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Mom Domme


(All characters are over eighteen.)


In any family there can only be one dominant female. This was a simple fact of life, something that Valerie Quinn had always known to be true. There was no room in her life for competition, not even from her own daughter.

"So how long exactly am I grounded?" Tanya wanted to know. "I'm a little too old don't you think?" Her tone was belligerent. Her expression hostile.

Valerie continued to unpack the groceries. She felt surprisingly calm given Tanya's confrontational attitude.

"Until I say otherwise," she told her. She turned her back to put some juice in the fridge but she could still feel Tanya glowering at her.

This had been coming for a long time. She'd let things slide. It was almost time to take steps to restore the balance of power. She closed the fridge and looked at Tanya in silence.

They'd been fighting a minor battle of wills for some time. The tension had been growing stronger day by day. Tanya stood against the counter, sullen and unhappy. Valerie knew she couldn't let things continue as they were. The time was fast approaching for a confrontation.

"And nineteen isn't too old to be grounded," she added. "I decide, okay? Me, not you."

She could see Tanya didn't like it. She looked on the verge of making a smart comeback but Valerie spoke first.

"And don't go shooting your mouth off or I might see what else I can think of... Your cell phone for instance. It seems to me you said you'd pay the bills, unless I dreamed it."

Even the biggest storms start with only a gentle breeze. She saw Tanya narrow her lips and knew she'd scored a hit. Tanya was an attractive young woman with an enormous chip on her shoulder. Valerie was determined to nip this in the bud. Her face radiated confidence. Tanya's sullen gaze conceded nothing.

It hadn't been easy bringing Tanya up alone for the last two years. Valerie decided to push things along a little and hasten the approaching storm.

"A little help around the house now and then wouldn't hurt," she said.

She took a bottle of cleaning spray from the grocery bag and held it out.

"Here's an idea. Go clean the bath and maybe I'll go on paying for your cell phone."

It was just a little push but it would probably be enough. She resisted the urge to smile at Tanya's expression and the depth of barely controlled hostility in her gaze. She couldn't deny that she wasn't looking forward to what she knew was coming.

"Fine," Tanya sighed dramatically.

She snatched the bathroom cleaner with a distinct lack of grace and another hard stare and Valerie shook her head as she watched her flounce out of the kitchen.

Valerie's thoughts turned inwards. Her moment was coming. A woman had to do what a woman had to do.

She went upstairs twenty minutes later to find Tanya sitting on the side of the bath holding the cleaner, looking sullen and staring moodily into space.

"That's a new one," Valerie said, indicating the unopened bottle. "Lemon Zest. Supposed to take the dirt right off. Course, you have to open it first, and actually use it."

"I don't want to be grounded," Tanya said. She looked up with a forlorn, unhappy expression. "There's a party next weekend. Everyone's going." Her mood changed. She tried a hopeful smile and her eyes grew larger as she rose off the side of the bath. "I'll clean the bath, I'll wash the car. Whatever you want. Just please, can I go to the party?"

Valerie stood in the doorway and Tanya looked suddenly optimistic. It was like someone had thrown a switch. She held the bottle of bathroom cleaner before her in both hands and launched into hyper drive, breathlessly reeling off a list of the people who were going to be at the party.

This was the fun part for Valerie, although she concealed the pleasure it gave her.

She shook her head firmly, "No."

But Tanya kept talking, refusing to give up and Valerie shook her head, shook her head and shook her head.

Finally she managed to speak. "You're not going to the party. You're not going anywhere unless I say you can. End of news."


"No way," Valerie said. They were coming to it now. She knew it. She was ready to rise to the challenge. "I've heard all this before." She saw the light of hope fade in Tanya's eyes. Too bad. "Things are going to change around here. I know you don't like it but it's tough. Get used to it. It's time you learned who's in charge."

Tanya expression changed, just like that, back to glowering, sullen anger. Hot colour rose to her cheeks. Her eyes blazed but Valerie simply looked at her.

"Clean the bath," she said. "When you've done that I'll find you something else to do."

They glared at each other but Valerie was ready. She easily held Tanya's gaze.

The tension between them had just gone up a couple of levels. Valerie welcomed it. Tanya was still glaring but Valerie felt good.

"Clean the bath," she said again. She turned away, left her there, staring after her. Hating her, more than likely. That was okay too, she'd cure her of that.

Behind her the bathroom door slammed shut before she reached her own bedroom. Valerie broke stride but then continued into her bedroom.

She could feel the blood racing faster in her veins. Excitement increasing as their final confrontation approached. This was the way it had to be. She began to unbutton her blouse.

A loud noise from the bathroom made her turn around. She knew immediately what it was: Tanya had just hurled the bottle of cleaner into the bath tub. It made that kind of sound. Fortunately it was a plastic bottle. She heard it bounce around in the bath. Valerie smiled coldly to herself. It wouldn't be long now.

