tagIncest/TabooMom and Dad: Under The Covers Ch. 02

Mom and Dad: Under The Covers Ch. 02


There is no need to read 'Mom and Dad: Under the Covers Ch 01' since everything relevant is explained at the start of this story.

I do recommend reading the first chapter of this story, if you have not already, as it will give you a better understanding of what's going on. This story has a multi-person narrative which switches from the Son to the Dad at various points in the story. Feedback is always appreciated, thanks for reading and enjoy!


Kim-Soo Cicero is Gail Kim


Hey there, I'm Tony Cicero, and to say that my situation was complicated would be a massive understatement. I was on my way to the electronics store to buy a camcorder so I could tape my Asian wife naked, and then later send over the footage to our son (actually he's my step-son, but I call him son and he calls me dad), I did say it was complicated.

It all started when I fucked his mom in a hotel room, a room he happened to be in, as he was in a bed right next to ours. So after watching his mom get freaky with me, he sorta got a complex over her. After a while, my son called me, he was pretending to be my "Cousin Sal." He wanted details on his mother, he was asking me how good a fuck she was, and I told him she was great.

I then started to send candid cellphone photos of his mom to him, but my reasons for doing that were not just for him -- I was getting off huge on sending my son pictures of his hot mom, and not only sending pictures, I would send messages along with the pictures. In those messages I told him how great his mom was in bed.

I was ready for the next stage in this plan of mine, I was gonna send my son actual footage of his hot mom doing various things, like being naked and fucking me. I was looking for the smallest and least noisy camera they had. The idea was risky, but the rush I was getting from doing all this was too much for me to give up on. I wanted to get in-and-out the store early; I didn't want too many questions. I picked a camera and went up to the counter to pay.

The guy at the store looked at it and asked, "You wanna tape your family outings eh?" The employee was wearing a red baseball cap and a matching t-shirt; I guess that was their uniform.

I was fidgety and sweaty, "Yeah, sure," I mumbled, "me, my wife and our son."

"Sure thing," he said with a smile.

"Oh, umm, before you ring that up, I wanna ask you a few things. Is the camera compact enough to fit into a small space? And while we at it, is this thing loud?" I had just shot myself in the foot; I can tell that employee knew that camera was gonna be used for more than just your normal holidays.

He looked at me with a confused look and remarked, "So...what do you want to use this camera for?"

"Umm, I--"

"Because this camera won't do the job!" he put away the camera I was gonna buy and got out a smaller, more compact version. "This recorder here is much more compact, it's about the size of your hand! And it can fit in small spaces, and never be found."

"That's umm great," I really hoped that guy was not catching on to what I was planning.

He pointed at it and explained to me what it was about. "This is what's known as a webcam; I can hook this up to the internet and allow someone to watch what this camera is recording, live! It's called streaming video and I can install it for you."

"Great!" I said with a bit too much glee in my voice, "how much more is it?"

"Same price as the camera you were about to buy."

"Even better!"

"Superb! I'll pack this up for ya; I'll even install it myself."


It had been a week since I received that picture of my mom in her rainbow-coloured panties -- that one picture kept me up all night. After getting that, my dad would just send pics of my mom in her tight jeans, that kind stuff. He would always take the pictures when she was looking the other way.

Dad didn't want to take pictures of her in the bedroom as it was risky, he obviously didn't want to get caught. While lounging around in the dorm, thinking about what my dad would do next, I got this message:

"yo sal, im going hi-tech. getting a webcam so i tape the hot asian wify. will let you watch"

I was really pumped to see what would happen next. Three days later, I got a URL to a website; I typed it in and found a streaming-video website which was streaming live from my house!

The website was designed in such a way that only I could view it. The webcam was in the bathroom, I could clearly see the shower. I got another message saying:

"come watch at around 6ish and see sexy asian wify get soapy!!!"

I cancelled all my plans and sat at my computer. I waited anxiously to watch my mother in the shower.

