Mom And Son Discover Each Other


[As she were saying all of this, my boxer shorts was 'tenting-up' and precum was steadily flowing...I could feel my heart beating in my cock, the throbbing was almost audible as though I was listening to it with a she stood close to me, my cock was rubbing against her belly and spreading snail-trails of cum all over her].

Her face was so close that our noses were almost touching; she wrapped her arms around my neck and softly said: "Darling, I need you inside me; I want to feel your cock stroking me; I want to feel you cum inside me.....I want to release my cum all over your cock....I don't know how it happened Sweetheart, but yesterday your cock made me a sex-crazed maniac; mother or not, throw incest out the window. I want to feel your tongue on my clit, I want to feel you lap up all of my cum as I release it in your mouth. As long as you live here, I want to have sex with you....I am your Mother, I am your Lover. I love your father and always will, but I can only be satisfied sexually by you now... I can't suckle your cock and savor your cum for almost 300 miles and not fuck you."

[My Mom is about as beautiful and hot as any woman on this planet; 34yo and will definitely turn every head when she is precum was spilling out as I listened to her tell me that she and I were going to be in a fucking craze... I pulled her face to me, kissed her lightly and passionately; our tongues fighting for dominance. She reached down and [with a little difficulty] lowered my shorts to the she rose, my wet cock spread cum along her cheek and on her lips; she took the head, placed it in her mouth and began lightly sucking and stroking it to drain any remaining precum into her mouth; to which my balls kept adding short spurts... She grabbed my cock with a death grip to stop my cumming; then she slid her bikini pants down and removed her gown exposing her rock hard breasts with rigid nipples. I leaned over and lightly suckled her nipple and reached down to her pussy to find that she must have already had a climax, as it was saturated with her juices....I found her clit and made circles with my fingers on it and she took my cock in her hand and stroked in rhythm with my fingers on her clit...I began having minor spurts on her belly again.]

Pushing away from me, she said: "No David... lets lie down.".... then she guided us down onto the bed; we kissed and I kept massaging her clit with my fingers and attempted to finger-fuck her but she stopped me and whispered softly into my ear: "No, David darling, no more fingers; I want youuuuu in me and I want all of you...I want every inch of your cock inside me....I'm no longer your mother, fuck me like your lover, fuck me like a whore; fuck me anyway you want to, ...but fuck me...fill me with your cock; cum in me, cum on me, cum in my mouth, cum on my face...I am completely yours.......godddddd, you drive me've made me your insane darling, I'm going to fuck you so hard." She then looked me in the eyes, [with her beautiful smile, she began to kiss my lips softly and quickly following each of her comments]: "David, I don't want any other woman fucking you [k] or making love to your cock [k], or tasting your cum[k]'re mine, David[kk] and your cock belong to me Sweetheart[k] and I intend to fuck you every day... and I mean everyday!!![kk].. You have created a monster here David; all I have been able to think about is your cock[kkk]...I'm not normal...Damn you David,[k] I'm going to make you pay for what you've done to me[kk], I love you David[k], I love you so much my darling."[kkk]...[and with a lingering kiss, she moved her body on top of mine, placed her fingertip lightly to my lips and [with a very sexy smile, softly said]: "David... my darling David, don't have anyyyyyy options..."

I rolled her over and even though she was saturated to the point of dripping, I still had some difficulty getting my cock in....she was pushing her pussy onto me as fast as she could; raping my cock...she just couldn't wait to get it all inside her, so I just let her take control.... once in, I made several slow, full length, deep strokes and then it turned into a fucking frenzy... She wrapped her legs around me with a death grip and tried to pull my body into her pussy; fucking me furiously; her ass must have raised us both 12-inches above the bed...It only took us minutes to reach explosive orgasms....between yesterday's episode and now this, we both had such pent up orgasms that could only be released by a copulation of 'wet pussy and hard cock'...... No amount of imagination would have allowed masturbation to allowed either of us to reach this pentacle of an orgasm. She was moaning and screaming that she was going to cum and we virtually climaxed simultaneously; cum was dripping off my scrotum....her walls were felt like we both had released a bucket of cum...our juices were pouring out of her; my belly and our thighs were soaking wet with our orgasms... I pulled out and buried my face in her pussy; licking all the juices I could from her pussy and sucking on her clit...she was bucking franticly, pulling my face deeper into her.... we were in sexual bliss. All of my extreme fantasies of her were coming true today...

She slowly stopped and said that she wanted to get on top....she didn't feel that she had fully released that 'one major' orgasm and she wanted to control the intensity of the fucking to release it.....she knelt over me, took my cock in hand and flicked my cock-tip several times in-and-along her pussy lips, [in doing so, my cock was splashing our cum all over]. She then inserted the head and lowered herself down on my cock; manipulating her hips to help guide it in, until we made full body contact....her moaning and yelling was so loud, I thought she would wake the dead. Once in, she started fucking me slowly; then sped up the pace with rapid, rotating movements of her ass, so violently I thought she was trying to break my cock off...she leaned over me, then began fucking my cock like a woman was incredible ...... screaming, yelling and even growling sounds came from her mouth, then with a loud scream, she slowed her fucking and her pussy began pulsing rapidly with squeezes so tight on my cock, I thought she were going to pinch it off... each squeeze of her pussy released so much cum it was unbelievable...she was right...she had an orgasm of all orgasms....she fell down on me and we kissed and kissed and kissed.. [Yes, Mom we're going to be lovers for the rest of our lives...I can't live if I couldn't taste your juices or feel my cock in your pussy. I keep trying not to think that she was my mother; that this is the worst sin possible between a mother and a son but our crazed sexual lust for each other overruled our common senses.....there's a place in hell for the both of us for sure.]

We stayed in bed to well after 2pm..... sex, sex, and more sex....I can't get it up now, it's got to recuperate...I doubt that I have any more cum to release...she is so easy to please; 2 or 3 minutes of me being in her; stroking her pussy, or my tongue on her clit drives her crazy...she has an orgasm within minutes... She has probably bruised my pelvic due to her pushing herself onto me...she just can't seem to be satisfied that my cock is at the very end of her pussy, but she wants more.....I'm sure that in time, I'll extend the limits of her pussy. Godd..I love her to death; even if she weren't my Mom, she is drop dead gorgeous....and is probably the best fuck in the world...she definitely loves her sex.... [Remembering my guilt, I wondered if Dad knows this??..I feel horrible about what we're doing but as long as she wants to fuck, I'm going to fuck her and savor her sweet, creamy cum.]

We were lying still in the bed; wrapped up in each other's arms; almost falling asleep, when we were startled by the ringing of the telephone... she answered it....after a few minutes, she said "OK, we'll see you tonight...... I'll have most of your clothes packed...I'll get the two large cases....Goodbye." "That was your Dad; he has to leave for Dubai tomorrow for 2, maybe 3 months due to that new project they've designed...."

We looked at each other and as she returned to the bed smiling, she took my cock, and before she placed it in her mouth, she said "Whatever are we going to do with all this free time together Sweetheart?....cum to Moma..".......

Chapter 2

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/22/18

not for me but I agree.

I have never wanted to fuck my mother nor have I had sexual thoughts about her, my younger sister yes, but not my mom. However if my mother was in the mood to suck my cock or fuck me senseless I probablymore...

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by Anonymous01/31/18

Keep it in the family

Why was dad not brought in to the story?

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