tagIncest/TabooMom And Son Discover Each Other

Mom And Son Discover Each Other


We've just spent a weekend in the San Antonio 100° weather for a Family Reunion and are now driving home in Oklahoma City...it's about 475 miles & a 7.5 hour drive, so we have a way to go... My Mom and Dad are in the front seat, Dad is driving, Mom is reading a brochure they printed up about everyone in the family....very well done, I'd say.. Dad is 40yo; Mom is a hot 33yo; I'm 18yo and can totally understand why they were naughty and not very careful some 19 years ago....Dad is a Mechanical Engineer and recently became a partner in a large Engineering firm in town.... Mom is a busy housewife; a weekly Pilates and Yoga Instructor; as well as being a devout runner, so it goes without saying that she has a toned body to go along with her natural beauty...

After about an hour's drive, Mom began to get drowsy and put her brochure down; letting her head rest on Dad's shoulder....but she is a 'sometimes' snorer, although not very loud, but just enough to irritate Dad with her head on his shoulder...He nudged her and said "Why don't you get in the back with David; you'll have more room to stretch out......go ahead...get in the back." Begrudgingly, half asleep, she barely opened her eyes and asked him if he was going to stop the car so that she could move to the back; he said to 'just crawl over the seat." The look she gave him would kill...I thought she were going to smack him, but climb over she did, and in the process, she displayed a lot of well-tanned legs, as well as a 'panties shot' in doing so.. [a 'Thank You' to the short skirt she had on]. Mom or not, her 34yo body was a 'Killer10' and I've spent many a times thinking of her while I masturbated....accidently catching glimpses of her sprinting from the bathroom to the bedroom in the nude was enough to put me back in the bed for 'another 10 minutes.'

I helped her over the seat and never gave thought that she were so sleepy that she would just flop on the seat and fall asleep. I was perfectly comfortable in the back seat; all stretched out with my left leg stretched along the seat and back[ she just sort of fell and when she hit the seat she just plopped her head in my lap and almost immediately fell back to sleep....I wasn't prepared for her immediate fetus style sleeping position. I didn't think about it at the time, but I always wear Soccer or Basketball shorts in the warm months, especially when the temperatures are 90°+., which are very loose fitting and generally no underwear. One downside of baggy shorts, is that they creep up into the groin area and make everything uncomfortable when sitting...you have to rearrange your junk frequently, and this time was no exception....I was practically sitting on my scrotum and my cock was feeling pinched and I needed to adjust everything, but I didn't want to wake my Mom....so I slowly wiggled my butt around, carefully adjusting everything; I positioned my cock along my left thigh which was completely out of her way and safe..

As the ride continued, I fell asleep, and I guess because of Mom's occasional sleeping movements, especially of her head on my lap, my cock must have taken notices of her movements and began to get a little aroused.....since my left leg was lying along the back seat, my Mom's head was practically in my crotch and her right hand was lying on top of my left thigh; dangerously close to my cock... I glanced down at her curled up legs; butt hanging off the seat...beautiful!!...Dad is one lucky man and I'm proud to have such a beautiful Mom... from my position, I can see her breasts through the opening of her blouse and almost a full view of a nipple....dark auburn in color; my sexual fantasy is to reach in and massage her nipple, put it in my mouth to suckle and kiss while I put my cock in her pussy and have her flood my cock with her juices and tell me that I have the best cock she's ever had in her life.... Yes, I've had these thoughts of her over the years while I've masturbated and right now she's cuddled up close to me as though she were my woman....I wish!!....

My imagination was in high-gear and the more I thought about her and looked at her body, the more aroused my cock got... I was almost in total control until we hit a rut in the road, and she moved her hand from the top of my thigh, down to the car seat, along my thigh but touching my traveling cock with her outstretched fingers. Now it began to snake towards 'open air' out from my shorts, heading for freedom.....

Mom coughed to clear her throat and when she repositioned herself; she must have woken just enough to realize that her hand had fallen on my exposed head because her finger-tips were lightly making little circles on the head and teasing the tip. ...terrified, I didn't know what to do...Do I move my cock while she's playing with the head and take a chance on embarrassing us both?? Our commotion may startle Dad and he'll want to know what the hell is wrong.... I hoped that she really was asleep and thinking that she were touching my Dad...so I decided to let things alone and hopefully she'll stop eventually and when she awakens, she won't have any idea of what she had done and not be the wiser....

