tagIncest/TabooMom is Away Ch. 01

Mom is Away Ch. 01


I come from a beautiful island called Sri Lanka. This country has beaches second to none and its friendly culture provides a wonderful atmosphere for almost any person who visits the country. I am Sam, short for an unpronounceable name that I won't trouble you with. I am 19 and my sister is just one year younger. I am around 5' 11" and lean with a toned body since I love working out at least 4 hours every week. My hair is dark and I cut is extremely short so that I don't have to bother about managing it. My sister is about 3 inches shorter than me. our skin color is fairer than most Sri Lankan's since my mom's father was from Italy. My sister has long dark hair that reaches her elbows and dark eyes that she inherited from my mom. Her thin waist ends with a butt that is the envy of most of my friends. Her hips are wide following the genes of most Sri Lankan's and her thighs are nicely toned and in a pair of shorts they tend to drive anyone wild. Her breasts are the best feature. These 34C cups are high because of her age and being her brother gives me a number of opportunities to see them. During one such moment I realized that her nipples are dark pink and small. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning and as she brings in my cup of tea, I get an eyeful of the wonderful globes under her nightdress. We are quite close enough for her to have caught me a number of times either masturbating or watching porn. She would tease me about it and my mom is also quite cool about all my shameless activities.

My dad died when we were small and that brings the second character in my story; my aunt. She is my mom's sister. She is a smaller version of my mom being just 5 feet. Her breasts are as big as my sisters but a little lower due to her age. She is 32 and 6 years younger than my mom. My mom got married when she was 19 as is a common occurrence in my country. Aunt Amali was a regular feature in my fantasies as I had a crush on her since I was a teenager. Her hair is shoulder length and dark. She is an aloof person and is much closer to my sister than me. Her dark eyes are intense and her face has dimples that makes me shiver every time she smiled. Her butt was not as nice as my sisters being smaller and her hips are not as wide. She gives the impression that she is a tomboy until you get a look at her breasts.

They were at least 32 C, which makes any man horny. However, she never advertised them even around the house and I got an idea about their size only by taking a peek at her bras. She was careful around me and unlike my sister seemed even uncomfortable at times. So I kept my distance around her.

The final character in my story is of course my mom. She is a sweet lady. Though not blessed with the breasts that my sister and aunt has, her face was the prettiest out of the three. Her neck was long and her dark hair was cut short which gave her a Meg Ryan look. She is as sweet as Meg and my friends really like to visit my place to get a chance to talk to her. Her breasts are a 32B, and her butt is so sexy that I love to watch her walk about the house. She was never shy around me and used to wear shorts and sleeveless t-shirts around the house. She didn't need a bra around the house and she had a wonderful collection of lingerie that I used to look at when I was younger. She never had any boyfriends after my dad died and devoted most of her time to work and bringing us up. Aunt Amali never married and lived with us since my dad died.

I never considered the possibility of sex with any of them until I came across a website that talked about incest. Reading more about it told me that incest seemed to be prevalent in most Asian countries. I started to read stories of family sex and even downloaded videos on the theme. I started seeing the three ladies in my house in a different light and that made me horny around them. I would imagine having sex with my aunt since I was scared to imagine it with my sister or mom. So one weekend, my mom had to attend a training and that left my sister, aunt and me at home. I was in my room getting ready to watch Jenna Jameson get wicked, when I heard my sister calling me.

"Hey, lazy bones come down here and make yourself useful."

"What do you want?"

"Come down here, big man and help me hang the curtains."

I went down after making sure my erection was safely restrained in my tightest pair of underwear. I went down stairs and there was my sister, wearing a sexy spaghetti strap t-shirt and shorts, standing beside a pile of curtains. I climbed up on a stool and she handed me the curtains one by one. Every time, she bent to pick up a curtain, I got a glimpse of her breasts and every time she lifted her arms to hand over a curtain, I had a clear view of them. She was wearing a pink bra with a border that stuck out of the t-shirt in a sexy way. I had so much trouble not looking at it and after a while she shocked me.

"Looks like I am giving you an eyeful," she said, looking at me mischievously.

"Whats with guys and cleavages?" she said shaking her head smiling.

"Well, I guess we are attracted to cleavages," I shrugged, my face betraying the calmness in my voice.

"Honestly, tell me why you guys feel that you should check out every pair of breasts you see?"

"I don't know. I guess its just our male genes," I laughed.

"Can I get you a few photos of this so that you don't have to ogle me every time I bend over? Anyways, whom do you like best? Mom, me or Aunt Amali?"

I fell off the stool! She was laughing her guts out as she bent to help me up. Again, I got a glimpse of her breast.

"There you go again!" she said letting go of my hands making me fall again. She jumped on to my tummy and started to tickle me. This is not the first time she had tickled me like this. I am very ticklish and this was the only way she could get at me as I was much stronger than her. I started to struggle and she slid back towards my hard cock. She kept tickling me and each time she tickled, I squirmed harder and before I knew it, her ass was on my cock and my struggling stopped. She didn't realize it at first and she kept asking who I liked best. So I told her that I liked mom, sis and aunt in that order.

