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Mom & Son Relax On The Sofa


"As with my previous stories, the sexual contact related in the story is an expression of my desire for my son. Not everything narrated truly happened. However, the situations were real. I will leave it to the reader's imagination to determine which parts actually occurred. The rest are my passionate fantasies. I let my desires propel the story to describe what I wish would happen with my son."

There was a period in my life when things did not go well. I was divorced and feeling very inadequate and lonely. My son Josh, who was in college at this time, was a great comfort to me and spent a lot of time with me. However, I still found myself feeling sad and lonely and would tear up easily whenever we talked about times past.

Whenever I was blue, Josh would hold me and stoke my hair and assure me everything was going to be all right. During that time we became closer and more connected than I ever thought possible. We really enjoyed our evenings together having meals and watching TV. I never paid much attention to the way Josh dressed at night but did finally notice that he no longer wore a pajama shirt. Only his pajama pants. I‘ll admit I did like looking at his physic and the firmness of his body. We usually would sit beside each other on the couch. I in my nightgown or nightshirt, he in his PJ bottoms.

One evening something on TV struck a nerve and I got sad. Josh noticed and pulled me close to him putting his arm around me. I snuggled up to him with my head resting on his chest. It felt strange with my head on his naked chest realizing that he did not have anything on except his PJ bottom. We stayed like that for quite awhile just enjoying the closeness. From time to time, Josh would run his hand up and down my back, which felt so nice. It all seemed perfectly natural and innocent.

After that night, Josh would sometimes put his arm around me and pull me close to him; even when I wasn't feeling sad. I thought this was ok and that there certainly was nothing abnormal about a son and mother being close like that. One night, as I lay with my head on Josh's chest, he leaned back onto the arm of the sofa which put us in a more reclined position. My head naturally moved a little lower on his body and was now resting nearer to his stomach; I put my hand on his stomach and just relaxed. Josh began to rub my back with the hand that was around my shoulder. He then took his other hand and put in on my arm and rubbed it. As he moved that hand up and down my arm, it would brush against my breast, which was pushed against his side. It all still felt very innocent and nice. I looked down and noticed that his dick was beginning to rise in his PJ bottom. I thought oh my gosh, he is getting aroused. I didn't move or say anything, as I did not want to embarrass him and thought that it may have been an involuntary reaction.

A couple of nights later this was repeated. Josh pulling me to him. Me laying my head on his chest and stomach and him getting an erection. It was exciting to know that I was having that affect on my son, but I also knew that it was wrong for me to get turned on by my son.

One night, his dick poked out of his pajama fly and was right there for me to see. Josh made no attempt to move or cover up. Maybe he wasn't certain that I was looking, but I don't see how that was possible. I was looking and studied its length and width with my eyes. I found myself wanting to touch it but did not have the nerve to do so. While this was taking place, Josh was rubbing my back and took his other hand and let it rest on my breast. I wasn't certain that this was intentional. He wasn't playing with my breast, just resting his hand on it. However, I saw his dick twitch several times when he touched me.

For some reason, I decided to get a little bolder and I let my hand slowly move down his stomach. When I reached the waistband of his pajama bottoms, I stopped and left it there. My fingers were only a few inches away from his dick, but I couldn't allow myself to go any further. My senses told me that I was his mother not his girlfriend. I could not let myself to go down this forbidden path. But, the woman in me needed more; wanted more. I felt my resistance and reluctance start to fade, or maybe a better admission is my lust as a woman won the battle over my propriety as a mother.

Then I felt Josh's fingers begin to move on my breast, almost as a signal for me to continue. I let my fingers move just a little lower, then would stop until I felt him move his fingers on my breast again. Then I would move my fingers lower again. Finally, my fingers were at the base of his dick and I could feel his pubic hair. However, in order to touch his cock, I would have to lift my hand and I knew that would be an overt act on my part and I was afraid to do it.

When my son realized I was going no further, he took his hand from my breast and moved to his dick. He pressed his dick down, which made his penis head touch my fingers. He just held it there. It was so hot. I was so aroused. I didn't know what to do. My head was spinning; my heart was beating so fast. My mind began to re-focus and I understood that my son was fully aware of what we were doing and wanted this to happen. Neither of us had spoken a word. Our bodies were doing all the talking. I started to move my hand away, but Josh grabbed it with his and held it there. It was a signal that he wanted me to touch him. He moved his hand back to my breast but this time slid his hand into the top of my gown and I felt his hot fingers on my breast. I took my hand and placed it over his dick. I let my fingers wrap around it and just held it in my hand. Josh began to squeeze my breasts and play with my nipple.

We touched each other like that for some time. Then I felt Josh take the arm and hand that was around my shoulder and put his hand at the back of my head. He ever so gently began to push my head lower. Again a signal for what he wanted me to do. He wanted me to put my mouth on his dick. Touching was one thing, but how could I let myself suck my son's dick. The passion and lust that was controlling us answered that question. I reassured myself again that if Josh consciously desired to have sex with his mother, then I no longer wanted to resist.

I moved my head slowly without any pressure from Josh's hand. His dick head was poised at my lips and I let my tongue just touch the end of it. It jerked again and I had to hold it tighter with my hand. I very slowly let my mouth cover the head and began to lick. I could taste the salty precum.

I was hotter and more excited than I had ever been before. There was something especially titillating knowing this was my son. At the same time, my conscience kept pulling at my emotions trying to get me to come back to reality. But, my body and desires no longer wanted to listen to good judgement. I only wanted to fulfill my needs as a woman.

Josh moaned which excited me even more. I let my tongue and mouth envelope him, no devour him. He began moving his hips up to push his dick deeper into my mouth. I sucked his dick and he played with my breasts. I was so turned on that I had trouble breathing as I moved my lips and tongue over his cock. I felt Josh's hand move to my thigh and pull my gown up. I turned my body to make it easier for him. My pussy was now open for him to see. He took two fingers and inserted them in my love hole. I was so wet you could here the slurping noise as he finger fucked me. I felt his dick swell and begin to spasm in my mouth. He was cuming. My boy was shooting his sperm in his mother's mouth. I felt the creamy cum shoot in my throat and I swallowed it all. I was so excited that I climaxed with him. My pussy convulsing around my son's fingers. The sweet contractions of sex – his penis and my vagina. One together.

As my lust induced clouded mind began to focus, I suddenly realized what we had just done. We had committed incest. My God, how could I have let this happen? Then, I heard Josh finally speak, he said he loved me. And with those words everything seemed right.

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by sensualstories02/15/18


Love stories of slow seduction. It makes the mind hope that it will lead to more and more. Your story captures this soooooo well. So hot, so sensual. Yum.

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