tagIncest/TabooMom and Sisters Humiliated

Mom and Sisters Humiliated


It all started on a nice Friday evening. My two sisters and I were going to receive our report cards today. They would be in the mail by the time we got home from high school. We never came home together. My two sisters would always ride together and spend time with their friends after school. They were more social than I will ever be. They never came home until dinner time, which was around 6:30pm. My father made it a point to have a family dinner at least twice a week to catch up on things. Friday night was a family dinner night.

My two sisters, Kate and Melissa, were two of the most popular girls at school. While I was just a quiet kid, who liked to stay in the back of the class. Kate and Melissa and I were all 18 years old and seniors in high school. We were triplets. We weren't identical triplets. We had some similarities, but for the most part we just looked like normal siblings.

I always tried to get a peak at Kate and Melissa when they came out of the shower. My room was downstairs and there's was upstairs. The shower was right next to my room and I had a perfect view of the stairs. They would come out of the bathroom with only a towel on and I would watch them slowly walk up the stairs, just hoping that one day the towel would fall from their nice, shapely bodies. I masturbated about this all the time. I swear sometimes they knew I was looking and they would bend over to give me a peak at their upper legs. The towel would never be short enough to see their ass.

Kate was a brunette. She had nice long legs, a slender body and a round firm ass. She wore a 36DD bra. Melissa was a little bit chubbier. She was not fat by any means. She just had a little grab on her. She was a redhead, which she got from my mom. Her ass was even better than Kate's. She wore a 36D bra. They get there wonderful bodies from my mom. All 3 of them were pale, like a porcelain doll. They were all a little over five feet tall.

There was one day I saw my mom walk out of the bathroom with only a towel on, and it actually fell. This was odd, because my mom usually puts her clothes on in the bathroom. This was one occasion where she forgot to bring them into the bathroom. My mom, Krissy, wore a 34DD bra. She had the same round ass that my sisters had. That day I saw her, I got a perfect view of her ass and a glimpse of the side of her tit. She had large puffy aerola's and her nipple was rather small. It didn't stick out too much.

Anyways, back to today. When I got home from school, Kate and Melissa were alreay home. I found this odd, because it was only 4:00pm. They were sitting on the couch with my mom looking at their report cards. My mom didn't look too happy with them. My mom was very close with them as was my dad with me. When I approached them, they were talking about somehow keeping the cards from dad. I just laughed at them and found my report card. Straight A's! I was even in the advanced classes. I couldn't wait to show dad the grades. He had promised me a snowmobile that we could both use if I kept my straight A's through my senior year. Just a half year to go. I turned back to my mom and showed her the card. She had a smile on her face and told me I did a great job. She then turned back to my sisters and told them she would break the news to our father after she told him that she had totalled his truck.

That was a surprise! She had switched cars with my dad this morning because she needed to pick something up that was big and heavy. So she needed his truck.

My mom told my sisters the report cards would not be a big deal to him after that. My dad was adiment on all of us getting good grades in school. He often spanked my sisters for their poor grades. It's too bad he never did it bare-bottomed. I would have liked to have seen that. They always had all of their clothes on. The last time he had spanked them was about 2 years ago.

Later that evening, dad came home. Me and my mom had made dinner and it was ready on the table. The first thing dad asked was about our report cards. My sisters just looked at my mom.

I chimed in. "Dad, I got more straight A's."

My dad smiled at me and said, "Great job, son. Another step closer to that snowmobile. What about you girls?".

They couldn't look my dad in the face. He knew something was wrong. He got very stern and asked for their report cards immediately. My mom got up from the table and told my dad she had totalled his truck. My dad stood their astonished for a moment. He quickly came out of it and asked her how. My mom told him it was her fault and that she had hit somebody. My dad just said mistakes happen and he would have to find a new truck. As long as my mom was okay and not hurt. He turned back to my sisters and asked for their report cards. My mom chimed in again saying that dinner was getting cold and we need to eat now.

My dad looked up at her and knew she was trying to hide the girls cards from him. He was getting mad now and now was demanding them in his hands this instance. My mom got up, grabbed the cards and handed them to my dad. The look on his face was priceless.

"Both of you have all D's and F's! What is this? If you two wouldn't spend so much time flirting with those boys and spend more time with your books, this wouldn't be happening!".

My mom tried to defend them, with no avail.

My dad said she was no better for trying to cover this up all the time.

That was when the fun began. The best day of my life.

Dad screamed out," Both of you girls stand up next to your mom. You girls want to be sluts and not bookworms. Then I'll go ahead and treat you as such.".

Dad told all 3 of them to turn around and bend over. He started spanking mom first, then Kate, and Melissa last. When he was done, he told all of them to face me. I was now aroused and had a hard-on. He told them they were going to show his son, ME, what real women look like.

