tagIncest/TabooMom & Son Celebrate Nude Day Naked

Mom & Son Celebrate Nude Day Naked


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Mom & Son Celebrate Nude Day Naked

"Be careful what you wish for because with a high price to pay for every, sexual, incestuous thing that you wish to receive, you may get what you want."

A mother reluctantly agrees to strip herself naked and have sex with her son on Nude Day.

"Happy Birthday, Elizabeth," said her son John to his mother. "Happy Birthday, Mom."

Going out for the night on her birthday, she looked so pretty. She looked so sexy. She looked so hot. John wished he was going out with her. Only, where she was going, there were no men allowed.

Home from college for the summer before starting his junior year in September, today was a big day for 20-year-old John. Today was his mother's 40th birthday. John thought she'd be celebrating her birthday with him but she had already made plans with her friends to go to a CFNM strip club. It was going to be a late night waiting up for her to arrive home to wish her a happy birthday again. Rejecting having beer because beer made him sleepy, wanting to be awake to greet his mother, John drank black coffee instead.

Being that her friends were taking her out and the drinks were on them, he figured she'd be coming home a little tipsy. He had never seen his mother tipsy. Since she was going to an all-male strip club, he wondered if she'd be coming home horny too. He had never seen his mother horny. He wondered what she was like when drunk and horny.

'Drunk and horny, what better time than tonight to make a sexual move on my mother,' he thought?

Only, perish the thought. He didn't dare. He needed to live here until after he graduated from college in two years, found a job, and could afford his own place. He didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable in her own home by the incestuous lust that he felt for his mother. The last thing that he wanted was for his mother to think him an incestuous pervert and ask him to leave.

Yet, if nothing more than a sexual fantasy and with him sexually attracted to his MILF of a mother since his father left two-years ago when he was 18-years-old, innocent enough, he imagined giving his mother a birthday kiss. Not as innocent, forget about him just giving her a peck on the lips, he imagined giving his mother a deep, wet, birthday kiss. Crossing the incestuous line, he imagined giving his mother forty, French kisses with one for good luck.

Only, he had never given his mother more than a peck on her lips on her birthday, on his birthday, on Valentine's Day, on Christmas under the mistletoe, and on New Year's Eve. John yearned to French kiss his mother. He wished he could make out with his mother while feeling her sexy and shapely body through her clothes.

If she came home drunk, in addition to kissing her, he imagined giving his mother forty, birthday, naked ass whacks with one for good luck. Imagining taking sexual advantage of his mother, he imagined pulling her over his knee. He imagined lifting up her short skirt, pulling down her white, bikini panties, and slapping her naked ass forty times with one for good luck.

Maybe if she was drunk enough and horny enough, he'd not only kiss his mother, French kiss his mother but also slap her naked ass. Maybe if she was drunk enough and horny enough, she'd not only allow him to kiss her, French kiss her, but also allow him slap her naked ass forty time with one for good luck. The only thing better than French kissing his mother and slapping her naked ass was her allowing him to strip her naked. The only thing better than being allowed to strip his drunken, horny mother naked was her allowing him to have sex with her drunken, horny, and naked body.

'Wow! How hot would that be to take sexual advantage of my mother under the pretense that I was giving her forty, naked, ass whacks for her birthday,' he thought? 'In my dreams,' he thought. 'French kissing my mother and/or slapping her naked ass will never happen just as stripping my mother naked and having sex with her naked body would never happen neither.'

Nothing more than a sexual fantasy, he'd love to help his mother to bed. Imagining her being too drunk to undress herself, he imagined undressing her. He imagined removing her blouse before removing her short skirt. He imagined removing her low-cut bra to expose her big, naked tits before removing her bikini panties to expose her round, firm, naked ass and her naked, black, trimmed pussy to his horny, incestuous eyes. He imagined stripping his mother naked. As his pretense and his valid excuse to strip his mother naked, the next morning, if she asked, he could tell her that he helped her on with her nightgown in the dark after she stripped herself naked.

'Yeah, that's good. That will work. Maybe she'd be too drunk to remember me undressing her, seeing her naked body, and touching and feeling her everywhere that a son should never touch and feel his naked mother,' thought John.

