tagIncest/TabooMom Becomes My Lover Ch. 03

Mom Becomes My Lover Ch. 03


Tommy awakens early, to find his mother (His now new found love) sleeping peacefully on the side of him, rolling onto his side he kisses her softly. Slowly Tommy slides out of bed, making his way into the bathroom. He's going to get ready to head back home. As much as he didn't want their trip to the city to end, he knew they had to start back later on this morning. As Tommy turns on the shower he stands there allowing the water to run over his hand, as he gets lost in all his thoughts of last nights events.

"I cannot believe what actually happened last night. I still can't believe I actually made love to my own mother. It's almost like I was in a dream, but I know I wasn't dreaming because she felt so good." Tommy thinks to himself. Closing his eyes Tommy in visions his mothers beautiful naked body, and feels her warm, and ever so wet pussy encasing his shaft, as he finds his hand encasing his now hardening mass. Slowly Tommy begins to stroke his manhood that is now in need of relief. As the water in the shower continues to heat up, so do Tommy's incestuous thoughts of his mother. Little by little Tommy's soft moans grow intensely louder. Rose is awakened to the sounds of her son, the man who had made love to her not twelve hours before.

Rose gets out of bed, and makes her way into the bathroom with Tommy although at that moment he had no idea she was in there. Tommy, with his eyes closed was lost in deep thought working his shaft like his mother's pussy had last night. Rose didn't say a word she just stood there with her back against the door adoring what her son was doing. Slowly she moves in behind Tommy wrapping her arms around him running her hands up and down his chest lightly, kissing at his back softly. Tommy jumps a bit as he then realizes he is in fact not alone anymore. Tommy as much as he didn't want to stop the feeling he was having stops what he's doing.

"Tommy baby don't stop. I was enjoying watching you."

"Well then if you were enjoying what I was doing, why doesn't my lady do it for me, then she can really enjoy it." Tommy replies. Rose shocked at what she has just heard Tommy say didn't know what to say at first. She just stood there in silence.

"Your lady?" Tommy I am your mother."

"Yes you're right, you are my mother but in fact you are now also my lady."

"Tommy I can't possibly be your lady. I am not nearly as young or even as beautiful as all those other girls you have dated in the past. To me I am just your mother." Taking Roses hand into his Tommy wraps her hand around his thick, rigid, throbbing shaft. Rose gasps as she instantly remembers what he felt like when she touched him in just this way the other day in the store.

"Do you think I would let just any other girl touch me in this way?" Tommy asks. His head resting back toward Rose.

"Well I would hope that I have raised you better than that. I would hope you would only allow a girl or a woman that you actually love to touch you like this." Rose replies nibbling gently at Tommy's left ear.

"Mom, you did a wonderful job raising me. And as a matter a fact dad would be very proud to see the man that I have become thanks to the wonderful job that you did with me. And just to let you know I never even allowed Debbie to touch me in such a way. And I am by no means the kind of guy that some of my buddies would refer to as a Fuck them and leave them type of guy. I have dated a few girls in the past but every one of them I dated was missing something. I didn't however know just what it was. But I know now that you are the woman for me. You are the woman I have been searching for all this time." Tommy begins to grind his mass into his mother's hand. Rose moans softly as she begins to move around to the front of Tommy.

Looking deep into Tommy's eyes she winks at him, as she slowly descends down his body kissing each and every inch of him. Getting onto her knees in front of Tommy she just stops, and looks at his mass that is once again in line with her face. Looking up at Tommy once again, Rose runs her tongue over the bottom of her top teeth. Tommy gasps as his body tenses; Tommy pretty much knows just where Rose is heading with this.

"I want you, and I want you now. The last man I ever did this with was your dad, and now I want to do it with you." Rose whispers in a very sexy, and seductive voice that Tommy hasn't ever heard before.