I saw her raise her head and then she turned towards me to see if I was asleep and I quickly shut my eyes and pretended to be in a deeeeep sleep. Feeling confident that I was in a deep sleep, she worked her fingers under my shorts' leg and proceeded to play with the head; but not enough to waken me [so she thought].... Godddd...my Mom is playing with my cock ....and I can tell that there's precum 'Thanking' her for her attention. My cock was raging to get out of these shorts, the head ventured out further, exposing it's whole self plus some rigid shaft....Mom glanced at me once again to make sure that I was asleep; [to which I could have passed for someone in a 10 year-coma]....As mentally uncomfortable as this was, I didn't want her to stop ... Feeling confident, she coiled her knees up tighter, and moved further down the seat and I watched as she moved her head so close to my cock, I could feel her warm breath on directed on the head...she placed two fingers under the head, and lifted it to just barely touch her lips...and then she stopped....[was she hesitating because this was her son's cock, not her husband's or was it because this act might be considered more than just 'crossing the line' for both of us??? If she continued, there would be no going back.] It seemed like forever, but then she lifted the head and flicked her tongue gently in and around the tip; then I felt her wet, warm lips slowly move onto half of the head....she began by slowly fucking half of the head for just a few seconds, and then her fingers guided the remainder of the head into her mouth. There was no turning back now. Not wanting to wake me, she very carefully and slowly raised my shorts' leg up as far as she could to expose more of my cock and freedom to raise my cock away from my leg....then she began to making tender love to my cock, fucking the full head as gently [and quiet] as she could...my precum was a steady supply for her and her tongue was helping her to swallow every drop....it was as though she had never had a man in her mouth and she was loving it.....

There was no need for us to pretend to be asleep now; I shifted my body to improve the position of my cock in her mouth, I reached down and placed my hand on her face and helped guide her mouth to fuck my cock ..... she moaned quietly and moved her mouth farther onto my shaft. I felt a climax building to be released, but because she is my Mom, I was reluctant to let it loose....making love to my cock and tasting my uncontrollable precum is one thing, but subconsciously, cumming in your Mom's mouth was stopping me.....but she continued her love making and this was more than I or any man could stand....I released it...our bodies shared an instant twitch...my cock was throbbing with pumping my cum, her throat was throbbing to swallow.....how we managed to do this without making a lot of noise is almost unbelievable but we continued our passionate incest and fucked away....

Dad must have heard her quiet moans, and asked: "Is everything ok back there???"

"Yes.., everything is fine, Mom is still asleep, I think she's having a weird dream, just a few moans now and then....why don't you put some soft music on, maybe that'll soothe her...." [Glancing in his rearview mirror, all he could see was my head]...

"OK, fine....let me know if you need to make a potty-stop; we have about 300 miles left, so just relax."

I unbuttoned the top button of her blouse and reached in and began massaging her aroused breast and playing with her nipple....this made her ass twitch and hunch about. I then leaned over and reached down and replaced her wet fingers with mine....her pussy was saturated; bikini panties were soaking wet....it may have been that because she and I were in a sinful, incest act here and her husband/my Dad was only within arm's reach... the danger was intensifying the passionate arousal in us both... I moved my fingers towards her clit and made tiny circular movements and she responded by pressing her clit forcefully against my fingers, bucking her hips in rhythm. She opened her legs to give me better access and I placed two fingers in her pussy and began finger-fucking her slowwwwwwly...I didn't want to create any sexual sounds; I thought she were going to break my fingers with the way she squeezed her thighs and pussy together.... She glanced up at me again, and we both had a very guilty smirk on our faces, and while she was looking at me, I removed my fingers from her pussy and brought them to my mouth and licked them, then slowly sucked each finger individually...even the ones that had not been in her, ones that were just in contact with her released juices...I could feel her groins twitch as though she were getting off on that..... Her juices tasted delicious; I could have drunk her dry.... We were in 'incest hell' but we weren't about to stop... when I replaced my fingers, I found out then that she did have another climax; she was soaking wet from her pussy down to her knees, cum was dripping down her thigh...

