tagIncest/TabooMom Finds Out Son is a Gigolo!

Mom Finds Out Son is a Gigolo!


Mom Wants Son's Nine Inches Too!

Terry was eighteen and a senior member on the swim team. Terry worked at Whole Foods to make extra money to keep his car running and pay the insurance. The grocery store is a high end food retailer which meant to Terry that everything was marked up higher just because of the rich people who lived in the area. His family was straight middle class and lived ten miles from this place. Terry didn't mind the drive since the pay was several dollars higher per hour than anything Terry could find near his home. There were also extra perks that came with the job. One great perk was that there was a lot of gorgeous looking older women. He and his friends called the store MILF's Shop Here. Day in and day out beautiful women shopped there. Terry thought of it as his own personal hunting ground. He worked in the produce section and had figured out what a lot of these women wanted and needed. That particular need was a huge hard cock to satisfy them when their husbands couldn't or wouldn't make them happy. It made no difference to Terry what the excuse was to make these beautiful women go looking for a good time. Terry found out by accident one day while working in the dairy section. He was stocking the milk containers from inside the huge walk-in cooler six months ago. When the door on the other side opened and he then was able to hear two women talking.

The conversation caught his attention when one of the ladies said, "Cindy, is it too much to ask our damn husbands to fuck us at least once a week. It's not like I asking for the world or anything crazy. I just want a good hard fuck from time to time."

"Janet, I'll gladly take once a week right now since my sorry husband only gives me his little pecker once every three weeks or so. At least you get fucked once a week."

"Cindy do you want the one percent milk or the two percent milk?"

"I can't stand the one percent it tastes like water to me. I'm so horny that I almost made a move on the cute guy who works at our country club. Remember when we finished playing golf and the cute boy came out to our car to get the golf cart?"

"Yes he's very handsome and I thought he was going to say something to you but I guess he chickened out. But your right, several times I've wanted to flirt with a few hot guys at the club myself."

"Janet, put this one back and see if there's one with a better expiration date on it."

Terry watched as the blond woman reached towards him in the cooler trying to reach the milk near the back. She looked to be in her early forties. He had a decent view of her tits and they were store bought to say the least.

"Here's a better one Cindy. You know I've had my eye on of the boys who works here. You know the tall blond kid that works in the produce section. Now I would like to see what that boy has between his legs. His tight jeans really make an impression if you know what I mean."

"Janet I know just the kid you're talking about. He's dreamy and fills out his shirt really well. I bet he plays football at school.

"Shit, their talking about me," Terry said to himself as he watched the blond put back the other milk.

"Janet, the next time I see that boy I'm going to flirt with him just to see how he reacts. I'll bet I can get him excited in under two minutes."

Cindy, I'll bet you a martini next time we play golf that he runs off from embarrassment."

"Ok, it's a bet. Let's go find him. I saw him on the way in working in the produce section."

Terry quickly walked out the cooler and all the way around to the produce section. With the new knowledge, Terry grab the container of cucumbers and walked out the service door to the fresh vegetable section and began stocking the cucumbers. Terry saw the two women coming his way from the dairy section. They both had carts and the other woman took a right towards the fruit section while the stacked blond walked straight towards Terry. Terry felt nervous as she approached. Terry wondered what she might say to flirt with him but he hoped it might be about cucumbers and that's why he picked out that particular vegetable to stock. Terry watch the blond pick up several cucumbers while running her hand up and down the length of each one. The perfumed he smelled reminded him of his mom's sexy twin sister Donna. She had married a doctor and visited them several times each year. When she visited, Terry just knew she was flirting with him to the point that he almost knocked on her door late one night but chickened out.

"Excuse me honey, can you help me find a really big one," replied the blond as she pointed the cucumber towards Terry's crotch.

Terry took two steps and brushed up against the blonde's arm and said, "Just how big do you need it to be ma' me?" Terry laugh to himself at his bold opening line. His prior knowledge made that opening line so easy it surprised him.

"I'm so use to the ones that are only five or six inches. It's hard to find one longer than this one," replied Cindy as she stroked the cucumber up and down.