Only instead of staying awake to greet his mother, John fell asleep dreaming of undressing her and having his wild, wicked, sexual way with her shapely and sexy, naked body. He fell asleep with thoughts of unbuttoning and removing her blouse, unbuttoning, unzipping, and removing her short skirt, unhooking and removing her bra, and slowly sliding off her panties. As if he had really undressed his mother, stripped her naked, he dreamt of his mother naked. Visualizing her without her clothes, as if a premonition and as if she was standing in the living room naked, his dream felt so surreally real.

'I'd love nothing more than to strip my mother naked while French kissing her,' he thought.

Not stopping there with his sexual fantasy, after stripping his mother naked, he dreamt of having incestuous sex with his naked mother. Before undressing her, he dreamt of feeling his mother through her clothes while French kissing her and her feeling him through his clothes while French kissing him. Then, after undressing her, he imagined feeling her naked breasts and fingering her naked nipples. He dreamt of fingering his mother's warm, wet pussy.

Totally forbidden, yet so very sexually exciting, he imagined masturbating his mother. Totally incestuous, yet, again, so very sexually exciting, fingering her while licking her, he imagined eating his mother's pussy. With her returning the sexual favor, he imagined his mother stroking his cock while sucking his cock. If that wasn't enough, he imagined making love to his MILF of a mother before fucking her.

'Elizabeth, I love you. Happy birthday. I love you mom,' he imagined saying. 'I'd love to give my Mom multiple orgasms with my fingers, my tongue, and my cock,' he thought. 'I'd love to know what she looks and sounds like when having multiple, sexual orgasms.'

* * * * *

The last thing that he remembered before falling asleep on the couch was finishing his third cup of coffee. The last thing he remembered before falling asleep was turning off the television. The last thing he remembered after falling asleep was being awakened by loud laughter coming from the front hall. He looked at his watch. It was after 2:00 am when he heard Diane's voice, his mother's best friend coming up the front stairs.

"How many strippers' cocks did you stroke, Liz," asked Diane?

He heard his mother laugh.

"I lost count, at least eight or ten. I don't remember," she said laughing again.

Diane returned his mother's laugh with her laugh.

"How many strippers' cocks, did you suck, Liz?"

He heard his mother laughing again before he heard his mother answer Diane's question.

"I don't know. I lost count of that too," said his mother slurring her words and laughing. "At least four, I think, maybe more. I only wished they had fucked me. I'm still so horny," she said slurring her words again. "I would have loved someone cumming in my pussy before cumming in my mouth," she said.

They were talking and laughing so obnoxiously loud.

'Wait. What? Did I hear Diane correctly or was I imagining her saying that? My mother stroked eight or ten strippers' cocks. My mother sucked four strippers' cocks, maybe more,' he thought while listening at the closed front door. 'My Mom is horny and wished that the strippers had fucked her,' he thought to himself. 'Did I hear her correctly when she said that she wished that the strippers had ejaculated their cum in her cunt and in her mouth? How hot is that to be alone with my drunk and horny mother?'

Always thinking of his mother as morally modest, John never thought that his mother gave blowjobs. Then, not believing his eyes, he saw his mother sucking her date, Ralph's prick, a few days ago in the backyard by the pool when she thought he was sleeping. Now, he suddenly had an image of his mother on her knees and blowing strippers. In the way that he watched his mother suck Ralph's cock from his bedroom window while masturbating himself, and in the way that he imagined his mother sucking the cocks of four or more strippers, he imagined his mother sucking his prick too.

Unable to stay awake much longer, John opened the front door to see Diane struggling to slowly help his mother up the stairs. As if she was in a catfight, with her blouse half unbuttoned and her skirt unzipped and on crooked, his mother's clothes were disheveled. She looked so perfect when she left the house and now she looked a frightful mess. Even her straight, black, perfectly coiffed hair, something she was so particular about, was sticking up in back as if the strippers had put their heavy hands to the back of her head while she sucked their cocks.

"Johnny! You're awake," said his mother with a big, drunken smile while staring up at him with her big, beautiful, brown eyes.

She greeted him as if she hadn't seen him in several months when it had only been several hours. As if he was her boyfriend, lover, or husband instead of her son, she threw her arms around his neck and pressed her torso tightly against his torso in a full body hug. Eager to leave, Diane deposited his mother at the front door and wave goodnight while heading down the stairs.

