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Mom Come Play


25 year old Nick pulled into the driveway of his childhood home and sighed. He had sworn when he moved out seven years ago that he would never come back home, he loved his parents to death but he was an adult now. He wanted to make it on his own.

At 6' with a slender build, and jet black hair that hung down to the middle of his back, he had always been considered handsome. He had girls knocking on his door all through high school but there had only been one girl he ever looked twice at. Her name had been Priscilla Price and she was the butcher's daughter. Living in small town America there hadn't really been much to choose from but he didn't care. He had watched Priscilla grow into a beautiful young lady and had decided at a young age that he would marry her someday.

She wasn't the most beautiful girl in his high school class, in fact compared to some of the other girls she had been considered plain. She had stood a mere 5'6" with dark brown hair and light blue eyes. She had been slender all her life which had been an advantage as far as men were concerned.

They had started dating their freshman year. They dated all through high school and when they graduated, he asked her to marry him. He had given up a four year scholarship to Harvard to stay in town and work in her father's butcher shop. They had seven of the best years together, Nick thought life couldn't get any more perfect. He had a beautiful wife, and parents who loved him, what else could a guy want.

His father had died a couple of years before, a brain aneurism that exploded one night while he was sleeping. According to the doctors it had happened so fast that his dad barely felt any pain. His mother had been devastated but refused to move in with Nick and Priscilla saying they were young yet and needed their own space. One thing she did keep harping about however were grandchildren. At Christmas last year she looked at Nick and told him she wasn't getting any younger, she wanted to hold her grandchild in her arms before she left this world.

Nick had just smiled and told her they could see what they could do. The problem was that they had been trying to have children and Priscilla couldn't seem to carry full term. She had already lost two and the doctors were worried about her trying again for fear it may be too much for her, but she was determined to give Nick a son. He told he didn't care if she ever got pregnant he just didn't want to lose her but she was determined.

This last time she got pregnant she didn't tell anyone, not even Nick until she had carried it for about six months. He had gotten upset with her, telling her she didn't need to be risking her life but she had just smiled and rubbed her stomach. Nick was ever watchful over her but things seemed to be going okay this time. She didn't seem in any risk of losing the baby and as she got closer to her due date Nick actually started getting excited.

She went into labor on a cold winter night, with snow blowing like crazy outside the window. Nick barely made it to the hospital because he had to drive so slowly. By the time they got her into delivery, the baby was already starting to make an appearance. Everything was going great; the baby was delivered safely and was alive and healthy. A beautiful baby girl that looked just like her mother. Priscilla held the baby in her arms and smiled, but then things started going wrong, she started hemorrhaging and the doctors couldn't stop it. She had died minutes after giving birth.

That had been six months ago. Nick did his best to raise their daughter but it wasn't easy being a single father. He still had to work but he didn't like the idea of leaving his daughter with strangers, so he had quit his job and lived off his savings. Well now the savings were getting low and he couldn't afford the apartment anymore. When he called his mom and told her the situation she had berated him for not calling sooner and begged him to come home and bring Amelia with him. She told him she would be willing to watch her granddaughter while he worked if he wanted to and that they could stay as long as they wanted.

Now as he sat in his car looking at the house he had grown up in he looked over at his daughter. She was all he had left of Priscilla and he still cried himself to sleep some nights seeing how much the little girl looked like her mother. Amelia was asleep in her car seat, her dark brown hair curled around her face. He very gently pulled her out of her car seat and climbed from the car.

He walked up the walkway with his little bundle in his arms and smiled as he barely reached the porch before the front door opened and his mother held her arms out for her granddaughter.

Nick had always thought his mother was an attractive woman. At 5'8", with a slender build, she had Nick's jet black hair and violet eyes. She had been a real looker when she was younger and in Nick's opinion age had just made her more beautiful. He had asked her once why she never remarried after dad died but she had just smiled, reached out took his hand and said that once you had the best, there was no comparison. Nick hadn't really understood what she meant until he lost Priscilla. There were several women who would have loved to take the dead woman's place in his heart and bed but Nick wasn't interested. He had been celibate the last six months and didn't see that changing anytime soon.

