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Mom Grandpa & My Friends


My name is Ahmed and I come from the most unusual background you can imagine. In a land where large and extended family is the norm, I come from a background, where I am the only son of an only son, of an only son. Its something that dates back seven generations and its purpose was to maintain the concentration of family wealth. My father had a sister, as do I.

In 1971 as a result of the conflict between India and Pakistan my father disappeared. We lived very close to the border and he was thought to have been killed, as a result of the conflict and his body washed away by the river. He had been married to my mother for only five years during which they had had myself and my younger sister. My grandmother had passed away before my birth. So now the only family I had was my mother, my baby sister and my Grandfather. My father's sister was already married and living 300 miles away, though she did occasionally come and visit. Our house was covered in black and white photographs and particularly my father, who upon being martyred, had become my grandfather's pride and joy, even though they had never got on whilst he was alive.

The house we lived in was huge, with plenty of servants with their own quarters, gardens and our own stables. I recall we had several ponies as well as the usual farm animals. My grandfather always used to tell me that it was all for me now and that when I grew up I would be one of the wealthiest men in the area and that a great deal was expected from me. My grand father's favourite servant as Rehmat, who had been with my family since his birth and now his children, were also our servants. He had three girls, the eldest of whom had also been married and widowed. Her husband too had died in the conflict of 1971. She was 25 years old and a son aged few months when this happened. She was now my nanny and her own son was looked after by her mother. Rehmat's other daughters were 19 and 18 and his son was the same age as me. Abdul was my friend, and we did all sorts of things together, and we shared many secrets.

So my story begins with my earliest memories. You see from the day I was born I shared my mother's room. Even when my sister was born, I am told she was looked after by a nanny, and I was in my mother's room. I had often shared her bed and I remember sucking her tits, long after she had stopped producing milk. She would always ensure I was asleep, before nodding off and should I ever wake up in the middle of the night, she would be there. I guess my clearest memory is when I was about 20 years old, and I awoke in the middle of the night. It was a dark and hot humid night. The fan was almost turning away above my head, I looked across at my mother's bed and she was not there. This was the first time that this had happened and I was surprised and scared as to what had happened to her. I looked around the room, but she wasn't there. I got out of bed and in the darkness headed for the door. My grandfather's room was next to my mother's room and my room was on the other side. My sister's nursery was opposite my mother's.

I looked towards my room, but something told me to go to my grandfather's room. As I got to the door I noticed that it was slightly open. Without thinking I pushed the door open and walked in thinking I would find my grandfather and ask him where Ammi was. I walked over to his bed in the dark and was even more frightened to learn that he too was not in bed. The sound of the fan, was drowning out all noise and I stood there wandering what to do. As my eyes became used to the light, I noticed that the light of my grandfather's bathroom was on. I walked over to it and by now I could actually hear sounds coming from the bathroom.

I knew it was my mother and my grandfather's voices and they were not only talking but I could clearly hear my grandfather's words. Instead of walking in I found myself standing just outside the door listening. Through the crack in the door I peeked in and my jaw dropped as I saw my mother, naked with her back to me. She was on her knees in front of my grandfather, who was sitting on the toilet. He had NOTHING on too and his eyes were closed. My mother's legs were apart and I could clearly see the light bouncing off her ass. I could also see the crack of her cunt, cleanly shaven. Then in my excitement I let out a grunt and they must have heard because the next thing I knew, the door was shut from the other side. I knocked and my mother answered. They must have known that it was me, as no one else would dare go into my grandfather's room. My mother answered, and told me to wait I will out in a second.

Few seconds later she emerged in just a kurta and nothing else. She picked me up and started smothering me and took me back to her room. On the way I noticed two things, the kurta she was wearing was not hers and that it was soaked in her sweat by the time we got to her room. She put me on the bed and was talking to me all the time. Then there and then she took the kurta off and threw it on the floor and pulled on one of her own shirts. She was wearing nothing else and she came and lay down beside me. Her buttons were open and I could clearly see her tits. She pulled me to her and asked me what I had seen. I told her nothing, at which she seemed almost disappointed. She asked me if I was sure and I told her this time what I had seen. My mother just lay there and pulled me closer to her. It was then that I realized that my mother was again trying to put her tit in my mouth. I took it and started to suck. My mother started to moan and speak.

