Mom & Caroline

byL.A. Wicker©

"I stopped drinking, and running around after your last visit," she sipped her coffee, "Remember I was passed out on the sofa when you left? When I woke up, Caroline told me you were gone, and that you were very 'pissed off' at me. It broke my heart thinking of all the things that I had done to you kids," I leaned to wipe the tears from her eyes, "I told my self that was it. The next day I started working out. I dyed, and cut my hair, and I started going to a tanning studio."

I looked at her legs as she crossed them, "You look so young, and alive. Why didn't Caroline tell me? All she said was, you still drank, and ran around."

"I don't know what's up with her. She keeps to herself, never talks to me, or anything," Mom had little tears in her eyes, "I've tried everything to get her to talk to me."

I wiped her eyes, and said, "It might be some 'teen' thing. I'll talk to her, and see if I can find out what's up," I looked at her full breast, and my cock started to grow, "You are turning me on so much. Can I hug you again?"

She let out a soft moan, and said, "Baby, if I hug you like we did before, things might get out of control."

"Would that be so bad?" I replied, standing up. My cock had came out of my shorts, and was only inches from her, "Let me hug you." I pulled Mom to her feet, my cock went right between her legs, finding her damp pussy. "I can't believe how wet you are. Is it all for me?" I ask, and I started rubbing my cock on her pussy.

"You're killing me! I'm thinking about FUCKING my son, and it's turning me on so much," Mom said, pushing her soaked pussy against my hard cock, "You're so big, and hard. I've never had anything like this before."

I pushed my cock head to her love entrance, "You ready? I want to fuck you so bad," I slowly pushed inside my mother. Her wet panties covered my cock, as I made my way in her, "Oh Mom!" I moaned.

"Oh baby! Love your mother. Make me feel good," she begged me, pushing me deeper in her body, "This is SO dirty. My son, fucking me."

I tried pushing deeper in her, but her panties held me back, "Fuck! I need to pull your panties off. I can't go in you that far," I said, pulling my hard cock from her wet love hole. I pulled her panties down, and pushed deep in her, "Oh yes!" I moaned, when my cock was deep in my mother's cunt. I was in her to my balls, "Oh Mom!" I lifted her off the floor I pushed in her so deep.

"Oh yes! Love me baby. Love Mom hard!" she moaned, thrusting her hips into my cock, "My big, handsome son is fucking me!" Her arms, and legs wrapped around me, "You're so big. It feels so good."

"I love your pussy. It's so wet," I said, thrusting my hips to her body, ramming my hard cock deep in her burning cunt, "Your pussy is squeezing my cock so hard!"

Mom smiled, and replied, "Do you like that baby? Do you like Mom squeezing your hard cock?" she squeezed me again. My cock was ready blow it's load it her hot cunt.

I moaned as her tight muscles locked on my cock pole, "You're going to make me cum! I'm going to fill with you cum!" I started thrusting into her pussy hard; I wanted to pump my hot cum into her pussy, "OH MOM! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING," my cock was shooting into my mothers' cunt. The place I came from, and I was filling her full of cum.

"GO! YOU MADE ME CUM! FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR MOTHER!" Mom screamed as her pussy locked around my cock pole. Her pussy released hard, her juices flowed from her cumming body, "Oh baby, go. Go faster." she moaned thrusting her hips into mine.

I fucked her as fast as I could, "Yes! Cum on my cock, Mom. Cum on your son." I used her pussy hard, and fast that night, "Come on, you sexy woman. Cum, do anything you want." I said, pumping her tight pussy hole.

"OH YES! BABY! YOU MADE ME CUM!" Mom screamed again, as she kept cumming hard. Orgasm after orgasm Mom came on my cock.

I picked Mom up into my arms, and took her to her bedroom. I placed her softly on the bed, and mounted her, "So, you said to love you again, right?" and I slid my stiff shaft back inside her as deep as it would go. I needed to cum more. Caroline had been turning me on from the first second I saw her. Then seeing my 'new' sexy Mom, my poor cock needed to cum a lot, "You are great, Mom. Your pussy is the best I've ever had in my life!" I told her as I thrust deep in her burning body. I moved in, and out of her as fast I could. I needed to cum again.

"Go baby!" Mom said, holding me against her body. Her sexy hips moved with each push into her body. She knew how to please a man, her tight pussy muscles held my cock, and her soft words were driving me over the edge, "That's my sweet man. Work that cock. Fill my pussy. Cum in me. Fill me full!"

Her tender words filled my ears, and in turn, I filled her body full of my hot cum, "Oh Mom! Yes! I love you!" I came hard, like never before. She held me as we fell asleep, my cock was still buried deep in her body.


