tagGroup SexMom & Me Ch. 21

Mom & Me Ch. 21


Jane woke me up and said, "Billy we need to get dressed and have some oatmeal and get to school or we're going to be late."

Lilly was still sleeping. Jane and I got up and slipped on our clothes, washed our faces and tried to look presentable, but we really looked like we hadn't slept last night at all, and my body was still tired and sore from all the fucking we did yesterday. But Jane made some oatmeal and put some fruit in it to make it taste better. We left a note for ma and I thanked her for her hospitality and I assured her I would be back soon. We walked to school and got there fifteen minutes before the first bell. I went to my locker and saw Jennifer leaning against it.

She said, "I was expecting you to stop by my house on the way home from Jane's, but I saw you crossing the street together so I'm assuming you slept over at her house last night and probably had sex with her, and her mom too?"

"Yes, you're correct. I slept over last night."

"Billy, you should have bathe before coming to school. You look like you've been fucking your way out of a corn silo. Your shirt and pants are wrinkled, and you smell of sweet cum. In spite of that, did you have good sex with Jane?"

"Yes, I had some good sex with Jane."

"Did you have sex with her hillbilly ma?"

Yes, Jennifer, I had sex with both of them."

"Good. I hope you're planning on coming home with me after school. I really need your penis inside of me too. Promise me you'll come home with me and fill my pussy with your sweet seed."

"Jennifer I'm very tired. I haven't slept much. I don't know if I'll have the energy after being in school all day to satisfy you, and I always want to satisfy you. Besides being tired, I'm going to having two mid-term exams in a few days and I haven't begun to study for either of them. But if I feel I can give you some good sex If I'm too exhausted I'll go home with you; otherwise, I'm going home to get some rest. Then maybe we can get together tomorrow. Will that satisfy you sweetie?"

"Of course it will, Billy. I'm not trying to pressure you, and I not mad you had good sex with Jane and her ma. As you know Jane and I have been close friends all the way through school. I don't particularly like her mom, but I can tell she's probably a great fuck. So, tell me, was Lilly a good fuck? You know about hillbilly's don't you Billy? They start at an early age and they fuck their own kinfolk. Did you know that Billy?"

"Yes, both Lilly and Jane shared some of that history with me."

"Did Lilly enjoy her time with you Billy?"

"Yes, Jennifer, I believe she did. We had a lot of interaction with one another."

"So did you enjoy being with Lilly more than you did with Jane?"

"Jennifer, I enjoyed having sex with both of them. Now, I have to get to class. See you later my love." Then I leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth and then turned and walked quickly to my first period class.

Later I walked down the hall, toward my third period class, but stopped at the Student Body Office and looked for a gift I could give to Miss Nickolas when I went in to ask if Mrs. Wilson had scheduled an appointment to see me this week. My eye spotted a diary, a very nice one, I might say. I took the diary over to the register and I asked if I could put this purchase on my monthly student account.

She looked to see how much credit I had left, and then said, "Yes, you can. You're not over your credit limit."

I asked her if she could wrap it in some pink paper and put a bow on it.

She said, "No problem. Who's the lucky girl?"

I replied, "It's a secret."

She grinned when she handed me the wrapped present. As I turned to leave she said, "I'm glad your whole life isn't an open book."

I glanced back and gave her a wink and a smile. During third period I made an entry in the diary on today's date. Closed the diary and listened to the teacher.

After fourth period I rushed to the Counseling Office. I could see that there was no one inside the main door, and I saw Miss Nicholas sitting and working at her desk. She looks better to my eyes every time I see her. She has a very sexy manner and a killer smile when she wants to be pleasant. I really want to get into Miss Nickolas' pants!

"Good afternoon, Miss Nickolas."

She looked up from her desk and when she saw me, she grinned from ear-to-ear and said, "Oh, it's so good to see you Billy. Mrs. Wilson wants you to come in for a two-period appointment, between lunch, so it's like you'll be in there together for three periods! I keep wondering why Mrs. Wilson needs to see and talk with you for three periods? You aren't in any serious trouble are you dear? I don't think two girls could chat that long together without starting a fight, but, I guess a boy and his counselor can." She began to giggle and laugh. "Never mind Billy, it's none of my business what you and Mrs. Wilson do behind closed door." Then she gave me that knowing smile. "Maybe I'm just a bit jealous of Mrs. Wilson. What do you think? Am I jealous? Anyway, it will be interesting to see what she wears to school on the day of your appointment, don't you think? I bet you would like to see her in that laced blouse she wore the last time you had an appointment with her. Right? Never mind, you can take the fifth. But, she does seems to dress to impress, if you get my drift."