She started to explain to me that I was too young to understand and that one she would explain to me what was going on. She said that as the lady of the house it was her duty to keep all the "boys" of the family satisfied. This included my grandfather, as he had no wife. I must have fallen asleep in her arms. The next day I awoke to learn that I was not going to college that day as my mother had a great deal to explain to me she said. My grandfather had gone out early and would be gone for many days. This left me more or less alone with my mother. When I had woken up and had my breakfast, my mother told me that I would be taking a bath and that she would wash me herself to make sure I got everything clean.

So I was dragged into the bathroom naked with my mother washing me. As we only have showers in our bathrooms, it was obvious that my mother would get soaked too. Her shirt was now clinging to her and it was obvious in the light of day that my mum was gorgeous. She had lovely big round tits, with large nipples, which were sticking out from the material and her salwar was sticking tightly to her ass and her pussy. It was obvious that my mummy's pussy was freshly shaven. My mother must have noticed my staring at her, because she asked me if I liked looking at her and I just nodded. With that she locked the bathroom door from the inside, even though no one would ever have come in. She took off her kameez and salwar in a flash and threw it on the floor. On the back of the door was a change of clothes for both of us, so it was obvious that she had planned it all.

My mother then asked me to help her wash, she passed me the soap and asked me to soap her back for her. I began rubbing the soap and she just closed her eyes and I went further and further down, till I was rubbing her ass. I went further and rubbed the bar of soap on her cunt. I was surprised at how warm it was. She just looked at me and smiled. She looked down at my cock and saw how hard it was. It must have been puny, but I guess that must have been part of the attraction for my mum, or any mum for that matter. Rubbing soap into your mum's ass, her crack, on her cunt, on her tits, anywhere, is one of the most pleasurable feelings any son can have. Trust me, I know, and at that moment I felt I was in heaven. Here was my favourite woman, naked, in the shower, playing with me giggling and definitely turned on. Though I didn't know it at the time, this was the beginning of my other relationship with my mother. A relationship which knew no barriers and which has allowed me to live the most unusual life you can imagine.

By the time our little game in the shower had finished I knew that my life had changed forever. My beautiful mother, not yet 33, widowed, was a sex machine, and from that shower, it has led to my li

fe today, whereby I still live in the same house, my grandfather died few years ago, but during his lifetime I experienced all aspects of incest and sex within a household.

You see, after the shower, I went as usual to play with Abdul, and even though my mother had sworn me to secrecy, Abdul was the one friend with whom I could share everything and I knew he would never tell anyone. So that very evening I told Abdul what I had seen the night before and what had happened that afternoon. Abdul believed me of course, and it was he who suggested that I tell my mum that I had in fact seen her with grandfather and had seen what she was doing. That night, after everyone had gone to bed, I lay down with my mother. She looked very different, she had flowers in her hair and she was wearing only a see through kurta. The outline of her breasts was a sight to behold. The lights had been turned down low and the fan as usual was turning away. The door was locked. My mother told me that she knew there was something I wanted to tell her. So I did. I told her that I had seen her with grandfather and that I had also shared my secret with Abdul. To my surprise, she was not angry. She just pulled me closer to her and explained that she would tell me the whole truth tonight. My mother did not mince her words and told me everything as it was.

