Mom and Rita


Her hips were pumping furiously now, her breathing short and fast as she approached the edge of climax. I turned away at the last second, as she shot her legs straight up into the air, as her neck whipped back and as she roared, literally roared, as a painful, fiery, explosive orgasm rocked my mother's pasty flesh, sending shockwaves of pleasure from her toes, up her legs, through her pussy and the small of her back, all through her spine until the intensity of her pleasure screamed out her throat and echoed through the bedroom. I was as drained as she must have been, my knees trembling in the hallway as I thought of my sweet mother coming at the end of a black stranger's tongue. Hot stuff, that!!

The bedroom went quiet fairly quickly. Her orgasm must have been short but intense. She had evidently stopped cumming as now I could hear her panting loudly, trying to regain her composure after the earthquake that had just passed through her body. I could hear the worker giggle a bit, and muffled words were exchanged between the two of them. They were surely talking about how great a cunnilinguist this guy was. Sheesh. I heard the bed creak a bit so I quickly peeked back into the doorway in case they were getting up. I didn't want to get caught peeping in on all this.

But I needn't have worried. Things were evidently far from over. The black guy had simply moved his large dark frame over top of my tiny mother's prone body, bracing himself on his elbows as he started to kiss her softly. I was struck by the contrast in their skin, his ebony stomach melting into her own pasty white belly as her lips rose to meet his mouth. I could hear the smack of their spit as they kissed each other harder now, her hands pulling his face down onto hers, then her right had reaching down to stroke his cock, softer now than it had been but about to come back to life at my mother's touch. She worked him furiously, pumping his shaft up and down in an overhand fashion as they kissed and pecked each other's faces. She had a handful, she knew, but after the oral workout he'd just given her, her pussy was more than wet enough to accommodate his veiny black stick.

The worker raised his face from my mother's and smiled down at her; he knew it was his turn now.

Beth spread her thighs a little wider and looked down to where their bellies met, black on white. She guided the tip of his fat long cock to the slick opening of her clit, and pushed the head of his rod into her hairy trap before returning her arms around his neck and letting him finish the entry. He too looked down to where their groins met, and spreading his own legs a little wider to brace himself for the pounding he was about to deliver, he moved his hips up a bit and entered her halfway. She kissed him hard and squeezed her wide white legs against his sides as he pulled back a little bit then entered her in one smooth motion, burying his black cock inside my mother's cunt, all the way to the hilt.

He kissed the side of her neck then put his mouth on her freckly shoulder, seeming to either suck on it or bite it as he reached down and grabbed her soft flesh ass and pulled her mound harder against his hips. Their pelvises pressed hard against each other and their pubic hairs meshed in a sweaty tangle as he pulled his hips back then started to fuck her.

He used her ass as a gripping point as he rammed his groin hard against her sloppy pussy again and again. He wasn't going to make love to her or even fuck her, really. He was simply going to use her aged married white pussy as a masturbation aid, pleasuring himself with the slick, velvety walls of my mother's vaginal tract before dumping his load deep into her moist inner sanctum. If she wasn't willingly lying there beneath his black hulk, her hands on his ass pulling him harder and deeper into herself with every thrust, it would have been more like a rape than consensual sex. But it wasn't rape, it was adultery, my mother's casual, urgent, sweaty, noisy, violent, interracial adultery, and I was standing there watching the whole thing.

He savaged her. I couldn't believe this was pleasurable for my mother, and she looked like she was in pain. Her face was scrunched and tears seemed to stream from her eyes. She moved her hands off his neck and put them between her own stomach and the black abdomen that was slamming her hard against the bed. I could hear and see their stomachs, shiny with the sweat of sexual exertion, slapping against one anther again again and again as he kept bouncing my mother off the mattress before slamming her back down onto it, fucking her ruthlessly.

