tagIncest/TabooMom and Son go Shopping Ch. 02

Mom and Son go Shopping Ch. 02


Shelly sat there in awe, her eyes glued to her son's midsection. She looked up at her son, and his eyes were staring right into hers.

Mark had never been so embarrassed in his life, he knew his mother saw the outline of his cock. He wondered what she must be thinking right now, probably that her son is some pervert that gets erections for his own mother. Mark nervously slid the next pair of pants up and around his waist.

"These feel pretty good mom, let's buy them and get out of here." Mark said anxiously.

"Yea, that's what you said last time and they didn't fit at all, let me make sure again." Shelly told her son.

Shelly didn't know what came over her, she didn't care at all if his pants fit or not at this point, she just wanted to get closer to her son's throbbing cock.

Shelly approached her son and placed her hands down the front of his pants and pulled them up, just like last time. This time was different though, she made sure to brush her fingers against his erection as she pulled his pants up.

The feeling of his mom's fingers brushing up against his cock sent shivers up his spine. Mark couldn't believe what just happened. He hoped that his mother didn't realize what just happened.

Shelly couldn't believe what she had just done, she kept telling herself that it was wrong to do, but it'd been years since she had felt a hard cock, so long that she forgot what it felt like.

"Alright honey, those fit perfectly, take them off and you're nice mom will go buy them for you." Shelly said, sitting back down on the bench.

Shelly knew that she was torturing her son, but she just had to get another glimpse of his manhood.

The day just kept getting worse for Mark, he thought it was all over, but he was once again going to have to pull down his pants in front of his own mother. Unfortunately for Mark, he still had a full blown erection. There was no way he could get rid of it while his mom's tits were bursting out of her top.

Mark thought to himself "Oh well, better get this over with" unzipping his pants and sliding them down to his ankles.

Shelly watched as the outline of Mark's erection came into view. Her eyes traced down the outline of his hard shaft, right down to the plump outline of the head. She fought back the urge to pull his briefs off and let his cock loose. She imagined all of the things she could do with such a large cock. Her fantasy was interrupted when her son handed her the pants.

"Thanks honey, I'll go pay for them." Shelly got up to leave the room, taking one more glance at her son's outlined cock.

As soon as his mom left the room, Mark pulled his cock out of his briefs and started to stroke it. He didn't care if he made a mess in the changing room, he needed to take care of his problem immediately. All that he could think of while jerking off was his mother, at first he was embarrassed that his mom saw his erect cock, but now it was turning him on thinking about it.

"Hey Mark, I'm ready to go, what are you doing in there?" Shelly knocked on the door.

The sound of his mothers voice startled Mark, he was so deep in his fantasy that he forgot he was in a store changing room.

"I'll be out in a sec mom." Mark yelled.

Mark was frustrated, he could have finished if he had a couple more minutes, he quickly stuffed his cock back in his briefs, put on his jeans and opened the door.

"I was thinking, I need a new bikini and we are already at the mall, so do you mind if I buy one now?" Shelly asked her son.

Shelly did in fact need a new bathing suit, but she also wanted to continue to tease her son.

"Umm sure, that's fine with me mom." Mark replied.

Mark almost fainted when he heard his mom, he was excited but terrified at the same time. He wasn't sure how much longer he could last, he could feel pre cum sticking to his briefs.

Shelly led the way to her favorite store, Victoria's Secret.

When Mark saw his mom stop and turn in Victoria's Secret, he felt like he was in a dream. Was his mom really going to buy a bathing suit from here?

Mark followed his mom as she made her way to the bathing suit section.

Mark looked over the bathing suits and couldn't believe that his mom was about to buy one of them. Most moms wouldn't dare buying a bikini from Victoria's Secret, but Mark knew his mom wasn't your everyday mom.

Shelly rifled through the bathing suits until she found the perfect one. A small red bikini that shows a lot of skin. She grabbed it and made were way over to the changing room.

"I'll be right back sweetie, I think I found the perfect one!" Shelly said, making her way to the changing room.

Mark had to do a double take, did his mom really just grab that tiny red bikini? He sat outside the changing room and waited for her to come out. He figured there was no way she could fit her tits in that small suit.

"Honey, I think I need your help with this, could you come in here for a minute?" Shelly yelled out to her son.

Mark was surprised by the question, what could she need help with?

"Sure, be right in mom." Mark yelled back.

Shelly didn't really need help, but she felt that it was the perfect opportunity to tease her son a little more.

Mark opened the door and froze, his mother was standing there with the bottom half of the bikini on, but her hands wrapped around her breasts holding the top half.

"I need you to tie it for me, I can't get it." Shelly asked.

"Okay, no problem mom." Mark said nervously.

Mark made his way behind his mom, and was amazed at what he saw. It wasn't a thong bikini, but most of her unbelievable ass was visible, it didn't cover much. The changing room was small, and Mark had to brush up directly behind his mom to squeeze in and get in position to tie the bikini.

Shelly made sure she was facing the mirror so her son could see her front side in the reflection, she planned it out perfectly. She could feel her sons erection against her ass, she couldn't believe he still had one. She started to feel a little bad about teasing him, but was having way too much fun.

Mark kept glancing at the mirror while tying the string, seeing his mother holding her breasts was an image he will never get out of his mind.

"Okay mom, I think it's tied now." Mark told Shelly.

"How does it look?" Shelly turned around and asked.

Mark was only inches from his mom, his body almost touching her breasts. The bikini was struggling to support her breasts, it must be just big enough to cover her nipples.

"Wow mom, it looks amazing." Mark said in awe.

"Thanks honey, can you help me untie it and then we can go back home?" Shelly asked, turning back towards the mirror.

Shelly made sure to inch a little closer to her son as she turned around, so her ass was once again brushing up against him.

Mark untied the strings and the top half of the bikini fell to his moms hands, which were once again barely covering his mothers breasts.

"Marky, sweetie, could you pick up my shirt for me and hand it to me?" Shelly asked teasingly.

Her top was on the other side of Mark, so he had to reach around her to grab it. His throbbing cock pushed harder into his moms ass as he did this.

"Here you go mom." Mark said, handing the top to his mother.

Shelly's hands were already full, so she just barely grabbed a hold of the top using two fingers.

Shelly decided she'd let her son see even more of herself. With one swift motion, she let go of the bikini and put her top on over her head.

Mark, still standing directly behind his mother, was looking straight into the mirror as she did this and got a perfect picture of her exposed breasts for a few seconds. When he saw his mothers eyes looking at him through the mirror, he looked away, hoping that she didn't think he was peeping at her.

Shelly giggled to herself, her plan worked perfectly. She didn't want to make it too obvious, so she decided not to change her bottom half in front of him.

"Okay honey, I think that's all I needed you for. I'll meet you at the counter and then we can get going." Shelly said.

Mark just nodded his head and walked out the door, too stunned for any words.

As they made their way to the car, all Mark could think about was going in room and jerking off to his mother.

The car ride was silent for the most part, Mark with only one thing on his mind, and Shelly questioning her most recent behavior. Shelly was fighting with herself, should she continue to mess around with her son? Or should she put a stop to it immediately?

Shelly turned to her son, placing her hand on his thigh, almost directly on his erection.

"Now that I got a new bikini, how about we hit the beach next weekend?"

Her decision was made.

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