Mom Gets Strip Searched

byGeorge VI©

"OK, lets get these teens booked," ordered Miller.

I was taken next into room 103. They made me strip as Graham looked on and inspected my clothes. But they didn't bother doing a cavity search or jumping jacks, and quickly gave me back all of my clothes, except my jock and cup. They took me down to the room on the left. They fingerprinted me while Mom finished getting her mug shot taken. The cops were bitching about "cheap taxpayers" and not having enough money for inkless fingerprinting. They put a blanket on Mom so you couldn't see that she was in her underwear in the photo. Coleman waited for me to get my mug shots, then escorted me along with Mom through the locked door at the end of the hall. I couldn't help but stare at Mom close-up in her bra and panties. She didn't let me see her like that at home.

Through the door was a room with four jail cells. There was one on the side of the room with the door, and there were three on the opposite wall. The middle of the three cells had a black woman in it. In the cell on the left side were a white man and a Hispanic, and two white and one black man in the right cell. As soon as the five male prisoners saw Mom in her bra and panties, they started whistling and making crude remarks and calling to her. Coleman did nothing to shut them up.

Coleman opened the center cell, and put Mom in the cell with the black woman. Then he opened the opposite cell, which was bigger but currently empty, and put me in it.

I sat on a cot and watched and listened as Mom stood in the middle of her cell in her underwear. The only thing that separated the three cells were typical jail bars, not solid walls. There were cots on either side of the narrow cell. The black woman sat on the left cot. Mom gingerly sat on the edge of the right cot.

The five men came up to the bars of Mom's cell and leered at her, and talked to her. "Hey sweetie, show us what's in that bra." "Mama, are you a working girl?" "Cm'ere, let me have a little feel."

Two more of my teammates were brought in and placed in my cell, then two more, then the last one. We all looked over at Mom in her underwear and heard the men's crude comments.

The white guy in the left cell pulled out his cock, and said, "Come on over and suck on this for me." "Show us your tits," requested the black dude in the right cell. Mom hung her head down silently weeping. The black dude reached through the bars and tried to grab Mom's arm. Mom jerked away, and stood up.

"Hey Latisha," called the black dude to the black woman. "Push that white woman over here, and I'll give you twenty dollars when we get out."

Latisha looked over at the black dude, and then pushed Mom over the cot and against the bars. The black dude and the two dirty old white guys with him grabbed her arms through the bars, and held her back against the bars. Mom screamed as the black guy reached around her with his free hand, and yanked up on Mom's bra. Both tits fell out the bottom of her bra and were bobbling rapidly. My teammates and I watched as two men forcefully grabbed her tits and groped them.

"Hey!" I yelled. "Leave her alone!" Dylan also yelled at the men, but they ignored us. I thought the commotion would bring a cop, but no one came.

Mom managed to get her left arm loose, but as she tried to free her right arm, they grabbed her left one again, and now they were holding her with her chest held tightly against the bars. Mom's tits were now hanging over a horizontal bar, with one vertical bar between her tits. Mom's body was in one cell, while her nipples and most of her tits were in another cell. All three men roughly squeezed and kneaded them.

"Help! Help me!" Mom cried. A white dude tried to kiss Mom through the bars. Mom turned away, but then the black dude got his hand down to her crotch, and got a handful of her pussy. He yanked her panties hard, and I heard a seam rip. Her ripped panties slid down her legs. The black dude's dark hand palmed Mom's white butt, grabbed hold of a good handful, and shook her cheeks rapidly.

Once again my teammates and I could do nothing but watch my mom get groped. There was less and less pretense that most of us weren't getting off watching Mom being naked and getting sexually abused. The cops had confiscated our jocks, so none of us had anything on under our thin baseball pants. I took a glance around and saw that every one of us had a big hardon, including me, and we couldn't really cover it. The freedom of no underwear helped to arouse me. Sitting back in a bunk, my dick was perpendicular to my body, causing my baseball pants to stick out six inches. The other five guys had the same appearance.

I watched the big black hand on Mom's white ass, squeezing her flesh between his fingers. The two white guys groped her tits hard as Mom struggled and cried out. One of the white guys lowered his head and got his mouth on a tit.

One white guy grabbed her hair and pulled her face to the bars. He forced a kiss on her closed lips. The black dude held her ass in one hand, and cupped her pussy in the other. He worked his middle finger in Mom's pussy, thrusting it deeply in and out.

The white guy that was kissing Mom stood up, pulled his pants down, and held his hard cock up to the bars. "Suck it!' he ordered. Mom resisted, but when she cried out he slid some of his cock between her lips. Mom tried to scream, but her screams were gagged by the cock in her mouth. The white dude thrust his hips in and out, and managed to slide several inches in and out between Mom's lips.

While one white guy fucked Mom's lips, the other white guy pawed at and suckled Mom's nipples, and the black dude penetrated his long dark digit deeply into her pussy.

They continued assaulting her for what seemed like forever, but in reality it was likely just a few minutes, before Coleman finally came in to get Mom, and the three men backed off. Coleman opened her cell door. Mom put her tits back into her bra cups, and pulled her ripped panties up around her bottom. Coleman led my sobbing mother out of the cell, and we watched her holding her ripped panties at the side, back through the metal door.


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