"Kate, take off you shirt!".

Kate took her shirt off, then was told to take her pants off. I could see her cleavage while she was bent over. Dad told Melissa to take off her shirt and pants. He told mom the same thing. I couln't believe this. Just a thin layer of panties and bra was separating my eyes from seeing my mom's and my sister's ass, boobs, nipples, and pussies. My dad told me it was okay to masturbate, so I gladly started underneath the table. I was stroking my hard cock. Then I saw them. My mom's nipples were showing through her bra. I could see her boobs! My dad saw me staring and grabbed my mom's boobs and started rubbing them. He them grabbed Kate's boob and rubbed her nipple until it was hard. I could see it popping out a little.

Kate moaned,"Please, dad, stop. Please don't touch me anymore. I am a grown woman.".

That is when dad smacked Kate's boob. She started crying. Dad went behind her and unhooked her bra. It fell to the ground. Her boobs were amazing. They hung a little because they were so big, but they were still firm. The aerola took up half her boob and was a very light-colored pink. Her nipples were actually quite small. Dad grabbed her boobs and rubbed her nipples between his fingers. He then told her to spread her legs apart. I saw his fingers come out the front of her crouch. He was rubbing her pussy. He then pulled her panties down and took them off. Right between her legs, I could see her bald, puffy, pussy lips. I was seeing my sister's pussy! Now, this got me going. I was even moaning now. My dad told Kate to stand right next to me, so that I could get a close up of her gigantic boobs and her bald, now I could see that it was also wet, pussy. My dad told me not to touch Kate just yet. He went back to my mom and pulled her panties down. My mom had a red hairy cunt, but it wasn't too hairy. She naturally had little hair on her body. I could barely make out her pussy lips. I could definitely make out Kate's pussy lips right next to me. I could smell her pussy just 2 feet away from my nose. I loved the smell. Dad ripped mom's bra off and her boobs went swaying every which way. This made some cum come out of my cock. Her and Kate had identical boobs. My moms were just a little smaller. My mom's aerola's also took up half her boobs. Dad told mom to stand next to me. He then walked over to Melissa and told her to spread her legs. He grabbed her pussy lips through her panties and squeezed hard.

Melissa let out a scream,"Daddy, let go of my pussy. Please! Please, don't touch my pussy anymore. I'll do whatever you want. You're hurting my pussy".

My dad let go of her pussy lips, brought his hand back and spanked her pussy. She let out a cry and my dad did it again and again and again. He spanked her pussy about 10 times and then pulled her panties down. Her pussy had a little line of hair above her pussy lips. Otherwise, it was bald. He then spanked her pussy more. His hands were getting wet from her pussy juices, so he licked it off his hands. He them ripped her bra off and her boobs went swaying. This made more cum come out of my hard cock. Melissa's boobs were smaller than my mom's and Kate's, but they were still huge. Her aerola's only took up about a third of her boob and were also very light-colored and her nipples were a little bit larger than the other two's nipples. I couldn't believe what I was seeing here. My mom and my two sisters naked in front of me and my dad.

My dad then felt up on Melissa's boobs and went down and sucked her nipples. He started kissing her stomach, then her little line of pubic hair, until he finally reached her pussy. He stuck his whole mouth into her pussy. He was like an predator eating his prey.

"Daddy, please stop this. Daddy, please stop eating my pussy out. Stop!".

My dad did finally stop. He grabbed her pussy lips and dragged her over to me by her pussy lips. She was in tears. Dad told me to touch mom's boobs, so I did. They were very soft and so gentle. It was like touching a doll. I grabbed Kate's boobs next and they were the same way. I slid one hand down to Kate's pussy and put my finger in her wet pussy. I then licked my finger. It tasted soooo good. Dad told me to pull out from underneath the table and show the girls my cock. So I did. They were all astonished at the sight. It was only about 5-6 inches long, but it was the sight of seeing their son's and brother's cock that stunned them. Dad told Kate to sit on my cock. She did as he ordered. My cock slid nicely into her hot, hot, hot wet bald pussy. I started to suck her nipples. Her body was being aroused, even if she didn't want to be. My one whole hand was full of her boob and nipple and the other nipple was in my mouth. I kept sucking at her nipples and kissing all over her boobs for about five minutes. Dad finally told Kate to start going up and down on my cock and give me what I always wanted. Her virginity. My sisters may have been big flirts, but they were both still virgins. She started going up and down and soon we had a perfect rhythm. With one hand I kept feeling her pussy and licking my fingers. It smelt and tasted so good. I still couldn't believe I was fucking my oldest sister. Dad told Kate to get off of me and he them told mom to sit on my cock and give me a hard fuck. Mom's cunt was even looser and it slid on my cock with no problem at all. I started to suck her nipples and we made love.

