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Mom and I


My mom has been divorced for over 15 years now and despite our close relationship is really lonely. Although she has friends over and is involved in several social outlets, whenever I call or visit she always tries to keep me there longer and says how much she loves my company. We are constantly teasing and laughing with each other and truthfully, I enjoy our time together as much as she does.

I grew up in a really conservative and religious home. We went to church every Sunday and never talked about sex, drinking or any of the other "no-no's" that the preacher wouldn't approve of. It was a stifling environment that led to curiosity and fascination with everything considered taboo. This all seemed to change after her second divorce as she seems to be much more open as she gets older. She now talks openly about how much she misses sex and how afraid she is to get into another bad relationship. Both my dad and stepdad were class A jerks who thought the world revolved around them. As our conversations grew more and more open, I had noticed she has been touching me a lot more and commenting on my physique and what a great guy I grew up to be.

At 63, her hair had silvered and her body had the normal sag of someone her age. While a few pounds over ideal, she is more plump than fat as she carries her weight well mostly in her breasts and hips. Her smile could light up a room and her laugh is infectious. She is a beautiful senior woman who gets plenty of looks and comments from the widower set.

I am 35 now and honestly have had fantasies about her since I was 12 or 13. Growing up I would have been happy to help her in the intimacy department if the opportunity had ever arisen or presented itself. But not knowing how to broach the subject and I certainly didn't want to mess up the relationship we have.

I went over to my mom's on Friday afternoon to help her around the house. She had some deferred maintenance things that have been piling up. As I worked on the list, she kept telling me how much she appreciated all I do for her and how much she enjoyed my company. She found a reason to continue to follow me around while I was fixing things. I told her that it was all no problem and it was my pleasure to not only help, but to spend the afternoon with her. Which seemed to delight her as she blushed slightly and smiled broadly.

As we were talking, I asked her about a new fondue restaurant that opened in her downtown area and if she had gone to try it. She replied that it was way too expensive and she didn't have anyone to go with or who was interested in taking her. I told her that I found that very hard to believe and I would love to take her. I asked if she was available Sunday night to go out for an early dinner then come back to watch the Oscars back at her house afterwards (she loves that kind of thing). She was thrilled with the idea and said she was looking forward to it more than anything in a long while.

We finished up and she invited me to stay for dinner and a dip in her Jacuzzi. I told her I would love to and the Jacuzzi sounded great. However, I didn't bring a suit to go in and I'd have to take a raincheck on the spa but would take her up on dinner. She just smiled and said, you could just go in your skivvies. I smirked and said that I had given up wearing underwear a while back but I appreciated the offer but would still have to decline. She laughed at me and made a comment about my tighty-whiteys I wore as a child.

I made drinks while she cooked and I sat on the counter while we laughed and told each other stories as she cooked. I was watching her in the kitchen, smile across her face and her body dancing around as she moved with such grace and ease. Her body definitely shows her age and fills out a bit more around her butt and thighs than it used to, but she looked so enticing to me in the process. She looked so happy to have me there and to be in her kitchen bringing joy and happiness to the evening.

After a few drinks while dinner was getting ready, and a few more during dinner, we cleaned up the dishes. As we were finishing up she said she was going to get her sit on and invited me to reconsider the jacuzzi even if it meant me going in au-naturel. She said that the bubbles would keep things modest and she promised she wouldn't look, and even if she did, she wouldn't see anything she hadn't seen before.

My muscles were a little sore and the offer sounded tempting. She could see me thinking and she told me to go jump in the Jacuzzi while she changed into her suit. After watching her walk down the hall I decided to take her up on the offer. I walked out to the back yard, stripped down and lowered my naked body into the sea of bubbles and waited for her arrival.

She came down a few minutes later in her standard old black one piece that looked, for lack of better description, very "motherly." As she slipped in she said how good the bubbles felt and how much she enjoyed me keeping her company. I thanked her for a great dinner and told her I enjoyed being with her as much as she enjoyed being with me.