"Miss Nickolas, I get your drift."

"So do you want the appointment for Friday or Monday?" Put me down for Monday, dear."

"Is that present you're holding in your hand for Jennifer or Mrs. Wilson?"

"It's for you sweetie!"

"Me! First its flowers and now, ... let me guess...is it candy Billy?"

"Miss Nickolas, you're already sweeter than and candy. It's not candy. I got something more special than candy."

"What is it?"

"Open it up."

"Will it make me blush, Billy?"

She unwrapped the present and saw it was a diary. Why did you think I would like to have a diary?"

Because I thought you might want to keep a record of how we met and how our lives came together Miss Nickolas, so in a couple of years from now, when I'm courting you, you can reread how our love story began."

"I see there is a book marker stuck between two pages Billy. Should I look?


She opened the page and read silently. The first day of the rest of our lives!"Oh, Billy, you are so full of shit (then she rose from her chair and walked up next to me), but I love the way you treat me and talk to me even though I know you don't mean a word of it. Thank you very much and, I will keep a record of your comings and goings, especially with Mrs. Wilson. So behave, because I'm a little spy and I devour school gossip. Now I'll be able to keep my official record of what transpires within the Counseling Office." She started giggling again.

"Then I've done myself in. Now I will have to save money to buy you off later, or marry you!"

"In that case, it is one of the most valuable gifts I've ever received. Thank you Billy. I'm going to opt for marriage over hush money." She looked around, and not seeing anyone else in the lobby reached up to hug me. Then she gave me a quick kiss on my mouth, and before she could pull away, I pulled her to me and kissed her on her lips.

"That was nice Billy, but I hope nobody saw you kissing me on the lips."

"I don't thin so Miss Nicholas, but I'm not going to wipe it off for a week. Be sure to make that incident your first entry."

I smiled at her and she smiled back at me.

"I got to go sweetie, but I'll see you on Monday. Don't take the day off. It's your duty to keep Mrs. Wilson and I in line."

"Stay out of trouble Billy, and I'm glad I'm on your radar. I heard lots of kids talk about all the girls you date here at school, and I'm just glad, at least, that you care enough about me to call me dear. That's nice! I like it a lot."

"You are a dear, Miss Nickolas, too bad you are so much older than me."

"Now, don't get ugly Billy. I'm not that much older than you. This is my first job and I've worked here only 2.5 years."

"Wow, thanks for the information. I'll have to think about that Miss Nickolas."

"You better get to class Billy. The bell is going to ring in three minutes."

After the final bell rang I saw Jennifer waiting for me at my locker.

"Well, Billy, how do you feel? Want to walk me home?"

"Sure, I'd love too."

"Good, maybe you will feel better when you get out into the fresh cool fall air."

I took out the material I needed from my locker to look over for the midterm tests coming up next week. She grabbed my hand and we walked out the door together.

"Come in Billy, and eat some cherry pie with ice cream. Then if you want to go home at least you will have some cherries inside of you." She smiled.

"You really know how to seduce a fellow, Jennifer. Yes, I'll come into your house and eat a slice of your pie with ice cream."

She handed me the pie and said, "If the pie is too tart, I can give you more ice cream to cut the tartness."

"It will be fine, Jennifer. I like some tartness in my cherry pie."

While I was sitting at the counter eating the pie, she went and stood behind me and began to massage my back and neck. Do you like me rubbing your back Billy? Does it make your sore muscles feel better?"

"It feels really good. I was really tired this morning. I didn't even want to get up and go to school, but Jane got me up and out of the house before her ma woke. She even cooked oatmeal for us. Her mom must have been tired too because she never woke up before we left the house."

"Good, I'm glad you got out of her house because she would have talked you into fucking her again or she might have given you a blowjob. Then you would have stayed there."

"Maybe? Maybe not! Anyway I'm not there; I'm here, with you Jennifer."

"You mean you'll stay awhile?"

"Yes, and we can have sex if I can get home before six p.m."

