"In desperation I allowed a lesbian friend to seduce me and when she took me to repeated orgasms I was hooked. For various and sundry reasons none of my lesbian lovers lasted three months. None of them, male or female, have ever come close to the passion you bring in me. I want to take advantage of you while we are together. For now, you have a girlfriend."

"I have not had a girlfriend since high school, you will need to remind me how that works."

"Not really, you have already been my best boyfriend ever."

We were in our room fucking madly when our door opened and our Mom's walked in. Missy and I were too close to stop and we didn't have our orgasms until both were in bed with us.

"That was beautiful," both Mom's said.

"We came to ask if you want to eat dinner with us. We heard of a place that had the best southern comfort food. Debra and I are going to a mostly lesbian club afterward and there is a dance club across the street from it," Alice said.

I rolled off Missy as she said, "Fine. What time?"

"Oh in about two hours. We need to fuck first. Graceland was much better than expected, we got souveneirs."

Mom was running her finger over my cum covered dick. Alice was running her finger between Missy's cum covered pussy lips. Neither Missy nor I made any reaction to it; we were wondering how far they would go.

After they finished relating their day Alice leaned over and licked the cum off Missy's pussy. Mom sucked off the cum covering my cock.

Both then stood and walked out.

"That is going to be some kiss they are about to share," Missy said.

I agreed as she rolled over my body and slid my slowly expiring cock into her. We took a nap as we were.

Missy and I were dressed when our Mom's came back. Neither was wearing a bra and before we separated we learned neither was wearing panties.

The restaurant was crowded but we did not have to wait. I had the fried catfish and Missy had the fried chicken. Both were delicious. Both our Moms had a meatloaf they adored.

The dance places were a cab ride away and when we got there Missy and I went into the lesbian club with our Moms first.

There were guys there and at least a few were married couples. They were apparently searching for a third person for their bed. One young lady volunteered to go home with Missy and me. Missy told her we were not looking for a threesome then gave the girl a nice kiss on the lips.

The girl said, "Please let me know if you change your mind."

We nodded and noticed both are Moms had gone into the crowd. We walked around and Missy and I got more offers from young ladies. Missy kissed each after turning them down. Two that hoped I would change her mind kissed me.

"Do you want to stay?" I asked Missy.

"No, let's go across the street."

We found a dance club pretty much like every other dance club. We each had a drink, danced for about thirty minutes until missy said, "Lets go home and fuck."

Missy was quickly leaving the one night stand category. I loved that she liked to fuck but I also found her funny, smart, and very pretty. I liked her.

She noted that we had been holding hands since we got off the dance floor the previous night. She thanked me for that. I had not realized we had.

We manage two fucks before we fell asleep. The first included some clowning around. That was followed by a long conversation during which we confessed to liking each other. The second fuck was more of a soft lovemaking.

About three in the morning I woke up with Mom sucking my cock. Missy was already awake as Alice ate her pussy.

"This is our last night together, don't waste it," Alice said then both got out of bed and left. They did not bother to lower their skirts and once again we had a magnificent view of their naked asses.

"They have a point," Missy said and climbed over me and slid my cock into her but we did not have the energy for another fuck so she put her pillow on my shoulder, kissed me then went back to sleep. I wondered if I could sleep with my hard cock inside a very fine pussy but before I came to a conclusion I fell asleep.

Mom checked us out the next morning. Missy and I had showered together and kissed. Separating was a lot harder than I anticipated. It appeared it was difficult for Missy too.

Mom said, "No long faces, we will probably end up at the same place at the same time again."

Mom and I kissed our lovers goodbye and left, We stopped at the first fast food place we saw as soon as we were on I-55 and ate as we drove.

I made a comment about traffic being unusually light but Mom was already asleep. I suspected that if she had slept at all last night it was not for very long.

We stopped at the Welcome to Mississippi rest area and got snacks and maps. Mom went back to sleep.

Two hours later Mom was again masturbating. She said, "Your father and I found ourselves in that one rest stop often, it was on the way to and from his post. It was always dark when we got to it. I sucked him off and we watched other men masturbate for us often. Once there were two guys, one at my window and one at his."