The webcam my dad got was really good; it had sound and HD quality. I could hear my mom's footsteps as she got ready to enter the shower.

She was wearing a white tank-top and blue jeans; she also had a white towel with her. As soon as I saw her; I immediately felt a huge inferno go off in my chest. I could not wait to see her naked. Hey, it's not my fault my mom was a sexy 5'4, bronzed, toned Korean hottie, so I can't be blamed for peeking, right?

She took her time, first thing she did was check herself out in the mirror. She was trying her hair out in different styles, first tying it into a ponytail and then letting it be all-natural. I felt like such a voyeur, it was an awesome feeling.

She took her white tank-top off, then immediately took her bra off. My mind was spinning in excitement as she stood there -- totally topless in jeans. She admired herself in the mirror and whispered to herself, "Hmm good look."

Fuck yeah it was a good look. Her tits were deliciously perky for her age; I'd never seen them up-close like that before -- they looked terrific. My mom parading around in just her jeans made me cum huge -- all before she went into the shower. As I looked around for tissues, my mom started to unbuckle her jeans.

She slid them down her legs to reveal some very sexy blue-panties; the camera had such great detail that I could see the fine lacy finish of her lingerie. She quickly slipped of her panties to expose her sexy, firm ass.

I made the camera zoom into her vaginal area, I wanted to answer the question my friends always asked: is she shaved or natural. I looked close and found out that my mom was very-nicely waxed down there -- thank you HD.

She walked up to the shower, checked the water temperature and went in. I can remember the patter of the water as it poured down on my mom; I was in absolute heaven as I watched her in the shower. Her sexy golden brown skin getting soaked wet, her luxurious black hair hair getting all crumpled together in the water -- all of it made me explode in pleasure.

As she lathered her body in soap, I thought about how great it would be to rub her whole hot body with the same soapy liquid. I remembered as she soaped herself up, that she was my mother -- well I knew before whom she was, but it really hit me then.

That sudden realisation didn't bother me at all; in fact it made me hornier. As she showered, I reminded myself over and over that she was my mom, which really got me going.

She finished up by using the showerhead over her whole body. I really hoped she would've put the showerhead on her pussy and pleasured herself, but that would have been too perfect.

She got out the shower, and went to go grab her towel. As she walked near the camera I could see the water dripping off her erect nipples.

I got one final surprise that day. Mom wrapped the towel over her body, bent over near the camera, and gave me a great view of her trim pussy.

After she left the bathroom, I leaned back in my chair, exhausted. I made sure to send my dad a thank you message. I had recorded the whole shower scene, and for the reminder of that day, watched it over and over and over again.


I was glad with how that whole shower-deal went, and after all the messages saying thanks I got from 'Cousin Sal', I'm sure he liked it too. A couple days later, my next great plan came to mind; I was gonna fuck my wife and let my son watch it --live!

Unlike the time in the hotel, I was gonna do her in the daytime. I was also gonna let my son see his mom's entire gorgeous bod, and make sure my body didn't appear on camera too much -- he didn't need to see that.

I planned out the perfect midday fuck. I put the camera opposite the bed and texted my son, telling him to watch.

It was around four in the afternoon, I was in my bedroom. You would think that with the son gone, me and the wife would be having more fun -- not the case. So I get to the bed, strip off, get under the sheets and call my wife over.

"Hey, honey," I shouted from the bed, "Come to the bedroom."

She walks over and sees me on the bed, naked under my sheets. (I was under my sheets cause I knew Son was watching -- I didn't wanna expose my package to him.)

"What're you doing?" she asked.

"Well honey, I was thinking, when have we ever fucked in the afternoon? Son's gone, just me and you here, eh why not?"

"No," she said with no consideration for my feelings.

"Oh come on baby, I'm horny, I can make you horny. Come on, let's do it."

"I don't want to; I'm not in the mood." She was one tough nut to crack, but I had my ways.