She started to tickle me again and the sight of her breasts and her ass grinding into me was too much and it made me cum. I was so embarrassed that I threw her off me and rushed upstairs. she followed me, not knowing what happened. Luckily, since my underwear was tight, it had contained most of the damage. I cleaned myself hurriedly with my sister banging on the door. I had to ask for my towel as it was not in the toilet. She handed me the towel and pushed the door in and managed to see me covering my pubic area. She was shocked and amused at the same time. Her eyes were like saucers. Her gaze traveled from my chest to my crotch. She had a half smile on her face as if to say that she was getting even with me for all of the times I checked her out.

"What happened? Did I hurt you?"

"No. Nothing happened," I said, my face going red again.

All of a sudden, it was as if she had a eureka moment and her eyes lit up. She gave me the most condescending smile and turned and left.

I was so embarrassed to come down but sis was cool about it. Throughout lunch she kept giving me mischievous glances. My aunt was moving about in the kitchen and sis kept pointing at my aunts breasts out with her eyes making me blush. She kept calling my aunt a number of times and finally she blurted out that I think that my mom is sexy. My aunt was shocked and looked at me. I looked down.

"The only reason he doesn't know whether you are better is because he hasn't seen you," she said laughing.

I could have killed her then and there. I was so embarrassed that I got up and left. My sis followed me but I was too quick for her and locked up my door. After I heard her go to her room, I came down. My aunt was on the couch reading the paper and she looked up at me as I came down.

I went to her and apologized. "I am sorry about what happened. Sis kept teasing me and tickling me about which one of you was attractive and I had to say something."

"That's ok. I guess it must be quite difficult to be around women who are barely dressed all the time," she said referring to my mom and sister.

"That's why I don't wear revealing stuff around you now," she said smiling gently.

"That's ok, Aunt Amali. The three of you look much sexier than the girls in school, " I said, making her blush and rushed back to my room before she could say anything.

I was bored to death so I ended up watching some porn on my computer and before long my cock was in my hand and I was so engrossed in what I was doing, that I didn't realize I was being watched. I was about to cum hard when I heard a voice behind me say, "your tea is ready," and for the second time that day, I fell of my chair.

It was my aunt and she rushed to my aid. It was the most embarrassing moment of my adult life. She didn't seem to notice my cock, which was now, limp like a dead eel as she helped me up. I pushed my shorts up to cover what was left of my dignity. It was made worse when I saw my sister standing there with the digital camera. Apparently, she had got most of my activities on camera. I was furious. I was in no condition to run behind her and so I made some threatening noises and left it at that.

My aunt stayed in the room and came to me. She sat down on the bed and without warning, hugged me hard.

"I am so sorry. I am the one who got your sister to get all this on camera."

"Its ok. She is my sister and I love her so much and I am used to her pranks," I said.

For the first time in my adult life, my aunt kissed me on the cheek, rubbing my back.

"You can go back to what you were doing. We won't disturb you," she said, her eyes gleaming.

I was not in the mood anymore and I put my swimming trunks on and went down to our pool which was quite small and was inside the house. I got in and was reading something when I heard footsteps behind me. It was my sister. She stood by the edge and had her usual, mischievous smile. She was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and a cotton short skirt. Without thinking, I pulled her into the water. She screamed as she fell into the water. I pushed her deeper into the water drenching her totally.

"This is payback time sis!!" I laughed watching her chest heave under the wet t-shirt. I turned to see my aunt watching us. She was smiling. My mind was filled with ideas for revenge. So I held out my hand to my aunt and she didn't even hesitate. I pulled her in and she fell into the pool in her t-shirt and shorts. She gasped as she tried to find her footing. The t-shirt clung to her body like a second skin. I felt my cock get hard.

Before I realized what was happening, my sister pulled my shorts down exposing my cock that was hard from the view. I stared in horror at my cock which was throbbing like crazy. In the excitement I let go of her and she grabbed me, her grip like a vice, not letting me move. Her breasts mashed against my chest as she held me.

I struggled and my aunt joined in. Both of the held me in place as I struggled.

"Aunt Amali, get me something to tie him up to the railing," my sister screamed.

My aunt took off her t-shirt and tied my hands to the railing of steps of the swimming pool. While she did that, I got an eyeful of the most gorgeous breasts I have ever seen encased in a wine red bra. Her chest rubbed against me while she struggled to tie me up. Here I was, tied to the railing of the pool steps, with my cock hard and two lovely ladies staring at me. They laughed and laughed at me. I was fuming and laughing at the same time. My cock refused to budge.

"Oh, you poor thing," my sister laughed.

"Look at him, Aunt. He is so excited."

My sister slowly started to dance provocatively in the water. Her t-shirt clung to her and I could see her nipples poking out of her bra. She took off her t-shirt seductively exposing her lacy bra. She put her hands under her large breasts and lifted them up, pointing them at me. My aunt, followed suit. This didn't help my cock. It was hard, all 6.5 inches of it. They came closer and closer, licking their lips. My aunt stumbled and my sister grabbed hold of her and for a moment they were facing each other, their breasts mashing into each other. This made my cock twitch harder. My sister noticed it, and she pointed it out to my aunt.

