tagIncest/TabooMom, I Want You To...

Mom, I Want You To...


Author's Note: Welcome to my first story of 2015! Hoping to put up a lot of stories this year and try out some new categories, but also some new ideas in this one. But to get things rolling I figure we can ease in with a simple fun tale of oedipal lust. So...let's get this new year kicked off! LC68


I jerked my head up at the sound of my cell phone ringing and sat up on the couch. I blinked at the clock and was surprised to see it was four. I had lied down to watch some TV at three and must have nodded off. Grabbing my phone, I saw who it was and answered, "Hey, mom."

"Hey Luke!" Mom chirped in my ear in that annoyingly happy voice she'd been using over the last couple of weeks, "I'm around the corner, can you come help me bring in the groceries?"

"Yeah, no problem."

I forced my aching body off the couch and winced at the pain in my back and shoulders. I'd been working out a lot lately in order to try out for the freshman varsity team in the fall and everything hurt. I dragged my tired ass out onto the porch just in time to see mom's red Mazda pull in the driveway. I went down the stairs of the porch and as Mom got out of the car and walked around to the trunk, I frowned.

In addition to the new cheery attitude she had been displaying lately, mom's mode of dress had changed and I wasn't sure I was a fan of it. Even if my mother hadn't spent the first nineteen years of my life dressing so conservatively my piece of shit father claimed it was part of the reason he cheated on her, the outfit she had on now would be surprising. Mom was wearing a red one piece dress that didn't go all that much past her ass and hugged every curve she had.

The most prominent of those curves was her more than ample chest. As I reached the car I was just in time for mom to pop the trunk and lean over to grab some bags. When she did, I noticed that not only was the dress tight across the top, but so low cut, I thought her tits were going to fall out.

Mom leaned over further and I was confronted by the sight of not just a black lace bra, but I could see so far down between her tits. I could make out the darker skin around her nipple through the lace of the flimsy bra she had on.

I quickly turned my head, feeling as embarrassed as my formerly old fashioned mother should be. Not that I would have cared seeing her dress younger, as she was far more attractive than she let on, but this was too much. Mom stood up and turning to me smiled, "Arms out!"

I stuck my arms out as I had done since I was old enough to help and mom loaded them up with bags. As she went back and forth from my arms to the trunk I caught myself glancing down her dress each time. I didn't know why I was doing it, it's not like I wanted to see my mother's rack, it was more like a train wreck, like I couldn't not look.

I wondered what the guys she worked with were thinking. She'd been at the same job for over ten years and they must be wondering where she'd been hiding them as well as her legs. Mom was pretty tall, standing around five nine which put her not too far under my own six feet and her legs seemed to go on forever.

I swore I'd seen more of those legs in the last couple of weeks than I had my entire life. Prior to this mom's work ensemble had been pantsuits or if she wore a skirt it was always knee length and never tight.

Even around the house mom wore sweats or pajama bottoms. In the summer she would sometimes wear shorts, but they were baggy and pretty boring. Not that I thought she should have been parading around in Victoria Secret, but even as a kid I had noticed she dressed older than she was.

Not today though, I thought as my eyes had worked down her long legs to stop at the heeled sandals she was wearing. The sandals had straps that wound up her leg to her knee and I noticed she was wearing a silver ankle bracelet.


"Huh?" I shook my head and pulled my eyes from Mom's foot just as I saw had silver rings on the second toe of each foot.

"Can you take a couple of more?"

"Sure." I made a show of curling the bags. "No problem."

"Ohh, look at you!" Mom cooed, grabbing my right bicep and squeezing it, "You're becoming quite the man."

"Uh, yeah, thanks." I told her, trying to sound like I didn't care, but for some reason thrilled with her comment.

"You must be beating off the girls at school."

"Not at the moment." I rolled my eyes thinking beating off pretty much summed up my sex life lately. "I haven't gotten back into the swing of things since Jenny dumped me."

"Well, what are you waiting for?" she asked as she reached in for the last few bags, and again my eyes were drawn to her tits.

Mom cursed as a couple of onions rolled out of the bag and as she leaned further into the trunk I looked up in time to see the two teenage brothers who lived across the street on the porch staring at her ass. One was shaking his head and said something that made the other nod. Taking a subtle step backwards I took in the view they were getting and had to admit if this wasn't my mother, I'd be staring.

