Mom Gets Strip Searched Pt. 02

byGeorge VI©

"Ooooh, oooooh!" she cooed in rhythm to my slender body slapping loudly into her rippling thighs. In response I thrust harder. Mom's mouth was open as she started to moan louder. She moved her hips in rhythm with mine. I could feel her cunt muscles contracting around my cock. I took the time to run my hands over her sticky body, including massaging her long thighs, and squeezing her irresistible tits and tugging her hard nipples.

I was panting loudly, and my mom was crying out and grunting. "Ugh, Uhg, Oohhh!" I was getting close to cumming.

"Here... it... comes... Mom!" I grunted.

"Don't stop yet!" Mom panted. "Uh! I'm, Ugh! Close to, Urrgh! Cumming! Ooooouuuuueeeee!"

Mom started thrashing madly again as I held her bucking hips with my hands. She screamed loudly and clamped her thighs around me like a vise. She shuddered and convulsed and fitted almost constantly.

I've spilled gallons of semen, it seems, fantasizing of fucking my Mom as well as other women. But I had never cum as long or as hard as I did inside of my mom's pussy. It seemed to send Mom into even more waves of screaming and thrashing.

When at last my cock stopped pulsating inside of Mom's pussy as she lay on the table crying, I slowly slipped my still-hard slithery snake out of her hole. I looked down at my naked, sticky mom. Ink from my fingertips had left black smudge marks on her body, especially her tits and hips.


I could hear noise from behind the mirror. I pulled up my baseball pants and buckled the belt. When I opened the door and stepped into the hall, I was greeted by my five teammates. They patted me on the shoulders, and made comments like, "Nice work," "good job," etc. They all filed into room 103. Some of the cops followed me into the cramped room behind the mirror.

"Are you going to let her go now?" I asked Crabbe, the "good" cop.

"In a while," answered Miller. "That was priceless, watching you fuck your mom. But we made some deals with the other kids. They get to hump her now for turning informant." I looked through the mirror. Mom was still handcuffed to the table as five teenaged boys in baseball uniforms groped her body all over. Jesse was even kissing her. Paul was feeling her right tit. Mike and Dylan were both squeezing her left tit. Rick fingered her pussy. They were laughing and smiling, their teen cocks sticking out perpendicular from their bodies through their uniforms. They were rough and rapid in their movements.

Rick pulled his red dick out of his pants. He aimed it at Mom's pussy, and slid it in. He fucked her rapidly while the others continued to crudely grope her.

Mom squealed as she looked up at the five teens. Her white tits were turning dark from smudged ink from the boys' fingers. Rick slapped into her hard, while the other giggling teens squeezed and tickled her body.

Rick pulled out of Mom's pussy and shot his white jism on her stomach. Jesse soon replaced him between Mom's legs. The cops laughed and made comments about "eager young teens," and Mom's ink-smudged tits. Dylan pulled out his cock, pushed it into Mom's face, and made her suck on teen dick. Others reached under her to feel her ass.

I couldn't help but be thrilled and proud of my mom, being so sexually desired by a group of teenagers. The smiles told me they were having fun, but they were also deadly serious with the way they fucked mom.

Jesse laughed as he fucked my mom, but soon scrunched his face, withdrew from her, and spattered spunk on her thighs. Mike replaced Jesse and fucked her with loud but high- pitched grunts from his only recently-changed voice. Paul climbed on the table, sat on Mom's chest, and laid his cock between her tits. He pressed her tits together, thrust his hips in and out, and tit-fucked Mom. I could see his cock head disappearing and reappearing from between her pushed-together cleavage. The other teens laughed and pointed at Mom as she got her pussy and her tits fucked by their teammates. Soon Mike pulled out and came on Mom's pussy fur, as Paul let white spunk fly all over Mom's tits, chest, neck and chin.

When all five of them had managed to come in or on my mom, Miller and the other cops broke the party up and shooed the team out in to the lobby. Miller unlocked all of the handcuffs on Mom, as the other cops picked up some of their own clothes and some empty booze bottles. Mom rose slowly from the table, and sat on it in a daze. Her underwear had disappeared, but now her skirt, tank top, and shoes reappeared, and were tossed onto the table. I watched Mom get dressed, with her tits swaying. She had black smudge marks all over her body, but they were by far the darkest over her tits, all around her crotch and hips, and a little on her ass. The cops kicked me out into the reception area with the other guys.