He must have been penetrating too deep, because she tried hard to push him off her, but her tiny hands were ineffectual as they strained against the body that was crushing her while it simultaneously split her in half. But I knew she wasn't really trying to buck him off her. She was merely trying to lessen the pain of the deep and violent penetration of her womanhood, trying to control things a little bit. Her legs were still wrapped around his back and even while her hands tried to push him off her, her thighs pulled him back in. Clearly, my mother liked rough sex. It hurt her, yes, but she wanted to be hurt, she wanted to be used, she wanted to be a flailing, crying, hopeless, anonymous fuck toy, rent in half by the massive steed that was riding her sagging, washed up old body. My mother was nothing more than a cunt, to be spread open and enjoyed by whoever had the urge.

I watched the show for a little longer but it started to get to me, seeing my mother worked over like that. She wasn't going to come again; this was all about him. Thankfully, he reached his limit, and my gut was rotten with grief as I watched the black guy squeeze her ass hard, pull her slick pussy tightly against his crotch, arch his back, and grunt as he released his semen into my mother's depths.

I was watching my mother willingly take a stranger's come into her body. Even though she was too old to get pregnant, I imagined his sperm racing deeper into her body, seeking her fertile ovaries and penetrating one of her eggs. I imagined my 55 year old white married mother being bred by the black man on top of her, her belly stretching as his child grew inside her, my father not knowing that it was another man's seed growing inside his wife, inside my mother, and that it was a black baby that was going to slide out of her vagina.

Standing there in the hallway, the only thing that could have turned me on more was if it had been my baby growing inside her, stretching her stomach, making her fat, and squealing as it slid out from between her thighs. I would love to own my mother's body like that, to take her from my father and breed her until she couldn't drop any more kids. Too bad it was some other guy on top of her right now, and too bad she was past her due date and couldn't have my child, even if I could find a way to get inside her.

The sex was over now, and the worker slipped his cock out of my mother and lay down beside her, rubbing her back and kissing her in the warmth of their post-coital moment. The dampness of the bedroom slipped past me through the crack in the door through which I had been watching this unholy coupling, the sweat of their combined exertions raising the moisture content in the bedroom to a sticky, heavy level.

Suddenly, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I felt a hand on my lower back. I yelped, not knowing what was going on, and my mother and her new lover both jerked their heads towards me, standing in the doorway and intruding on their intimacy. It was one of those moments when time stands still, the three of us looking at each other and unable to speak. It was Rita's voice that broke the silence.

"She looks good, doesn't she", I heard Rita say. She was standing beside me, completely naked, her hair frazzled, her freckled shoulders drooped just a little bit forwards, her small tits hanging down and outwards, her tummy slightly bulged, not fat but not fit either. I looked down at her small body and then looked back at my mother's own curvier frame, still entwined with the black man who had just enjoyed her, and I compared the two old women once again, and once again I preferred my mother's more womanly figure. This all went through my mind in about a tenth of a second. And I had no idea what to say or do.

But Rita did. "Beth is always so passionate in bed. She must sweat off 10 pounds of water when she's with a lover, she gets into it so much. Can't you smell the scent of her sex just hanging in the air? That's the scent of your mother, you know, the scent of your mother's sex. Wonderful, isn't it? And she likes the big ones. She's a real size queen, and I'll bet this guy's hung like a fucking bear, which is why there's a lot of sweat in the air right now. Breathe deeply."

I was in a daze, and still unsure what to do, this was so messed up. I inhaled deeply like Rita said, and yes I could smell the sex hanging in the air. The sex and the smell of beer and wine being sweated out of my mother's pores. Beth hadn't said anything either, even though we were staring at each other, our eyes locked the whole time Rita was talking. And who knew what was going through the worker's head? He had come out to a simple foundation job, wound up getting laid by a 55 year old woman, and was now lying on top of her while the homeowner stood naked in the doorway beside some younger guy.

But Rita wasn't shy. She pulled my closer to her and kissed my neck, swirling her tongue against my skin before nibbling on my ear lobe.

"I want to fuck you" Rita whispered to me. "I have a real problem" she said. "One cock is never enough for me and I need to fuck you to help me get through this. I really need you inside me right now."

She stepped in front of me and put her arms around my neck, kissing me full on the mouth. I kissed back, instinctively, but I was still kind of fucked up by all this.