"Then take me mommy." Tommy knows that what his mother is about to do, is something that he has been wanting to experience for a very long time now, however until now he hasn't found the right woman to experience it with. Taking Tommy's mass back into her hand, Rose runs her tongue lightly over the tip of his cock. Tommy shrieks as his body jumps, for the erotic feeling that his mom has just sent through his entire being is totally indescribable. Slowly Tommy can feel his shaft beginning to disappear into the back of his mother's throat. Watching her do this totally takes his breath away. Tommy rests his head back against the wall; his moans turn to erotic screams as his mother devours his manhood. "OH MY GOD YES!! OH FUCK MOM DON'T STOP THAT FEELS SOO GOOD!!" Taking a hold of the back of her head, Tommy begins to pummel his piston in and out of her mouth. Rose begins to moan as Tommy continues to fuck her mouth. Taking Tommy's balls into her hand she cups them massaging them gently. Her doing this heightens the feelings that are running through Tommy's body, when all of a sudden Tommy can feel Rose playing at his ass, Tommy's body tenses. Rose looks up at him with a wanting look of desire in her eyes.

Tommy knew what his mother wanted to do to him, he just wasn't sure if he was ready to let anyone at all, never mind his mother do this to him. Rose continued to tease his asshole little by little beginning to work the tip of her finger inside him. Tommy lets out with one hell of a shriek.

"OH fuck mom please, oh god please mom don't do that."

"Tommy it's ok, just relax and let mommy take care of you. I promise you it will make your orgasm so much better."

"And just how do you know this? Did you ever do this to dad?"

"Well no, although I had tried to several times, he wouldn't allow me to do such a thing. However I do read from time to time, and this is one thing that I have read up on. You do trust your mom don't you?"

"Yes you know I do."

"Then trust me one more time and let me do this for you. You know your mom wouldn't ever hurt you. As a matter of fact why don't you come with me, and we will get a little more comfortable."

Rose takes Tommy's hand into hers and leads him back into the bedroom, pushing him gently backwards across the bed. "Now as I said relax, and let mommy do this for you." Bending his knees Tommy places his feet flat on the bed, even though reluctant, Tommy found it quite easy to allow Rose to spread his legs, even though he knows what's about to happen to him. Moving in between her sons legs, taking his throbbing shaft back into her hand, Rose once again begins to devour his manhood, teasing at his ass again. Rose slowly, and gently slips the tip of her finger inside his ass. Tommy shrieked yet again as his ass rises off the bed, but Tommy didn't say anymore he just allowed his mother access to his virgin ass at her will. Rose could feel Tommy's ass tightening around her finger almost in resistance. She looks up at Tommy; she could see a look of mild discomfort, and extreme pleasure in his eyes all at the same time.

"Tommy, are you sure you want me to do this?"

"Yes mom I am sure." Tommy replies in a sexually aroused tone.

"Then my big man needs to relax." Tommy does as told; relaxing his muscles, Tommy allows his legs to fall flaccid. Tommy's breathing deepens, and becomes more sporadic, as Rose slides her finger deeper inside Tommy's puckered, and very tight ass. Tommy tried to fight the sudden pain that he was feeling, but the deeper she pushed her finger the worse it got.

"OH FUCK MOM STOP PLEASE JUST FOR A MINUTE." Tommy lets out in a scream.

"What's the matter baby?" Rose asks in concern.

"Oh god it hurts mom. Please just give it a minute." Tommy replies quietly. Tommy didn't want to have to say anything at all, for he didn't want to disappoint her.

"Do you want me to remove my finger?"

"NOOOO!! Oh god no please don't do that. Just don't move it for a minute." Rose left her finger still for a few moments as Tommy's canal opens, accepting her finger, and the pain subsided. Rose can tell its better for her baby boy now as his breathing calms and his body is now more relaxed.

"Are you ok now?"

"Yes now I am ok. You may do as you wish to me now. I am sorry mom I didn't want to say anything to you. I didn't want to disappoint you. I don't ever want to be a disappointment to you."

"Baby you have to talk to me. I need to know if something hurts you. I don't want this experience to be a bad one for either of us. Now I am not willing to continue until I know exactly what you want me to do." Tommy lies there for a moment just looking into his mother's eyes, raising himself up onto his elbows.

"You want to know what I want? Well I will tell you just what I want, I want my mommy to take my ass and make it hers. Please mom, please take me." Hearing Tommy say this to her, Rose begins once again to move her finger a little deeper inside Tommy's now wanting ass, as she sucks Tommy's shaft back into the depths of her throat. Holding onto the back of her head Tommy begins to once again pummel that thick, rigid, throbbing shaft of his in and out of her mouth. As his pace picks up Rose's moans get louder, sliding another finger inside his ass, Rose begins to fuck her son's ass harder and faster. Tommy begins to ramble uncontrollably with words that made absolutely no sense, when all of a sudden he lets out with a sudden outburst.