As we talked and looked up at the stars, the conversation turned back to her comment about how I didn't have anything she hadn't seen before. She just blushed and told me that she had seen me several times as I grew up and had nothing to be ashamed of. When I pressed her as to when, she relayed a few times where she had caught me coming out of the shower or peeked into my room as I was sleeping and even one time when I had a girlfriend over she had come back early and "didn't want to interrupt".

I was slightly embarrassed at that revelation but then got really intrigued. The conversation shifted to her sore shoulders and I offered to rub them for her if she wanted. She turned around and scooted back toward me as I started rubbing her shoulders. Her head started bobbing, she started purring and I got a great view of her amazing, soft cleavage down the front of her suit. As I rubbed, her left shoulder strap fell down and her nipples were clearly visible and erect through the worn material of her suit. It was so erotic watching her eyes clothed, sweat dripping down her neck her ample, freckled breast partially uncovered, her breath deep and her nipples on proud display.

Instantly, I was hard as I thought of seeing more of her. As I rubbed her back, she kept moving back ever so slightly until she bumped slightly back into my hard member. She just remained there and I swear she wiggled just a bit as my hardness lay against her butt crack separated only by her thin suit. After a few minutes she abruptly moved away, wiped her face and said she was getting a little warm and was going to get out. I watched her climb out and dry off and go inside. I waited a minute then got out, dried off and kissed her goodbye and told her I was looking forward to Sunday. She smiled and said she was too.

On Sunday, I went biking and called my mom to see if I could come over a little early to finish one of the projects from Friday. She told me she had just gotten back from church and would be happy to have me come over a bit early and have me for the day. I showed up 20 minutes later gave her a quick kiss hello and got to work.

Two hours later, I was covered in sweat and grime and was in a desperate need of a shower. I asked her if it was ok and she said no problem. I jumped in the shower and felt the warm water melt the tension in my shoulders. After about 20 minutes, she knocked and quickly opened the door and stuck her head in to ask me if it was ok if she used the restroom since she really had to go (she has a two bedroom one bath beach cottage). The shower curtain is clear and hides very little. I told her no problem and she came in, pulled her shorts down and I could hear the sound of her going pee.

I have always thought the sound of a woman peeing is exciting, couple that with it being my mom and her sitting next to me while I was naked in the shower with a thin curtain separating us, it was instant hard on for me. I was trying to act like I was disinterested and looking the other way to give her some sense of privacy, but when I glanced over, my eyes went straight to her crotch and then as my eyes met hers. She just smiled, wiped and stood up, pulled up her shorts and said "finish up. We got a date tonight," And bounded out of the room.

I finished up and slipped on a pair of shorts and headed out to the kitchen to make a drink while she was getting ready for tonight.

She asked for me to make her a drink as she announced she was going to jump in the shower and get ready and to give her an hour or so. When I had made her drink, I was going to take it to her and noticed the water running and the door slightly ajar. I took the opportunity to return the quick knock and poked my head in to ask her where she wanted me to put her drink. She was facing away, but I got the full visual of her back, legs and butt as she turned her head over her shoulder, gave me a wink and told me to just set it on the counter. As I started to shut the door, I noticed a pair of her panties sitting on top of her dirty clothes with a pronounced stain on the gusset lying on top of her dirty clothes on the counter.

We went to dinner and had a great 3 hour meal at the upscale fondue restaurant. She looked great and had gotten all dressed up and put makeup on. We sat and talked about everything under the sun. After dinner, we came home to watch the Oscars. As we walked in, she asked me to make drinks while she got her comfy clothes on. We sat down on the couch and turned on the Oscars and she sat next to me and thanked me again for dinner. As the show started she commented on all the pretty dresses, the pretty people and how much she loved all the glitter. I told her that I thought she was just as attractive as any of the actresses. She hit me, called me a liar and asked me why I would say that. I told her that she was real, her smile could melt the coldest iceberg and her backside was something to behold. She laughed and said "oh you liked that did you?"