Regardless, I stroked her sides and her back, surprised at how soft a 54-year old woman's skin could be. It was smooth and delightful. I let my hands wander down to her even softer, naked bum, and gently rubbed her meaty cheeks before squeezing and kneeding her fleshy ass. We broke our kiss long enough for me go lower my face to her breasts, and I sucked one then the other nipple into my mouth, flicking them with my tongue as I continued to stroke her back. She gasped and forced her tits hard against my face, obviously happy at the attention. I was hard through this entire ordeal.

Our mouths found each other again and I pulled her belly against my iron-hard shaft, letting her know that I too was enjoying our contact. Her hand immediately flew to my shaft and rubbed it roughly, through my shorts, stroking me while we kissed. It seemed to me that she was laughing with giddiness, her pleasure stifled by the fact that my tongue was wrapped around her tonsils.

Without warning, Rita broke our kiss and ran into the bedroom, flinging the door wide open as she entered the room. I had totally forgotten my mother was still lying on the bed, watching all this. One track mind, easily distracted!

Rita threw herself onto the bed, landing on her back beside Beth, and gave me a wicked "come hither" look. She just wanted my cock inside her, and fast. I was paralyzed by the sight of my still naked mother, and really confused, but damn I was horny. So I slowly and (I think) gracefully strutted into the room, tearing my shirt off on the way to the bed, and I flung myself on top of Rita, kissing her hard as her hands started working my belt buckle.

In the background to all this, I heard my mother sing delightedly "oh my god", but in an excited voice, as though she couldn't believe this was happening and was amused and pleasingly entertained by the idea of her son coupling with her best friend right in front of her. I can't even guess what the black guy was thinking, but he must have been too weirded out by all this, because the bed rocked as he hopped off it and headed out the door. Rita and I ignored him but my mother blurted out "oh fuck" as she stood up beside the bed and watched him leave.

"Well you finally got him didn't you?" I heard my mother say. Rita broke our kiss and looked at Beth over my shoulder.

"I waited long enough, and he's of age" Rita said. "I just got laid, Beth, and I need a second round. It's either you or him, my dear, and since he's the one on top of me right now, I'll take cock this time. You can join in if you want but his first load goes up me; I need it more and you fucking well know it".

This was so bizarre to me. My mother and Rita bargaining over some guy's cock, like it was a normal event in their lives, like they were bargaining over who got to sit in the front seat during a car ride. And that guy with the cock was me, for crying out loud! This was surreal.

But I really wanted to fuck Rita, so I didn't care. I just wanted to get laid. Damn though, my mother looked good, standing there, naked, still slick with sweat, looking down at us. I really don't think I could grasp that my own mother was standing naked beside me on a bed, freshly fucked, with the come of some black guy still squishing around in her pussy. Surreal.

But I couldn't tear my eyes off her. Her dark hair, flattened and messy from being ground against the mattress, her pretty face, the skin on her neck just starting to turn leathery, the faint liver spots on her shoulders and the freckles on her chest. Her small but full tits, pasty white, hanging freely over her slight tummy bulge. Her pussy, big, red, moist, framed with a matted tangle of black and grey hair. Her creamy white legs, soft and fleshy, that sloppy seam where her inner thighs broke away from the rest of her leg, and starting now to be criss-crossed with the tiny exploded veins that come with age. She was lovely, and she was right there, and she had just been laid.

Rita stood up and finished ripping my pants off me, tossing them into a corner the same way she must have tossed her bra onto the floor downstairs. I now knew, too, that my mother had tossed her clothes off with the same casual disregard of a middle-aged woman anticipating sex. I also knew I was just a sex toy in all this, so I simply lay there and let Rita bend over me to remove my underwear as well. She flung them over her shoulder and looked up at me, smiling a wicked smile before grasping my cock and focusing that same wicked smile at it. She kissed the head of my cock and ran her tongue down the length of my shaft, bending my cock out of her way and sucking my swollen balls into her mouth.

"No no no no no" I heard my mother say.

I looked up at her as Rita stood up and faced, her, toe to toe, leaving my cock bobbing wildly as she turned.

"You can't have him, it's not right" my mom said. "He's mine and I can't let you use him like this. If anyone fucks him today it going to be me. And only me!"

