tagIncest/TabooMom & Me Ch. 03

Mom & Me Ch. 03


Sent To Counseling

I couldn't concentrate on what the teachers were saying today; all my thoughts were centered on what my mom did for me this morning when she came into my room and sucked my penis and swallowed all of my cum, and then asked me to suck her tits, and then went to the kitchen and made me breakfast and sent me off to school. I didn't want to go to school. I wanted to be with my mom.

Once again a couple of my teachers asked me if I was depressed and if I wanted them to refer me to one of the high school counselors. I told them no, but when I went to my English class Mrs. Thompson called me up to her desk, looked into my eyes for a moment, and then handed me a pass and a note to give to the counselor and told me to go directly to Elizabeth Wilson, one of the counselors. As she handed me the pass she said, "Billy, I want you to go see Mrs. Wilson and I want you to tell her why you are so moody and unresponsive. I don't know what your problem is but I believe Mrs. Wilson will be able to help you,"

I walked slowly down the hall toward the counseling offices. I certainly wasn't going to tell Mrs. Wilson I was having sex with my mom. My mom would end up in jail and I would be placed in foster care. I didn't want any of that to happen. I decided I would tell her about my break up with Jennifer and see what she would say about that. As I opened the door I saw Jennifer sitting on a bench in the counseling office near Mr. Wilson's cubical. She smiled, then immediately looked down at something on her binder. I turned and walked the other way toward Mrs. Wilson's office. After I sat down on the bench I looked down where Jennifer was sitting and noticed she was still staring at her notebook. She never looked my way and I thought I would include this encounter in my narrative when I talked with Mrs. Wilson. After about twenty minutes Mrs. Wilson opened her door and a student walked out of her office and headed back to class.

I handed Mrs. Wilson the pass and sealed note my English teacher gave me to give to my counselor. I had never met Mrs. Wilson before because when I registered for school during the summer she wasn't working that day, and since school started I didn't have anything wrong with my schedule, so I had no need to talk with her. She smiled when she read what Mrs. Thompson had written for why she was referring me to the counseling office.

"Come in Billy and have a seat. She didn't go back to her desk. She sat in a chair across from me and crossed her long shapely leg that made her short skirt move up showing more of her fleshy thigh. I thought that Mrs. Wilson was hot, but I tried not to look at her sexy legs too long because I didn't want her to decide to send me to talk with a sex therapist. If I had known she was this hot I would have been in to see her about something. She had fairly long blonde hair that she pulled back and tied into a ponytail. From what I could observe it appeared she had a good set of boobs and I guessed her age to be in the late twenties or early thirties. She had sparkling blue eyes and a wonderful smile.

Then she said, "Mrs. Thompson says you haven't been very attentive in class for a couple of weeks, and she thinks you're depressed. What do you say, Billy?" Then she uncrossed her legs and pressed her knees together without revealing the color of her panties to me. I sighed.

"She continued, "Billy what happening in your life that's making you feel disconnected with school or life?" I look intently at her gray-blue eyes and noticed her top two of three buttons on her blouse weren't fastened, and my carnal self enjoyed a nice deep cleavage line. I started to speak, but my words got scrambled and I felt like an idiot. I waited because I thought she would say something, but she didn't and Mrs. Wilson waited patiently for me to try again.

I told her that my family had moved here in June and my dad was a Colonel in the United States Air Force, but before school began he was deployed on a secret mission overseas and at about the same time, my girlfriend, Jennifer, who I met soon after we arrived here dumped me for a stud on our high school football team. It was a real shock for me to lose not only my dad but my girlfriend too. Both things were a shock because my dad and I were close, and Jennifer and I were even closer, at least I thought we were close. We had plans to attend college together and we had talked about marrying someday. I wasn't expecting either one of those events to occur in my senior year."

