Mom and Sister Carjacked

byGeorge VI©

Ashley's dress was yanked off her body, and I got a good look of her great ass. It was pale and round and firm and perfect, yet her flesh still jiggled as she struggled. Roberto lifted her up and slammed her against the glass again. He lifted her left knee up a bit, pulled out a long fat cock, and thrust it into Ashley's pussy. Ashley screamed and moaned. Roberto had a gritty smile on his face as he repeatedly thrust into her pussy. I could hear his flesh slapping into hers, as he reached up and played with her tits.

The car was shaking as my mom and sister were being raped against it. They were screaming and the men were laughing and grunting, but the sound was muffled by acres of corn. I decided that it would be futile for me to try to defend anybody, as Dad was still out cold, and the Mexicans still had weapons. Besides, I was really enjoying watching Mom and Ashley being naked and abused by these dirty guys.

Caesar had pulled Mom's hips away from the car. Her hands were against the car supporting her, as she leaned over. Her tits were dangling nearly straight down and jiggling all over. I could see her ass flesh ripple as the little older Mexican humped her doggie style. He moved his hands down her sides, and grabbed her hanging tits. Mom's head was hanging down, her brown hair covering her face. Then she lifted her head up, and looked into my eyes, only two feet away through the window. She had a helpless, pleading look on her face. But I just sat there, still naked and with a hard on, watching her naked body get raped. Eventually she hung her head down again and just took it.

Ashley's side of the car got noisier. Roberto had both of her feet off the ground and her knees up, and he was thrusting feverishly. Ashley was wailing and hollering while her ass got slammed into the car. In a crescendo of noise, both of their bodies gyrated wildly, until their thrusts diminished in speed and intensity. It seemed like BOTH of them had loud orgasms.

On my right, Mom was pleading, "No, no PLEASE!" Caesar had withdrawn his cock from her pussy, and was mashing it into her ass crack. With some work, he was able to slide into her asshole and butt fuck her as she wailed louder, openly sobbing. He reached around her and played with her pussy and her clit. In a matter of seconds, it seemed, Mom was gyrating all over, her tits and hair flying, her knees buckling, until Caesar stopped thrusting and let go of her. Mom fell onto her knees in the dirt.

Mom and Ashley each lay doubled over as their Mexican captors spoke to each other over the roof of the car. Then the women were dragged up to the front of the car. The Mexicans traded toys - the older Caesar took Ashley, and the large Roberto took Mom. Ashley was forced to her knees, and was made to suck Caesar's dirty cock as he leaned against the car. Mom also was forced down onto her knees and made to perform oral sex, her head bobbing back and forth on the glistening cock. It occurred to me that Caesar was much older than Ashley, probably as old or older than my dad. And Roberto, though significantly older than me, looked much younger than Mom.

Mom was then lifted up and thrown onto her back on the hood. Roberto climbed up on top of her, and straddled her chest with his big body. He laid his cock between her two big white tits, pushed them together, and rapidly tit-fucked her. Both men laughed and joked in Spanish.

Ashley was thrown onto the car hood on her back. Her legs were splayed wide, hanging off of the driver's side of the hood. Caesar stood between her legs, and thrust his cock into her open pussy. She wailed as she was taken by her third man of the day. Caesar held her shoulders back down on the hood as her head thrashed about, her long blonde hair getting messed. He reached down and played with her tits, which I noticed were sitting up high on her chest. I could see her thigh flesh jiggle each time she got slammed into.

Roberto climbed off of Mom's chest. He grabbed her ankles and slid her down, until her torso was on the edge of the car on the passenger side. He stood between her legs, and raised her feet up high, over his head. He thrust his cock into her, pulling her snug against him. Mom's legs were still up over his shoulders, pushed back over her body, as she was fucked on the hood. Her tits danced wildly on her chest. I noticed that they didn't stick up as high as Ashley's, sloping to the sides just a little. But most of them were piled up high on her chest, and wobbling all over.

Both women were loudly moaning and wailing again as the car was jostled. They were close enough together, although upside down from each other, that their respective attackers could reach over and play with the other's tits. One moment Mom, while getting fucked by Roberto, was having her two tits felt by Roberto AND Caesar. And the next moment, Ashley had her tits felt by the two men while Caesar raped her pussy. It seemed like an hour that they were fucked and felt up. But slowly they worked up to a loud crescendo. Within seconds of each other, it seemed, they both spasmed and screamed in apparent climaxes, before the laughing Mexicans pulled their dripping cocks out of their used pussies.