The next morning I woke up with Mom still in my arms. Her back was against me, my cock rested between her legs. I couldn't believe what we had done last night. I had never been with a woman as good as her before. I watched her sleep a few minutes, and then made my way back into her hot, wet pussy hole. I moved slowly in, and out of her warm body.

"Oh that's my sexy son. Fuck you're mother," she moaned as my hard cock pole used her cunt, "make me cum. Fill me with you're cum. OH YES!"

I moved in and out her, while my fingers twisted her sexy, big nipples, "I love you're pussy. It's so tight, Mom. Squeeze me like you did last night," I thrust deep in her. She locked her muscles around my hard pole, "OH YES! You sexy bitch. Squeeze my cock with those cunt muscles."

"OH JERRY! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!" Mom screamed as she came on my cock pole, "JERRY! YES! YES!" Her hips pushed back into my cock, driving it deep into her lonely womb. Her tight cunt locked around my cock like never before. It felt like rubber bands wrapped around my pole.

I rolled her on her stomach, driving my cock back into her cunt. I held her down, driving deep into her. I rammed in and out of her as fast and hard as I could. I was fucking my mother like a cheep whore. I loved it, and so did she. The wetness from her cunt was making that wonderful slurping noise as I went in and out of her.

"OH MOM! I'M READY. I'M READY TO CUM IN YOU'RE CUNT!" I yelled, shooting my cum deep into my sexy Mothers' pussy. I thrust deep into her body. Each thrust in, my cock would shoot a jet of cum in her pussy.

Mom pushed her ass in the air, "Go baby. Fuck me. Fuck you're mother!" mom screamed, ramming her pussy against my cock, "I love it! You're cum is SO hot."

"It's hot for you, Mom. I love you." I moaned as the last of my cum shot into my mom.

We lay together, hugging, kissing, and my cock was still buried in her pussy, "I might have to take you home with me, Mom." I said, kissing the back of her neck.

"That would be nice. You're long cock in me all the time. You'd wear me out." Mom moaned.

I pushed my cock into her hole, "Oh yes! Fucking my sexy Mom all the time. It's making me hard just thinking about it." I started fucking her more, "I need to cum again. You're going to fuck me to death."

"Go! Cum in me more baby. Use me all you need," Mom moaned, squeezing her cunt muscles, "Come on, use me. Fill my pussy again."

I pushed into her hole, "OH MOM! MOM!" I screamed as my worn out cock shot into her wet cunt.

Later that day when I managed to get away from my horny mother, I made my way to the kitchen. Caroline sat at the table; little tears ran down her pretty face, "What's wrong?" I ask her. I had a pretty good idea, but I still ask her.

"You fucked Mom. You were supposed to come back to me last night. I wanted to be first," she said, wiping her eyes, "Was she good? You two made so much noise, I bet everybody on our street heard you."

I didn't really know what to say. My sexy sister heard me fucking our Mom, "Yes! She was great!" I told her, and poured myself a cup of coffee, "Are you mad?" I ask, looking at her.

"No! Why would I be mad? It just hurt my feelings you didn't come back to me. But, I think it was SO sexy." she smiled, and caressed her big breasts, "You're one lucky guy. You got to fuck your sexy Mom, and you'll get to fuck your baby sister. Not many men get to do that," she said with a sexy smile.

I was happy as hell, she wasn't mad, "When do I get to have you?" I ask, moving behind her. My hands took over caressing her breasts, "I hope it's real soon."

She leaned against me, "I think it will be real soon," Caroline purred softly, "Do you think Mom will mind?"

I wasn't sure what Mom would think, but if she wanted more of my cock, she would have to accept me using my sister, too. "I think it will be all right," I said, caressing her breasts harder, the way Caroline liked it, "Lets go to you room." I took her hand, and lead the way to her room.

Mom was just coming out of the restroom, "Good Morning," She said, with a big smile, "Where are you two going?"

I pulled down my shorts, and said, "Today is Caroline's turn. I was supposed to get her last night, but when I saw you… I had a small change of plans," I slid my hand between her legs, giving her a good feel, "Is that, OK?" I pushed two fingers in her wet pussy.

"Be easy. You'll be her first man, and you might hurt her with this monster," Mom's hand grabbed my cock, "Save some for your Dear Mother. I'll need more of this tonight."

I gave her a deep kiss, and replied, "I'll always have something for you." I moved my fingers deep in her pussy, "You keep this hot for me."

"HURRY! It's my turn. She had her fun," Caroline said, pulling me into her room. She pulled her panties down, and laid on the bed, "Do it! Ram that into me! Make me a woman!" She said, as she spread her legs wide.

I climbed on top of her, lining up my stiff cock to her burning pussy hole, "OK, here goes." I pushed deep into her. Tearing her virgin pussy apart. Her tender flesh hugged my cock pole like nothing I had ever felt in my life. Her delicate muscles began to spasm, milking my cockpole of its seeds.