"Ma 'me, you just have to know where to look. I personally know where a nine inch one is. You just have to look closer." Terry could feel his nine inch cock swelling in his tight jeans as the blond glanced down at his cock.

Cindy leaned over the cucumbers and found one about seven inches long and said, "Now this one is almost the size that will do but really won't make me happy. I really want a big one that I can feel that it will get the job done."

Terry turned slightly towards the blond and noticed the other woman was now on the other side of the cucumbers.

"Cindy have you found any big ones?"

"Not yet Janet, but he says there is a nine inch one here but I haven't seen it yet. By the way young man what is your name?"

"Terry is my name," replied Terry as his cock started to snake down his leg slightly.

"Well Terry we've never seen one that's nine inches long have we Cindy. I don't think they come that big," replied Janet from the other side.

"Exactly Janet, I wouldn't believe it unless I saw one nine inches long myself," replied Cindy as she turn to face Terry.

Cindy glanced at Terry's cock as it made a banana shape down his leg. Holy shit the boy was hung like a horse.

Cindy dropped the cucumber and bent down to retrieve it. As she did she came face to face with Terry's huge cock pressing against his jeans.

"Janet, I think I found one that is nine inches long," replied Cindy as she stood back up.

Terry's cock was now hard as a bar of steel. He glanced around the produce section to see if any co-workers were in the area. It was now or never to make a move. Since he knew what they talked about and needed, it was there for the taking. "Miss, I can show you one that is nine inches but you'll have to come to the stockroom to see it," replied Terry as he grasp the cucumber out of Janet's hands.

"Janet I'll be right back. I want to see one that's nine inches long for myself."

Terry walked through the doors and motioned for Cindy to follow.

"Cindy! You're not going back there are you? OK! You won the bet. Let's finish shopping."

"Janet I'll be right back. You watch out for people who might come in."

Cindy walked towards the doors and glanced around to make sure nobody was looking. When Cindy got inside Terry reached out and took her hand and placed it right on his hard cock without saying a word.

"Oh my god you have a huge cock Terry. Can I see it?" Asked Cindy as she rubbed her hand up and down Terry's cock.

Terry unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper. Cindy squatted down and reached for his underwear. She slowly pulled them down and noticed Terry's six pack abs. She placed her hand on his abs as her other hand pulled his drawers down further. As she watched his cock come into view, she noticed Terry didn't have a single hair anywhere to be found. None around the base or balls of his huge cock. Heck, there was none on his legs either. Then, the nine inches of hard cock sprang into view and the head pushed against Cindy's cheek with a thud.

"Oh shit you're hung like a damn horse Terry," replied Cindy as she stood up still holding his huge cock in her tiny hand.

Cindy nestled her face close to Terry's neck as she stroked his cock several times feeling the weight and thickness.

"I bet you can fuck for hours can't you?" Whispered Cindy in Terry's ear causing his cock to twitch.

"My girlfriend doesn't like that since she says my cock hurts her if we do it too long."

"Oh my! What a waste. "I'll tell you what, if you want I would like to try this cock one day. Would you like that?" Replied Cindy as she bent down taking the head of Terry's cock in her mouth.

"Oh my god yes!" replied Terry as Cindy sucked half of his cock down her throat.

From outside the door, Janet knocked on the door and said, "A worker is headed this way."

"Cindy took one more long hard suck on Terry's cock and then said, "Damn it!"

As Terry pulled back up his clothes, Cindy said, "Before I leave I will give you my number so you can call me about staying at my house this Friday night. Ok?"

Terry nodded as Cindy turned and walked back out the doors.

"Cindy! What happened in there? Your lipstick is smeared a little?"

Cindy fished out her compact and fixed the smear with fresh lipstick.

"Hello? Cindy? What happened?"

"Janet the boy is hung like a mule. His cock it at least nine inches and thick as my wrist. I pulled down his underwear and that monster smacked me right in the cheek. I could barely get half of it down my throat."

"You sucked the stock boy off in the stock room? Have you lost your mind?"

"Janet, wait until you see his huge cock. Once you do, you'll want to suck on it as well."

"I'm not sure that's going to happen. We might get caught right here is the store."