She began by telling me that she had been with having sex with my grandfather for many years and that it was she who had made it happen. She explained that when I was very young, I would fall asleep early and one day she had had to use grandfather's bathroom, as hers was not working. She had gone in thinking he was asleep and when she came out of the bathroom, he had been lying on the bed. He always slept in a dhoti, which had risen all the way up, with the result that my grandfather was lying on the bed, naked from the waist down. She had gone over to the bed to look at him and had seen that he had a truly wonderful cock. At this stage, I asked whose was better, dad or grandfather, to which my mother told me that neither. She had promised me the truth and so I asked whose and she told me my Mamu (Her brother). It turned out that mum had been fucking her own brother, before she ever married my dad and to her he had by far the biggest cock she had had. She further told me that occasionally she still fucked Mamu and had done so in this very bed. She also told me that she had in fact had two other cocks apart from these three. She said she would tell me about them another time.

I had gotten so excited by what she told me that my cock felt it would burst. She was lying next to me, she smelt absolutely wonderful and I could not resist touching her. She stopped me and asked me what I now thought of my wonderful mum. I told her that everything she had told me made me feel really good and want her more. She then asked me how much I was going to tell Abdul. I told her I would tell him everything, and to be honest I don't think it bothered her as I later found out she had planned to deal with that aspect soon enough.

That night again I talked to my mum for ages and then my mother told me that it was time for her to put me to sleep and go attend to her other duties. I knew this meant my grandfather. She made me promise that I would not walk in on them again, but that if I wanted to watch what she did with grandfather, she would arrange it so that I could watch and that he would not know. My mother also explained to me how she and I were going to be best friends and that we would share everything together. My mother then proceeded to play with my cock ever so gently until it just burst. She told that she was planning to suck it for me and that would now have to wait. She was surprised to see that I was already producing spunk. She just walked into the bathroom and washed it off. By the time she came out I already wanted more but she was stern with me and told me to sleep, as it was now grandfather's turn. When I asked her what she did with him, she merely told me that she would rather show me than tell me.

That night I drifted in and out of sleep and by the time she returned I was awake again. I could smell my mother; smell her sweat and her sex. I curled up next to my mother and when my leg went between hers, she was incredibly wet. My mother was asleep within few minutes and I just lay next to her enjoying all that was happening. As I have already said my life has been unusual, this was the beginning. Just how unusual it gets, well, read on.

The following day, I did get my cock sucked by my mother and she made me cum in her mouth twice. The fact that I also lost my virginity to my mother that same day sticks in my memory. Again I had lasted a matter of seconds and she had had to talk me through what she wanted me to do. Where to put it and then what to do afterwards. I still remember that tingling feeling as I realized that I was sliding my cock in and out of my mum. At that time my cock was nowhere near fully-grown and her cunt felt absolutely huge. I doubt whether she even felt me inside her, but she did enjoy my spunking inside her as I saw her groan and smile at me. She held me close to her and this time waited few minutes, before saying it was Papa's turn. She always called Grandfather Papa. So did I and my sister.

The following day, there was no school, which meant that I could spend the whole day with Abdul and we said we were going fishing. We did, but that afternoon I told Abdul everything that had happened so far. He just told me that I was lucky. Abdul that day also told me about his elder sister, the widowed one, and how he had seen her playing with herself the other afternoon when she thought she was alone. Abdul described how he had been outside the window of her room and could see into it without her seeing him. She had walked in, taken her salwar off and lay on the bed. Abdul described how Samina had opened her legs and begun to rub her choot, slowly at first, and then harder and harder. He also told me that her cunt got really wet and within few minutes, Samina had closed her eyes tight and was jerking and jumping on the bed, till she had just stopped. She had then gotten off the bed, walked over to the window, and said to Abdul, if you really want to look, why sneak around, just come into her room and with that she had frightened him away. That afternoon, Abdul and I wanked together that afternoon, sharing tales of my mother and his sister. We also made a deal, that I would show him and share with him, everything I could of my mother and he would do the same with his sister. So began our adventure together, whereby Abdul and I would share so much over the coming years.