Despite the fact she had never flaunted it before my mother had a damn fine ass. Even as I took in the shape of her well rounded cheeks in the tight dress I wondered where the hell that thought had come from. It was one thing to think my mother was an attractive woman, but to start specifically thinking of her ass or tits was a little disturbing.

As Mom continued rummaging around I continued to look at her ass and noticed that was tight as the dress was I couldn't see any panty lines, meaning she was wearing a thong. Mom leaned further into the trunk and my eyes widened when the ridiculously short dress rose higher and I caught a glimpse of the cheeks of her ass.

Turning around, I saw the kids on the porch sitting there with their mouths open and quickly stepped directly behind her, blocking their view. Mom picked that moment to back up, causing her ass to push directly into my crotch. I was still holding the bags and looked down at her ass pressing against my cock and started to step back.

At that point, mom turned slightly to the side and started rocking back and forth, "Jesus, this fucking thing keeps rolling away from me!" she snapped.

I stopped moving as her ass moved side to side, caressing my cock through my thin shorts and with a feeling of dismay; my cock begin to stir. I remained still, dumbfounded by the fact contact with my mother's ass was giving me a hard on and in public no less. As my cock continued to swell, I started to step back, when Mom exclaimed, "Hey, what are you poking me with?"

She had straightened up and turning around quickly, stared at me. I felt my face, turn red and taking another step back stammered, "Umm nothing, I..."

"Oh," mom gestured to the bags in my arms, "It must have been that can of soup," reaching behind her she rubbed a spot a few inches over her ass, "That kind of hurt."

"Oh, sorry." I said, a feeling of relief flooding through me.

"That's okay," she shrugged and reaching out slipped the onions into one of the bags. "Why were you right behind me like that anyway?"

"Uh..." seeing no other way around it and figuring sounded better than, 'Hey your ass was looking and feeling pretty good' I said, "Well those kids across the street were gawking at you because your dress was, um...kind of riding up."

"Really?" she laughed, "And you didn't want them looking at your mom? Oh, how sweet are you?"

Leaning over she gave me a quick kiss that I'm sure was meant for my cheek, but instead, the edge of her red lips caught the corner of my mouth.

"Um, anytime." I said quietly, a little confused by what had been about an inch shy of an actual kiss."

"But I have to tell you, that it's pretty exciting to have two young men checking me out!" she gave me a wink, "Maybe I'll give them a better show!"

Reaching up, mom removed the clip from her hair and made a show of shaking it out. I watched as her long light brown hair cascaded down across her shoulders. Leaning back, mom moved her head side to side, causing her hair to slide across her back and then turning exclaimed, "Hey what's that?" and bent over, causing her large tits to almost fall out of her dress.

"Mom," I snapped, "Knock that off!"

"What's the matter, Luke?" she asked a frown now on her face.

"You shouldn't be showing off like that."

"Why not?" she shrugged, "No harm in flaunting what you've got." She pointed at my arms, "Tell me when you take your shirt off mowing the lawn it's not because you know a few of the girls on the street are looking?"


"Yeah, see." She nodded, not letting me finish, "So why can't I have a little fun?"

"No reason I guess." I told her figuring I should just let it go.

"I mean, do I look bad?" she spread her arms out.

"You look good mom, but...."

"But...." She raised her eyebrows

"Well," I decided to take the plunge, "Mom that dress is really too much."

"Too much?" she looked down at herself.

"Too much as in not enough. Mom you're....well you're showing an awful lot. That's the kind of dress a girl would wear to a club."

"So I do look bad in it." She sighed, "I...should have known I didn't have what it takes for this."

"No!" I said quickly as I saw her large brown eyes start to mist over, "You...Mom you look good in it, that's the problem, it's just I don't know, maybe sends the wrong message?"

"You really think I look good?"

"You do." I nodded, "I...I can see why those kids are looking, but..."

"Again, how sweet are you?"

"Yeah well...."

"Listen Luke," slamming the trunk shut, she slipped her arm around my shoulders and guided me forwards as she walked towards the house, "I know maybe it sends the message of, oh look at the horny mif, but...."

"Milf." I corrected her with a laugh.

"Okay, Milf. But it's not about what others see; it's about how I feel. Honey, your father might have had a point when he..."

