Mom Can't Refuse


Steven thought she would cum forever. Each time he thought she was almost done, another lick of her clit caused her to shudder again. Finally, he was able to back away and look up at his mother.

Karen's hair was messed from the shaking of her head and she looked as sexy as ever. Her pussy was soaked and a dark stain marked the cushion below her. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open from the erratic breaths she took.

Steven rolled off the couch. Only then did Karen lean her head over and look as her son began to undress. First his shirt and then his shorts fell to the floor. She saw the large bulge under his briefs even before he took them off. Then her eyes were fixed on the long, thick cock that stuck out from between his legs.

Steven stood and Karen stared. Many seconds passed prior to Karen moving into a sitting position on the couch and her son stepping forward. The cock stiffened and rose just inches from her lips.

It was her hands that reached out first. She lightly ran her palm over the underside of the shaft before putting one hand on top and the other below. She cupped it loosely and then used one hand to wrap her fingers firmly around the throbbing cock.

The thick head grew dark pink from arousal and wide veins pulsed in her hand. Karen put her other hand under his balls, shifting them smoothly from side to side. Steven took another step toward her face.

Karen kissed the tip of the cock and tasted the salty precum that lingered there. Still gripping it with one hand, she parted her lips and let the head slide between them. So many conflicting thoughts were in her head that she hesitated. Steven stood motionless; waiting. Karen leaned forward.

She let her hand slip off the cock as it entered her mouth. Only when her bottom lip reached his balls did she stop, tighten the grasp with her lips, and pull back. She never let it come all the way out and repeated the slow process three times.

Steven tried not to think too far ahead as his mother started to suck his cock faster and harder. Was she going to make him cum, as he expected? And would she...? He didn't want to think about it, yet.

The incredible feeling of her mouth around his dick made him quickly forget his concerns. This was not the first time Karen had done this, Steven concluded accurately. None of the teenage girlfriends he ever had could duplicate the methods his own mother showed with her tongue and lips. He envied his father.

Just as Karen couldn't hold back after Steven's attack on her clit, Steven was ready to cum soon after the blowjob began.

"Ohhhhhh yes, Mom. Just like that," Steven said.

Karen combined her hand on the base of the cock with her mouth on the end.

"Almost there," he warned her. "I'm...oh God...I'm almost...ready."

She gave no hint whatsoever of stopping.

"Now! Now, Mom! I'm going to cum!"

She pumped harder with her hand and opened her mouth. The first shot hit the back of her throat hard. Then the second, followed by loud grunts and successive bursts of warm, sweet cum that piled up on her tongue. Soon, a small stream fell from the side of her mouth and down to her chin. Karen took the cock in her mouth and sucked on it until Steven couldn't deliver another drop.

She let him pull out, and wiped the cum from her chin with a smile. After she had swallowed, she put the cock in her mouth one last time and used her tongue to tease the bottom of the head. Steven moaned at the treatment and felt one last little twitch deposit a few drops. Karen leaned back and rested on the edge of the couch.


Karen lay in bed that night listening to Steven move about in the house. She slept one time for twenty minutes and awoke again to the sound of Steven heading down the hall and into his bedroom. She thought about him undressing as he had in front of her earlier, displaying the cock she gladly took into her mouth. He was the sexiest man she had ever seen and was now the only person in her mind. She couldn't stop making herself wonder what he would feel like inside her. Could she even do it if she had the chance?

She awoke again just after midnight. The house was completely silent. Her pussy begged for attention and she put a hand inside her panties, the only clothes she wore. Back and forth her fingers slid as she remembered Steven's mouth down there, and his tongue, and her clit being stroked. Five minutes passed and she had herself on the brink of cumming.

She pulled her hand away and sighed. She got out of bed.

Karen pulled her door open and peaked out. The hallway was empty. She moved like a ghost towards her son's room.

His door was ajar and she pushed it open far enough to stick her head in. Steven was on his side with his back to her. She entered the room and crept to the side of the bed. Staring down at him, she removed her panties.

She nearly shrieked as Steven turned onto his back, but he never opened his eyes. The room was dark except for a little light coming in the window from the streetlights. There was just enough light to make out features like the sheet pulled just above his waist. Karen saw the lump from his cock and started to lower the sheet.

This time she was prepared for his movement and she was silent when his eyes opened. He didn't panic and she continued to pull the sheet off. In the silence and darkness, Karen got naked.

Seconds later, she was on top of him, kissing her son. His arms went around her and the kiss intensified. When it was over, she leaned up and Steven took a tit into his mouth. His hand was between her legs, searching for the pussy and clit he had tasted several hours earlier.

Little by little she saw his cock harden. She touched it and stroked it, bringing it rapidly to full erection. Karen leaned up and straddled him with her knees so that her body rose directly over his stiff cock.

He didn't have to ask and she didn't waver. Karen placed the head of Steven's cock at the entrance to her cunt. Ever so slowly, she lowered her body until an inch was inside. Then more. And finally she was sitting on him and his cock filled her warm, wet cunt.

She reached down and took his hands, moving them up to her breasts. Steven eagerly clutched at them while Karen began to fuck him.

In the darkness and privacy of the bedroom, Karen and Steven enjoyed the illicit pleasures of mother and son sex. Her maturity and patience counterbalanced his youth and eagerness. She teased his cock with her cunt and her hand. Karen constantly altered the rhythm with which her pussy accepted his cock, bringing Steven closer to an orgasm and then forcing him to take pleasure in the moment.

He held her tits and then grabbed her by the ass, eventually sliding his hands up her body once more and attacking her nipples. Karen leaned over to change the angle and let her tits dangle near Steven's lips before leaning back with a smile. The grimaces on his face told her he was close.

She squeezed his cock harder. He groaned and thrust upward with more energy. One last tug on her nipples and Karen was ready to cum.

"Now, Steven," she said very quietly. "Now."

Her body quaked with the onset of her orgasm. She cried out and closed her eyes, clenching the headboard as she leaned forward. At the same moment, Steven announced he was cumming and Karen felt the first blast of cum inside her. Together they spent the next minute or two matching orgasms and moans of delight.

Steven's limited experiences with the girls he dated did little to prepare him for what a woman like Karen could do to his cock during sex. He never knew a pussy could feel so good and vary its pressure in the way his mother's did. When she dropped on top of him afterward, he did everything he could to remain inside her. Even as they rolled onto their sides, the cock kept its place.

Karen and Steven kissed, with a continuous movement of their hips prolonging the sex for both of them. Then he rolled on top.

"Good thing I was awake, huh?" he said.

"It wouldn't have mattered," Karen replied. "I wasn't leaving."

"And can you stay?" Steven asked, his cock slowly but surely regaining an erection.

"As long as you want."

"Once more, at least," he said, covering her face and chest with kisses.

Karen wrapped her legs around his waist and got ready for a long, long night with her son.

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A mom is fair game when she comes into your bedroom at night!

I woke up to my mom licking my cock, kind of giving me head. When she realized I was awake, she moved on top of me. She pulled her nightgown over her head, and that's all she was wearing, she was nakedmore...

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