I replied that I certainly did and it had been some time since I had seen her skin like that. She looked at me with a puzzled look and said, "When else have you seen my skin?" I blushed a little and told her I would try and peek at her all the time growing up and even stole her panties from time to time. She said "I don't ever remember my panties missing" I told her I didn't steal them for long and only took the old ones in the hamper. She said "You didn't!

"I did"

"Why would you want the dirty ones?"

"Because they smelled like you."

She blushed and quickly changed the subject back on the show. A while later she asked me "Do you really think my body looks good? I think it's old and saggy"

"It's not that saggy and I think you fill it out in all the right places. In fact, I think you are as sexy as these actresses"

She said thank you and cuddled up next to me as we watched the rest of the show.

After it was over, she asked if I wanted to go back into the Jacuzzi. I again answered I would have to go au natural but was game if she wanted to. She told me to jump in and she would go get changed. I jumped in and waited for her. She emerged a few minutes later in a bikini that I was sure she had not worn in a long, long time. The fabric was stretched out and it was a size or two to small or her. Her breasts looked magnificent as the two little triangles tried to constrain her enormous boobs and her bottoms let her belly sag ever so slightly over the top and I could see wisps of her hair poking out from the legs.

I smiled and told her she looked gorgeous! She slipped in a little embarrassed and said I think I am going to have to shave down there if I am going to wear this suit again. I smiled and told her shaving down there was fun and made everything feel so smooth and sexy. I then told her I shaved down there and she said, yes, I noticed earlier when you were in the shower.

I offered her another backrub and she said that would be great. She backed up again as I rubbed her back and shoulders as I "accidently" moved the strings on her top so they became looser and looser. The string came untied as she moved back between my legs and against my pole. She laid back against me, shoving my manhood up against her crack (painfully, I might add) and put her head back against my shoulder. Her eyes were closed, her breathing deep and the left triangle dropped so I could see her nipple in all its glory. I almost came right there looking at her ½ inch long nipple, her tightly puckered areola that had nursed me all those years ago.

I put my arms around her and told her I loved her and gently caressed her breast. She moaned and said that she was struggling with this being not right. I told her I understand, but I did love her and I wasn't interested in pushing her in any way. I just enjoyed being with her in whatever way she wanted. Then I kissed her on her head. We talked like that for a while before she said she was tired and need to think and asked if we could connect this week sometime. I told her I would be delighted to.

I talked to my mom a few days later and asked if she was doing ok. She told me she had not slept well and is still struggling with the "rightness" of our actions this past weekend but did confess that she enjoyed them more than she ever thought she would. Which left me wondering how much time she has thought of it. I told her I loved her regardless and I had no regrets.

That next Friday she texted me and asked me if I could swing by to see her tomorrow.

I stopped by my mom's at her request. When I got there I was really nervous. We certainly had flirted with some unspoken line and crossed it in a way and I could tell she was really wrestling with her feelings and her religious beliefs. She opened the door and gave me a big hug. She told me how glad she was to see me and how thankful she was to stop by. She led me to the living room and we sat down to chat. She explained how much she loves me and how she doesn't want anything to ever come between our relationships. She asked if I had any regrets for our actions the other day. I told her I had none and I loved her more today than ever before. She blushed a little and told me that she didn't regret things either but was swimming in confusion. She asked if it was ok if we took things slow and we could remain completely honest and open as things progressed.

I re-iterated that I loved her regardless and I was just happy to have her in my life. I told her I had been thinking about her constantly and wanted her truly to be happy and fulfilled. I told her how sad it made me to see her lonely and I was glad to see her smiling again.

I moved over to her, gave her a big hug and went to give her a sweet kiss. She kissed me back on the lips (which was a first) with a quick kiss, then pulled back looked at me and smiled then leaned in again to give me a second much deeper one. I started to rub her back as we made out even slipping tongue back and forth a few times.