She stepped around Rita and grabbed my wrist, pulling me up off the bed. Well, she tried to pull me off the bed, but she was too small, so I simply shuffled forward and stood up as well. The three of us, naked, my cock at the full salute, stood looking at each other. The women were burning daggers into each other's eyes. I really wanted to fuck Rita but I can't begin to describe the force of nature that pulled me towards my mother. I took a step towards her, and she looked at me.

I put my hand on the crook of her hip and asked her if she was ok, softly rubbing her side as we looked at each other. The contact of my hand and my mother's soft, delicate skin was electrifying and my cock jerked spasmatically, uncontrollably. Rita must have known it was over for her right then, when the bond of family rose to the surface and my mother and I stood together across from her. She surely figured out that she had no chance once mother and son had started down the road together. That horrible, immoral, painful, irresistible, ecstasy-paved road that led to the unspeakable destination. Incest.

Beth broke our stare and turned to Rita, half slurring her words as she told her "Go fuck the black guy if you're that horny. This one is mine and mine alone. You can't have him."

She turned back to me, and stepped in front of me, taking my hands into hers, her head looking down to the floor.

Beth closed her eyes and said "oh god, this is so wrong", then she stepped towards me, letting go of my hands and putting her own small hands on her son's waist.

I pulled her into me and we embraced, she nestled her head into my chest as we rubbed each others' backs. I had held her so many times like this, but fully dressed. Some of those times, I had had evil thoughts, but usually it was wholly innocent. This time though, the throbbing erection that poked out at my mother's thighs painted a much different picture and left no doubt as to the nature of this embrace. I was so in love that I didn't even notice Rita leave the room.

I lifted my mom's chin and looked into her eyes. Her somewhat glazed eyes. But she was "there" enough to know what was happening. Our foreheads touched and we rubbed noses, Eskimo style, before our mouths lined up suitably for our first real kiss. A kiss not as mother and son, but as lovers. It was electrifying, when our lips met. I was overwhelmed by the combination of the smell of her post coital sweat, the warmth of her soft body pressing against me, the feel of her spine as I rubbed my hands up and down her back, the moistness of her mouth as our lips mashed together and out tongues sparred with each other, the taste of alcohol on her breath, the picky feeling of her pubic hair as I rubbed my left thigh between her legs, and of course the overwhelming emotional connection I was feeling with her at that moment.

But neither one of us was in the mood for long foreplay. She had just been eaten then fucked and was still primed for more cock. I had watched the whole thing and was eager for my turn. So, our mouths still locked together, I danced her to the bed and lay her on her back.

Breaking our kiss, I explored her face and neck with my mouth, and with my tongue, tasting the salt of her sweat she pushed her head back and frantically rocked it from side to side, exposing as many of her nerves to her son's ministrations as she could. Her body was still highly-tuned from her last orgasm and her nerves fired spark after spark after spark as it prepared itself once again for that ultimate carnal act. I reached down and felt her soaking wet, puffy snatch, greasy with her pussy juices, ready and indeed eager to be raped once again.

I moved further down her body, sucking on her soft floppy tits, twirling my tongue around her nipples as my fingers teased her clit, first circling her pussy then tapping her button then rubbing that sensitive nib around and around and around, raising her blood flow and heightening her sensitivities. I poked my tongue into her belly button, causing her to quickly draw in her breath, and I kissed her supple tummy, the fragrance of her snatch filling my nostrils as I drew closer to her very essence.

I shuffled down the bed a little further then rammed my nose deep into her pussy, inhaling the scents and odours of her wet cunt, and I was turned on and nauseated by her smells at the same time. I knew her pussy had been well used already today, so I didn't waste any time licking her, even though I truly wanted to taste my mother's juices. Instead, I licked my way around her hole, teasing her, and nibbled on her inner thighs, pulling the smoothness of her yielding legs against the sides of my face as I buried myself in my mother's groin.

I kissed my way down her legs, tickled the insides of her knees with my tongue and rubbed her silken calves against my face before spreading her legs and climbing up her body until we were once again face to face. I was now in the same position over top my mother as I had watched the black guy in, before he invaded her body. I was going to invade her body too.

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