Dad bent Kate and Melissa over the table and spanked their bare asses. He had them spread their legs apart, so he could see their bald pussies. I could see their huge boobs just hanging there, swaying back and forth as he spanked them. He then told both of them to get on the table, on their backs, and spread their legs, spread eagle. He spanked both of their pussies and fingered them in between spanks. I could see they had never been more humiliated in their entire lives.

"Do you girls like this? Daddy spanking and fingering your pussies. You two completely naked in front of your daddy and brother. We can see you big boobies, your gigantic aerolas, your asses, and your sweet, bald pussies. Now daddy's gonna slap your boobies.".

He then had both of them sit up straight, so he could slap their boobs. This got me so aroused, seeing my sisters' boobs slapped back and forth, that I finally came to the height of my arousal and grabbed my mom's hair and started pumping my cock in her harder then ever. While my mom was crying, I was moaning and screaming for joy.

"Yes, mom! Yes, mom! Give it to me you bitch! I am going to fuck you every day from now on, you fucking bitch! Ride my cock! Harder! Give it to me mommy! Slide your wet pussy up and down on my cock! Ohhhhh!".

Then my load shot out of my cock into my mom's sweet, red hairy cunt. She was crying more than ever now. I grabbed her face and kissed her lips and told her that I would do it softer from now on. Surprisingly, she kissed me back.

When dad was done slapping my sisters' boobs, he had them lay on their backs again. He told me to come over and help him eat their pussies out. He licked Kate's pussy and I licked Melissa's pussy. I could see why my dad had licked her pussy first. Melissa's pussy was so sweet. It wasn't salty at all. Dad told mom to get on the table and give Kate a good face fuck. Kate then had to lick my mom's hairy pussy. I was playing with Melissa's clit soo much, she eventually had an orgasm. I know she was being humiliated and didn't want this to happen, but she had no control over her body and what it was doing. I tasted all of her hot cum as it came out into my mouth. Her cum was running down my neck. It was so hot and sweet. It tasted like I was biting into a watermelon. She was screaming because it felt so good and crying at the same time because she was ashamed that she had cum in my mouth. Just then, Kate had an orgasm. Her cum was all over my dad's face.

This whole time, I could see Kate licking my mom's pussy. Kate was also massaging my mom's clit with her fingers, on my dad's orders. My mom's clit was hanging out beyond the little red hair she had. She was feeling Kate's boobs, also on my dad's orders.

My dad told me to stand up and stick my cock in Melissa and he did the same with Kate. We then made love to them for the next 20 minutes before we both cummed inside of them. The whole time, Melissa's pussy kept squeezing my cock harder and harder every time I slid in.

After that was over, my dad told me to sit on the couch with him. He told the girls to put on a show for the both of us. He wanted them to kiss each other, suck each other's nipples and lick each other's asses and pussies. He also brought out a strap on and a couple of mom's dildos. We watched as Kate and Melissa got into the 69 position and ate each other's pussies out. Mom also sucked my cock for about a half an hour before I came in her mouth. Dad made her swallow. After she sucked my cock, I slapped her face and her tits with my hard cock. She was crying the whole time, probably because it hurt and she was being humiliated. I made my mom stand on the couch, over me. I stuck two fingers up her ass and two up her cunt. I fingered her ass and cunt as I licked and bit her clit.

My dad told Kate and Melissa that they were going to act out one of his fantasies. He had them both get on their side and spread their legs apart. He grabbed their legs and moved them into each other until their wet pussies collided. He told them to rub their pussies together until they both had orgasms. My dad would periodically go down and lick both of their pussies, at the same time. He also made both of them suck his cock while they were rubbing their pussies together.

When it was over, he told the girls that this is not the last time this is going to happen. Whenever we wanted it, they would give it to us. If I want to see my sisters naked, then they would strip in front of me. If I wanted to make love to my mom, then she would let me make love to her. He also made a couple of rules. One of them was that if they were going pee, they would leave the bathroom door open, so we could see if we wanted to. Another was they couldn't wear any clothes at the table during family dinner night. The last two rules were no showering by themselves and they all had to have bald pussies. My dad or I would give them showers or baths. We would wash their bodies and we would shave their cunts. Oh, and there was one other rule. We would spank them whenever or wherever on their bodies we felt it was necessary. My dad told my sisters and my mom they all had to go on birth control. That was after my mom got pregnant with my baby. Oops!

Anyways, we definitely didn't get to eating food that night, just my mom's and sisters' pussies.

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