"Bye, Mom," I heard Ashley say from the foyer by our house's front door.

"Hey, where ya goin?" I asked my sister.

"Out with Ben," she replied.

"But Dad's out of town. I want you here tonight."

"But I already told Ben I'd go to a movie with him! MOM?"

Mom stood in the kitchen entranceway. She just looked at us, and shrugged.

"Alright," I said. "But you be home by nine."

"Oh OK!" She barked.

"Watch the attitude. And tonight I want you to do a strip dance, sorta like Mom did last week."

Ashley sighed. "What do you want me to wear?"

"Anything sexy. You know what I like."

After Ashley exited the house, I looked at Mom. "Nine O'clock, your bedroom."

"Alright," she quietly acknowledged, her eyes looking down.

She knew she didn't have a choice. After the two Mexicans were done raping my mom and sister, they drug Dad and me out of the car, and sped off with our car and our cash. Mom's button sweater fell out of the car along with Dad, so Mom quickly retrieved her skirt and sweater, and Ashley self-consciously turned her back to me as she picked her dress off the ground and put it back on. Caesar and Roberto didn't take my cell phone, but I had no bars. So I ran out to the road and waited for a car to flag down for help.

I got back to the family in the cornfield to hear the end of an ongoing argument. Dad was beginning to come around, but wasn't coherent. Once Mom and Ashley had gained some composure and put on some clothes, both were adamant that they wanted to forget the whole incident. I told them that we couldn't, since we had to report our car stolen and get Dad to a hospital. But Ashley was vehement that no one could know that she had sex with her bother, even if it was at gunpoint. She would never be able to live it down at school or anywhere else. Mom was in quick and total agreement. She didn't want to become famous as the woman who was forced to have sex with her son. They didn't want to relive the event in court, or tell the police. I really didn't want to lie about it and argued against it, but secretly I didn't want to be famous for fucking my mom and sister either.

So the decision was made to tell the police about the carjacking and Dad getting clonked on the head, but nothing at all about any of the sexual assaults. When the cops finally arrived and questioned us, they were given real vague descriptions of the two Mexicans, since we really didn't want them caught to possibly spill the beans. The police were not told about any of the sex. If they wondered why Mom and Ashley wore no bras, they didn't mention it.

And as it turned out, Dad was not told either. Other than a concussion and a nasty headache, he had no lingering effects from his beating. But he couldn't remember anything at all from that day, even being at the gas station beforehand. So Mom hid the truth from him about his wife and his daughter having sex with his son.

Outwardly life returned to normal. But during that time that the women were being raped outside the car, I had found my cell phone, and snapped pictures and videos of Mom and Ashley naked and getting fucked by Mexicans. I hid them my secret online repository, and only showed them to Mom and Ashley. They begged me not to show them to anyone else, and basically promised anything if I would suppress them.

It didn't become sexual blackmail right away. But as long as I had my story and my photos hanging over Mom and Ashley, I made a point of getting away with more and more abuses. It started with little comments to Ashley about her body and how she reacted when I felt her and fucked her. Then little squeezes of her butt in her jeans. Approaching Mom in the kitchen when Dad wasn't around and giving her a quick goose. Then squeezes of her tits over her blouse.

One night Mom got drunk when Dad wasn't home, and made a confession that she regretted the next day when I reminded her of it; she told me that as hard as she tried to tell herself that she was the victim and wasn't at fault, the thing that shamed and haunted her the most was remembering the intense physical pleasure her body took during her multiple orgasms. So I used that guilt against her.

Soon I was surprising Mom in the shower by slipping in and soaping up her naked body, and boldly walking into Ashley's bedroom for a quick reach into her nightgown to grope her tit - the same nightgown she once called me a "perv" just for looking down into. The more they perpetuated the lies, and the more perversions they let me get away with behind Dad's and everybody else's back, the deeper indebted they were to me. Any humiliation they suffered behind closed doors, they believed, was better than the public humiliation they would face if word got out.

And that is the story of how I made my mom and my sister my personal sex slaves.