"You've always been the prude of our group. You need to loosen up some. We are in our sexual prime now. Our damn husbands like their jobs better than fucking us and I'm going to have a shot at that stud. His cock is the largest I've ever seen. I told him I bet he could fuck for hours and he said his girlfriend doesn't like that. We both can help each other out is the way I see it. Let me have a pen and paper so I can give him my number."

Janet got out the pen and paper as Terry walked back to the cucumbers. Janet looked straight at the bulge in Terry's jeans. The boy did look big down there. Maybe she should have looked too? Cindy handed the number to Terry and motioned for Janet to come on.


Fast forward to present time six months later.

"Mom what time are you coming by the store today to shop for groceries?"

"I hope to be there around 11:00 this morning," replied Terry's mother Betty.

Terry's mom and dad were both in education hence they were stuck in middle class. They as a family did ok and Terry really never complained or wanted things that they couldn't afford. His dad was the high school football star and his mom was a cheerleader with him during high school. But you would never know that if you looked at his dad today. He was at least one hundred pounds overweight and drank way too much. However, his mom was still drop dead gorgeous and still had the body of an eighteen year sexy cheerleader.

Since Terry was fucking two women on a regular basis from the grocery store where he worked, he looked at his mom in the last six months with trained eyes. He didn't view her as his mom anymore but he viewed her as a sexy vibrant woman who by his thinking didn't get enough sex either. He knew he heard his mom masturbating on several occasions. She was kind of like the women who wanted and needed him to fuck them just for fun. In the last six months Terry started to have fantasies about his mom. But with all the sex he was having, he really never thought about acting any of them out.

"See you later mom," yelled Terry as he left.

"Jack, I'm headed to the store earlier than 11:00. I'll be back around 1 pm."

Jack grunted from his chair and said, "I need some more beer," as his wife left.


"At the store Terry looked around and noticed several MILF's shopping at the store. Thursdays are the best day since the store ran several specials. He knew his chances were good at one or two of them flirting with him. Many times women have flirted with him but only the four he was fucking took it to the next level. I guess they wanted a little sexual excitement before they went back home. The ones that really wanted to fuck usually told him so in about two minutes or less. Also, Terry never made the first move even though there had been several MILF's he wanted to fuck badly. Kind of made it ok to him to fuck them since they were making the first move.

Terry's mom walked in the store and didn't shop there too often. But with her son's discount it made the prices about the same. This store had a better selection of everything. Betty pushed her cart towards the produce section and at the far end saw her son talking to a woman. Betty stopped next to a woman as she watched her son intently. I guess two minutes went by when the woman next to her said, "Dreamy isn't he?"

"Excuse me?" What do you mean?"

"The stock boy that woman is talking too. She been talking to him for fifteen minutes or so. I'm waiting my turn. She needs to hurry up! He's so handsome!"

Betty was about to say something rude to the woman but the woman shocked her before she could inform her that was her son she was talking about.

"You think the rumors are true?" Asked the lady.

Betty turned and paid more attention to the lady. Betty noticed she was wearing skin tight leopard print leggings and a skin tight V-neck blouse that practically showed all of her goods leaving not much to the imagination. In her cart cup holder was a glass of white wine. The large diamond on her ring finger sparkle as she took a sip of the wine.

"What rumors?" Asked Betty as she looked back at her son.

"Since you shop here I know you've heard them."

"Honest I haven't"

"Well today I'm going get my nerve up and find out myself. I just need to finish this second glass of wine first."

The woman turned her cart away from her and Betty turned and followed.

"Excuse me! Can I ask you a question," asked Betty as she caught up to the woman.

They both now were out of sight from her son.

"Can you tell what rumors you've heard?"

The woman move closer to Betty and whispered in her ear, "Rumor has it that he has a nine inch cock and it's thick as your wrist."

What the lady just said really didn't register with Betty since the woman was talking about her son. Betty would know if her son had a cock that large. How could he hide it from her of all people? Then Betty did some hard thinking while the woman said something else. Betty went back in her mind and realized it had been maybe two or three years since she had walked in on her son taking a shower. A lot can happen in that amount of time. Plus, her husband was only about seven inches so where did her son get a nine inch cock if the rumors were true.

