My father died when I was just fourteen years old which was a shock for everyone especially my mom. We had just moved from the city to the countryside to a farm my father had bought for us to live in.

Five years later I am now nineteen years old and it's still just me and mom living here on our farm. But my story begins not long after my eighteenth birthday and I was home from college for summer break back at our farm.

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I was sitting on the sofa in the living room still in my pj's bottoms as I had not been feeling very well since I had gotten home and when my mom came in and squatted down beside me and felt my head and said that I was running a fever and that I should be in bed and not sitting here watching the television. As I turned my head for her to feel my forehead I could see right up the summer dress that she had on and could see up between her tanned thighs right up to the pair of black panties that covered her pussy.

"And just what do you think you are looking at Mister?" Mom asked as she covered my forehead with her hand.

"Sorry Mom" I replied being as honest as I could be caught sneaking a peak up my mom's dress.

She didn't even close her thighs together just had a little smirk on her face at my embarrassment at being caught.

"You shouldn't be seeing something like that until you are at least going steady or married my young man" She said before getting up and heading to the kitchen to start dinner.

Over the next few days all I could think about was seeing my mom's naked thighs and her panty covered pussy. I would jack off in bed which was a mistake really as she had put on a red bedspread on it and she would have had to see where my cum had landed on it even after I had wiped my bedspread off. My mom had to know I was jacking off when she washed it as there were several white cum stains on it.

It was now the middle of the week, Wednesday and we had not spoken of what had happened at the weekend but it was all that I could think about. Every time I was around my mom I kept starring at her legs and ass and when she was facing me her boobs with I thought had to be at least a D cup. She was no super model or anything like that but she was not ugly either she was just an ordinary thirty-eight year old mom who had kept her figure well working on the farm like she did.

As I was saying I was still having erotic thoughts about my mom four days later and I was having a hard time keeping my hard on hidden in my pants from her. Mom spent most of the afternoon out on the farm and I just lazed about the house with the image of her in my head. Finally I sat down a put the television on to take my mind off things but before I knew it I had my right hand down by the fly in my pyjama shorts. There was a button to close the fly but it wasn't buttoned up. I had my finger inside rubbing my hard on and before I knew it my whole had was slowly jerking my cock up and down.

I don't know how long I had been playing with myself but all of a sudden I felt like there was someone behind me watching me. When I turned around to see there stood my mom watching me with my fist around my now hard and throbbing cock. Her eyes were all glazed over and she had a funny look on her face as she stood there staring at my dick. Then she moved and came around the sofa and sat down next to me.

To my shock and horror she put her hand around my man meat and squeezed until she had a firm hold of me in her hand. She started to pump my cock just a little up and down for about five minutes.

"Come with me". Mom said as she stood up.

My mom then began to lead me by my cock in her hand up the stairs to her bedroom door. As we entered her bedroom she reached under her sundress and pulled down her panties and let them pool at her ankles before she stepped out of them and her shoes. Next she undid the buttons on the front of her sundress and let it slip down her body to pool on top of her panties. Then before I had a chance to say a word she reached back and unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor next to her sundress and panties.

She was now standing there completely naked as the day she was born and I was just standing there staring at her with my mouth hanging open like I was waiting on flies. I had never seen a naked woman before let alone my mom naked. She then walked over and stood right in front of me and took hold of my cock again and slowly started to jack me off again.

I reached up and felt her bare boobs in my hands and squeezed them and pinched her nipples between my forefingers and thumbs as we stood there smiling at each other. Mom then stopped jerking me off and held on to my cock and walked over to her bed and took a pillow and then lay down and worked the pillow under her butt. She then told me to come over and when I did she spread her legs and I could see her pussy.

Her pussy was clean shaven and looked so smooth and wet with her juices. I must have stared between her legs for what seemed like ages but could only have been a few seconds when she spoke to me and brought me out of my trance. She patted the bed beside her and lay down then reached up to take my dripping cock into her hand. She then pulled me on top of her and rubbed my cock on her pussy from ass to clit then moved me to her entrance and wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in deep.

I had never felt anything so wet, warm and soft and my cock actually fit inside of her like a hand in a glove. Once she had me deep inside her I didn't move for about thirty seconds as I was enjoying the feeling of her pussy around my cock. Then I started to thrust my cock in and out of her soaked pussy. I was up on my hands and as I fucked her I watched her boobs bounce as I moved backwards and forwards. She was so wet and it wasn't long before I felt my cum rising from my balls up my shaft and spurt deep inside of her pussy. I didn't lose any of my hardness and just kept pumping my cock in and out or her now soaking wet twat.

I had done it, I had actually cum inside my mom and I loved it and wanted more.

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