"Dad was wrong. Period!" I said heatedly. "He was a cheating dog looking for excuses."

"Easy, honey," she said, as we made our way up the walk, towards the porch. "But he was sort of right about me being too uptight. My mom raised me to be proper and made me as big of a prude as she was. I could have dressed more attractively and as for..."

She hesitated, "Well what the hell, you're nineteen and not like you didn't hear the fights, when it came to sex I held back a lot and I should have been having fun."

"Yeah, TMI mom." I said as we reached the stairs.

"Right. Anyway I wasn't about to change, but then I went to that seminar and bought that tape and..."

She stopped when I rolled my eyes, "Not that damn tape again. Mom, that guy was a con artist and that tape is useless. It doesn't put you..."

"Enough Luke, I know you don't believe it, but since I have been listening to it I feel really good! I'm more relaxed and better yet, those inhibitions are falling away. I dress better, feel better and..."

"Hey, Pam!" A voice called from next door.

We both looked over to see our next door neighbor, Ginny, on the porch.

"Hey Ginny!" Mom called out.

"Hey, can you come over for a minute when you're done with the groceries? I need to talk to you about Jack's birthday party."

"Yeah, give me a few minutes I'll..."

"Go ahead, mom." I told her, "This isn't a lot, I'll put it away."

"Thanks sweetie!" Mom smiled, "That would be great."

"No problem." I curled the bags so they wouldn't hit the stairs and leaning over so she could speak in my ear, mom said, "Speaking of looking, I bet Ginny is checking out those arms. I know she looks when you mow," she sighed in my ear. "Can't say I blame her, you're a good looking young man."

The feeling of her hot breath in my ear caused a shiver to go through me and as she finished her lips barely grazed my ear and again I felt a reaction where there shouldn't be one.


Pulling away from her quickly went up the steps and sliding the handles of the bag further up my arm, managed to open the door and let myself in. Moving into the kitchen, I put the bags on the table and looking out the window saw Mom walking over to Ginny's.

I watched her ass swing back and forth and lowering my gaze took in her long legs and those what could only be described as fuck me shoes. Mom reached the stairs that led up to Ginny's porch and as she climbed them, left my view.

Turning away from the window, I began removing the groceries from the bags and putting them away. I moved quickly and did the best to ignore the fact that I was hard as a rock.


I had just finished putting the groceries away and was leaning against the counter, sipping a bottle of water and wondering what was wrong with me. Thankfully my erection had faded and better yet the entire time I had it I hadn't been envisioning doing anything sexually with my mother. Again I wondered what had gotten me going. Granted if that body had been on any woman but mom, I would be well within my rights to get horny over it, but it was my mother.

As I finished the water and tossed the bottle away, I wondered if it was because she had formerly been so frumpy and I was seeing how attractive she was for the first time. I rolled my eyes at my lame attempt to justify what had been nothing short of a sick few minutes. Maybe that would be it, just some weird random occurrence.

I frowned though at the thought of how even though I hadn't pictured anything pornographic with my mother, I kept coming back to how her lips had felt so close to mine and the weird rush I'd gotten with her breathing in my ear.

My thoughts were interrupted by my cell vibrating. Taking it from my pocket I saw it a text from my best friend Rick. "Hey, I'm out front, Joe's girl is over, can I hang awhile?"

Rolling my eyes, I texted back, "Little late to ask? I'll be right out."

Walking back through the house, I saw Rick's blue Toyota out front and going out onto the porch saw he was already sitting on the bench next to the door.

"Hey," I said, giving his shoulder a playful punch, "What's the matter, Susie getting on your nerves?"

"No, but listening to her and Joe fucking is getting to me, I'm getting to the point I'm swapping to my left hand for a thrill, so I don't need to hear that shit."

"I feel your pain!" I laughed as I started to sit down on his right, "I haven't gotten any since Jenny, I..."

"Hey, sit on my left, you're ruining my view."

I stood back up and turned to see him staring next door where Mom was still on the porch talking to Ginny. Mom had her back to us, but Ginny was facing us. She was wearing a tank top and shorts and not that I thought she was unattractive, but I had never really thought she was hot.

As I sat down on the other side of Rick, I said, "You're gawking at Ginny? Man you must be getting hard up!"

"Not her," he waved his hand, "The fucking hottie she's talking to!"