"I NEED TO FUCK YOU, AND I NEED TO FUCK YOU NOW!!" Rose, leaving her finger inside Tommy's ass moves her body around to straddle him. Taking his rock hard shaft into her hand slowly she slides her pussy down the length of him. Her muscles of her pussy suck him deeper inside her. Taking a hold of her hips Tommy stops her.

"I told you I wanted to fuck you, but not in that ever so wonderfully hot wet area. I want to fuck something that's just a little bit tighter. I WANT YOUR ASS NOW!!" Rose looks back at Tommy in disbelief.

"Do you really want to fuck your mother's ass?"

"OH FUCK YES I DO. YOU HAVE A GORGEOUS ASS, AND I WANT IT WRAPPED AROUND MY STICK SHIFT, AND I DON'T MEAN THE ONE IN MY TRUCK." Lifting his mother off his cock, Tommy gets his mom onto her hands and knees moving in behind her, slowly Tommy places the head of his love stick at his mother's tight little puckered rose bud.

"Tommy please just don't hurt me. As much as I loved your father I really hate to admit this, but your shaft is much thicker than his was, and even the couple time that he did this with me he hurt me. So what prey tell are you going to do to me?"

"Relax mom I, like my father wouldn't ever do anything to hurt you." Getting this reassurance from her son, Rose is able to allow her body to relax, and accept the beginning penetration of her son's mass into the depths of her ass. Rose lets out with one horrendous scream as the head of Tommy's cock enters into her. He stops still with the head inside and allows her canal time to accept the girth of his manhood. Once Rose is comfortable Tommy takes her by her hips, slowly pulling his mother's tight ass back onto his cock inch by inch. Rose screeches in pain as Tommy begins his mild attack on her ass. With each stroke Rose becomes more and more wanting of her sons massive cock, as she starts to scream out in pleasure.

"FUCK ME TOMMY, FUCK ME HARDER, OH GOD FUCK ME HARDER!!" Hearing this Tommy does just as his mother asks, his pace picks up to a rather rapid speed, driving his shaft as deep, fast, hard, and as far inside her as he possibly can. Rose begins to push back against him, as he takes a hold of the back of her hair pulling on it firmly yet not enough to hurt her. Tommy begins to once again ramble uncontrollably, and the next thing Rose knew she was totally stunned by the next thing that came out of her little boys mouth.

"WHO'S LITTLE SLUT ARE YOU NOW MOM??" Rose wasn't quite sure just how to answer that.

"Well I..."

" DON'T THINK ABOUT IT ANSWER ME DAMN IT...WHO'S LITTLE SLUT ARE YOU NOW??" Tommy asks again in a more commanding voice as he slaps his mother's ass over and over again. All of this was such a turn on for Rose she couldn't help but let out just what he wanted to hear.


"THAT'S RIGHT YOU ARE AND FROM HERE ON OUT YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MINE!! NOW CUMMMM FOR ME!!" Rose pushed back onto her son like a rabid animal in heat, reaching down between her legs Tommy began to finger his mothers dripping wet snatch. Just when he could feel her body tensing, her muscles inside her pussy grabbing onto his fingers, he pushed them as far inside her as possible and just held them there as he felt his mother explode into one orgasm after another over and over again. Tommy drilled her ass one last time as his head threw back, his back arched, and he shot one hell of a hot, and I do mean hot load of thick cum deep into his mothers ass. Rose's body began to tremble, looking back at Tommy, Tommy could see the tears in his mothers eyes. Gently he wraps his arms around her, lifts her up so her back is laying against his chest, with her head resting on his shoulder, Tommy holds onto his mother as tight as he possibly can without hurting her until her body settles.

It takes a few minutes for them to recompose themselves but Tommy rightly doesn't care. He knows his mom is happy, and so is he. He has finally found the woman that he has been looking for all this time. And his mother doesn't have to be lonely anymore. Tommy and Rose go back into the bathroom, take a shower, get themselves back together, and head off to check out and head back home.

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