"Yep, he's quite the stud as I hear."

Those words brought Betty back from her thoughts as the woman took another sip.

"Wait what did you just say?"

Rumor has it that the boy can fuck for hours and will only cum AFTER you have."

"So that boy back there supposedly has a nine inch cock and is basically a gigolo?"

"Well nine inch cock is part of it but I'm not sure he charges any money. Heck I would pay him to have a chance at a nine inch cock as thick as my wrist."

Betty felt her cunt tingle slightly as they rounded the corner and her son came into view. Betty watched as the woman put her hand on her son's arm as she giggled. She knew the woman was flirting with her son.

"Well I'll see ya and by the way you're the kind of woman he likes or that's what I've heard. He likes women who are tall and athletic with a nice set of tits. Wish me luck."

Betty noticed the other woman was now gone and the lady she was just talking to pushed her cart towards Terry. Betty pulled back to watch them in secret. It seems like only a minute or two and the lady leaned over and whispered something in Terry's ear. She saw that her son nodded yes as the woman looked right at Terry cock. The woman then took out a piece of paper and wrote down something and handed it to Terry.

The woman pushed her cart back toward Betty and once there she said, "The rumors are true! Wish me luck! I hope he calls me soon! My husband will be out of town this weekend. It's your turn at him honey!"

"I'm not sure I can do that right now. But I would love to know how things work out. Do you mind if I get your number. We could talk later if things go well for you. You might be able to help me in quest if you know what I mean."

"Sure, I'm Zena and here is my number to put on your phone. Good luck with him!"

Betty felt weak in the knees as she pushed her cart towards her son. Out of the corner of her eye, Betty spotted a very attractive blond pushing her cart right towards her son as well. Betty sped up and just got to her son before the blond did.

"Mom, you're early!" Replied Terry as the blond turned around while saying, "That's a relief it's only his mother."

"Terry looks like your awfully busy today. Can you help your mom shop for a few things? Just walk with me if you can while I get the things on my list."

"Sure mom."

Betty took her son's arm and off they went. She looked in the direction of the blond who was watching them closely as she pulled Terry closer to her. Then, Betty boldly stopped and turned Terry towards her as she planted a kiss on her son's lips. Upon seeing this, the blond turned her cart and stormed off.

"Mom? What was that kiss for?"

"Nothing! Can't a mom give her son a kiss every once in a while?" Replied Betty as she turned to shop in the first aisle.

Terry nodded and thought that the kiss was very different indeed. His mom had never kissed him like that. Not on the lips? All the other kisses were pecks on the cheek kind of kisses. That kiss stirred his emotions since the kiss lingered past a hello kiss. Terry stood back and looked at his mom as she walked up the aisle. Terry noticed her ass as she bent over to get a can of soup. OK! You're now looking at your mother's ass like you want to fuck her? Terry mumbled to himself as he caught up with his mom.

"How does a nice pot roast and potatoes sound for dinner Friday night? Your dad will be out of town until Sunday golfing and we can eat leftovers or get a pizza for the remainder of the weekend."

"Sounds great mom. What do you want for dessert?"

"Don't worry about dessert honey. I'll take care of the dessert. You're going to love it."

A few minutes later and the list was complete. Terry escorted his mom to the register to make sure she got the discount. On the way out, Betty noticed the blond standing in one of the other checkout lanes. She seemed to be always close while they shopped. Once at the car, Betty asked her son for a goodbye kiss as the blond walked towards them. This time she pulled her son close to her so she could feel the outline of his cock on her thigh as she planted a longer kiss.

What's my mom's hand doing on my butt? Wondered Terry as his mom kissed him very slowly. Terry could feel his cock touching his mom's thigh as his mom pulled him in closer. His mom pulled back and Terry noticed both nipples were pushing out on his mom's breasts.

"Well it's a date this weekend. I'm so glad you're going to be around. See you back at the house honey." Replied his mom as she looked directly at her son's cock.

And just like that, his mom was gone leaving him there with a semi-hard on right there in the parking lot.

Terry walked back in the store straight towards the break room. He sat down and dialed the number from the paper he had gotten from the stacked blond.

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