"You're kidding me right?" I rolled my eyes.

"Are you kidding me?" he asked, "Dude, look at that ass and those legs, shit, she bends over I'm going to..."

"Rick, that's my mom."


"It is."

"Stop yanking my chain, I've known you since we were twelve and your mother doesn't have a...."

He trailed off and raising his hand gave a little wave. I turned back to see Mom was now facing us and was waving at Rick.

"Holy shit, where the hell has your old lady been hiding that?"

"Not sure, but I wish she'd put it back."

"My sister has a pair of shoes like that." He shook his head, "Only wears them to the club and doesn't usually come home when she does. Those shoes only say one thing."

"C'mon Rick, she's my mother."

"She's not mine." He laughed, "But seriously, she never dressed like that. What's up, she dating some younger guy and trying to look good?"

"No, it's..." I sighed, "A long story and you'll think it's stupid."

"Hey, we're best buds, you can tell me." He pointed at Mom, "Besides, I want to know what made her go from dressing like she was freakin Amish to someone from that show cougar town."

"Okay." I nodded, "Maybe it will help so I know it's not just me thinking she's a little nuts these days."

"Go for it." He winked, "I'll just um, you know, keep enjoying the view."

Ignoring his dig I began speaking softly, as if I were afraid mom would hear.

"Well you know my old man used the excuse that mom was a real prude to cheat on her."

"Yeah, no offense, but your dad is a real dick." "None taken, cause he is" I agreed. "Well mom thought maybe he had a point, and let's face it, like you said she looked like June Cleaver before. She also um..." I paused.

"She what?"

"Well not that I was asking, but she said she was pretty boring in bed too, her mom was one of those 'girls who like sex are sluts' types I guess."

"Not that I would say your dad was anything but the dick I said he was, but shit, imagine looking at that every night and not getting much?"

"Then jerk off!" I said with more heat then I meant too.

"Whoa," Rick put his hands up, I wasn't..."

"Yeah, sorry and honestly mom is better off, maybe now she can meet somebody who will be good to her."

"She's sure to find a lot of guys who want to be good to her dressed like that!"

"No, she'll find assholes looking for an easy piece. I mean, shit there has to be a happy medium."

"If she went that extreme with her clothes, I wonder what she would be like in the..." Rick trailed off when he saw me glaring at him. "Sorry, but you know I think she looks even hotter because of how she was before. So anyway... she decided to do a three sixty."

"Well yeah, but she said she couldn't. We were talking one night and I was the one that suggested she loosen up a little. Maybe dress a little more relaxed and try getting out to a club or those dating sites."

"She couldn't?" Rick frowned, "Looks like she did."

"I'm getting there. So anyway she said she just didn't feel comfortable and was getting upset. She ends up going to this seminar where some idiot hypnotist is selling these self hypnosis tapes to use at home."


"Yeah, some of the tapes are for quitting smoking, some for losing weight and my mother got one for losing inhibitions."

"Fucking thing worked!"

"It's in her head; that crap doesn't work. She's doing what she wants and using that as an excuse. She lies there every night in her room and listens to it. She tells me not to bother her because she's" I rolled my eyes, "Under hypnosis until the tape wakes her up and very susceptible."

"Susceptible, like you could tell her what to do?"

"I guess."

"Oh, man that would be great you could get her to..."

"Don't be disgusting!" I snapped "That's my mother."

I instantly regretted saying it, but as soon as he had made his comment I'd flashbacked to mom's near miss kiss and had wondered what a real one would feel like.

"Umm, yeah." He gave me a weird look, "I was going to say you could get her to let you use her car or get some money."

"Oh." I said, feeling like a moron.

"What the hell would make you think I was saying you'd make her do, something...dirty?"

"I don't know." I said, hoping I didn't sound as nervous as I felt. "The whole things got me upset; she's just shy of dressing like a slut."

"Does she seem happier?"

"Really happy." I sighed, "Like sickeningly happy."

"Then, dude, who cares? Let her be happy, what's the big deal?"


"You worried you'll get your balls busted for having a hot mom?" he laughed, "There are worse things in life."

"I just don't want her to meet a d-bag."

"She was already married to one."

"Never thought of that." I told him. "I guess I'm just worried about her, that's why it's been on my mind. I don't want people to think bad about her, or say anything about how she's dressing."

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