Nick handed Amelia to her grandmother then got busy unloading the car. There really wasn't much, just clothes for him and Amelia, and a few mementos that he wanted to pass down to his daughter someday. He had sold off everything else finding the memories too painful to deal with. Once he was done he sat at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee while his mom fed Amelia. "It is so good to have you home." She said with a smile reaching out to take his hand.

Nick smiled at her and shrugged. "I wanted to make it on my own." He said taking another sip of his coffee.

Jessica looked at her son and shook her head. "Family is important Nick. You should have come home right after Priscilla died."

Nick growled, this was an old argument. One he didn't want to rehash. "We've talked about this mom." He said glaring at her.

Jessica just shrugged and looked down at her granddaughter, "just saying."

Nick just rolled his eyes and stood up, she was always just saying. He gave one last look at his daughter then left the room deciding to get cleaned up and try to get his life back in order.

Nick put Amelia in the crib in his old bedroom and looked down at her with a smile. She was fast asleep and he knew she would probably sleep through the night. She had never really been a bad baby parse; she didn't have jaundice or any of those things that most babies seemed to come down with. She had been healthy and perfect her whole life.

He looked over at his bed and sighed. It was a little after 11, but he wasn't ready to go to bed yet. His mother had retired about a half hour ago saying she was tired, but he just didn't feel sleepy. The problem was he had a raging hard on but didn't like jacking off in the same room as his sleeping baby. He thought about going out and getting on the computer and seeing what he could find on the internet to take care of the problem. He looked once more at Amelia then quietly crept from the room closing the door silently behind him.

The house was dark and quiet, his mother's bedroom door was closed, but he could hear some comedy show on the TV through the closed door. He crept quietly down the hall, not wanting to bother his mom. The internet had been his best friend the last six months. Pics of naked women and movie clips had kept him from going insane from no sex.

He walked down the hall, his bare feet making no noise on the carpet. He moved past his mother's closed door and almost cleared it when he heard a cry coming from inside. He stopped and turned towards the closed door. He heard her cry out again and reached for the door handle. His mom wasn't a young girl anymore and he didn't know if she was in pain or what. He turned the door handle and pushed the door open; walking into the room to make sure she was okay, when he stopped short.

Jessica was naked on her back; her legs spread wide open and her fingers furiously moving inside her pussy as she rubbed frantically at her clit. Cries of pleasure were escaping her lips and Nick stood in the doorway, frozen as he watched her. He licked his lips and felt his cock begin to throb in his jeans. He knew he should turn around and closed the door and leave her to her fantasies, but watching her hands working furiously between his legs, was making him even harder than he had been before.

She was writhing around, her eyes closed as she worked hard at her cunt. Nick swallowed hard and had almost convinced himself to turn around and leave the room when she cried out suddenly. "Ugh, oh god, I'm so close." She cried her hips writhing.

Without thinking about it, Nick moved towards the bed. He didn't realize what he was doing until he climbed onto the bed between his mother's spread legs. He sat on his knees, just staring at her hands working furiously on her cunt. Without thinking about it too closely, he pulled her hands free and drove his face between her legs, running his tongue over her.

Jessica had been lost in her pleasure, but when she felt her hands pulled from her burning pussy and a wet tongue move over her, she gasped and opened her eyes. She looked down between her legs and saw Nick's head as he licked around her clit and pussy lips. She wanted to tell him to stop, that this was wrong, but he flicked his tongue over her clit and she cried out she dug her fingers in his hair and lifted against him. "Ugh, oh fuck, make me cum." She cried thrusting her hips against him.

Nick growled low in his throat, as he flicked his tongue roughly back and forth over her clit. He slid two fingers into her sopping well and started working them in and out as she writhed against him.

Jessica was breathing hard, her hips rolling as she moved against him, wanting his tongue and fingers everywhere. Her fingers tightened in his hair and she held him tight against her burning flesh. "N...Nick oh god Nick, make me cum baby." She cried tossing her head back and forth on the pillow.

Nick growled again, this time deeper as he pierced her hard with his fingers. His tongue whipped back and forth over her clit. Jessica screamed and thrashed harder against him as her body started to tighten. "I...I'm going to cum." She cried her fingers digging into his scalp. He worked his fingers faster as he wrapped his lips around her clit, sucking hard and grazing it with his teeth. Jessica's body suddenly exploded and she arched beneath him as she screamed out her orgasm.

