tagInterracial LoveMom and the Mexican Gardener

Mom and the Mexican Gardener


I arrived home very early from my summer job. I had been home from college for a couple days, and that meant I could have a relaxing day. I had read my work schedule wrong and I wasn't supposed to work that day. 'Fine by me,' I thought as I u-turned for home. As I walked in the kitchen, I saw a commotion outside the kitchen window. In the distance, I saw my mom and our Mexican gardener, Luis. Luis was a tall, rugged looking man. At least 6'4'' with a husky build. Mom, on the other hand, at age 44 was still a looker.

Upon closer examination outside, Luis was doing more than just looking. Mom was kicking and screaming as Luis was fondling her right in the garden!

Mom's khaki shorts covered her shapely, little bottom and legs, but she was topless. Her bra and blouse had been tossed to the side, and her big jugs were bobbling around as she fought her captor. Her shoulder-length brown hair was flailing wildly as he tried to kiss her. After more struggling, she broke away and actually tried to flee across the yard toward the house, her tits flying all over as she ran. But the large Mexican grabbed her within a few feet. He wrapped her up from behind, and roughly squeezed both of her tits. I could see her white tit flesh squeezing out between his darker fingers. He jiggled and mauled her two large jugs from behind as Mom screamed.

After he grew tired of that, Luis dragged Mom back over to our house's full-length window, and threw her up against it, her face pinned against the window. I crouched down behind the couch with a great view. With the sheer size of Luis, I wasn't about to intervene for fear of being absolutely destroyed.

Luis continued kneading her big tits, which were now only a few feet away from me on the other side of the window. The window was thin enough that I could hear Mom's whimpers and sobs, and the shuffling of feet on the deck. Luis yanked her shorts down off of her with one quick jerk, and Mom was naked except for her golden necklace, earrings, and sandals. The teasing slut wasn't even wearing panties! I had always caught Luis looking at mom as she bent over in the garden.

Apparently, he was tired of her teasing and decided to take action. He then pushed her torso against the window. Her tits were humiliatingly mashed against the glass, her nipples, areolas and much of her pale tits were comically flattened. Then Luis fell to his knees, and buried his face into mom's ass crack. I could see him working his tongue into her asshole as mom moaned and squirmed against the window.

Luis quickly dropped his pants, exposing a long, dark dick surrounded with black pubic hair. He took aim at Mom's pussy from behind, and rammed it in hard. Mom screamed.

Luis had pulled Mom's hips away from the window. Her hands were against the window supporting her, as she leaned over. Her tits were dangling straight down and jiggling all over. I could see her ass flesh ripple as the large, older Mexican humped her from behind. He moved his hands down her sides, and grabbed her hanging tits. Mom's head was hanging down, her brown hair covering her face. She had a helpless, pleading look on her face. But I just sat there, with a hard on, watching her naked body get raped. Eventually, she stopped resisting and just took it.

Luis had withdrawn his cock from her pussy, and was mashing it into her ass crack. With some work, he was able to slide into her asshole and butt fuck her as she groaned louder, openly sobbing. He reached around her and toyed with her pussy and her clit. In a matter of seconds, it seemed, mom was almost willing. It wasn't long until mom's facial expression transformed and I was staring right at her 'o face.'

"UNNNKKGGGG! AAH! HUNNNNNNGGG!" Mom grunted hoarsely, in a very unladylike fashion, making sounds I've never heard her make before. If our house weren't so private, neighbors surely would've heard pig-like grunts.

Mom was gyrating all over, her tits and hair flying, her knees buckling, until Luis stopped thrusting and let go of her. Mom fell onto her knees where she was left a sobbing, sweaty, cumming, and moaning mess as Luis leaned back in a deck chair in victory.

It wasn't long until I had to change locations to the hallway. Luis had grabbed a chunk of mom's hair and basically dragged her inside the house, and into the living room.

As soon as he entered the living room, he put his feet up on the coffee table and made himself at home. As she stood in front of him, he looked over my naked mom as if she was some kind of prize. Her head down, with his cum dripping down her legs, her hair messed up. She looked defeated as he pulled her by her hips toward him. My once conservative mom was now his sex toy. Luis was staring at the proper housewife's most private parts. Immediately, he buried his face into her wet pussy, causing her to yelp.

After about five minutes of this, she more than willing as I noticed her knees starting to buckle. She then lifted one leg on the couch to give him better access. The slut! Seconds later she was yelping repeatedly as she came.

"OOH OOOH AAEEH! AAAAHH!" mom was moaning and writhing on the couch like a bitch in heat. Then, I watched as Luis suddenly moved from lapping at her cunt to biting her inner thigh right next to her pussy lips. She screamed with pain as she started to cum again, while also recoiling from the bite. But the Mexican held fast with his jaw and started to gnaw on the side opposite the first bite.

"mmmhhh AAahhhh OOOOHH! YYYYYEAAAAAOOOOWWHHH!"My mother whimpered and moaned like a cheap slut, as he cpntinued his assault.

"You're a mess, chica. Why don't you go clean up. Oh, and put on some sexy underwear and bra for me, sweetheart," he added.

"Please, just leave me alone," mom pleaded.

"You say that, but that wet pussy says other wise, senorita," Luis replied smugly.

"Oh, before you go." She stopped in his tracks. Luis got up and grabbed her hair and twisted it sideways as he kissed her roughly, sticking his tongue down her throat.

"All right, bitch. Clean yourself." He said, sending her off with a loud slap on her ass, laughing. Luis grinned as he watched mom's ass sway back and forth as she limped away like wounded prey. I had a feeling my mom was going to have a long day.

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