Coleman and Sikowski gave us all bags that contained our jocks and other articles that they'd confiscated. I looked in mine, and there was an unmarked VHS tape. Looking around, I could see similar tapes in the other guys' bags. Crabbe DID promise us a copy of Mom's strip search, but they didn't actually give them to us, did they?

Mom walked slowly and unsteadily into the reception area. Her hair was a mess; she had spunk dried all over her face, hair, chest, and arms. She clearly wasn't wearing a bra under her tank top. The other guys were still staring at her swaying tits and protruding nipples. Funny how that turned me on, even after everything I saw of her. Mom was given her purse, and exited the door. We silently followed her.

We retrieved our impounded minivan, and climbed in. Nobody said a word as we drove home. We stopped in front of Paul's house first. Mom put the van in park, but before she unlocked the doors, she turned back to all of the boys. "Tonight didn't happen," she said. "I don't ever want to talk about it to anyone." With that she unlocked the door for Paul.


For the next several months, Mom never did talk about it, to me or anyone else that I'm aware of. I don't know what she thought of my fucking her, or the other guys fucking her. Maybe she thought I was forced to do it. Mostly I think she was in denial that the whole thing happened, and generally went about her life as if she'd never experienced the horror of being exposed and felt up in front of dozens of members of her community, or laughed at after she shuddered through a public orgasm, or raped by a bunch of cops, or gang raped by a bunch of teenaged boys that she knew, or chained to a table while her own son fucked the hell out of her.

For a while we seemed to avoid each other, making little eye contact, except for normal parental issues. But after a while I went back to longer gazes at her body. The only subtle difference was that I sometimes saw Mom look back at me and catch me staring at her. But she didn't say anything to me about it.

Nobody ever mentioned to me that they were aware that I fucked Mom at the police station. I guess the other guys feared reprisals from the cops if they talked about that, or maybe everybody knew but just didn't talk to me about it. It was, however, very common knowledge that Mom had been searched and exposed at the park in front of a lot of people. And it was well known that Mom had been stripped naked at the police station. For the videotape that we all received did indeed contain the entire strip search.

Every chance I got, when alone, I would put that tape on the VCR with the sound up loud, sit in a chair close to the TV, the remote in one hand, and my cock in the other, and watch it. I slow-motioned my favorite parts, freeze-framed others where Mom was in a particularly good pose, and watched over and over as mom shuddered through her orgasm. The tape took on a life of its own. My teammates were showing it to people, and making copies, too. Guys I didn't even know approached me and told me they enjoyed seeing my mom stripped naked. And I loved it. My cock tingled every time someone told me they'd seen it. Usually I would have the courage to ask them what their favorite moment was. Some wouldn't say, but others told me. It was often her orgasm at Ester's hands; some said when her tits first came into view; some said when her pussy hair was exposed; while others said watching her tits bounce when she did jumping jacks.

One day Mr. Jackson, my next-door neighbor, called me over when I was in the back yard. After hemming and hawing, he said that he'd heard about the tape. Was it true? Did I really have a copy of it? When I answered yes, he said he'd like a copy of it. When I said that I really shouldn't do that, he said he couldn't give me much money, but that he'd trade for it. He said he'd give me a videotape that he'd made of his wife stripping and having sex with him, that he'd recorded without her knowledge. I'd long watched his wife coming and going and working in the yard. She was a hot, petite brunette a couple of years younger than Mom.

When Mr. Jackson and I made the exchange, it started a new trend. I wouldn't sell the video, but I would trade it for similar videos. A lot of my schoolmates traded me videos they secretly made of their moms, or their sisters, or sometimes their sister's friends, with their home camcorders. I told Mike and Dylan what I was doing, and they started making the same deals. Soon we shared a large collection of bootleg voyeur porn of community women and girls.


One night a couple of months after "the incident," Dad was out of town again. Mom and I were home alone, and I was lying in my bed in just a pair of boxers. I could hear Mom in the shower. I was going to wait for her to go to sleep, then slip downstairs and watch the video again. In the meantime, I was stroking my hard cock, in anticipation of seeing Mom naked on TV again.

A few minutes after the shower stopped, I heard Mom in the hall. She knocked on my door. I hid my hardon under the sheets, and called "come in."