At quarter 'till nine, I walked into Mom's bedroom. I chose her bedroom mostly because of the queen-sized bed, but also because I liked defiling hers and Dad's bedroom. Mom was finishing her makeup, applying lipstick for me. She was wearing the outfit that I had requested: A black bra with lacy half-cups, with her tits pushed together and her pale cleavage spilling out the top like a couple of white beluga whales; black silk bikini panties with lace along the leg holes and waistband, opaque and lacy at the crotch - frankly her tummy was too rounded to be wearing those skimpy things, causing the waistband to dip a little, but there was something inappropriate about them that made them sexier; black hose and garters that showed off her long legs and sexy calves but left her fleshy white upper thighs exposed; open-toed high heel shoes with black straps up her ankles. She looked real sexy and slutty.

I didn't buy Mom the outfit. I made her buy it herself at the mall. I didn't have the money for such things. Plus, although I didn't have any major Freudian resentments with either my mom or my dad that I was aware of other the usual arguments, I found that I took a perverted pleasure by cuckolding Dad by making his wife buy sexy things for me with his own money.

"Ashley will be here in a few minutes," I said. "Lets start with a little make-out session." I approached her where stood by her vanity mirror, and wrapped my arms around her body, feeling her naked waist and back in my hands. I kissed her and she kissed me back. We slid our tongues into each other's mouths. Her perfume smelled nice. She looked great.

I took it slow. I used to be all grabby and stuff, and still am sometimes just to piss off Ashley. But right now I was pacing myself until Ashley joined in. I ran my hands down over Mom's silk-covered ass. I massaged it a little before taking a couple of squeezes. Mostly I just sort of pinned Mom against her dresser and made out with her. Eventually I just had to reach up and squeeze her tits, pushing them out of their cups a little. I petted her bare cleavage, but left the globes on their shelves in their half-cups.

Ashley returned home right on time. I liked the thought that I made her leave her boyfriend to come home and have sex with me. I heard her go to her bedroom to change. She promptly appeared in Mom's bedroom. She was wearing a tight yellow top with spaghetti straps. I could see tangerine-colored bra straps under it. Her pleated white micro-miniskirt showed off nearly all of her long smooth bare thighs. Her heels were white with straps wrapped around her ankles, similar to Mom's black ones.

"Ooh, Nice outfit," I moaned. Ashley was beyond blushing, but the comment did make her look self-conscious. "I'm kinda tired tonight, so I won't go too late. Wait, I'll get some music." Damn, I nearly forgot music. I rushed to my bedroom and grabbed my boom box. The medium-tempo pop song I chose wasn't something I normally listen to, but it fit the mood I wanted to set. When the music started playing, I stepped back and put my left arm around Mom's bare waist. Ashley began to slowly sway her hips.

I only had to caution Ashley once about stripping too fast. After that, she got in a sensual rhythm. The swayed her hips back and forth while moving her shoulders up and down, her hands rubbing her hips and thighs. I'll bet she's practiced this type of thing in the mirror before, when nobody was around. She lifted the hem of her shirt a little to show her midriff and belly button, moving the fabric back and forth. She had all the moves, but the facial expressions betrayed the humiliation she was feeling.

Slowly she lowered the blouse straps one by one, as the top of her bra came into view. She crossed her arms, grabbed the blouse, and pulled it up and through her long blonde hair, gently dropping the garment to the side.

Her bra pushed her tits up just a little, and they were dancing in and out of the cups. Ashley cupped her tits and pushed her them up a little, and even thought to lean forward to show me some cleavage. Her hands slid to her skirt. She lifted the hem up in a teasing way; just enough to reveal that she was wearing red panties under it. Then she turned around and shook her ass at me. She teasingly lifted the skirt in back, and I realized that the panties were thongs! Good choice! She exposed the bottom halves of her perfect bare buns, and as she bent over slightly my eyes focused on her red panty-covered crotch between her legs.

Ashley faced Mom and me again, hooking her thumbs into her skirt waistband. She thrust her hips in and out a few times, before tugging down slightly, bringing her skirt down below her panty waistline. She alternated pulling down one side of her skirt and then the other, until the little garment slid down her panties and her thighs. Upon stepping out of her skirt, she thrust her panty-covered crotch at me some more.

Wearing only her thong, bra, and shoes, my big sis turned around, and jiggled her bare butt cheeks at me. They were pale, with tan lines separating her cheeks from her thighs. The two half-moons, as firm as they were, jiggled as she shook her ass back and forth, slowly at first, but then rapidly. She put her hands on her knees and booty popped her white ass.