"OH, JERRY! YES! OH, MY GOD!" she screamed, as my cock tore through her flower, "Yes, fuck me. Fuck me like you did Mom." Caroline's legs wrapped around my hips; driving my cock meat deeper into her burning pussy hole.

I moved in and out her wet pussy with full long strokes. Lifting her young ass, and hips off of the bed with each thrust in her body, "Oh girl," I gasp for air, "I'm going to cum soon!"

Faster, and faster I fucked my baby sister. I had just about raised her from a baby. Now I had my long, thick cock rammed deep into her wet fuck hole. I was fucking her like she was a WHORE, like I did Mom and I loved it. Her pussy hole was great. Caroline and Mom just about felt the same.

"JERRY! FASTER! DEEPER!" Caroline screamed, as her hips lunged into my hard cock, "GO! GO!" Her little eyes were squeezed shut, as I fucked her deep, and hard. Caroline's' big breasts swayed around as I used her inflamed pussy hole.

"OH GOD! I'M CUMMING!" I yelled, shooting my cum deep in her young body, "I'm cumming in my baby sister."

Caroline's' hips thrust into mine, making her pussy feel even tighter, "Oh Jerry! I'm cumming. I'm cumming," her pussy released around my stiff cock shaft, "I came on my handsome brother. Oh I'm so happy."


We hugged until I fell asleep. I didn't wake up for hours, when I did I made my way through the house. I wanted to find the two sexy ladies that I had fucked. At last I found them in the kitchen cooking.

They had dressed up for me. Both of them were wearing nice see-through summer blouses. Their sexy hips and asses were covered by very short mini skirts with stockings, and high-heels. I could also smell very sweet perfume'.

I walked to them, running my hand up each of their short skirts. Their warm asses wore very thin, sexy panties. The feel of their pussy's wearing the panties and the wetness between their legs made my cock begin to grow.

"You two look beautiful," I moaned, caressing their wet pussy's, "is all this for me?" I ask.

Both sexy ladies pushed unto my hands. Mom moaned, and replied, "Oh yes. We've been going crazy waiting for you to get up."

Both ladies moved their mouths to mine, and began kissing me. I had never had anything like this in my life. Two tongues in my mouth trying to eat me alive. It was the best feeling I had ever had. They looked like two bitches in heat.

After awhile, Mom sank to her knees in front of me. Her warm mouth took my cock deep, down her throat. She worked up and down my shaft, as Caroline kept working her tongue in my mouth.

I broke from my horny sister, and said, "You two are going to kill me," I reached down caressing my sweet Mother as she still sucked my hard cock, "you're wonderful, Mom."

Her sexy eyes looked up at me; she smiled with my cock meat still around her lips. It was so hot seeing her smile, as she sucked me off.

"Please stop. I want to get you two after I eat some of this great smelling food you two cooked," I lifted a cover off one of the pans, "this looks, and smells great."

Caroline smiled real big, and said, "Well, after all the good, long thing you gave us, we figured you'd like a good home cooked supper," her hand grabbed my cock from Moms' mouth, "and… because we need you to get you're strength back for later."

Mom had stood up, and replied, "Oh yes! We sure need you to… help us tonight." Her tongue slid back into my mouth, her eyes looking into mine as we kissed. My hand caressed her tender, warm ass, pushing her into my hard cock.

"Let's eat fast!" I moaned, "I need you two sexy ladies. This is the best time I've ever had in my life."

We sat down to eat. Each of the sexy ladies took turns feeding me. They used their fingers. Teasing me by letting me watch them lick, and suck their fingers, and pretending to suck my cock.

I stood up, saying, "Come on! I can't wait any longer. I need you two NOW!" I took the two sexy ladies by the hand, leading them to the living room, "I need a good sucking, who wants to do it?"

Caroline dropped to her knees, taking my hard cock in her mouth. She began sucking me hard, and fast. Her teeth biting my meat, it hurt badly, "OH SHIT!" I yelled pulling her off of me, "how many men have you ever sucked?" I ask, rubbing my hurting cock.

Caroline smiled real big, and replied, "You're my first."

"I love you to death, but Mom is going to show you how to suck, OK?" I said, caressing her soft hair in my fingers, "Mom. Show her how to do it."

"My pleasure!" Mom moaned, dropping to her knees, and taking my cock in her mouth, "Look baby, like this." Mom said to my sister. Mom's mouth worked up, and down my hard shaft, stopping only to show Caroline how to do something to me.

"Let her try again, then I need some hot pussy." My hot sister moved back to my cock. This time her mouth was like a silk glove, as she moved up and down my shaft. Mom's lessons had done wonders for Caroline's sucking. Within minutes, I was ready to blow my cum down my baby sisters throat, when I pulled from her mouth, "OK, I'm ready to fuck a pussy. Who's first?"