Mom walked into my bedroom, wearing the skimpy black silk negligee that I had seen buried in her closet. I'll bet that Dad bought it for her years and years ago, because it clearly was way too small for her now. Two tiny black straps held it up. I knew from inspecting it before that it had an underwire to hold her tits up, but that the cups were just flimsy silk. It scooped way down in front. Her tits were too large for the cups, and a large portion of her cleavage was spilling out over the top. The bottom of the one-piece outfit was like a pair of shorts, tight around her crotch and ass, but with loose leg holes. It was so tight that the material at her crotch was sucked right up into her pussy slit. Her thighs were bare. She had make-up on, and long earrings dangling, not the sort of things she normally does at bedtime after a shower.

"I, uh, uh. Oh, Randy, I really need you," Mom blurted.

"Sure, what is it?"

"I, uh, I'm having problems with your father."

I didn't say anything at that.

Mom continued, looking down at the floor. "I'm having problems, uh, in bed."

Again, I didn't know what to say.

"I, uh, can't have sex the normal way."

"The normal way?" I asked. "What's that mean?" I thought maybe she had some physical problem from "the incident."

Mom held her right hand out, and tossed something on my bed. I looked down at the object. It was a pair of handcuffs.

I sat in silence working out what she was telling me. She was having problems in bed. She brings me handcuffs.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

Mom looked me in the eye with a pleading look. "I want you to, uh, use them."

I climbed out of bed, my hardon pup-tenting my boxers. I picked up the handcuffs from the bed, and approached Mom. Mom held out her right hand. I wrapped a cuff around her wrist, and closed it. Mom held out her left hand. But I grabbed her right arm, and twisted it behind her back. Mom let out a little gasp when I twisted her body around and pushed her chest into the door, but she didn't object. I grabbed her left arm and pulled it back behind her. If Mom had wanted to get away from my grasp, she could have. I slapped the cuffs on her left wrist, so her hands were cuffed behind her back.

She was off balance, and resting her chest on the door. I put both of my hands on her hips, over her nightie, and started to "frisk" her. I ran them up her waist, up under her arms. I slid them over her silk-covered tits, feeling her hard nipples through the flimsy fabric. Mom let out little gasps and whimpers, but said nothing else as I felt her tits rapidly and roughly, the way I had seen Miller and Ester do it in the park. I leaned forward and smelled her clean hair and perfume, and pressed my cock against her butt crack.

I ran my hands back town her sides, caressing her hips, then moved them in and massaged her silk-covered ass cheeks. They might have been a bit bigger than girls my age, but they were round and soft and jiggled nicely under the tight silk nightie. "God, Mom, you've got a nice ass," I whispered through clenched teeth.

I ran my hands down the back of her smooth bare thighs, and up the inside. I rubbed her pussy between her legs, sliding my middle finger along the place where that fabric had been pulled inside her slit. Mom spread her knees more to give me more room.

I slid my left hand inside the front of the nightie over her pubic hair, and the other under the night from behind, getting my first feel of her bare ass flesh.

I let go of her bottom and grabbed her shoulder straps, pulled them down her arms, and pulled the nightie down until it gathered at her waist. I grabbed the fabric at her hips, tugged them down off of her hips and ass, and yanked it down her legs. I pulled it off her left foot, leaving it bunched around her right foot. I grabbed her bare ass that was sticking out in my face, and squeezed with both hands until her flesh was pushing out between my fingers. Christ, did those fleshy cheeks feel nice! It was so fun squeezing them hard, then letting them go and watching her globes snap back into their original round shape, sort of like two stress balls.

I moved my right hand between her legs, and rubbed her pussy mound, covered by her clean fresh patch of brown pubic hair. I moved my middle finger inside of her. She was soaking wet. I worked another finger into Mom's pussy, then another one. I rapidly circled them, and stroked them in and out of her. I planted my lips on her ass cheek, and kissed it. I moved my lips over to her crack, and let my tongue probe her anus as she let out little squeals.

"Ooooohhhh! Whooo!" She started thrusting her hips in and out.

With one hand up inside her pussy, I found her clit with my other hand, and rubbed my fingers over her swollen button, the way that Ester did it on the tape.

"Whoooooo, woahhhhh!" "Ahhh Ahhhhhh!" Mom gyrated her hips and shuddered, and I knew I had given her an orgasm the way that Ester did.

I stood up, and spun Mom around until she stood facing me with her hands behind her back. I massaged both of her tits, softly at first, but then harder and faster. I pulled on her long hard dark nipples as I planted my lips on hers. I opened my mouth and licked Mom's lips. Mom opened her mouth and met my tongue with hers. I French kissed Mom while feeling her tits for the longest time.

