tagIncest/TabooMom Cleans House For The Last Time

Mom Cleans House For The Last Time


I have other projects I would like to get to, so this will be the last installment of this series. As I stated before, this has been nothing more than pure fantasy that I hope you enjoyed reading. Maybe in the future I might re-visit this story, but in the meantime keep the feedback and comments coming. Thank you.


The next few days went by smoothly. Grandma spent most of her time at the beach or shopping, when she wasn't over at Mandy's place anyway. I was able to concentrate on work during the day and in the evenings I hung around the house watching TV. I figured that Grandma was getting her sexual needs taken care of by Mandy since she hadn't made any advances with me. I'm sad to have to admit it, but I was actually grateful she left me alone. I wasn't completely rested from the other day.

Wednesday morning she borrowed my car saying Mandy was going to show her some of her favorite stores in town. I told her to have a good time then got to work. Since the thought of visiting Mom and Dad had popped into my head I was having trouble focusing on my assignments. Around noon I called and talked to my boss. Lying my ass off I told him there was a family emergency and wanted to take the rest of the week off. He said that wouldn't be a problem as long as I took my laptop, in case they had to send me something that needed fixed right away. I had already discussed going with Grandma and she said it would be fine with her, since most of her clothes were there anyway. With that settled I began looking forward to at least a long weekend at the parent's place.

With my back against the arm of the couch, my knees raised and my feet on the cushions, I was just about to bite into the pizza I had delivered when Grandma walked in the front door. Immediately I noticed that her hair had been done, it had more bounce to the wavy locks and the silver-blue color looked fresher. Sitting the two large shopping bags she held in her hands down, she walked over in front of me and asked what I thought of her new outfit. She was wearing a pale blue knee length dress that looked like it was made from pure silk, with a modest neckline that dipped just low enough to show off the string of pearls around her neck. Her legs were covered in sheer black nylons with a seam running down the back, spiked four-inch black heels adorned her feet. She did a slow twirl letting me get the whole effect. My appreciative cock began to expand, so it was a good thing all I had on was my robe. Don't want any restrictions to get in the way.

"What do you think," she asked, obviously pleased with how the dress subtly showed off her figure.

"You look absolutely gorgeous Elsie," I complimented her.

"Wait till you see what else I got. Mandy took me to the most darling little shops," she gushed before grabbing the bags and rushing to the bedroom.

Taking a swig of the beer I had been nursing I glanced at the cable box and saw that it was six-thirty. I chugged the rest of the beer and got another, then sat down in the same position as before waiting for her to return, the pizza completely forgotten about.

The next outfit she modeled took my breath away. She had on a sheer black nightgown with a plunging neckline that showed off the top swell of her ample breast. The front had ties that held it together; her unencumbered white breast and dark nipples were clearly visible through the filmy material. Underneath she had on red bikini panties with black lace borders at the waist, leg openings and running in a line through the center of the crotch. I could see her large clit peeking through the slit in front. The seamed nylons were held up by a black and red garter belt strapped around her hips while the spiked heels made her leg muscles stand out proudly. I killed off my beer in several large gulps before saying anything.

"You...look...so... hot Grandma," I stammered.

"Why thank you boy. I thought you might like this little number," she purred.

"Oh, I like it very much," I said, absently reaching between my legs and fondling my dick.

"I guess you do," she chuckled, and then added, "You need another beer sweetie?"

I just nodded my head and watched her strut her stuff toward the fridge, her ass bouncing and swaying hypnotically. I popped the top of the beer she handed me, took a long pull on it while she sat on the opposite end of the couch, in the same position I was in. Her nylon clad knees parted as her free hand slowly crept down over her breast until it reached the junction between her thighs. With her index finger gently manipulating her hardening clitoris she sipped her beer and calmly stared into my face. I stared back as my hand rubbed lightly on my rapidly stiffening member.

"I'll let you watch if I can," she whispered.

"I would love that," I said, keeping my eyes on her face.