She took off her blouse and unfastened her bra and her heavy breasts slipped free. Her breasts were a symbol of womanhood. It was right they be exposed.

She heard another sound from the bathroom. Bottles this time, plastic soap dishes, the toothbrush holder, shampoo bottles. She knew exactly what it was, Tanya had just thrown everything off the glass shelf over the wash basin.

The time was right and Valerie was more than ready. She strode across the landing and threw open the bathroom door. It hit the wall behind with a crash and Valerie stood in the doorway with her chest heaving.

Tanya whirled around in surprise to gape at her.

"Mom?" There was a frightened uncertain quality to her voice that Valerie had never heard before. For possibly the first time ever a look of rapidly growing apprehension appeared in Tanya's wide blue eyes.

Valerie was breathing hard. The contents of the shelf littered the floor. The shampoo bottle had opened and leaked.

"I'm sorry. I'll pick it up," Tanya said.

Valerie nodded and took a step towards her. She would pick it up, but not now, not right away. Maybe in a little while. First, there were some more important things to do.

"You don't want to be grounded?" she said, taking Tanya's arm. "Okay, we'll see what else I can come up with."

She turned back to her bedroom dragging Tanya with her. Ignoring her protests she pulled her towards the bed.

"From now on you do as I say, when I say it."

Valerie breasts swayed heavily as she sat on the bed. Tanya looked down at her with an expression of frightened disbelief.

"It's time, Tanya. You won't believe how much I've been looking forward to this."

Tanya protested, "Mom, you can't. What are you doing?" Her anguish and her cries increased as Valerie pulled her over her knees. "Mom!"

Valerie held her where she wanted her. Tanya's legs waved in the air. She was holding her upper body off the floor with her extended arms and trying to look back over her shoulder.

"Are you too old for this as well?" Valerie demanded. "See, I don't think you are."

She raised her arm and brought her hand down hard on Tanya's denim covered bottom. Tanya yelled and kicked.

"I decide, remember?" Valerie said.

She spanked her again and the sound was loud and gratifying but somehow not as satisfying as the cry of pain from Tanya. She kicked again and sobbed.

Valerie held her firm. She spanked her again, ignoring the increasingly plaintive cries from her daughter.

"Mo-om, please. I'm sorry," Tanya whined.

Valerie continued to spank her. It was too late for sorry.

"If you're not yet, you're going to be," she said.

Valerie stretched to open the drawer to the cabinet beside her bed. Tanya was sobbing, trying to look back to see what she was doing. Her hair hung down about her face.

"If you're going to do something, you might as well do it properly," Valerie said.

Her fingers closed on a black leather belt. She took it out and folded it double.

"Mom, don't. Please don't. I said I'm sorry," Tanya begged apprehensively.

"Oh, now you're sorry," Valerie said. "Now you're sorry. Not nearly as sorry as you're going to be."

She was breathing fast as she raised the belt. The colour had faded from the seat of Tanya's jeans just where the denim was stretched tightest over the shapely lower cheeks of her bottom. Valerie swung the belt, aiming for there.

The sound was louder than that made by her hand. Tanya gasped aloud, a cry that quieted into a drawn out whine of complaint.

Valerie used the belt again and Tanya's legs stiffened. She held them out straight and Valerie used it again.

"Oh, I like this," Valerie said. "This is something I should have done a long time ago." She brought the belt down again. It made another loud crack as it connected with Tanya's vulnerable bottom. "You don't have anything smart to say, no snappy comebacks?"

"No-o-o," Tanya sobbed.

The belt fell again and she kicked her legs.

Valerie wasn't surprised to feel herself becoming aroused. That was an important part of it. There could only be one dominant female.

There was something deliciously satisfying about holding her daughter that way, looking down at her bottom, raising the belt. She could feel herself becoming wetter. The belt came down hard with a satisying snap. Tanya continued to whine pitifully. She writhed, trying to avoid the next blow, it didn't work. Valerie's aim was good, the belt connected with the fullest part of Tanya's bottom.

"I knew this was coming," Valerie said. She brought the belt down. Tanya yelped, she sobbed in complaint. "I'm starting to wish I didn't put it off so long."

She held her daughter with her left hand. Her breasts swayed as she brought the belt down, same place, same tender curve.

"Who's in charge?" she panted.

"Wh-at? I don't know what you mean," Tanya whined. "OWwwww.."

Valerie paused, not because she was through, but because her arm was aching.

She liked this view of Tanya's bottom, the tightness of her jeans, the sense of power she felt. This was how things were supposed to be, Moms called the shots, daughters behaved. If they didn't, this is what they'd get. If there was a more fitting and satisfying way for a mother to establish her authority she couldn't imagine what it might be.

But then again, maybe she could...

Valerie had an idea, in her aroused, dominant state of mind, it appealed to her at once.

"Come on, get up," she said.