"I have to go. I'm late. Good night. Happy birthday, Liz. She's all yours," said Diane to John. "I have to get home. I still need to drive the babysitter home. Good night," said Diane already outside.

* * * * *

John helped his mother inside and as soon as he closed the front door, his mother pushed him against the door and kissed him. His mind was suddenly swirling with sexual, incestuous lust for his mother. His mother kissed him. Having never kissed him in that sexual way before, he couldn't believe his mother kissed him in that incestuous way now.

'Wow,' he thought while closing his eyes and returning her kiss with his kiss.

Then, as if she was still at the strip club and she had mistaken him for one of the strippers, she reached her horny hand down to feel his cock through his jeans. Groping him in the way that he always wanted her to grope him and in the way that he'd love to grope his mother, she was feeling his growing erection through his jeans. He couldn't believe his mother not only touched his prick but also felt and fondled his prick through his jeans. He only wished he was wearing his pajama bottoms without underwear instead of his jeans.

Yet, with her not nearly done sexually molesting her son, before he could move away from his mother, she had already parted his lips and French kissed him. His mother French kissed him. He couldn't believe his mother French kissed him.

'Holy hot Hell,' he thought. 'I'll be going to Hell if I have sex with my mother.'

Before he could move away from his mother, she had already unzipped him and taken his erect, naked prick out of his jeans. Before he could move away from his mother, she was stroking his big, hard, naked prick in her soft, warm, motherly hand. His mother was French kissing him while stroking his naked, erect cock. He couldn't believe his mother was French kissing him while stroking his naked, erect prick.

'Oh, my God. I don't believe this. She's going to make me cum,' he thought while his mother stroked him harder and faster. 'Am I still dreaming? My sexual fantasy come true, I can't believe my mother is French kissing me while stroking my cock,' he thought while in shock.

Kissing and kissing him while fondling the head of his growing, naked erection, she stopped making out with her son to tell him what she needed him to tell him by whispering her incestuous, sexual desires in his ear.

"Would you like me to suck your cock, John?" She looked at him in the way that his mother had never looked at him before. "I don't mind. I'd blow you, if you want me to blow you," she said continuing to stroke his cock. "You can even cum in my mouth and watch me swallow your cum," she said giving him a sexy smile and a drunken look while sliding a slow tongue across her full, red lips. "Would you like for Mommy to stroke you while blowing you?"

He was stunned, too stunned to answer his mother.

"Mom," was what he said. "Mom," was all that he could say. "Mom," he said nodding his head yes to her giving him a blowjob.

He watched her squirming as if she was a snake trying to crawl out of her skin.

"Before I suck you, Johnny, help me out of these clothes. I've been in these clothes all day," she said blowing in his ear before continuing to kiss him. She stopped kissing him again only to tell him what she wanted and needed him to do. "I need to get naked," she said while laughing. "Do your mother a favor and strip me naked, John," she said laughing again. "Then, after you strip me naked, I'll suck your prick."

'What? Seriously? My mother wants me to help her out of her clothes. She needs to get naked. She wants me to strip her naked,' he thought as if imagining what she said and what he heard. 'Oh, my God. She offered to blow me. She offered to suck my cock, allow me to cum in her beautiful mouth, and watch her swallow my cum. This is unbelievable. I can't believe this is happening.'

* * * * *

More than two-years later, home for good after having graduated college and looking for a job, John awakened with a raging erection. Nothing new there, his morning wood, he always awakened with an erection. Moreover, because of his MILF of a sexy mother, as if flaunting his cock, teasing his mother, and daring her to touch it, suck it, and fuck it, he always walked around her and the house with an erection. Yet, even though he was horny, sexually excited and sexually frustrated, as he was every day, today was different. Today was Nude Day. Other than Christmas and his birthday, Nude Day was his favorite holiday of the year.

Yet, despite the naked holiday, he didn't think of naked models protesting animal rights and the ban of fur. He didn't think of naked celebrities pushing some political agenda. Instead, he thought more of his mother naked while celebrating Nude Day with him naked too. Instead of sexually fantasizing over women he sexually knew from his past or wanted to sexually know in his future, his sexual thoughts were incestuous thoughts that were more focused on his MILF of a mother, Elizabeth, than on anyone else.