"Oh come on."


"Please baby?"

"I said already that I don't want to."

"Come on baby."


"Please honey, just this one time."

"...Fine. But this won't last long."

She started striping off immediately. She took her tank-top off, her jeans off, quickly tossed her bra to the ground and was in her panties by the time she got to the bed. My son must have loved all that.

She took her panties off, and with no wasted motion, started to ride my cock. She was slamming her pussy in hard, trying to make me cum early. I had taken lessons, she was not gonna make me cum early; I wanted to put on a good show for Son.

I grabbed her breasts as she drove herself into my cock. I felt up her sexy tits and rubbed my hands all over her gorgeous tan skin. I tried to pull her in for a kiss, but she pulled back.

I wanted to talk dirty, and make the dirty talk appeal to my son. One of the things I knew appealed to him was the interracial aspect of the marriage, I made sure to put that over as she fucked me.

I held her hips in my hands as she bounced on my cock and muttered, "That's right, you slutty Asian bitch, you, you, hot Asian slutty bitch."

My son was not gonna stand for half-rate dirty talk; I knew I had to ramp up the details, I needed to make it clear that it was me, a white (well, kinda white) man, having sex with an Asian woman.

"Yeah, fuck me you Asian woman. Fucking Asian sexy woman, fucking me, a non-Asian person, and your Korean, that's what kinda Asian you are, yeah. Yes please give me all your Korean loveliness. I plan to kiss you on the lips, your Korean lips that is...ohh some people won't approve, this is so sexy, Asian bitch."

My wife looked at me strangely, "Why are you mentioning that I'm 'Asian' so much?"

I had put too much effort into the whole Asian fetish thing; I decided to tone it down.I slapped her ass as she rode me, making sure to toss the word, "Asian," into anything I said.

After five minutes of riding me, my wife got restless.

"Are we done yet?" she asked.

"No, please just a lil more, please Asian wife, give me some more Asian goodness."

She sighed loudly, "I'm finishing," she then rocked her pelvis really quickly, and made me cum huge --she knew exactly what to do with me.

She got up and was walking out the room before I said, "Wait."

She turned around, with her hands on her hips, "Fuck, what, what now?"

The angle she was standing at was perfect; her ass was positioned directly in front of the camera. Son was gonna love that.


Mom's butt was right in front of the camera, it was the perfect angle. I could make out every cute little detail of her ass. The dimples, the wonderful tan complexion, the perfectly-formed cheeks -- I was in heaven!

"Umm Honey, could you, umm, just, umm. You like this weather?" Dad was trying to stall Mom. He didn't want her to move from where she was standing.

"What's wrong with you," she asked.

Dad had to think quickly, his behaviour was anything but normal.

"You know honey; I think I took my sleeping pills early."

"Again?" she asked, "Did you mix them up with the other ones?"

Dad nodded.

"Since you cummed," noted Mom, "I guess you can sleep." Mom then walked out the room.

Dad breathed a huge sigh of relief, "That was a close one," he muttered to the camera.

It was a close-call, but it was still awesome. Watching my mom ride my dad was so hot! Seeing her hair bounce up-and-down, and seeing her ass and tits fondled with was such a massive turn-on. I made sure to send a message to Dad, saying thanks.


The whole taping-the-wife-and-letting-son-watch stuff was getting too risky for me, so I decided to cool off on it for a week. Now don't get me wrong here, I thought it was all pretty hot stuff, but I didn't want my wife to catch me. Son was sending texts, as Cousin Sal, asking for some more stuff -- I was kinda ignoring him.

So there I am, on my recliner, watching the game, when all of a sudden, my wife comes in holding my phone.

"What the fuck is this? Look at this message!"

The message said, "cuz, me needs to see moar of that asian bitch lololol."

My wife was pissed, I was pissed at myself for not deleting the message, but more was to come.

