Mom Helps Hurt Son Take A Shower


Dave proceeded to jerk off as he spoke to me “God honey I missed you, I love your pussy, pretend I am there and I am fucking you right now”

“Oh baby your cock feels so good in me”

Tony loved it he started to fuck me faster; he had his ear to the phone as Dave talked me through an orgasm.

“Wow honey your really into it tonight”

I responded “Uh huh oh baby your cock feels so good in me, fuck me baby”

Every time I said it Tony started to fuck me faster. I started to cum and I screamed “OH yesssssss I am cumming arggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh”

At that point I felt Tony cumming and we could here Dave cumming on the other side of the phone.

“Wow Linda, that was amazing I swear if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were getting fucked”

“Hmmmm Yes you loved that wouldn’t you. That’s always been your fantasy hasn’t it. You always wanted to watch me get fucked by another man. Maybe tomorrow night we can roll play it”

“Oh yes baby lets do it”

I hung up the phone and I fell asleep in my son’s arms.

The next night my son was back in my bed and we were just waiting for Dave to call. Sure enough the phone rang and Dave was on the phone.

“So how are you feeling tonight?”

“Horny enough love that I still want to act out your fantasy.”

“Hmm yeah babe I only wish there was someone really in bed with you”

“Would you really want that Dave?”

“Oh Yes”

“You’re not just saying that are you, I’m serious Dave would you really want me to fuck someone else”

“You know I do, you’re the one that always didn’t want to do it”

“What if I agree to now?”

“Don't you be teasing me now?”

“I am serious, what if I had someone in bed with me right now”

“I would love it”

Well guess what, someone is in bed with me right now”

“Yeah sure”

“Say something”


I heard my husband laughing on the other end. “Who are you trying to fool that’s just Tony”

“Yes I know”

“What are you saying?”

“I am saying, do you still want me to get fucked by someone else”

“Linda what are you saying”

Your son is lying in bed with me naked and we want to know if you still want me to get fucked”

“Oh my god that is so intense….YES I want him to fuck you Linda”

“Don’t tell me, tell your son”

“Tony I want you to fuck your mother and treat her like the slut she is”

“Okay Dad I will fuck her good and hard” Tony handed the phone back to me, your son is getting ready to put his cock in me”

“HMMM I want every little detail… How big is his cock?”

“His cock is so big honey it fills me up”

“I want you to ride him”

“Tony lay on the bed”

“Honey I am standing over our son admiring his hard cock. I am lowering my pussy. He is holding his cock out for me, Honey I can feel his big cock entering my lips OHHHHHHHH honey his cock feel so gooooood”

“Oh yeah baby do you love his cock”

“OH yeah I love his cock, I am riding his cock right now I am bouncing up an down on his cock…Oh yeah baby, fuck your mommy.. Fuck me hard……”

I could hear Dave masturbating as his son fucked me.

“OH Dave I wish you were here to watch him fuck me, he feels so god inside me”

“Oh Dave Oh Dave Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am cumming on your son’s cock”

“Oh yeah baby cum on his cock”

Oh Dave I can feel your son cumming inside me oh he is cumming so deep inside me honey, I can feel his cum… he is cumming so much”

“Oh yeah you love it don’t you, take his cock out and lick it clean NOW”

“I am taking his cock out honey, here talk to your dad”

Hi Dad, mom is cleaning my cock, she is licking it all over, she is sucking my cock dad”

“What’s he saying?”

“He says for you to clean all the cum out of my cock mom”

“Tell him I am … Tell him I am going to fuck you all night. Now say goodnight.. I have some fucking to do”

“Good night Dad mom will tell you all about it when you get home tomorrow night.”

As my son hung up the phone I knew my life would never be the same, I continued fucking him all night just as we promised his dad.

Dave called me from the airport saying he would be home in a few minutes. When he walked in the front door he yelled “I’M home”

“I am up here honey in the bedroom”

Dave walked in and was shocked, on the bed was his son behind me, fucking me doggie style. Dave dropped his bag “Wow you two look hot”

“Get out of your clothes and join the fun; we thought you might enjoy our surprise”

“Oh yeah I love surprises.”

Dave took his clothes off, but he never took his eyes off his son’s cock as it entered my pussy. He walked over to me and I grabbed his cock and pulled it to my mouth. How great was this, I was sucking my husbands cock while my son fucked me.

I felt Tony cumming and I said “Your son is cumming inside me honey”

Dave heard that and started to cum I pulled his cock back into my mouth so I could capture his cum. I had my son cumming in my pussy and my husband cumming in my mouth. What else could a girl ask for?

“Honey remember that fantasy of yours”

“What fantasy”

I got on my back “Dave come here and lick my pussy, clean my cunt out”


Dave got between my legs and started to suck the cum right out”

Tony came over to my face and pushed his cock in my mouth. I cleaned off his cock as he watched his dad eat his cum out of my pussy.

We fucked the rest of the night till my pussy was too sore to fuck, we fell asleep me sandwiched between my two lovers.

Please let me know what you think of my story, especially if you have any suggestions and please don’t forget to grade it.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/12/17

A good start but quite poor.

It was a good story the premise was imaginative but the flow was non existent and the dialogue was terrible. It was so obvious it hurt. I'm not trying to hurt you feelings but read up on making storiesmore...

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