tagIncest/TabooMom At The Farm House

Mom At The Farm House


Ajay was there when everyone had left us. He was my school buddy and we were in the hostel together. After school he joined his fathers business and I came to my home town. We were in a very bad financial state as my father wouldn't work and a time came when we had to sell off our house to save ourselves. That is when I had asked help from Ajay and without any hesitation he had given us the money to save our house.

I was so thankful that I didn't wait when he invited me over to his plush farm house in the suburbs. I hadn't seen him for years now and we had just kept in touch on the phone. I was happy to meet him and even thank him personally for saving our house. I arrived at his place on Friday night and we talked and talked remembering all our school time pranks and stuff. We talked well into the next morning.

There was no one else in the farm house, we had to order the food from a nearby restaurant and we were just by ourselves. We had by now finished talking and felt it would be good to go into town just for fun. Ajay took his car and we went into town, he said he had some urgent business and went into a building and came back within 10 minutes and then we got something to eat. After a couple of hours we were back at the farm house. It was 10 pm.

Ajay said he had a surprise for me. He led me to a big bedroom in the far end of the house and opened the door. A woman wearing a sari was lying on her side facing the other way.

The worst thing was I couldn't see her face. Anyways Ajay had other plans. He took me to the adjoining room and what I saw from there I couldn't believe. I was looking into the previous room and I could still see the woman lying there but to my dismay again I was positioned at the foot of the bed. I was scared watching, as I didn't want to get caught watching some woman sleeping. That is when Ajay told me to relax, he said that it was a one way mirror and his father had got it fitted for obvious reasons and now we could use it. He said the woman was for our pleasure and he had arranged for her when we had gone to town. He said she was real nice and it was heavenly to fuck her. He had been calling for her services regularly.

He said he would go in first and then when he finished he would call me. Till then if I wanted I could watch all the fun from here. I sat down on the big couch right in front of the one way mirror as I saw Ajay entering the room. The woman got up this time. As she turned to face Ajay I saw her face for the first time. My heart jumped a beat to see my mother, Girija , standing there with Ajay. He had put his hand on her shoulders and was talking to her. It is now that I realized where my mother would go when she said she had to go to her relatives on the weekends. Times were bad for us and she had suffered a lot so no one objected that she had to go and no one made any enquiries about her. Everything came back so clearly now. I was shocked and wanted to go into that room immediately but then I thought of Ajay, what he would think. We would lose all our respect in front of him. So I just sat there looking on as Ajay unknowingly was kissing my mother.

He started with the kissing but soon his hands were on her big buttocks. He was squeezing her ass as he kissed her. The way he was gripping her ass made her sari rise up and exposes her calves. She was also kissing him like a sex hungry slut. He left her and sat on the bed, she meanwhile started taking off her sari. She threw it on the floor. Next she unhooked her blouse and then off came her bra. She had the most perfect tits , big areolas and huge nipples pointing out giving evidence that she was excited as well.Then she untied her petticoat and stepped out of it.

Till then Ajay had taken off his pants and shirt and was completely nude. My mom kneeled down in front of him and took his cock in her hands. This caused her big tits to sway sideways . She was jerking him off, and then she came a little lower and started sucking him. I was dazed to see her having oral sex, she seemed so holy and prim to do such things. Ajay had closed his eyes and was enjoying her sucking his cock. He then made her stand in front of him and put his hands behind her to clutch at her ass cheeks and pull her near him. He was nuzzling her pussy mound with his nose. Smelling her while he tried to shove his finger into her ass thru the pink panties she was still wearing. After a while he pulled them down and I got to see my mom's ass. Ajay put his fingers into her pussy, rubbing her cunt wildly. My mom was holding her hand over his preventing him from hurting her cunt in that frenzy.

Ajay left her pussy, shifted up and lay on the bed. I could see his hard cock bobbing while my mom also got on the bed. She started from his legs, licking him al over his thighs, balls, cock then onto his stomach and chest. All this while I could see her big ass which was towards me and as she was bending down to lick him, I could see her wet sloppy pussy lips too. She was clean shaven. When she had licked him all over she positioned herself over him and guided his cock into her pussy. Ajay was inside my mother's cunt. She banged down her ass on his ass, wildly fucking him. He was holding on to her ass cheeks, spreading them or he would grab her tits. After a few strokes she turned around while Ajay slept in the same position. Now she was facing me and I could see his cock going into her cunt and her cunt forming a pink ring around his cock.

She bounced up and down, massaging his balls while getting fucked. Ajay couldn't hold on much longer. He got her to sleep on her back and thrust his cock into her fuck hole. He must have hardly banged her five times that he was Cumming into her cunt. My mom lay with her legs spread wide apart as he shot his semen into her. He fell on her exhausted.

A little while later I saw him walk out of the room. He came into my room and said he had finished and I could have my turn. I couldn't refuse him. As I stepped into that room my mom just sat there with her mouth open in surprise. She suddenly realized that her son and his friend had hired her for the fuck. I just motioned her to be quite and then she realized that it was the same friend I had told about who saved our house. She just lay back as Ajay said " Girija, this is my best friend and I want you to give him the fuck of his life". I had a terrible hard on. I just opened my pants and climbed up on her. Her cunt was full of Ajay's semen; I shoved my hard cock into it. Ajay stood there watching. For him it was just another whore getting fucked by his friend. But for me I was fucking my own mom. I raised her legs a bit and ploughed her hard and fast and came inside her.

I didn't even look at her while I was Cumming. I got off her and went into the other room. I could see from there she got up; the semen was dribbling down her thighs as she went to clean up.

Ajay said I could take the other room as he said he was going in for another round. He said the whore was hired for the whole night.

I was too tired and this was too much for me so I got into the other room and went to sleep but not before I saw Ajay and my naked mom get on the bed. The next morning was to bring a lot more surprises.

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