"She threw her arms around my neck and began kissing me."

"Oh, Billy let's go. I promise I will get you home before 6 p.m."

"Billy, I know you haven't had a shower since your last fuck with Lilly so you and I are going to have a shower together before we get into the sack!"

"You're right, Jane and I went to bed without taking a shower, and then Lilly came into the bedroom an hour or two later, after Jane fell asleep and she fucked me again."

"In the same bed where Jane was sleeping?"

"Yes, it was a large bed. They decided we would all sleep together in the same bed. They put me in the middle."

"She must have been worn out, not to wake up while you're fucking her mom's clit with every stroke. Didn't she moan and scream when she had her orgasm?"

"Yes, but Jane didn't wake up."

"Ok, follow me mister. I'm ok with you fucking other women as I've explained before, but I'm not going to fuck you until we remove the residue those hillbillies left on your hands and penis."

We touched and kissed as the warm water cascaded down our backs. She turned her back into me and I reached around and played with her firm breasts. She turned and kissed me passionately as the water continued to pour over our naked bodies.

We dried our bodies and went directly to Jane's room. We fucked for over an hour and Jane tried three different positions. We had a great orgasm together and I dressed. We touched and kissed for a few more minutes and then I started walking home.

The house was empty, and a feeling of loneliness swept over me. I didn't really want to study after having such a wonderful time fucking Jane. I got my phone and dialed Sharron's number. She answered and seemed glad to hear from me. We talked for a while and she said, "Are you with Ginny tonight?"

"No she has been staying at a Colonel's house on the base almost every night, a friend of my dad's."

"Isn't he married, Billy?"

"Yes, he is, but his wife doesn't want to deny her husband sex. She told him he could have sex with anyone, but only if he brought her home. She said she would be polite and hospitable and even fix dinner for them. She even offered the woman the use of her bathroom etc. She also changes the sheets on the bed! Can you believe that Sharron?"

"No, it's hard to believe."

"So, she spends almost every night over there. She even sleeps with the woman's husband if she stays over."

"So you're alone now."


"Do you want me to come over Billy? I can be there in thirty minutes or less. I would like to spend the night with you if you want me."

"I want you! I will change the sheets on the bed; take a shower. By that time you get here we'll have plenty of time to make love to one another."

"I'm on my way sweetie."

"See you soon Sharron."

What in the world is wrong with me? This will be the second day in a row that I will have had sex with four women in less than 24-hours! No wonder I'm tired. Knowing I would be fucking Sharron tonight I took a shower so she wouldn't smell Jennifer all over my body and I made the bed with clean pink sheets. I turned on some quiet music for lovers, an instrumental album. Then I went into the living room and listened for her car to drive up our driveway.

I started massaging my penis as I waited for her to arrive. I didn't try to cum or have an orgasm. I just wanted my dick to be semi-hard when Sharron arrived.

When she arrived she came through the front door, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me for a long time. Then she looked deep into my eyes and told me how much she missed me and needed to have sex with me. I helped her remove her coat and we walked back to the bedroom.

She said, "Oh, Billy, the bedroom looks wonderful: clean sheets and pillows, a clean bath, and music for lovers. You even put pink sheets, my favorite color on the bed. You are a dear." She kissed me again, and then we removed our clothes and touched and kissed one another like two hungry animals. Sharron was really horny and we fucked for over two hours in several positions. Afterwards we took a shower together; had a glass of red wine, and decided to go to bed.

When we woke up, Sharron realized she was running late. So we both showered together, dressed and she left the house without eating breakfast. She said, "I just have enough time to get to work on time. Call me later sweetie. I loved spending the night with you. You're an awesome lover."

I watched her drive off and then when I turned around I heard Ginny say, "You're an awesome lover Billy, so come into the living room and fuck me, now that Sharron left for work."

"Ginny, I thought you were going to stay the night at the Colonel's house?

"I need to take some time away from the house. I shouldn't spend the whole day with him. He needs to spend some time with his wife, besides I was running out of clothes. I need to do some washing tomorrow. Do you have enough time to give Ginny a fuck before going to school? I don't even know what time it is?"

"No, I don't. I wish I could. But I need to get to school. My grades aren't very good right now. I've had two much intercourse lately and it's affecting my grades."

"Ok, Billy. I'll take a rain check."

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