"I looked over all your messages, and they all from your cousin, and he's talking about me! He's seen me have sex! He saw me shower! You sent him pictures! Tony, what the fuck is going on!?"

I was an idiot, I kept all the messages. Yes I know -- I'm beyond being called an idiot. This was a bad time for me, it's tough to remember.

"That's not all, is it Tony? Your cousin left messages saying how much he loved the angles. And look!" She reached into her pocket, and tossed my hidden camera onto the table, "Can you even try to explain yourself?"

"Honey, please listen, it's not what you think, I can explain. Remember that time we all went to the hotel? And me and you had sex, well our son was awake and he heard us. Then he phoned me pretending to be Cousin Sal, he talked about how hot you are. Then he, he texted me asking for pictures of you, and I sent them. He's in college, I didn't want to distract him, and then he asked for me to send videos, he said he would drop out if I didn't, I did that too, I had to. Please understand."

How could I be so stupid? I should have said it was my cousin, the truth was far worse than the actual lie. She was so stunned, she didn't even react; she was letting it all sink in. I jolted out the room, went to my bedroom as fast as I could, packed, and left the house.


My dad phoned me, and told me that he and Mom were gonna live apart for a while. Dad didn't give a reason; he just said they needed time apart, but I knew the real reason, it was very obvious. Dad didn't bring up anything involving the pictures and videos; I didn't either. Dad was calling from a pay-phone because he left his cellphone back at the house.

I felt awful about splitting my parents up; it really was my entire fault. I should've not pushed Dad into doing all that stuff, though he did go along with it. I tried not to think about it, I had college work to do.

Two days after Dad left the house, I unexpectedly got a text message from his cellphone:

"Hey Sal, Go to that website now."

I logged-on to the website my dad had set up, it had changed dramatically. Before, only I was allowed access to the website, when I logged-in that day, I found out that it was open to the public. There was a chatroom application on the right side of the website; it had three guys there talking about the newly-opened website;

"RedBangor: i watched the preview videos of her showering and fucking. so this website is that hot asian woman, like performing things live?"

"Dennis_mothertrucker: seems that way"

"Dennis_mothertrucker: hope shes hot like my mom"

"Justlookingforlove32: i love her, I wanna marry her, i wanna be her one and only, i must!"

"Justlookingforlove32: i think shes single, il accept her son, i wanna be with her, forever"

"Dennis_mothertrucker: HOLY SHIT she has a son!"

After a few minutes, the video screen loaded-up, and I saw my mom walking down the stairs; she had her blue robe on. The webcam was located in the living room. She walked around the house, seemingly unaware of the camera. She was out of the camera's range when -- out of nowhere -- some music started to play. It was some sort of Jamaican Dance Hall music or something like that.

She walked into the camera's range, and started shaking her booty into the camera! She had on super-tiny black shorts and a matching black tank-top. She was bouncing her ass up-and-down into the camera; I was totally shocked, but also loving it at the same time! The guys in the chatroom were going wild:

"RedBangor: oh fuck shes shaking her ass to the camera! Holy fuckz"

"RedBangor: what a way to say hello, holy fuck!! I wanna fuck that ass"

"Dennis_mothertrucker: oh wow, look at her ass, she is so hot! wow, check her out"

"Dennis_mothertrucker: I gotta text my mom about this"

"Justlookingforlove32: I will PAY for this, i fucking will"

"Justlookingforlove32: I got my credit card. where do I sign up?"

"Justlookingforlove32: I LOVE YOU!""

I could see the sweat dripping down her body, the outline of her ass in those shorts; it all made me cum in a flash.

As the music was fading out, she stopped, looked into the camera and said breathlessly, "Son, you think you got away with what you did? No, no, no, you're in so much trouble mister. Let me let you in on something: I am not a fetish for you and your dad, you hear me? I'm not just a fucking 'Asian' fucktoy! From now on, I'm in charge!"

End -- look out for Ch.03 -- It's Mom's time to shine.

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