[May lightning strike us dead!! Here we are; my Dad is driving the car, my Mom has my cock in her mouth, sucking and jacking me off, trying to drain my balls; and I've got my fingers in her pussy, finger-fucking her and both of us are trying not to make any noise.... This is too much for a 17yo....if my Dad had caught us, he'd probably kill us both...and he'd be justified.]

We felt the car slow down and Dad said that 'We're stopping for gas; this will be the last stop before getting home, so if anyone needs to make a potty-stop, this is it.'

I told him that Mom was still asleep and I was going to stay in the car so as not to wake her up.... But could he get me another coke and some paper towels because I had spilled some of my other drink on me...

"OK, I'll be right back...I'm going to gas up and stretch my legs some."

As he walked off, Mom waited a minute and quietly asked where he was, and I told her that he was gassing up the car..... We heard the gas-flap slam shut and then he walked inside to pay and get me a drink and a handful of paper towels. As he handed them to me, he said he was going to take a 5 minutes' walk to get the blood back in his legs...Mom waited for a minute, then asked me where he was....I said he was about 50yards away...at that moment, she pulled my shorts' leg as far up as it would go to release another 2 or so inches of cock to freedom. She held it with both hands and began to swallow as much of my cock as she could get in her mouth...fucking it feverishly, franticly, cramming my cock as far in her mouth as she could....it was as though she only had 5 minutes to have her last orgasm ever...[if my Dad caught us, it may well have been her last orgasm] Did she want to make me to have a full orgasm in her mouth, or did she just need to release an orgasm herself without the worry of being heard... either way, I had an orgasm and she moaned loudly; bucking her ass wildly and was so frantic with my dick at this Moment, I really thought she might do serious damage to it.....she settled down and composed herself but she was still breathing heavily as she began cleaning the head with her mouth and sucking on the tip... she looked up at me and gave me a beautiful smile and continued licking my head before turning her head away ..... [I had given her the towels to clean up but based on how much she spent, I'm sure that they weren't enough....]

I saw Dad approaching the car and told her that he was coming; she returned to her 'deep sleep' position and as he opened his door, he glanced in the back seat and said 'Wow, she is knocked out.'[We continued this incest all the way until we reached Oklahoma City..... she and I were both in cock heaven ....]

We reached the house and as we pulled into the garage, Mom pretended to have just woken up, she jumped out of the car to say that her bladder was about to burst and rushed off to use the bathroom ....[She sprinted out to avoid Dad seeing any cum trails on her clothing].... She returned and as we unloaded the car, she and I glanced at each other with a sort of 'guilty/but glad' way.....

We had a nice dinner, bathed and then everyone went to bed....I'm guessing that Dad was too tired to have even been thinking about sex that night, but Mom was probably still keyed up; I know I was, I think I jacked off twice before going to sleep and again when I woke up....damn, I can't believe all that happened...

I woke at about 8:30am [school doesn't start for another week] and I was really scared to go into the kitchen to face Mom....How can we face each other? What do we say or do after yesterday?? I know we'll both be embarrassed as hell and feeling guilty about her kissing and sucking my cock, and me finger-fucking her and tasting her juices at every opportunity...will things be different between us??.....Goddd, I hope not...she is my mother and I love her more than anything in this world...I can't help that she's so damned beautiful that she makes me desire her... If things would return to normal, I'll promise to never think of desiring her again and never think of her while masturbating..

I went to the bathroom to take a leak and then downstairs to face the music.... She was in one of her thin, cotton shorty-gowns...., one that exposes her body as a 'beautiful silhouette' whenever she passes in front of the window....she had always worn those hip-length gowns to sleep in...I guess because we were mother and son, she never gave a thought that she was exposing too much to me as I was getting older...[I must have been about 11 or 12yo, when one morning I noticed that she had forgotten her panties and I caught several glimpses of her pussy as she worked about the kitchen....and every morning since then, I scouted her to see if she didn't have panties on...my little cock was yearning to be stroked, to which I completed with my morning shower, wishing she were with me.]....Nervously I approached her and gave her a kiss on the cheek as our every-morning greeting [she didn't look at me, she just presented her cheek for the kiss and went about with what she was doing]......