She pulled back and told me she was so worried that she had ruined our relationship that she hadn't been able to sleep all week. I assured her that it was quite the contrary. I told her as much as I hated to I had to get back to work for a meeting but would check in with her later.

She texted me later in the day and said how happy she was about not ruining our relationship. She wanted to know when she could see me again. I let her know that I would have to check things at work and get back to her.

I picked up the phone sent her a bouquet of flowers with a note that read - To the most wonderful woman (and mom) in the world.

The next day she got the flowers and called me right away. She was teary and told me how much I meant to her. I asked if it was ok if I came by after work and she told me she would love it. She said to have a good day at work, that she was looking forward to seeing me later and that she was going to go shopping for a bit before I got there.

I stopped by my mom's house the next day after work. As I parked my car I noticed a strange car out front. I knocked on the door and my mom answered it with a huge smile. She gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear that she was sorry and I had to be on my best behavior because her friend from church was there.

She led me back to the kitchen and I said hello to her friend and I blushed a little with the double entendre when she announced to her friend that I had stopped by to take a look at a leak in her plumbing and we would be right back. She led me to her bathroom and closed the door quietly while holding her finger to her lips.

She then put her arms around me, told me she loved the flowers gave me a deep lingering kiss. She pulled back and explained that her friend had just been laid off and was a mess and needed to come by to talk. We kissed again that turned into making out for a few seconds causing my erection to press into her stomach. She smiled as she looked up into my eyes and asked if she made it do that. I replied that, yes it was her fault and it had been that way most of the day just thinking about seeing her.

She gave me another big kiss and squeezed my ass and she whispered that she had gone shopping today and had some things she wanted to model for me. I kissed her back, ran my hands over her butt and told her she was such a tease. We walked out of the bathroom and I told her that I would have to come back later to take care of the plumbing issue. She said that sounds great hon – I'll give you a call later.

She called me later that night and she asked if I could come by after she got home from church on Sunday. She reiterated how sorry she was about the bad timing of her friend and told me how much she loved the flowers. She also said she was sorry she teased me. I told her I loved it and it only made me appreciate her that much more. I never knew she had that kind of "fun" side. She laughed and said she had much more where that came from. She told me she loved me and she has been so excited the last few days that she can hardly sleep. She did say that she had to tell a little lie when her friend asked who gave her the beautiful bouquet of flowers and that she seemed happier than she had in years. I told her I loved her and couldn't wait to see her Sunday.

I went over to my mom's place on Sunday and got there right after she got home from church. She answered the door in the very conservative black pants and blouse that she had worn that morning and smiled as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. She smiled and said it was very nice to see me and that she wasn't expecting any unexpected disturbances today. We closed the door and kissed again, this time making out like teenagers. She could undeniably feel my cock rise against her stomach and as she broke our kiss, she said how much it excited her that she excited me in that way.

She told me to take a seat in the living room and make a couple of drinks while she went back to change. As I sat down on the couch she came out in what turned out to be the first outfit of a fashion show from her purchases the week before. She looked gorgeous in a short black dress that hugged her curves ever so wonderfully. She twirled around and giggled as I whistled and told her how wonderful she looked. She told me to sit back she had a couple of other things to model and went back to her room. She came back in a stunning red dress that was low cut and showcased her fantastic cleavage. She wiggled her shoulders and bounced her breasts in my direction and said "you like?"

I told her that she looked amazing and asked what was next. She smiled like she ate a canary and went back to the back. The next thing she had on was black baby doll. It was pretty conservative lingerie, but sexy as hell. She came closer this time and bent down to kiss me. I told her to sit down on my lap and she said "not yet, there's a few more." I told her I liked where this was going. She left and came back with a white teddy that made my jaw drop. I could make out her nipples (which were hard as rocks) through the material and she spun around to show its thong back. She came and sat on my lap and asked if I liked it. I told her she was beautiful and how much I would have loved to be there with her when she was picking it out. We kissed deep and she popped up to go get another outfit.

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