Mom Gives In


Our neighbor was a very modern woman, she would wear skirts and tight blouses which were a hot turn on for all of guys living in the colony. Every morning we would wait to see what she would step out wearing, and it wasn't just us young guys who watched her lustily but even the older men would be in every window. Aunty Sunita was married to a rich businessman who rarely was seen and was most of the time out of the country.

Sunita aunty was a very voluptuous woman with big tits and an equally big round ass. If one stood behind her and saw her swaying her ass, I promise you he would cum right there. The one good thing to my advantage was that aunty Sunita was my mom's best friend and she would come to our house very often. This gave me a sense of possessiveness as if I owned her just because we were privileged enough to have her in our house.

My mom is a housewife and I wondered what these two ladies had in common as aunty Sunita was outgoing and an extrovert while my mom was the opposite. But still they sat for hours chatting. My mom didn't have too much work as my father was posted out for the year and thus the two women had a lot of time getting together.

Though my mom dressed up conservatively, she was in no way less sexy than aunty Sunita. She matched her equally with her big tits and bulbous ass which protruded out of her sari. I had been lucky to get a glimpse of her fat thighs once but that was all. It had been too much for me and it was the object of my masturbatory sessions.

One night I wasn't getting sleep when I heard the door bell. I didn't want to get up since I heard my mom go for it. She opened the door and let in whoever it was, and then she came into my room to check if I was asleep and locked my door from outside. That got to me, why did she want me locked inside. My curiosity got better of me, so I opened the back door to my room which opened out in the backyard and sneaked out. Till then my mom had taken the guest to her bedroom,now that was odd too as no one goes there except her.

I came out, went around the house and peeped in from the corner of the window. I was shocked to see two guys sitting on my mom's bed. My mom was standing in front of them and then Sunita aunty came out from the bathroom. She was drunk and couldn't even walk straight tot he bed where she plopped down between the two guys.

She said " We should have some fun when our husbands are away, it is the best medicine for loneliness."

I had a side view to the whole scene and could see one guy had already put his hand on her bare thigh. My mom just looked on as the guy spoke.

He said, "So you women want to have some fun."

With that the other guy laughed. He also put his hand on Sunita auntie's thigh and both started caressing her.

I was so taken aback that I stood stunned seeing aunty Sunita get fondled and my mom standing there and watching the fun. Aunty Sunita unbuttoned her blouse, unsnapped her bra and as soon as her big tits were out the men sprang at them each holding one and squeezing them. The guy sitting on her left couldn't reach out for her boobs properly and diverted his attention towards my mom. He pulled her towards him and tugged at her sari, I thought my mom was going to hit him but she just stood there and untwirled herself taking off her sari. She now was in her petticoat and blouse. My cock was hard and about to tear my pajamas as I watched some strange man stripping my mom. He then turned her around and lifted the petticoat to expose her fat ass, he was surprised that she wasn't wearing any panty and so was I. He slapped her ass hard and my mom let out a moan. She untied her petticoat string and let it fall to the ground. Then she opened her blouse and freed her braless boobs. My mom was now naked; I could see her big nipples, unshaven pussy and big pendulous ass. She looked heavenly.

Sunita aunty wasn't far behind, now she was naked too and was on her knees licking the first guys cock. She seemed experienced as she gulped his whole cock. My mom meanwhile waited as the guy's hand moved down over her back and over the shelf-like top of her enormous butt. The other hand was over her tummy, then over her big hairy pussy-mound. The guy then slowly spread her fat pussy lips, wet and luscious. He inserted two fingers in to her pussy and finger fucked her. He could take it too much neither could my mom so she sat on the bed. The guy told her to suck his cock but my mom refused, even I felt bad.

The guy didn't want to lose the moment and told her to lie down on the bed. Till now Sunita aunty had finished sucking the other guy and he changed places he came over to my mom and this guy went to get his cock sucked. Both the women worked as a team.

The other guy came over my mom, aunty Sunita took a break and came over to help guide the man's hard cock into my mom's cunt. The man mounted her big body, slipping both his hands luscious butt and waited for Sunita aunty to guide his cock tip through the enormous cunt lips, all flooded now with warm wet pussy juice. His first thrust made my mom squeal with joy as he rammed his hard cock into her cunt.

My mom was whimpering " aaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaahhh dheere dheere," but the guy wouldn't listen. My moms tight pussy squeezed and sucked his dick right in.

She lifted her big butt to meet his thrusts. His balls were slapping her as hole as he got into a steady motion of in and out.

Meanwhile Sunita aunty finished sucking the second guy and got on the bed. She got on her fours and seductively lifted her ass high up, she wanted her cunt fucked doggy style. The second guy came up from behind her, parted her ass cheeks and slowly slipped his cock in to her wet sloppy hole. He gripped her waist and got busy.

This was a real sight my mom lying down getting fucked and Sunita aunty besides her offering her cunt to be fucked like a bitch.

The fucking went on for 10 minutes with both the women moaning as they got fucked, the room was filled with the grunts of the men and the oooohhhhs and aaaaahhs of the women. Both had big tits which were being thrown all over the place with the force of the fucking thrusts. It was my mom's fucker who came first. He shoved his cock right into her cunt and jerks 4-5 times till he had emptied his seed in to her stomach. The other guy pulled aunt Sunita one last time into his pelvis and shot his load into her. All four disengaged and rolled onto the bed, I knew it was time to get back into my own room.

Once in my bed I barely touched my cock and my whole load came gushing thru. I had ejaculated on the bed, what I had just witnessed was too much for me to handle. Just a few minutes later I heard the front door open, that was the guests and Sunita Aunty leaving. My mom came back, unlatched my door, checked if I was still asleep and went back to her room.

I am waiting for the next time we have guests.

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