Mom Gives the Best Pleasure


She looked up, moved her mouth from my cock and gasped:

“haan haan, chuu lo”. (Yes, yes, son, touch it).

I said nothing. What was there to be said?

I grabbed it again, and pinched her nipple.

“Oueii shaytaaan!” (You naughty rascal), she laughed and went to work on my cock again as I pinched her nipples.

My balls were full of cum and I was close to ejaculating now. My body stiffened up as my cock jerked. She knew what was coming and moved her mouth away.

I blew my load all over my stomach. The cum spray reached her boobs as she tried to get out of the way.

Without a doubt, this was the hardest I had ever cum in my life. All those girls who blew me, none of them equaled my mom. Maybe because this was so taboo.

This wasn’t necessarily the best blow job I had received, but this was just so sexy! So incredibly dangerous! So incredibly satisfying. Just true love and devotion. Kama sutra!

“Dekha kitni sari nikli!” (See how much came out!) she laughed.

“Ahhhh!”, I sighed in relief.

She just sat there, looking at me, with my cum droplets on her boobs.

“Ma yeh kaisee piyaas hoti hai?” I asked (Maa what kind of a thirst is this?)

“Beta yeh dil ki piyaas hai. Dil chahta hai ke tum ko sukoon ho” (Son this is your heart’s thirst. Your heart wants content and relief.”

“Sab ko?” (Everyone?) I asked in a dumb way.

“Haan sab ko. Maa ko bhi.” She dropped the bomb. (Yes, everybody, Ma wants it too).

“Maan mein aap ko aise sukoon duun?” (Ma can I do it for you?)

“Beta nahi.” (No son.) She said and looked away, getting a little down.

“Lekin maa, ap ne mujhe kiya aur aap ne itna maza diya. And I love you” (But Ma you did it to me, you gave me so much pleasure. And I love you!)

“Kaise karo gay?” (How will you do it?). She was loosening up.

“Jaisee aap ne kiya.” (Just like you did).

I wanted to lick her pussy. I wanted to see it throb and cum and want me. I wanted to taste her cum juice just like she had tasted mine.

She looked at me, then my cock, then her panties, and said…

“Beta…”. (Son)…

To be continued...

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by jiju_hot07/05/17

Oh my god why u dint write complete story my dear.

Oh amaging incest story. Really its a wonderful incest story. while reading this story my dick was with full of erection. Oh no words for this story and pl. write immediately the continution.

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