I moved my lips down her neck and chest, and sucked on her tasty jugs. I loved sucking on her long nipples and licking her areola; not for the first time in my life, but the first that I can remember. I buried my face between her tits, and shook and jiggled her tits while blowing into her cleavage.

I held onto Mom by her nipples and led her over to my desk chair. I pulled off my boxers and sat in the chair, and pulled Mom down onto my lap, straddling me. I aimed my cock up at her pussy, and Mom lowered herself onto it. It slid easily into her dripping twat. Mom wrapped her thighs around me as I put my hands on her hips, and humped up into her. She contracted her cunt muscles around my boner, and thrust her hips in and out.

Mom's tits were right in my face, and I licked them and nibbled on them as we fucked. "Shake your tits for me, Mom. Shake 'em back and forth." Mom, with her hands still cuffed behind her, and her shoulders back, shook her chest back and forth at my command. I kept fucking her while watching her jiggle her tits like a cheap stripper. "God, Mom, you're such a slut!"

I grabbed her ass, and also massaged her long thighs. I sucked on her tits again, as Mom started moaning again. "Ahhhh! Woooooo! Oooooohhhhaaahg!" Mom shook and gyrated on my lap, shaking her tits around my face, while I shot a load of cum up into her pussy.

Mom fell forward onto my shoulder, and we both panted in each other's ears. But I wasn't done yet. I made Mom get off my cock, and kneel on the floor in front of me. Mom looked down at my still-hard, glistening, gooey cock. "Suck it Mom," I ordered.

Mom looked up in my eyes like she didn't want to do it, but immediately lowered her head down on my lap, and wrapped her lips around my dick head. If I hadn't just come moments ago, I would have shot the second I felt her soft lips sliding down on me. I ran my hands through her brown hair, and felt Mom's lips sliding up and down my shaft.

"Lick the head," I ordered, and Mom did as she was told. "Lick up and down the shaft. Ohh, that's great! Now lick my balls!" Mom did whatever I told her, and did it to the best of her ability. "Now, blow me real fast." Mom sucked faster and faster, her head bobbing up and down on my lap, her hair tickling my thighs. I shot cum into her mouth, and she swallowed most of it, but some still dribbled down her chin, and gave her a cum mustache.

I helped Mom get on her feet, and then threw her down onto the bed on her back, with her legs dangling off the end. I knelt on the floor between her long thighs, and buried my face into her pussy hair. I didn't care that I was licking my own cum, I just loved having a face full of Mom's soft pussy hair, and having her lock her smooth warm fleshy thighs around my head. I licked deep and rapidly, up and down and from side to side. Mom started panting and whimpering again. She thrust her hips up at my face, jiggling her thighs against my ears.

My tongue found her clit, and licked circles around it. "Oohhh, Oohhhh!" Mom wailed. "Ooowwwwwwoeuuo! Hungghhhh! Ohhwweeeeeee!" She bounced her butt on the bed, and threw her torso from side to side as I tried my best to keep my tongue on her clit until she finished another orgasm.

I rolled Mom over on her stomach and made her stick her ass up in the air. I knelt behind her on the bed, grabbed her hips, and slid my cock up into her warm pussy. I humped her slow while reaching under her and playing with her dangling tits. I was gentle at first, and then I started slamming into her harder. I enjoyed the way her ass and thighs rippled and shook when I slammed into them hard.

I looked down at her red asshole sticking up in my general direction. I took a finger full of cum that was dripping down her thigh, and soaked the area around her asshole with it. Then I worked my index finger into her ass. It was sort of an awkward angle, but I kept working at it until I got up to the second knuckle. Once it got loose and a little slippery, I pulled my cock out of Mom's pussy. I aimed it at her ass, and started working the tip in. Mom's face was buried in a pillow and turned sideways, and she simply grunted a few times while I worked my cock into her. It was a lot tighter than her pussy.

"Unngg" HHHunnnnng!" Mom grunted. I got completely inside her and humped faster. I was grunting too, but not as loud as Mom. I spanked her butt a few times as I rode her, and tweaked her dangling nipples, too.

Mom made unladylike noises that I'd never heard her make before. I was close to cumming again. But I wanted to make Mom have one more shivering, squealing orgasm. I reached under her and diddled her clit with two fingers as I humped deep into her asshole.

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