Mom and Her Two Sons


It was a bit awkward at first, but maybe that was just me. We seemed to fall into a good space fairly smoothly. After all, they had been planning this and I was just getting used to the idea. I sat between them on the couch and rubbed their thighs with one hand each. Brad rubbed my shoulder and Jacob leaned in to nuzzle my neck.

Brad kind of positioned himself lengthwise on the couch and coaxed me into being right by his crotch. I scooted back and laid back on top of him, my ass against the hard bulge in his pants. Jacob climbed on top of me and rested his clothed erection against my crotch, not putting his full weight on us. He had his face buried against my breasts. My mind was racing with excitement, being sandwiched by my sons.

"We want to have you on your bed, Mom," Jacob said. "Let's go upstairs and continue this."

"Yes, boys. It will be better for us on the bed," I agreed. "Let's go. Are you two going to be able to walk upstairs okay? Those pants are awfully tight and constricting. Let me make you more comfortable first," I said. "Stand up, both of you."

They both stood up and I knelt down in front of them. I unzipped them one at a time, first Jacob and then Brad. I tugged at Brad's pants legs and brought his pants down to the floor. Jacob slid his own pants and underwear off at the same time and stepped out of them. I slid Brad's boxers down and they were both naked from the waist down and hard for me in my living room. I admired the view and stood up. I put both my hands out, indicating that they each should take one and led them up the stairs.

In my room they both took off their shirts and closed in on me. They started groping at me, feeling me all over through my dress. Their hard dicks brushing against my legs, I wanted them all over me.

"Unzip me," I panted. Jacob unzipped my dress and as he did I pulled Brad to me and kissed him. Behind me, Jacob reached into my unzipped dress and cupped my ass in his hands. My pussy quivered from feeling his fingers to close on my body. I moaned into Brads mouth. Jacob slid my dress to the floor and spanked my ass over my panties. That made me shriek in delighted surprise and I kissed Brad harder. Jacob undid my bra for me and pulled my panties down. I broke my kiss with Brad and freed myself from my loosened underwear.

I realized it was the first time I had ever been naked for either of them. "Like what you see, boys?"

"Yes, Mom," said Jacob.

"God, you're so sexy. We always wanted to see all of your body," added Brad.

"Mmm, well here I am. What ever will yo do with me?" I teased.

Each boy started sucking on a tit and the sensation of two separate mouths on my nipples was amazing. I started fingering my pussy which was wet with desire already. I had never been with two men at once and I was loving the feeling of them running their hands all over me as my tits were in their mouths. I reached down and found their cocks and played with them a little to rev them up even more.

Jacob moved his mouth down my body, making me so hot, kissing my stomach and my waist, going lower. He pushed me back on the bed and I sat down so I was on the edge of it. He went on his knees and between my spread legs. I moaned as his firm tongue began to probe and lick my pussy lips. I laid down flat on my back and let him go to town with his mouth. The feelings pulsed through me in broadening waves. I cried out for more.

Brad climbed on top of me and mounted my tits as I was arching my back and writhing in ecstasy. His body on my chest weighing me down changed the flow of my pleasure and it concentrated further down and deeper inside my pussy. My neck strained back as I came against Jacob's surging tongue. He kept lapping at my clit as I barrelled into another hard orgasm that made me scream. I felt Brad spit softly between my tits and place his cock there, pressing my breasts around his cock with his hands. I was cumming again as he started to thrust his hard cock through my cleavage.

Jacob climbed onto the bed and kissed me as Brad kept pumping my tits. I held them against his cock as I turned my head to meed Jacob's kiss. I tasted myself on his mouth and his tongue. The taste of sex made me moan breathily as Jacob made out with me. I turned my head toward Brad as he pumped his dick into my tits. His pace quickened and he exploded a jet of semen that hit me under the chin.

"Oh Mom, mmm mmm mmm," he panted and expelled more shots of cum onto me. Jacob came back from the closet with some towels and I wiped Brad's big load off of me.

"I hope you have more than that, dear."

"Don't worry mom, plenty more, plenty more."

I tossed the wet towel aside and Jacob was on top of me. He batted his cock around the edges of my pussy. "I'm rock hard Mom, and so fucking horny. I'm gonna cum pretty short at first, too."

"Good, honey. You do that, you fuck your mother and cum just as fast as you want." I pulled him close to me and guided his cock into me with me hand. He exhaled slowly as he entered me. "You made me cum so good baby, you were amazing. I love you."