"Thank you for sharing that information with me Billy. I'm beginning to understand why you are despondent. Life is always fluid Billy, it takes us on exhilarating paths, but sometimes things happen during our journeys. We might take the wrong turn or we might get lost, we might not be able to find the road again. Sometimes illness attacks are bodies or we're involved in a serious accident. People we trust disappoint us or tell us lies, but others encourage us to move forward; they give us hope for a better day. I can identify with your problem of separation. My first boyfriend was everything I had ever hoped for, but while I was at summer camp and looking forward to going to the new junior high school together when school began again I discovered that he engaged in a sexual relationship with my best friend. So I can understand your shock, your anger, your disappointment, and lack of energy and feeling you've been shafted by someone you trusted and believed in and thought they loved you. So, have you had any contact with Jennifer since she broke off her relationship with you Billy?'

I was out of town when it happened Mrs. Wilson. It's amazing how similar our stories are, except mine began at the beginning of my senior year and yours began entering a new junior high school.

I was with my dad for two weeks, we went on a golfing vacation together and we drove through four or five states together and we would stop every day and play eighteen holes of golf in one of the towns. It was a lot of fun and we played a lot of golf and he asked me about a lot of things and I told him the direction I was interested in taking after I graduated in June. When we returned home from this glorious trip a buddy of mine called me and asked me if I had talked to Jennifer. I told him I hadn't, that her phone was always busy, and her mailbox was full.

He said, "Billy, I hate to be the one to tell you but while you were gone Jennifer went to a wild party over at Jill Freeman's house and there was a lot of drinking, dancing, and foolery going on. The short story is that Jennifer was drunk and began dancing in a crud sort of way. She even pulled up her sweater and showed everyone her perky tits. They hooped and hollered and she kept teasing the boys pulling her skirt up as she danced showing everyone her panties. Finally she took her panties off and whirled them over her head and threw them at a group of the boys encircling her. Matt caught them and he put her silk panties against his nose and mouth. She waddled over to him and grabbed his other hand and led in down the hall and into a bedroom. Jill didn't see them go down the hallway and no one told her. According to Matt, Jennifer laid on the bed and spread her legs apart and invited Matt to do whatever he wanted with her. I heard someone went down to the door where they were and opened it and took a photo of them having intercourse together. That's what I was told Mrs. Wilson."

"Did you verify this with Jennifer, Billy? No, because during the week before school began I heard the same story from more than four other people who were there, and two were females."

"I am sorry that you had that happen to you Billy. It must have been embarrassing for you to have been her boyfriend before she let Matt violate her, and while she was drunk. I would like to help you Billy work through this terrible experience and get your life back on track so you can graduate and go on to college and be successful. If you want me to work with you I will set up several appointments where you can come to my office and we can discuss ways to help you get over these terrible torments and move on to living your life. Do you want me to help you? and will you come to my office on the days we set our appointments?

"Yes, I'll come see you Mrs. Wilson. Thank you for listening to all I've told you without interrupting me. I do want to get on with my life. When should I come back to talk with you?"

Mrs. Wilson got up and went to her desk and without seating down pulled up my class schedule on her computer. "Billy, I want to see you on Monday morning during 1st period and Friday during 6th period next week. She bent down to write my appointment on a card and her boobs fell forward against the area where the buttons were not attached to her blouse, and I saw how firm and shapely her boobs were. I couldn't move my eyes; they were glued to her hanging fruit."

I saw her arm move and I looked up. She had her arm extended with my return to class pass, and two appointment passes; then I saw her knowing smile. She had caught me looking down her blouse at her well ripened fruit bowl. I knew my face was red. She kept smiling or was she about to burst forth with giggles. Finally she said to me just before I walked out of her office. "Billy, were you and Jennifer involved in an ongoing sexual relationship?"

"I'm not sure I understand the definition of ongoing, but we fucked about two times a week, sometimes three times depending on Jennifer's needs to feel satisfied. God, Mrs. Wilson, I really miss the closeness we had."

"Thank you Billy. That information will help me help you. I hope the rest of your day is pleasurable."

I opened the office door and walked out into the office foyer.

Jennifer was just leaving Mr. Wilson's office and our eyes made contact.

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