"As I normally did I put my open mouth at the window and the guy came on it. Then your Dad did too for the guy at his window. On our next escapade after the guy began to masturbate on my side he rolled down my window. I sucked the guy off and kissed your Dad with come in my mouth."

Mom had an orgasm then asked me to pull into the next rest area. She pulled my cock out and began to caress it. I pulled into the rest area and at her instructions parked just past the trucks on their side.

Mom resumed, "I sucked off a guy every time we were there and I shared the cum with your Dad. We again had two at one time, one was at his window. I nodded to him and he rolled both windows down. I hurried the guy at my window then watched your father suck cock. We exchanged cums in our kiss."

Mom then deep-throated me and I almost immediately erupted in her mouth a lot more cum than I expected. Mom shared my cum in her kiss to me.

"I see you love that too."

"Thank you. I love you," I said as I kissed her lips.

We noticed a guy was masturbating by her window. I thought the guy was reckless to do that at mid-day but Mom put her mouth on her side of the window and as soon as the guy shot his wad I started the truck and got us to the freeway. A phone rang.

"Hi Missy. Has your mother gotten you off?"

"Well good, I just got him off and he is feeling better. Here, talk to him."

I picked up the phone and asked, "Your Mom got you off?"

"Yes, in fact we pulled into a rest area and she ate my pussy on the back seat. Two women holding hands watched us. We are just now back on the freeway. Did your Mom suck you off?"

"Yes, I pulled off the freeway and we are just now back on. We need to pay better attention to their phone calls from now on."

"Yeah. I called to tell you that we just about to the freeway exit to Hot Springs. I will call you back when we are in the hotel. Where are you?"

"Just over two hours into Mississippi. We have at least three hours to go."

"Be careful. See you next week. Bye."

Apparently she wanted us to hook up again when we got home.

I said bye then I waited until Mom had finished her third masturbation to ask about their nefarious plans but I never did. She had fallen asleep.

I stopped at a welcome to Louisiana rest stop and called a hotel in the French Quarter, made reservations, got a map of the city then got back on the road.

Mom went back to sleep and I woke her up as we were crossing Lake Ponchartrain, she immediately perked up.

I put the New Orleans street map on the steering wheel and found my way to the hotel. It was on Royal St. in the French Quarter and had its own garage. I drove into it as Mom went inside to check us in and we met at the room. It had one queen size bed in it.

"Perfect," Mom said.

As soon as we were in the room she decided we needed to fuck right away.

"I am so horny for your cock I could scream. After you fill me up we need to find NOLA and eat.

We undressed, took a quick shower and once in bed she slid my cock into her. Whatever rush she was in ended there. She just sat on me with my cock deep in her with her eyes closed for a while.

She then leaned over and said, "I love you. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my life except your father. I have wanted this since you came back from the prom as a man.

I have been fighting my desires until Alice told me of hers for Missy. We agreed it would happen today."

She gave me a kiss, I told her I loved her and gave her a long kiss. She began to fuck me. It was a slow, soft fuck but her first orgasm was hard.

As she caught her breath I turned us over and I kissed my way to her pussy and stayed until she had another cum then kissed my way to her lips and kissed her as my cock plunged back into her.

I began slowly and increased my speed slowly. Her cums began to pile up on each other so I began to just fuck her hard. I saw a wild, painful, exalted look in her face then she stopped breathing until a gigantic cum overwhelmed her as she released a loud deep groan.

I decided it was a good time for me to cum in her pussy, which caused her orgasm to briefly re-intensify. Then we were done.

I slid off her body and held her to me as I kissed her. She gave me a smile I could not decipher then went to sleep.

"I have just fucked Mom," I thought to myself. "It was not incest but I had thought it would feel like incest. It had not. I had made love to a beautiful woman I adored. I had done what she wanted. It will happen again."

I was still holding her to me when she awoke about thirty minutes later. I kissed her and reminded her we had not had a real meal all day and we were in New Orleans.

She sighed and caressed my cock for a few moments then we got up and got dressed. She donned shorts and a t-shirt, no underwear. I put on khaki shorts and a t-shirt, no underwear.

"Lets go the oyster place instead of Emeril's, he has two or three places in Vegas too," I said.