"I love you to, Mom," he said as he started moving his hips and fucking me.

"I love you too, Brad, dear."

"I know Mom, I love you too," Brad said as he sat resting in a chair and watching his older brother fuck their mother.

Jacob's cock felt like heaven inside my cunt. "Oh my god, it's so fucking good. Mmmm, I love both of you boys so much."

He pumped me firmly with his dick and kissed me as we fucked. He was straining and breathing so hard. "Oh Mommy, you feel so good. You're the best fuck I've ever had." He nestled his head beside my neck and my shoulder and humped me for all he was worth. I caressed his bare back, soothing him and reveling in each thrust deep into me. His pace became erratic and I knew he was about to cum and was trying hard to keep going.

His ear was right next to my mouth and I cooed in a whisper, "cum in me, baby, cum for mommy."

"Oh, god mmmm," he exclaimed and his hips froze in place as he injected my pussy with his hot semen in spurt after glorious spurt, his head driven hard into the bed and against my neck. He yelled out "mommmmmmmyyyyyyyyy" in strained cries that were muffled by the bed as he came. I kept swirling my hands on his back trying to make him feel like I was right there with him. He finished cumming and collapsed onto me, out of breath. He dotted my neck and face with soft kisses as I stroked his spent body.

"Wow..." said Brad. He handed me a towel and I let Jacob's thick cum ooze out onto it. It pulsed out of me in slow streaks. I felt all warm inside from being fucked go good.

"Honey, you were wonderful," I told him.

"I really got lost there. I think I had that inside of me for a long time," said Jacob. He rested his head on my pillow. "I pictured us fucking time and time again, but damn. I don't know if I'll be able to go again. That one took a lot out of me."

"I can go again," Brad piped up.

"It's ok, baby. You both have already given me a wonderful time. If this is it then I am totally satisfied."

Brad again, "I can do it more."

I turned to him. "Well, good, dear. You still need to feel my pussy, you know. That's the one thing you both must do."

"Want a smoothie, sweetie," I asked Jacob. "Maybe that will help you recover your stamina."

He grinned at the reference to the day I first gave him a blowjob. "No thanks. I guess I'll be alright in a little bit."

I went to the bathroom and a few minutes later I came back into the bedroom. Brad was sitting on the bed and he was hard again. I went to him, eager to pleasure him as well as I had his brother. My pussy hungered for his cock and I told him so with a look. He got the message and got up on his knees, gently fondling his hard penis. I joined him on the bed. "Ready for me, are you?"


"Excellent." I squeezed his cock and kissed him, using my tongue on his tongue like I did so many times on his dick. I lied down on my back, my head toward the foot of the bed. "Put it in me, Brad honey. It's time for mommy's pussy."

He shuffled closer to me on his knees into position. He used his hand on his cock to find the perfect entry point and slid himself all the way in. My cunt matched his movement, taking him into me as much as he was giving. We both groaned at the same time from the slow building pleasure.

"Faster, baby," I pleaded. I needed him to go faster in me and he obliged, quickening his pace as he locked onto my eyes. It gave me a rush of sensation and I grabbed his ass and followed his movement with my arms. "Do me, honey, fuck me harder."

"MmmHuuh MmmHuuh," he breathed as he fucked me. It felt so good inside my cunt with him slamming me now, really fucking me good.

His momentum slowed and he stopped. He pulled out of me. For a second, my heart sank when he was no longer in me.

"Turn over, Mom. Let me fuck you from behind."

"Yes, dear. Oh good, fuck me hard and deep." I turned around so my ass was facing him and got on my hands and knees. I waited for that boy's cock to plunge into me again. Finally I felt him come up behind me and then he was mounting me sticking it into me.

"Oh my god, fuck yes." My insides did a somersault and I pressed back against his cock. He pounded me with deep wrenching thrusts that made me shake. "Keep fucking me, I'm gonna cum on your cock."

"Fucking cum for me Mom, cum all over my dick as I fuck you."

He rammed me harder. By now, Jacob was playing with himself and his cock was stiffening. I was about to cum myself and I focused on that. On Brad's cock tunneling inside me as my cunt tightened around it. "Jesus, baby, I'm cumming for you now. Don't you fucking stop fucking me."

"I won't."

