsive orgasm, which caused her to stiffen.

"Hey, that was really great, man. You guys are the luckiest shits on earth." John said to both boys.

Molly, now up on her elbows, with cum running out of her pussy, interrupted with, "They don't seem to know that, John. Maybe I should cut them off for a while?"

"You wouldn't?" Ed asked.

Both boys had surmised that Molly would do anything not to have them complain about her to their father.

"Let me set you two guys straight. From now on, if you dream up a new adventure with me, you discuss it with me. If you don't, I'll cut you off for six months." Molly said with authority.

Neither Tom nor Edward contested what she had just said. There was no doubt that she meant it. When they told Brad about what they had done later, he laughed. "You guys went too far. You have to be smarter with Molly. She is a very bright woman. If you had brought up the idea of showing her off to your buddy, I'll bet that she would have put on a show for him. You know, do a few dives, and tease and flirt with him. Next time talk to both she and I. I would have loved to have gotten a tape of you three with her."

The boys cooled it for three weeks, staying away from Molly. Then Tom said to Molly, "John Burton mentioned you the other day, Molly. We told him that you were a very good diver. He said that he would love to see you dive, naked."

"Oh, he did, did he? Are you sure that he wanted to see me dive, or was it he wanted to dive between my legs?"

Tom lowered his eyes. Molly continued. "C'mon now. I want the truth. What would you guys really like?"

"Well, Gee." Tom stuttered. "He really does want to see you dive naked. He wants to take some video of that, since he has never seen a naked woman dive. After, we all want to take you to our room and do some thing that we have never done."

"Such as? The truth now."

"We want you to suck us, and we want to have one guy on his back with his dick in your butt, while another of us stands on the floor with his dick in your pussy."

"That something that you have seen online?"

"Yeah, I can show you, if you want to see it."

"Let's go look."

Tom and Ed cast glances at Molly as she watched the computer screen while three huge cock, black guys thrust their cocks in a withering, squirming, girl who looked to weigh a hundred pounds, and to be no more then a teen.

"I've didn't know that a man's cock could get that long and thick," Molly said to no one in particular.

"We have a guy with one that big in our class." Ed said.

With a smile, Molly mused. "I'd like to see that." Then she continued. "Okay, you turkeys. Call John and have him come over this afternoon. I'll put a show on for him. And, I'll let you try to do what those guys on the screen are doing, with one condition. If I don't like it and say stop, it stops right then, whether you have had your jollies or not. Got me?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Tom said as he rushed to get his cell phone.

In Tom's bedroom the four of them rutted for over two hours. Molly let them double penetrate her. It surprised her that the cockin in her butt put pressure on the cock in her pussy causing her G spot and overall vagina to go into overdrive, causing several orgasms, one right after another. When she had seen the girl take the three cocks on the computer screen, she had felt that the men were taking advantage of her. That was not what she thought now. She wished the boys had bigger cocks.

Her comment about the big cock guy at school was not lost on Tom, who mentioned it to Brad. "Set it up, Tom, for that guy to come here and be with Molly. If she wants a big cock, let's give her one. Would be fun to watch."

"I'll say."

The next day, Ed approached a naked Molly sitting reading by the pool. "Molly, would you be interested in meeting the guy with the big cock at school?"

She thought a minute. "You know, it might not be a good idea for the world to know that Mrs. Johnson is doing all the local guys at her house. How about this? I heard you guys talking about a rave that you wanted to go to in Birmingham, which is an hour drive. You invite your big friend along. I will drive down there ahead of you. When you go inside, I will start a conversation with you. Act like you don't know me. We can share a few joints, which will make everyone mellow. Ask me back to the motel with you, and leave me alone with your friend long enough for nature to take its course."

The rave was loud, confusing, crowded, with booze, the smell of marijuana, and boys taking liberty with young innocent girls, copping cheap feels of butts and tits. Molly looked around. She knew that many of the girls would experience a hard pounding cock before the dawn. This was a scene she had never experienced before she was married. She wished that she had come to events like this. She could have fucked several men. With that experience, she would have been wise enough to let Gary Evans screw up some other girl's life.

She spied Tom and Ed. She had spent one thousand dollars for a half a pound of high-grade weed. When the boys were away from the house, she had used the computer to look at the size of cocks shown on the porn sites. There was part of her that didn't think they were real. As she approached the boys, she noticed the third guy with them. He was shorter than Tom, and could not weight more than one hundred and forty-five pounds. Her anxiety over if he would be too big for her and hurt her vanished. She approached him first. She stood shoulder to shoulder beside him. She could see that out of the corner of her eye he was glancing at the top of her breasts, which she had hardly covered with her half-cup bra, and low cut top. She bumped into him. "Oh, sorry." she said.

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