Nick pulled his fingers from her clenching slit, keeping his lips locked around her clit, making her orgasm go on as he ripped at the opening of his jeans. He shoved his jeans down around his knees, freeing his hard cock. When Jessica slumped against the bed, trying to catch her breath, he lifted his head and moved up over her, positioning his hard cock at her entrance.

Jessica felt the bed move and felt his weight as he lay over her. She forced her eyes open and looked up into his passion glazed eyes. She opened her mouth to speak but it came out as half gasp, half moan as he thrust forward with his hips, impaling her on his hard rod in one thrust. Nick held himself up on his arms beside her head as he stared down into her shocked eyes and started moving inside her.

Jessica just stared up at him for a minute as she felt his cock slicing into her body. She hadn't been fucked since his father died and she had to admit that he felt incredible inside her. At the same time though, a part of her was screaming, this isn't right, he is your son. "N...Nick..." she started her breathing harsh.

He dropped his body down over hers, his lips capturing hers in a soul searching kiss as he sped up his thrusts, his balls slapping hard against her ass. Jessica whimpered against his lips and kissed him back, opening her mouth at his probing tongue as she rocked beneath him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Nick's growl's turned into purrs as he moved his lips over hers, his tongue invading her mouth and moving over hers. He could feel her moving beneath him and he just moaned harder as he thrust into her harder. Jessica mewled as she felt his weight pressing her into the mattress. She wrapped her legs around his waist, digging her ankles into his ass as she lifted against him.

Nick lifted his head and looked down into her passion filled eyes. "I love you mom." He said softly, it coming out as a soft growl.

Jessica felt her orgasm building as he drilled hard inside her and she smiled up at him, cupping his face. "I love you too baby." She pulled his lips back to hers, kissing him hungrily as she thrust her body hard against his.

Nick sighed against her lips, wrapping his arms tight around her body as he pounded into her, each searching for that glorious release. When Jessica let go, he groaned as he swallowed her cries and felt her tighten around him. Wrapping his arms tightly around her back, he suddenly shifted and suddenly she was on top.

Jessica smiled down at him as she put her ankles against the mattress and started bouncing on his hard cock. Nick looked up at her through glazed eyes as he reached up and cupped her breasts, caressing the full tits as he stared into her eyes. "Ride me mom, god it feels so good." He cried tipping his head back as his eyes fluttered closed.

Jessica moved faster and harder, pulling him deep inside her as she rolled her hips and tightened her pussy muscles. Nick cried out and started jerking hard inside her, his hips flying as he pierced up into her, his fingers tightening on her tits. Jessica whimpered and arched her body, resting her arms behind her on his legs as she rode him hard and fast. Her head tipped back and she closed her eyes as cries of pleasure escaped her lips. "I'm cumming baby." She cried slamming her body hard against his.

Nick groaned as he let go of her tits and grabbed her hips, forcing her hard up and down over him as he pierced up into her furiously. He felt his balls starting to burn and knew it wouldn't be long before he filled her with his cum. "I...I am so close mom." He cried opening his eyes and looking up at her.

Jessica met his eyes, hers dark with passion as she bounced harder on him. "Fill me up baby, give mommy your hot cum." She purred.

Seeing the look in her eyes and her words pushed Nick over the edge. He let out a loud yell as he jerked her hard down over him and spilled his seed deep inside her. Jessica purred as she felt him fill her, then dropped her upper body over his, kissing him softly. Nick returned the kiss then rolled them over once more as he pulled out of her body and collapsed beside her on the bed. "T...That was..." he stammered his eyes closed.

Jessica smiled and rolled over onto her side, kissing his sweaty chest. "Incredible comes to mind."

Nick opened one blurry eye and looked at her. "That is one way to look at it."

Jessica giggled, resting her head against his chest. "Maybe next time we can try it without the jeans."

Nick had started to feel guilty about what they had just done. He had just fucked his mother for god's sake, what kind of a person did that make him? At her words, he just started laughing and the tension was broken. They were both consenting adults, do what did it matter? He pulled her close and kissed the top of her head, just resting against her. "I love you mom." He said softly.

She rested her head against his chest and replied sleepily. "I love you too baby."

As Nick closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, he thought that maybe coming back home hadn't been so bad an idea after all.


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