"YESSSSSS FUCK YESSSSS MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM I'M CUMMMMMINGGGGGG." My pussy exploded around Brad's cock and it took by breath away. "So FUCKING Good, baby. Oh thank you."

I relaxed as I finished orgasming and Brad slowed his pace. I looked over at Jacob sitting over in the chair and holding his hard dick. "Jake, baby? Go over to the dresser and look in the top drawer. There's some lube in there that I want you to use on your cock."

He got up and rooted around in the dresser drawer until he found the lube. He started slathering it all over his cock. "Brad, honey, take your dick out of me for a minute and rest. Lie down on your back."

"Get up here on the bed with that lubed up cock, Jake," I told him. He did, his cock so lubed up it was dripping and that's what I wanted.

Brad's cock was wet and red from my pussy. I scooted over to him and fondled his balls a little bit. He twitched under my gentle fingers. I climbed on top of him and planted myself back onto his big cock. I pressed my body to his and kissed him. I shot my tongue into his mouth as he started moving his cock in me again.

"Okay, Jake. Get over here and fuck my ass. I want both my sexy sons to fuck me at the same time. I want both your cocks in me at once. Put it in my ass, Jake, and both of you fuck me."

He positioned himself behind me and I felt the tip of his dick pushing against the opening of my ass. "Go, on. Push it in slowly. Very slowly, but go in all the way."

"Oh my god, it's so tight, Mom," he said as he slid into my back hole.

Both my sons were in me all the way and I gasped. I felt so totally filled in and full of cock. I had been fucked anally by my husband before, but never before had I been stuffed with two dicks at once. "Fuck me now boys, Fuck my pussy Brad sweetie, fuck me and cum. Start gent;y pumping my ass Jacob, I want you to cum in me too. Fill me with all your cum, boys. Fuck your mother."

I was pinned with their rods in me. Stuffed and mounted. They seemed somewhat in shock by this new development, but finally they started to fuck me again. Below me, Brad started with a nice slow rhythm, building speed into a hot medium fuck. Jacob went slower in my ass like he was savoring every subtle motion and sensation.

"Mom, I can't believe how good this feels," Jacob called out to me from behind. His slippy cock worked nice and slow up my ass and Brad kept fucking me from below. I was sandwiched between my sons and they were pistoning in and out of me, making me tremble with excitement. I desperately wanted them to cum in me at the same time.

"God, Mom, your pussy's gonna make me cum in a minute," Brad said.

"Mmm, Mmm. Hurry, Jacob. Go faster, cum for me in my ass. Hold on longer Brad, let Jake catch up."

"I'm almost there Mom," Brad cried. "I can't hold it back much more."

"Please try. Hurry Jake, fuck me faster. Get there, baby. Fill my ass."

"I'm trying Mom. I'm getting there as fast as I can."

"Pound my ass, baby. Shoot your cum for me."

Jacob fucked me harder in my ass than I ever had been. I could feel my ass shake as he slammed it home, but I could tell by Brad's face that he was just about at the end of the line. I was begging in my head for Jacob to be ready to explode inside my ass.

"Oh Mommy, I'm ready. I'm about to cum," Jacob groaned.

"Yes my boys, cum for Mommy. Fill my pussy and ass with your semen until your balls are drained. Let it out, fill me," I exclaimed in a rush of glee.

They both moaned loud at the same time and I felt them both push deep into me and freeze as their cocks spasmed and shot their loads out into my holes. I felt their streams filling me as my ears were filled with their heavy panting, clipped groans and their mumbled affections. It all ran together in my head as my brain throbbed with the thrill of my double teaming sons spraying my insides with their seeds. ""

Jacob spasmed once more and pumped me one last time before withdrawing from my ass. He flopped over on the bed. I kissed Brad again who was too spent to react and I eased myself off of his expended dick.

As I laid there on the bed I could still feel them inside me. The three of us just stayed there in relaxation for several minutes before we got up and got ourselves together.

It was a wonderful time for all of us, but I have stayed true to what I told them at the start of the day. None of us have ever engaged in any sex with each other since that day and we never will again. I'll always cherish the memories of my Mommy blowjobs and the time my sons fucked me silly, but that is a completed chapter in our lives now. Sometimes one of us will catch another with a knowing look, but even those will become more and more rare over time. For all three of us it is a segment of our lives locked away, but perhaps occasionally dreamed back on fondly late at night.

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