Mom lay on the sofa, spreading her legs wide, "I am. I need it bad. I'm on fire!" Mom said, rubbing her pussy. Her sexy eyes looked into mine, with a pleading look, "come and FUCK you're Mom!"

I moved to my Mother. I leaned my mouth to her burning pussy, licking her pussy from the bottom to top, making sure I teased her clit, "What do you want? A good licking, or a good, hard, fuck?" I ask her.

"I need you're cock in me. I'm on fire!" she lifted her hips, pulling down her wet panties. Exposing her wonderful swollen pussy for me to see, "PLEASE! Take me." Mom begged me.

I got on my knees, lining my hard cock to her dripping pussy hole, "Oh Mom, you're so beautiful!" I pushed deep in Mom's sexy pussy. Her tight muscles locked around me, "YES!" I moaned feeling her tighten around me. I pulled Caroline on the sofa next to our moaning mother, "Look at my cock in Mom. It's so hot."

Caroline's young eyes watched as I began fucking mom deep, and hard. She moved her little hand to my cock; "Can I hold you while you fuck her?"

I kissed her on the lips, and replied, "Oh yes! But, you have to rub mom's pussy if you play with my cock." I pushed deep into mom; Caroline's hand held me as it went in mom. Her tiny hand held me, and started to rub mom's hard clit, "Is it good? Playing with you're mom's pussy?"

"OH GOD, YES! CAN I LICK YOU, MOM, PLEASE!" Caroline begged mom. I pushed her face to mom's soaked pussy. She started licking, and sucking mom's pussy.

I looked at mom, she was going wild. Me fucking her hard, and deep. Caroline, licking, and sucking her hot pussy, "I can't believe how hot this is. I want to fuck you both," I pulled Caroline from mom's cunt, "suck mom's juices off my cock, then I'm fucking you, little girl."

I pushed her mouth to my juice covered cock. She sucked me deep in her mouth. Sucking, and licking all of mom's love fluids from my cock. Her mouth moved up, and down my shaft. Wonderful slurping sounds filled the silent room.

I pulled her off my cock, "Lay on mom, and spread you're legs," I helped Caroline get on mom. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen in my life. Two beautiful women on top of each other spread wide. Ready to be fucked by me, "OH YES!" I moaned, and sank my cock into Caroline's wet pussy.

Mom's hands held Caroline as I used her love hole. I reached, and placed mom's hands on Caroline's breasts, "Play with her big tits, mom. Help me fuck her." Mom's hands squeezed, and teased Caroline's big tits. Pinching, and twisting her swollen nipples.

I pulled from Caroline, and shoved my cock back into mom's wanting pussy, "You two feel so much alike, it's unreal!" I fucked her hard, and fast. These two hot women were driving me over the edge. I needed to cum; "I'm ready! Who wants my cum? HURRY!"

Mom spoke up, "Give it to her," mom moaned, "fill up her pussy." I pulled from mom, and rammed my cumming cock deep into Caroline's hot womb.

My cock was shooting like a hose into her young, tender womb, "OH GOD! I LOVE YOU TWO SO MUCH!" My hips thrust in, and out of her pussy like a jackhammer.

"I'm cumming. OH GOD, YES! YES!" Caroline screamed when her pussy started to orgasm around my cock pole, "OH JERRY! YES, FUCK ME!" She continued cumming on me. I fuck her as hard as I could, until she stopped cumming.

Poor mom lies under us with no relief, "Oh mom. You ready? I'm still hard for you, too." I pulled from my sisters drenched cunt, and sank it into my mother's burning pussy hole, "OH! YOU ARE SO, SO HOT! I LOVE YOU'RE PUSSY. SQUEEZE IT! PLEASE!" I begged her to lock her wonderful, tight pussy around my cock.

I rolled Caroline off mom; I needed to give her a good hard fuck. When she lay there squeezing my cock with her great pussy muscles, and looking so sexy, I just had to return the wonderful favour, "Oh mom. I love you," And my cock started spitting it's hot cum deep into her cunt tunnel, "Oh mom. Oh GOD, YES!" My tired hips moved back, and forth, driving my cumming cock in, and out of mom.

"OH BABY!" Mom screamed, when her cunt started to orgasm around my cock. Her legs wrapped around me, thrusting my cock pole to her deepest depths, "OH MY GOD, YES! YES!" She continued screaming.


Later that night we all three lay together in mom's bed, "How would you beautiful ladies like to move in with me? There' a good college a few miles from my house, for Caroline. And mom, you could start your own business if you wanted too."

"What? You're kidding," Mom jumped into my arms, "I've always wanted to have my own accounting office." She hugged me as tight as she could.

Caroline had a happy look on her face, too. "It would be great living with you. Will we still do things like we just did?" She had a desperate look in her eyes.

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