Untying my robe I folded the halves to each side so Grandma could look at all of me. My ball sack rested on the cushion and spread out under my now hard cock, my hand circled the shaft and casually stroked back and forth. Taking her fingers off her clit she undid the ties on her nightgown and pushed each front section over to the sides. Her dark brown areolas, sitting against the starkness of her milky white tits, stared at me as she dropped her hand back onto her mound. Once again her finger teased the engorged clit. We stayed in this position for some time calmly sipping our beers, playing with ourselves for the enjoyment of the other to witness.

When her hand moved further down on her crotch I was unable hold her gaze. Looking between her legs, I watched as her middle finger slid between the gap in the panties and sank into her cunt. Trapping her pussy lips with two fingers she pulled and stretched them out through the opening. Gently she brushed each meaty petal to the side with her fingertips until they lay over on the hair covering her puffy outer lips. This gave me a perfect view into the opening of her moist tunnel. The pink muscles at her entrance were clenching and unclenching repeatedly, as if seeking something to suck on as her finger returned to rubbing her stiffened bud.

Sitting the beer on the floor and pushing my robe off, I knelt between Grandma's knees close enough to touch her. Reaching out with one hand I slid a finger gently into her contracting pussy, while my other hand worked furiously along the shaft of my cock. She took her thumb and forefinger and began to masturbate the nearly inch long clit like a dick. I stuck another finger into her well-lubricated snatch and started finger fucking her tunnel in rapid jabs, as the tempo of my own strokes increased. Pre-cum leaked from my penis while her juices thickly coated my plunging fingers. I looked up when I heard her beer slipped from her hand and hit the floor. Her eyes were tightly shut and a very long moan poured from her open mouth. I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers and a flood of wet hot cream flowed past them. My first rope of sticky white spunk landed on her left nipple before I forced my rod down and pointed the head directly at her huge clit. I shot the rest of my load over her clit and finger until they were a gooey mess.

Spent, I sat back on my feet and watched Grandma take her free hand and scoop the jizz off her tit with her fingers. She opened her eyes and stared at me as she brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked the cream off them. Her other fingers continued to spread the rest of it around her clit while some trickled down into her slit and leaked into the crack of her ass.

"Mmm...tasty," she said as she licked her fingers clean.

Looking at the mess I'd made I told her not to move and got a warm washcloth from the bathroom. Using the damp cloth I cleaned off the spunk from her fingers and then wiped as much as I could from her sodden crotch. She began to undulate her hips forward slightly when the washcloth circled her still erect clit. Without thinking I dropped the cloth on the floor and smothered her cunt with my mouth, sucking both her labia and huge clit in at the same time. Feverishly I lapped and sucked, digging my tongue deep into her cleft before taking her clit and massaging it with my lips. I could taste the salty mixture of our juices on my tongue as her furry box bucked against my mouth faster and faster.

"That's it boy. Lick that pussy," Grandma whimpered.

Eagerly I punished her cunt with my lips and tongue as I reached up and pinched each of her nipples repeatedly. Taking my other hand I placed two fingers on her long clit and stroked up and down on it, at the same time plunging my tongue deep into her hot hole.

"OHHH...SHIIIITTTT!" she screamed when her orgasm exploded.

My face rode her bucking and trembling center until she gradually brought herself under control. Scooting upwards I lay my head on her heaving chest between her soft breasts, the tip of my semi-hard penis gently touching the flaps of her juicy pussy. When the palm of my hand rolled her hard nipple she clasped it in hers and held it still.

"No...more...too sensitive," she whispered.

Content with just holding her in my arms listening to her heart thump in her chest, I savored her warmth radiating into me. The drumming of her heart slowed and she kissed the top of my head, before softly running her fingers through my hair.

"Goddamn boy. You sure know how to make this old lady feel good," she eventually said.

"I love making you feel good, Elsie," I whispered back.

We must have fallen asleep like that, because when I looked at the cable box it was showing almost 10pm. Careful not to wake her, I put the pizza in the fridge and the spilt beer in the sink. She was snoring softly when I returned. Not wanting to leave her out here I managed to carry her to the bedroom without waking her up. It was quite a struggle, but I removed her nightgown and damp crotchless panties, then somehow got her under the covers. As soon as she was covered she turned away from me and lay in a fetal position. Already naked I crawled in and spooned up against her; my cock nestled under her ass and against the heat of her fur-lined pussy. Blood filled my rod and I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep in this position. I thought about turning over to my other side but changed my mind. Instead I scooted down till the angle was right, worked the head of my dick up into her slick tunnel before scooting back up. With half of my rigid cock being held comfortably in the tight confines of my Grandmother's wet cunt, I put my arm over her and quickly fell asleep.