"OK today but tomorrow we are going to the one on the street whose name I can't pronounce."

"Deal," I said.

We held hands as we walked the three blocks and I ate a fried oyster po-boy and Mom ate raw oysters, sixteen of them, I ate the remaining two. We then strolled Bourbon Street from one end to the other. I got her a crown and coke and got me a beer at the Famous Door and walked down the street holding hands and sipping our drinks.

Mom wanted to go into the full nudity place but I reminded her she had seen a lot of nudity the last two days.

We did go into everyplace that had a band playing.

We went into a voodoo shop. "Mom, even if you knew this stuff works you don't have any idea how to make it work. You could be the one that turns into a frog."

She was still considering it until she heard music across the street so we went there just as the band began their break so we went on.

We ended up stopping by a girl showing her tits for people with beads on a balcony. She got them so Mom showed her tits.

"Umm, Mom?"

She got three bead necklaces thrown down. She blew kisses at the people and we went on. Half a block later more tit flashing and more beads. I took that picture and sent it to Alice.

Alice texted back, "Yummy."

Apparently people on balconies were looking for women with beads because they knew the ladies would show their tits. Mom had a lot of beads before we suddenly found ourselves at the gay corner of Bourbon Street. There were two gay bars across the street from each other and the street between them was filled with gay guys flirting.

Mom immediately went into the one with a balcony and went up the stairs. We saw a guy dancing on the bar wearing only a loincloth. Guys at the bar were putting their hands under it and squeezing his cock. Mom gave him a squeeze and I did too.

Mom led us to the balcony and asked a guy on the street to show his cock as she waved a necklace. We saw a wide assortment of cocks including a couple Mom and I agreed we would love to suck. Soon Mom was down to one necklace so we went back inside.

As we walked past the guy dancing on the bar Mom said, "Suck him a little."


The dancer got into a crouch, which allowed us a clear; close up view of his very fine and very hard cock.

"Well if you don't suck it I certainly will," Mom said and leaned in and deep throated him.

"Hurry up he's cumming."

I slid his cock in my mouth and he began to fill it with cum. As soon as he was empty he leaned over and kissed me sharing his cum with me.

Mom took my hand and asked me if I wanted to stay, she was going four blocks down the street. I decided I better follow her and we left. We walked past Royal Street another two blocks and Mom said, "There it is," and walked to a lesbian bar called something Ruby something or other. I was not the only guy there although likely the only one with his mother. Mom went right to the dance floor and began flirting with a woman that seemed to be flirting back.

I went to the bar and ordered a beer and a crown and coke then I asked the bartender if she knew what the lady dancing with the little redhead drank. The answer was crown and coke so I got another one then waved the two drinks at them. As soon as they saw me they came over.

The lady was a bit older than Mom, cute, nice size tits. They talked over the music they best they could until the woman asked us to follow her and led us to a small patio.

There were several women making out, two were having their tits fondled under their shirt. One appeared to be enjoying a finger fuck. Mom kissed the woman and took off her necklace and stared at the woman's tits. The lady laughed and pulled her shirt up.

"Oh wow," Mom said and kissed each tit then put the beads over her head. The woman lifted Mom's shirt and kissed her tits then licked them. Two chairs at a table opened up and I led them there. Mom sat on the ladies lap and they shared a long kiss.

Mom had a hand on the woman's still exposed tit as the woman slid her hand up Mom's leg and into her shorts. Mom moaned through a kiss and very much enjoyed her fingerfuck.

After her orgasm Mom got under the table and flipped the woman's skirt up and attacked her pussy with ferocity. The woman began to cum almost immediately. I moved my chair to give Mom a bit of cover and caressed the ladies tits. The woman was careening to a real big cum so I kissed her as I pinched a nipple. My kiss did not come close to drowning her orgasmic shriek; the others stopped what they were doing and looked at us in admiration.

I decided that the woman's scream would have attracted too much attention and took Mom's hand and led her out of there. Two of the ladies went to the woman and one went under the table and the other went to her tits. We heard a groan as we left.

Mom stopped by the bar and asked the bartender if she knew the woman she had been dancing with.

"Yeah, that was my Mom."

