tagIncest/TabooMom & The Twins Ch. 1

Mom & The Twins Ch. 1


My husband of nearly twenty years had taken up drinks to the point that he was about to loose his job. He had without me finding out spent most of our savings. So it was getting to the point that something had to be done. Carl, my husband tried to take the money out of his retirement fund. His boss Dan Wheeler, called me and said, he told Carl it would take two days to get the money for him. I thanked Dan and called my lawyer. He told me I could not get the money unless I filed for divorce and that would lock up the funds till we got in front of a judge. I really did not want to divorce Carl; he had been a good husband and father to our twin sons.

Carl Jr. and Roy my eighteen-year-old twins knew that something was going to happen soon. Both were old enough to understand what I had to do. I told the boys I had to go out for a few hours and they were to stay home in case I needed to call them. I was not sure where my husband was but I did not have time to worry about him just now.

As I backed out of the drive I saw our new neighbor in her back yard. She waved as she went up her back stairs to her kitchen. I waved back remembering when I had a figure like that. Gail was thirty-two not all that much younger than my thirty-eight years. But as far as I know she has never had children. Gail moved in four months ago. She is the new head manager of a local store. Gail must be bright as well as tall, blonde, busty with long shapely legs. So maybe she got the job by some other means. I had heard how some “Ladies” get moved up the corporate latter. More on there backs that with brains. I had only talked to Gail a few times and she seemed to be very smart. I know the boys like to watch her work out in her back yard. Carl sr. does too whenever he is sober long enough. Me I just think she is a new neighbor.

Meeting the lawyer, going to the court house and stopping at the market took far less time than I thought it would. So in less than an hour and a half I was back home. Taking an arm full of shopping bags I made it up the back stairs to the kitchen door. It was open so I went right in. The boys were not down stairs so I went to find them I have told them a dozen times to keep the back door closed. As I came to the head of the stairs I could hear them talking and laughing. Carl Jr. said, “ Wow, look Roy she is pulling her top off. God all fucking mighty look at those tits. Have you ever seen tits like that?” Roy was to young to have seen many breasts, or tits as Carl just called them but I was surprised to hear his answer. He said, “ Mom tits are nice too just not as large. But Mom has nice long nipples. I think that is sexy.“

When had my son seen my tits, I mean my breasts. I thought about that for only a second when I heard Carl Jr. Say get a load of her plump round ass. I bet some guy is fucking her in the ass. Roy just snickered at the comment. Carl had a mouth on him I had never heard before. He was getting to talk like some of the boys that sit around at the mall and talk dirty till they get tossed out. They just laugh and do it again next time.

Then I thought how does a eighteen year old know about anal sex anyway. Well I guess the kids today just know more than when I was eighteen. All I knew at that age was that every boy tried to feel you up for a cheap thrill.

I went closer to the door leading to the boy’s room. Both boys were standing there looking through a crack in the blinds. Their window faced the side of Gail’s house. I was sure that is what they looking at. Gail must have had a window shade up. I can understand young boys wanting to watch a pretty girl but Gail was nearly my age. Then I let my eyes take a good look. My God, both boys were naked from the waist down. Each had an erection, plus they were masturbating. It had been several months since Carl Sr. tried to even have sex with me. He was drunk and could not get it up anyway. So I was feeling a little needy these past few weeks. I am not into vibrators and that kind of stuff but the thought of getting one did cross my mind lately.

I stood there watching my sons masturbate; my thoughts were not of a motherly nature. I was ashamed of what I was thinking. I was thinking how lovely their penises look. I had not seen too many in my life but enough to see these boys had nothing to be ashamed of. Both boys had long thick erections with very pointed bulbous heads. I had never seen a cock with a long pointed head like that. The thought of how it might feel inside me did bring a tingle to my crotch. My panties felt wet. I was sure the pulsating I felt was from my own thoughts.

I had heard every boy thinks of having sex with his mother at sometime or other. But do mother’s think about having sex with their sons like I was doing this very minute. I stood there in a daze, a trance of so kind. I could see myself naked, my sons beside me in bed. There fine hard cocks ready for me. I visualized the pointed heads going in my pussy. How it would feel. How deep it would go inside me. I even thought that since there were two of them I could actually have one cock in my pussy and the other could be in my mouth. I had always found sucking cock to be as exciting for me as it was for my lover.

In fact I had sucked a few cock even before I lost m virginity. Here I was thinking how hot these two young cocks would feel in my pussy and my mouth. I wondered how they’re young hot cum would taste. Having my son’s cock cum in my mouth nearly caused me to climax right there.

I turned to go, to get away before I was discovered. But I could not move as I heard Carl say, “I bet Mom would be a great fuck, did you ever notice how sexy her ass looks under her rob in the mornings?”

Roy said, “Man oh man Carl I would love to fuck Mom. Maybe she would like it if we both fucked her. You know like we did Ann Becker. Now she really did like two cocks in her at the same time. I sure wish she had not moved away.”

Carl answered, “Roy my boy just think of how great it would be to have our own whore in the house for us to fuck and get blow jobs from anytime we wanted. Hell that thought almost makes we wish you were a sister.”

They laughed at the thought while I let my mind run muck. Two young boys with thick hard cock for me to suck and fuck any time I wanted. Now that thought was very intriguing. Sons or not, incest or not I was starting to get some very strange ideas. Without their father around it would be most exciting to watch these young men grow into sexy strong men.

Carl cried, “Look she is bending over, wow, god all fucking mighty what an ass. Boy would I love to fuck that.”

Roy said, “ I wonder if Mom would like to have this (he was shaking his cock) up her tight ass hole?”

Carl said, “Well Roy my dear brother you’ll never know unless you ask our dear fucking mother. So ask her, Mom has been standing over by the door watching us play with our cocks for ten minutes."

I jerked back as if a mule kicked me. What could I do I had been seen and Carl knew I had been watching and listening. So I stepped back into the doorframe. I smiled and said, “ Hi.”

To Be Continued...

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