Mum Me Grandpa And Few Friends 2

Abdul and Samina were waiting for the opportunity, when his big sister could show him what she got up to real close up. That very evening, Abdul came to the house to ask my mother if we could go see a mutual friend and that it was urgent. Somehow my mother knew and told me to be back as soon as I could. Abdul and I walked out and he explained that his mother and father and the two younger girls were going to visit relatives as someone had died. Samina and Abdul were being left behind to look after the needs of my family.

They were after all servants. I told Abdul that there was no way I could get out of the house later on. I still had visions of my mother in my head. We planned that we would return home as soon as it got dark and then Abdul would sneak into the quarters, so that my mother would think I was still out with him. I would go to the back of the quarters, where I could look into Samina's room. By now it was dark, and Samina had just put her son to bed, when she came into the room, followed by Abdul. I was close enough to be able to hear what they were saying. Samina was complaining about the heat, and how hot and sweaty she was.

They only had one fan and it was a small one sitting on the table, in front of an old mirror. Samina went and stood in front of it and raised her kameez, with the result that it blew up over her head and I could clearly see her tits in the mirror. She was looking at herself and her brother who was sitting on the bed, watching her like I was. She turned around and made no attempt to pull her kameez back down. She looked at Abdul and said, so little brother, do u like what you see. A saw Abdul nod his head. My cock was rock hard and I could not help playing with it. It was already dribbling at the tip. When she had her back to me I moved closer to the window so that I could see even better. Samina pulled her Kameez up over her head and then I saw her salwar slide down to her feet. She was naked and with the cutest most pert little ass I ever say. It was beautiful. I heard her talking to Abdul about how lonely she is and how she plays with herself, because her phudi aches so much if she doesn't and how she cant sleep. Abdul was still sitting on the bed. Then I heard my mother's voice, she was calling Samina.

Samina quickly got up got dressed and made it just in time to her door. She told my mum that we were still not back and that if we were not back in few minutes, she would go look for us. My mother left and Samina came back into the room and asked Abdul where I was. He said he didn't know. I quickly made my way back and was back in my house within 2 minutes. That night I played with mum as usual and I fucked her with such intensity that I think I actually made mum feel something. She later told me that from my younger days that was the one fuck she remembered with me because I had really gone at her like a devil.

I had cum once and carried on fucking without stopping so turned on was I by it all. There I was beating on my own mum's cunt, having just seen what my best friend's sister looked like. All night I kept imagining what Abdul and Samina might be up to. Soon after that I pretended to drift off to sleep and mum as usual got up and went to Papa's room. One of the things I recall about such nights was that my mother never went to the bathroom after she had been fucked by me. She went straight to papa's room. I later discovered that Papa in fact liked mum's cunt to be all sloppy and sticky and wet. It seems the old boy got a better hard on knowing that his grandson and heir had been in my mum's cunt before him and sometimes after him too. Some night's mum would come back after Papa had fucked her and want more from me. I was always ready to fuck mum. Night and day and she just had to lie down next to me rouse me a bit and I would dive in. Many times, Papa's spunk must have mixed with mine in mum's cunt. I think she loved that.

Then came the day when Abdul's spunk and mine mixed inside mum. It was the next day off school, Papa had had to go visit someone and he was unlikely to be back till the following day. Mum asked Rehmat to let Abdul sleep inside the house today, as she often did when Papa was not about. When night came and all the gates had been locked up, my mother told us both to take a shower before we went to sleep. She said that it would keep us both cool. Mum locked the house from the inside and went into her room to take her shower.

Abdul and I went into the shower together and were chatting away about Samina. I had discovered that that night, Samina had sucked Abdul's cock, till he had come. He then told me about how Samina loved to ride his tongue, whereby he would just stick the tip of his tongue on her chola(clit) and she would rub wriggle her ass about till she came. I had asked him about the taste and he said it was salty but nice and that most of that night he and his sister had played with each other. He had not as yet fucked her and was still a virgin though he did spunk on and in his sister. Rehmat and the rest of the family had returned the following day and they had not had a chance to try anything further, but he would try and involve me if he could.

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