I woke up early but Grandma was already out of bed. Not finding my robe I padded naked to the front room, after a much-needed stop at the toilet to relieve my aching bladder. My robe was still on the couch so I put it on and fixed a cup of coffee. Grandma was at the table talking on her cell phone dressed in her short white slip. Taking my coffee I joined her there and ease-dropped on her conversation.

"So you understand what you have to do," she asked whomever she was talking to.

"Okay. The boy's up now, so we should be leaving shortly," she told the other person.

"Remember to charge the batteries in that fancy camera I got you," she said into the phone, before saying goodbye and hanging up.

"That was Doris, in case you're curious," she told me.

I was, but didn't want her thinking I was being nosey. What her and Mom had been talking about did have my curiosity up though. And what about this fancy camera Grandma was talking about? The only camera I remember Mom ever owning was an old instamatic that I'm sure has seen better days.

"What's this about a camera," I asked.

"I bought her one of those ones that records on a DVD for her birthday last year. But I don't think she has even taken it out of the box yet," she answered.

"Cool," was all I could come up.

Grandma made us a nice breakfast and then I helped clean the dishes, making sure to rub up against her soft ass whenever I stood behind her at the sink.

"We don't have time for any Tom-Foolery boy. We need to get ready and hit the road," she said, swatting my hands from her ripe tits.

With our bags packed, and some of Grandma's new purchases in my extra suitcase, we hit the road. My car, a 1969 Buick Wildcat complete with a big bench seat in front and lousy gas mileage, was an absolute joy to drive. It cruised down the road with ease, and being so big, most other drivers steered clear of it. Dressed in loose jeans and faded pocket t-shirt, Grandma wearing the white blouse and maroon long skirt she had arrived in, we settled in for a comfortable trip. Just over three hours later, and one of Grandma's hummers that nearly got us killed at 70 miles an hour, we turned into the quarter-mile dirt road to my parent's house.

As we got closer to the house my heart sank. A large wonderful part of my childhood was no longer there shading the left side of my old home. Probably nothing left of the old oak but firewood I mused as we parked near the large maintenance shed on the right. Mom's car and Dad's beat up truck were parked there, so I knew they were home. Being a gentleman I went and opened Grandma's door for her. Reaching in to help her out I saw she had hiked the long skirt up to her waist. When she spread her legs to get out I was pleasantly surprised to see she was wearing the crotchless panties from last night.

"I like a cool breeze down there when I travel," she remarked smiling.

"You're such a tease old lady," I shot back with a big grin on my face.

"Get my bags boy," she said, then slapped my ass before saying, "I'll show you who's old later."

It took two trips to place our bags on the wide front porch before swinging the front door open.

"Mom? Dad?" I called out, but no one answered.

My parent's house had two huge bedrooms upstairs, a large living room, with the kitchen and laundry room off toward the back. Two armchairs sat across from the big leather couch with a hefty coffee table in front of it. I remember it taking two people to move that table because it had been built so sturdy. A large flat panel TV sat where every seat in the room could view what was playing on it. There were also two full bathrooms, one downstairs in the master bedroom and the other one separating the bedrooms upstairs. Each upstairs bedroom had a door leading into the bathroom, so if you wanted any privacy you had to lock both doors. I took our bags and placed them in the bedrooms before hunting for my parents.

Grandma went to the kitchen to make us some coffee while I searched the house and back yard for Mom and Dad. Not finding them I headed to the maintenance shed. The big overhead door was closed so I let myself in through the side entrance. Once my eyes adjusted to the dimness I could make out all the equipment Dad used to keep things running on the farm. A quick search revealed no one there so I stepped outside and was headed back to the house when I spotted them. Coming out of the walnut orchard holding hands, their faces a little flushed, they didn't see me right away. When Mom did spot me she let out a squeal and ran the thirty yards to where I stood. It was a delight to watch her small boobs bouncing under her flapping housedress as she approached. Giving me a tight motherly hug and a peck on the cheek we waited for Dad to catch up. He shook my hand, clapped me on the back, and told me he was happy to see me.