To John, Nude Day was synonymous with his mother stripping herself naked and seeing his mother without her clothes. He'd love nothing more than to celebrate the naked holiday naked with his naked mother. He'd love nothing more than to see his mother naked again in the way that he saw her naked more than two-years ago when she came home drunk from a CFNM strip party drunk and horny.

Today is the day for him and his mother to hopefully, with a little coercion on his part, get naked without shame, guilt, and/or remorse. Today, Nude Day, he hoped to see his mother naked again and hoped to show his naked mother his naked body too. He'd love to show his mother his naked prick again if only she'd agree to show him her naked ass, here naked tits, and her naked pussy.

With him not out of bed yet, he slowly stroked his erection while thinking of seeing his mother in her panties and bra again. He thought about seeing his mother topless again and naked again. He slowly stroked his erection while thinking of having sex with his naked mother again.

'If it's not enough to see my mother naked on Nude Day,' he thought, 'how hot would that be to have sex with my naked mother on Nude Day?'

It was more than two years ago when she celebrated her fortieth birthday by attending a CFNM, clothe female, nude male, strip club and when she came home drunk, horny, and vulnerable. It was more than two years ago when she kissed him, French kissed him, felt him through his clothes, and allowed him to return her long, wet kisses and strip her naked. Not stopping there, it was more than two years ago when they had mother and son incestuous sex.

Even now he still can't believe that she allowed him to French kiss her while he touched her, felt her, and fondled her through her clothes, and while she touched him, felt him, and fondled him through his clothes. More than that, she allowed him to undress her, strip her naked, and have his wild, wicked, sexual way with her sexy, shapely, and naked body. While continuing to masturbate himself, he remembered fingering her pussy while licking her pussy. Reciprocating the sex, she sucked and fucked his cock. It was more than two years ago when he made sweet love to his mother before he fucked his mother hard and fast, and pounded her pussy.

'I love you, Mommy,' he thought while stroking his prick a little faster and a little harder.

* * * * *

Alas, a sad day, it was more than two years ago since their Bullmastiff, Devil, died. Sad over the death of their beloved dog and perhaps coming together because of their grief over their beloved pet, they were both too broken up and too sad to get another dog. They'd never find another huge, friendly, and loyally loving dog like Devil. Weighing 160 pounds of muscle and thirty inches tall at the shoulder, one of a kind, he was a giant of his breed.

'I miss you, Devil,' he thought.

Yet, now, more than two years later, as if it never happened, as if he imagined it, dreamt it, or sexually fantasized it, he wondered if nudity and/or sex between them would ever happen again. As if nudity and sex between them never happened, sweeping their forbidden sexual desires beneath the carpet, in the way that they never discussed the death of Devil, they never discussed them having incestuous sex. If only just one more time, he'd love to see his mother naked again. If only just one more time, he'd love to have sex with his naked mother again.

Now that he was older, still masturbating himself over that one special night with his mother, he needed to know if his mother sexually wanted him as much as he still sexually wanted her. He needed to know if she'd allow him to strip her naked and have sex with her again when she was sober and wasn't drunk. He'd love nothing more than to touch and feel her through her clothes while French kissing her again. He'd love nothing more than to strip his mother naked again while sexually touching and feeling her everywhere a son should never sexually touch and feel his mother.

What better day than Nude Day to open that forbidden, Pandora's Box of taboo and incest? What better day than Nude Day to free that can of worms of Garden of Eden kind of sexual desire? What better day than Nude Day than to seduce his mother into stripping naked again and celebrating Nude Day naked? What better day than Nude Day to have incestuous sex with his mother again? If only she would, he would.

* * * * *

"It's going to be another hot one today, John," said Elizabeth to her son.

She turned her fan a notch higher while waving a magazine in front of her pretty face. With the top, two buttons of her blouse already unbuttoned, she abandoned her magazine to use both of her hands to flutter her blouse open and closed in trying to cool herself. As if following a forbidden road to Nirvana, John watched a bead of perspiration slowly slide from her long, swanlike neck down the tops her meaty breasts, follow her sexy cleavage, and disappear somewhere inside her sexy, low-cut bra.

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