Tanya moved slowly. Her hair hung down about her face. For the first time ever she seemed shocked into submission. She stood before Valerie. Her face was red and she touched her bottom cautiously. Her face wore a guarded expression, sober, watchful and unhappy. Valerie thought it was a good look for her, one she could grow to like.

"I'm sorry," Tanya whispered. This was getting better and better as far as Valerie was concerned. Finally, a grudging form of respect.

She stood up and saw Tanya glance uncertainly at her breasts. Their eyes met briefly. Valerie was still holding the belt and she saw Tanya look at that too.

"Oh, we're not done yet," Valerie said. Tanya frowned with renewed anxiety and Valerie shook her head. She took her arm. "No, what I want you to do now is sit down here for me on the bed."

Tanya moved slowly, uncertainly. She sat down with care, never once taking her eyes from her mother.

Valerie was enjoying establishing herself as the dominant female. There could only be one.

"Now, lie back, lift your legs, and hold your ankles for me."

She saw the consternation in Tanya's eyes and ignored it.

"Lie back," she said again.


"Just do it, Tanya. I'm not kidding around. There are lessons to be learned today."

She held her daughter's gaze until Tanya slowly and reluctantly lay back on the bed. She raised her legs and reached for her ankles.

Valerie watched her until Tanya did what she'd told her then she stepped up to the bed. Tanya lay back grasping her ankles, her knees wide apart, the crotch of her jeans stretched tight between her legs.

She watched apprehensively as Valerie dangled the folded belt over her pussy.

"From now on, I'm in charge," Valerie said. She flicked her wrist and the belt brushed Tanya's crotch. "Understand?"

She moved her hand, letting the belt trail between Tanya's legs. Valerie could see where the thick denim seam came down over her pussy and went back between the cheeks of her bottom.

Tanya was breathing fast. She looked apprehensive and vulnerable. She moaned softly.

"You don't move again until I tell you," Valerie warned her.

She stepped to the side so she could swing the belt. She took her time. Why shouldn't she savour the moment? She measured the distance and then she brought the belt down with a snap on Tanya's pussy.

Tanya cried out. She closed her eyes and breathed sharply inwards. Valerie used the belt again, a little harder, aiming for the thick seam where it passed tight over Tanya's pussy.

Valerie's nipples were stiff and aching. Her panties were soaked.

She looked at Tanya's face. Her eyes were tightly closed, her mouth twisted in a grimace of pain.

Valerie swung the belt again, and again, and again.

"You can put your legs down," Valerie said.

Tanya opened her eyes. She lowered her legs slowly. Her hair lay across her face. Valerie thought she saw a new, more respectful look in her eyes. She lay unmoving, subdued and watchful.

"We're not done yet," Valerie said. "But we're getting there."

She dropped the belt on the floor and lifted her skirt and took down her panties. The crotch was heavy with her juices. She balled them in her hand and walked round the bed to look down at Tanya's face. Without speaking she leaned over her and put her panties over Tanya's nose and mouth. Tanya tried to turn her head away but Valerie moved her hand with her.

Tanya struggled, her eyes wide and staring. Valerie knelt on the bed.

"Open your mouth."

Tanya's cries were muffled. She tried to shake her head and use her hands to defend herself but Valerie was determined. This was how to truly establish her supremacy.

They struggled briefly, Tanya writhing on the bed, Valerie leaning over her, her heavy breasts hanging down.

Tanya twisted her head to the side, she was making small, protesting noises, but then Valerie felt her open her mouth and she pushed the sodden panties inside.

She held them in place with both hands, holding Tanya's head, looking down, her panties hanging from Tanya's mouth.

Valerie smiled. She saw Tanya's throat work as she swallowed. There was no fire now in her daughter's eyes. When she removed her hands Tanya lay still watching her. Valerie reached down and fondled her daughter's breasts, one, then the other, squeezing and caressing, roughly, because she could. They were finally reaching an understanding.

"This is the way it has to be, do you understand?" Valerie said.

Tanya swallowed again. She nodded slowly and Valerie bent over and kissed her cheek. Slowly, she drew the panties from her daughter's mouth.

"We understand each other don't we?" Valerie whispered. "There can only be one dominant female."

Tanya nodded again. Her expression was softer now. She lay with her knees drawn up but her legs open. Peaceful. Submissive.

Valerie smiled. She moved further onto the bed. The mattress dipped as she carefully knelt astride her daughter's face. Her skirt hid Tanya and Valerie waited. She could feel her hot breath on her pussy. She reached and touched Tanya's breasts again.

"It has to be me. I'm the one," Valerie said.

She waited and then she felt Tanya move beneath her, felt a cautious, exploring tongue.

Valerie closed her eyes and moved her hips. Tanya's hands moved to cup her bottom. Valerie could feel her daughter's lips, her hot breath, her tongue flicking with increased excitement.

Beneath her Tanya moved her head again and Valerie felt her tongue probing her asshole, her daughter's ultimate tribute to her dominance.

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