"How did you and my Mother get along," Mom asked.

"Splendidly," I answered with a sly smile in her direction.

"She did come with you, didn't she?"

"Yeah. She was making some coffee when I left to find you two," I told her.

"Coffee sounds good," they said in unison.

We found Grandma sitting at the big dining table in the kitchen waiting patiently sipping on a cup of coffee. We joined her after fixing our own cup. Dad kissed her on the cheek before sitting down. They have always gotten along, so it was no surprise to see this kind of affection from my father.

"I put our stuff in the bedrooms upstairs," I informed no one in particular. Dad shot Mom a funny look, so I asked, "Something wrong?"

"Well honey, it's just that your Aunt Marcy is coming later today and there's only two bedrooms up there," Mom said apologetically.

"No problem. I can sleep down here on the couch," I assured her.

"Nonsense," Grandma chimed in. "If the boy doesn't mind bunking with an old woman, he can stay with me in my room."

"Wouldn't that be a little weird for you, Elsie," Dad asked.

"Of coarse not. He's my grandson for Pete sakes. Besides, those beds are big enough for three people to sleep comfortably so I don't see a problem," she answered with an air of finality to the matter.

"Well son? It's up to you," Dad looked at me.

"I don't mind, as long as Grandma promises not to hog all the blankets," I laughed.

"Then it's settled. You two can share, and Marcy can have the other one," Dad finally said.

"Is Bill coming with Aunt Marcy this time," I asked.

"No. He's off on one of those hunting trips with his buddies again," Dad answered sarcastically.

Aunt Marcy and Bill Rodgers have been married only eleven years but it seemed like forever. Dad was not fond of Bill at all. Since they had gotten hitched Bill took every spare moment he had running off with his pals, doing God knows what, always telling Marcy that it was a guy thing and she couldn't come. Why she hadn't dumped the bastard yet I couldn't figure out. After two failed marriages, maybe she just didn't want to be alone.

While Mom and Grandma set up the bedrooms, I helped Dad sort out and move a few things around in the shed. With harvest time behind him he had more time to relax and enjoy himself. The down time seemed to agree with him, he actually looked better than the last time I saw him. Finished in the shed Dad suggested we have a cold one on the porch, for which I readily agreed. Dad liked his beer and had an old fridge in the shed that was stocked at all times. We took our beers and settled into two of the four wicker chairs on the porch overlooking the main road and driveway.

"Your health doing okay Dad," I asked after a spell of sipping my beer.

"I'm good. Better than good actually," he replied.

"How so?"

"Doctor has me on some new medications. I'm back to my old self, if you know what I mean," he said with a wink in my direction.

'That's awesome news," I told him.

"You're Mother thinks so. Want another brew?"

"Sure," I said, fighting back a ping of jealously.

I sat there and watched him stroll over to the shed for refills. I was struck by how much alike him and I were. He was just as tall as me but had a slimmer frame, and his short brown hair was a tad thinner than mine. Working hard all his life had kept him in reasonably good condition for a man of forty-nine years old. He returned with two more beers just as a bright red pick-up turned into the drive.

"Your Aunt's here," he told me.

The truck rolled to a stop next to my Wildcat with the cab in a direct line from us. The driver's side door swung open and a long bare leg stretched out toward the ground. This position allowed Dad and I a quick look up the loose leg opening of a pair of white short shorts. A glimpse of pink cotton panties flashed us before the other long leg reached the ground and Aunt Marcy stepped from the truck. Smiling at us, she lifted her arms above her head and stretched the kinks from her nearly six-foot tall slender frame. I found it hard to believe that she was two years older than my Dad. Her sparkling baby-blue eyes radiated a certain vitality, and her flaming red hair didn't have a single gray strand to be seen. She took after Dad's Mom in the red hair aspect. Probably dyed it I thought. I could just make out the low-cut white bra encasing her apple-sized breasts through the white tank top she had on. I was at a loss why she would wear all white with her pale complexion, but I wasn't going to complain as she stepped onto the porch.

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