"Good morning Mom."

"Good morning David....what do you want for breakfast?"

[Am I in the Twilight Zone here???? She and I had shared incestual sex for almost 300miles and she's acting like nothing ever happened???? My head is spinning trying to figure this out..

[I'm afraid to ask for Oatmeal...I'm afraid that she'll pour it over my head....so I said:]

"How about French Toast??"...

"Ok, French toast it is......the coffee is ready and your father has gone to work........ AND we need to have a little talk after breakfast."

[Damn...I felt like I was having my own '9/11'... but it was more her fault than mine...based on the position of her body near my groin, the sight of her cuddled up on the rear seat, and the nice view of her breasts; I couldn't help but get a hard on, and asleep or not, if she thought she were playing with Dad's cock, she should have stopped when she realized that it wasn't his...that's right! She could have stopped and pretended to be asleep for the remainder of the ride and we would have never done anything....Yes, she's my mother but I can't count how many times I've jerked off thinking of kissing all over her beautiful breasts and wanting to put my cock in her pussy......and for her to play with my cock and lick my precum sent me over the moon].

I ate my breakfast, and watched as she cleaned-up around the kitchen... I was looking at her beautiful legs, fantastic ass, and her firm, bouncing breasts with nipples trying to burst through her thin gown and I'm still trying to catch glimpses of her dark pubic hair crotch as she reaches high in the cabinets or bends over. One of my frequent fantasies in the past year, would be that she would reach down and remove her panties, walk over to me, straddle me in the chair; slide her wet pussy over my erect cock and fuck me in the chair...but her comment of 'little talk' made me wipe those thoughts from my head, especially today.....I was going to be admonished for yesterday. I finished my breakfast, put my dishes in the dishwasher and I told her that I was going to shower and she could come up to my room when she was ready to have our 'little' talk...

I was in my room waiting for the firing squad; soon there was a tapping on my door. "David?...David??......is it ok if I come in??"...

'Yes, come on in....it's fine.."

She entered and walked to me; standing very close, and with no expression on her face, she took my face in her hands; looked me in the eyes and said: "David, my precious darling, what we did yesterday was sinfully unforgivable; to say that it was incest would not even be close to describing it. It was something that should never happen between relatives, especially a parent and their child; God forbid that anyone finds out about this...cheating on your Dad is one thing, but to think that I was having sex with my son only inches away from my husband is unimaginable. You know I love you and I love your Dad; I am terribly ashamed of what I did yesterday, but I've never been so sexually aroused like that... never, ever, in all of my life. Maybe my arousal was due to sinful incest and the taboo of touching your cock, tasting your cum...whatever it was, I couldn't stop making love to your cock and tasting you...I've never spent that much cum during foreplay; my body was soaked in it. After making love to your cock for all that time, I experienced minor climaxes but my pussy wanted to explode with a major release that never happened, and I still have it in me that only you can release.....we have to fuck, I have to fuck you...my pussy was screaming for your cock last night ....I had planned to have sex with your father last night to release my orgasm but he fell fast asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. I went to our bathroom and fucked myself with my dildo but that didn't replace your cock nor did it even begin to satisfy me....all I could think about was having your cock inside me and fucking me ....I need a good fucking....God only knows what kept me from coming into your bedroom and raping you....I was so crazed, I was thinking of coming into your room, locking the door; stuffing a cloth in your mouth to silence you if you wanted to resist, then mounting your cock and insanely fucking you....if your cock weren't already hard, I'd make it hard with my mouth....I know that works...[followed by one of her beautiful smiles and a gleam in her eyes]....I needed to fuck you so bad....my dildo was useless; I doubted that your father could have released my orgasm.....I want your throbbing, flesh and blood cock in me...I want to feel the head of your cock sliding in and out of me.... I know this is wrong....it's absolutely insane and I know we will be going straight to hell for this and I don't care!!!... I don't care what you think; right or wrong; incest or not; we're going to get in your bed right now and we're going to fuck until we can't fuck anymore... I suppressed major orgasms during that ride yesterday and they've built up to the point of almost being painful....like a huge knot in me and it has to be released."

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