"Oh great. I loved talking to her and don't want to loose touch. Would you give her my number please?"


"What is her name?"


"And your name?"


"Hi Violet. I am Debra and this is my son Larry. We are so glad to find this place. We will be back to visit again. Bye." Mom leaned over the bar and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

I waved bye and saw Violet tasting Mom's kiss and smiling.

We were debating whether to go to the hotel by way of Rue Royal or go up one street and go by way of Bourbon Street. Mom decided she needed more beads so we went back to Bourbon and she collected a bunch of beads.

We were about to turn the corner back to Rue Royal when Mom got a call. It was Mariana.

"We are on our way to our hotel on Royal. Fantastic, come over, in fact we will wait for you by the entrance of the... Walgreen's."

"No, he won't mind. He will probably enjoy watching us. Yes we will wait." Mom hung up then gave me a long, tongue filled kiss.

Mom soon saw Mariana turn the corner to Rue Royal and waved at her.

Their kiss would have set the building on fire if it had not been brick.

I volunteered to get snacks for us and they nodded but kept walking. I saw a sign to my left that claimed to have the best muffulettas in town. I knew they were a sort of sandwich so I went there and ordered three. Then I bought a six-pack of cokes at Walgreen's and some Crown at the liquor store across the street and went to our room. I got there just in time to see Mom soar into orgasm.

I put the muffulettas on the table with the cokes and crown then took the bucket out to get ice. When I returned the ladies were at the table eating and drinking, I put the bucket down and they reached in and put ice in their drink''

There were just two plastic cups in the room so I took one of the half empty cans of coke and poured crown into it then forced two ice cubes in it.

There were two chairs in the room, both occupied so I sat on a very messy bed with my food and drink and tried not to pay attention to their conversation.

I was doing well until Mom shouted, "Larry, come down from the clouds. I just asked you to take your clothes off. Mariana wants to confirm the size of your cock."


"Hurry up. It's impolite to be the only one dressed in the presence of nude ladies."

I put my food and drink on the table and began to undress. They somehow noticed my cock was very erect. Mariana stood and pushed me to my back on the bed, straddled me and sunk my cock into her. I though, "Why not," and tried to swallow one of her marvelous tits.

She groaned and began to fuck me. Mom was still at the table eating as she poured herself another drink but she was watching us fuck. Mariana had an orgasm and slowed to a stop.

Mom said, "He has great control. Fuck him again."

Mariana did and had an orgasm the equal of the one on the patio. I gave her a minute then turned us over putting me on top and I began to fuck her hard.

Three minutes later she began to groan at about a hundred decibels then went completely quiet. I moved to her side.

Mom took a sip of her drink then stood and said, "My turn."

Mom came to the bed lay down between Mariana and me. I moved over her and sunk my cock deep in her pussy without pause. She was groaning before I hit bottom. I began fucking her with long hard strokes at a slow pace. Her orgasms began and I increased speed and hardness after each.

Mariana rolled to her side to watch us fuck. I kissed her then kissed Mom as she had another orgasm.

I began to pound on Mom and she just lost it, wailed and passed out. I moved to Mariana and resumed my fuck with her at the same pounding speed I had fucked Mom. Mariana lost it and passed out.

My first two volleys of cum went to Mariana's pussy and the rest into Mom.

I got up, covered them with the sheet, then went to the table and drank crown and cola on ice as I finished my muffuletta.

The two slept for about and hour as I tried to figure out how to get us from San Antonio to Las Vegas.

They awoke, kissed and cuddled until Mariana decided she needed to get dressed and go back to the club, her daughter was her ride home. It was just past midnight.

Mom stayed in bed mostly asleep while Mariana and I dressed. We held hands as I walked her to the club then after a long goodbye kiss I went to the gay bars corner. Several guys were ready for something to happen so I began sucking an exposed cock here and there and enjoyed the gropes, I did not suck any of them off and on my way back to the hotel. I briefly wondered why not.

Mom did not wake up when I joined her in bed.

She was sucking my cock when I woke up the next morning and continued to do so until I filled her mouth. That time she swallowed and went to the shower. Apparently Mom enjoyed sucking cock as much as she enjoyed eating pussy,

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