While watching my sister stripping, I kept my left arm around Mom, who was standing next to me. Seeing Ashley's ass made me want to feel an ass, so I reached down and slid my hand into the back of Mom's panties, and squeezed her right cheek. It was way bigger than Ashley's, but it would do for a moment.

Ashley, with her back to us, lowered her bra straps. She reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, with a little difficulty. She danced with her hands holding up her cups, her bare back exposed. She turned to face us again, still holding the bra in front of her. Slowly she grasped the cups and pulled down on her bra. Her firm B-cup tits fell out and jiggled freely. The firm babies danced rapidly. Her nipples quickly became hard and pointed out at me. Ashley cupped her own two breasts and lifted them, holding them out for me. She leaned over and let them hang down. She wiggled her shoulders back and forth to shake them more.

I hadn't realized that my sister knew how to act so much like a slut. And she called me a "perv!"

I stood behind Mom now, letting my hard on goose her. I reached around her and played with her exposed cleavage as I watched Ashley's tits. Eventually I reached into Mom's bra and tweaked her hard nipples inside the cups.

Ashley hooked her thumbs inside her thong waistband on each side, by her hips. She pulled one side down, then the other, teasing me by showing a little more frontal flesh each time, the top of her pubic mound barely visible, stretching the waistband out. Finally she pulled the tiny garment down, arched her back and leaned forward, and slid the thongs down her legs, past her knees. She had to lift her feet while dancing the take them off, and she nearly tripped and fell.

But she got back into character as she thrust her bare pussy at me. From this proximity in good light, I could see through her wisp of dishwater blonde pubic hair to her pussy mound.

"Yeah! Go Blondie!" I yelled. She hated it when I called her that now, and gave me one irritated glance before getting back to thrusting her hips.

While watching Ashley dance completely naked except for her white shoes and a gold necklace, I rubbed my fingers over Mom's silk-covered pussy mound, then I slid my fingers into the front of her panties. I ran my fingers through her thick patch of pubic hair, cupped her mound for a moment, and then found her slit with my middle finger through all the hair. Mom was wet.

A new song came on the blaster, this one a little bit faster. "Mom, you may as well dance a little while you undress. Just the bra and panties." I said. "Ashley, you keep dancing, too.

Obediently, Mom stepped forward, and turned to face me. She was more of an old-fashioned bump-and-grind dancer, due to my influences. She put her hands up in the air over her head, and thrust her chest in and out, causing her cleavage to shake and hang out of her cups. Her legs were spread wide, her knees bent slightly, as she thrust her hips in and out at me, not looking directly at me. She shook her shoulder-length brown hair.

I took my cock out of my pants, and stroked it while watching Mom and Ashley.

Mom lowered her bra straps, reached behind and unclasped the black garment, and slowly let it drop. Her mammoth jugs fell out, and danced all over. Mom swung them around for me, leaned over and dangled them down, and squeezed them. She did something she knows I love - she lifted her tits up, lowered her head, and licked each of her own nipples.

"Yeah, Mamacita!" I laughed.

Mom turned and shook her ass at me for a bit. I was a big ass, not perfect, but it wasn't so bad for a mature woman, and I loved the way her flesh rippled and shook as she booty popped. Mom hooked her thumbs in the sides of her waistband, and slowly slid off the silk panties. After some more bare booty popping and a few rapid shakes, Mom turned around to show me that wide thick triangle of even brown pussy hair, sticking way out from her body. She was naked except for her garter, hose, and shoes.

I made my mom and sister dance naked for a moment more as I pointed my hard cock at them. I reached over to the blaster, and forwarded to a ballad. "Dance with each other. Real close and sexy."

Mom and Ashley turned and awkwardly put their arms around each other. They slow-danced, basically hugging and moving their feet up and down.

"Now kiss." Ashley and Mom looked at each other briefly, then turned their heads, closed their eyes and slowly kissed. I could see their tongues sticking out and licking together. Mom reached her hands up and timidly cupped Ashley's tits. Ashley did the same, unsure at first if she should. They massaged each other breasts. Knowing I liked it when their tits touched, Mom lifted both of her big tits up with her hands, and pressed them against Ashley's. She circled her darker-colored nipples around Ashley's pink nipples, then mashed their tits together, and rubbed their chests back and forth. Ashley emitted a gasp.

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