"Looks like I figured out his taste," she said, rubbing her breasts provocatively against my aunt. My aunt smiled at me and joined the fun. My cock responded.

It all started as innocent fun and I realized my aunt was getting turned on by the rubbing. Her face was flushed was I could see her breath come fast. My sister was more intent on making me uncomfortable. She pulled my aunt to her and started to kiss her mouth. It was just a friendly peck at first but I saw my aunt respond by sucking my sister's upper lip. My sister was shocked at first but she complied. Before long, my aunt and my sister was exchanging saliva a foot away from me. It was one of the most erotic kisses I have ever seen. My aunt was going berserk and my sister found it hard to keep up.

My aunt kept moaning and rubbing against my sister as they kissed. She had her fingers in my sister's hair pulling her face hard as their tongue sought to explorer.

I decided that enough was enough. I shouted to get their attention.

"Hey, what are you ladies doing?" I asked.

"Don't you find this sexy?" my sister asked. My aunt pulled her back into the kiss. Her hands moved to my sister's butt.

"I always wanted to kiss you Anu," she moaned, taking some time off the saliva exchange. My sister moaned into my aunt's mouth.

"Hey, what about me?" I moaned in frustration. My aunt must have heard this since she took one hand and started to rub my thigh. It was so sexy that I almost came. It was the first time that a woman touched me and it drove me crazy. Her hand moved up towards my crotch. Her hand found my balls. She squeezed them gently, weighing them in her hand. My sister stopped kissing my aunt and looked at what was happening to me.

She saw my aunt's hand on my balls and my sister reached out and started playing with the tip of my cock. I have lots of foreskin and the tip is usually covered by the skin even when I am fully erect. My sister started to tease the the skin at the tip. I loved the feel of her finger on my tip and I pushed my cock at her. she started to play with the tip with her thumb and forefinger. She pulled the skin over the tip and pulled it. My aunt joined in. I was in heaven. I was shocked to see their hands on my cock. This was a dream come true.

"Will you untie me, please?" I moaned.

My sister bent to my aunt's chest and started lick the strap, moving down to the cup. It looked so sexy as my sister teased my aunt's nipple over her bra. My aunt gasped as my sister bit on her nipple gently. My aunt took her hand off my cock and started to rub my sister's tits. My sister, let go of my cock and started to rub my aunt's tummy.

"C'mon ladies, untie me," I pleaded. To my surprise, my sister picked up my aunt who was much smaller than her and made her sit next to me on the edge of the pool. She started to kiss her hard while reaching back and unclasping my aunt's bra. I moved a bit so that I could sit on the ledge and watch this once in a lifetime event.

My sister took off my aunts bra and then proceeded to wrap it around my cock. Then she went back to my aunt and started to lick her neck. She made loud sucking noises.

"Oh baby, I wanted this to happen for so long," moaned my aunt.

My sister moved lower and lower and started to lick along my aunts cleavage. All I could do was sit and watch with the hardest erection I ever had. My heart was beating so fast that I thought I was about to have massive heart attack.

"Oh baby, lick my nipples, darling," moaned my aunt, pushing her breasts towards my sisters mouth.

My sister started to lick my aunts breasts. She did it in a painfully slow manner that made me wish I was my aunt. She moved along the skin towards the nipple. My aunt had small nipples like my sister and unlike hers, they were brown. The moment my sister's tongue came close to the areola, she stopped and proceeded to lick around it. This made my aunt go crazy. But my sister kept teasing her. After about 2 minutes of this torture, she suddenly sucked the whole nipple into her mouth with lightening speed that my aunt screamed so loud that I thought the whole neighborhood must have heard us. My sister sucked aunts nipple like a baby and moaned as she felt my aunts hands unclasp her bra. The milky globes fell out of their restraint and my aunt cupped them. My sister's sucking increased in intensity. It must have been too much for my aunt since she asked sis to move to her other breast.

My sister didn't comply. she just stood up and pulled my aunt's mouth onto her young breast. My aunt, needed no second invitation. She started sucking my sister's dark pink nipples. Then she did something strange but erotic. She lifted my sisters arm, exposing her shaved armpit and then moved her mouth to the skin. My sister jumped as my aunt sucked her armpit. Their breasts continued to rub against each other.

They started to kiss each other again after my sis pulled my aunt up to her mouth. My aunt's thighs were parted and slightly off the edge and I realized that my sister was trying rubbing her pussy against my aunt. My aunt realized that and pulled up my sister's skirt so that her panty was exposed and pulled her to her thigh while they kissed. It was so erotic to see my sister rubbing herself against my aunt's thigh.

My sister pulled back to catch her breath and I was shocked to hear what my aunt said next.

"I used to love to watch you rubbing ur pussy against your teddy bear," she said.

"Oh god, aunt Amali!! Did you see me do that?" asked my sister, blushing.

"Yes and I used to do that when I was alone here," said my aunt making my cock ache. This was so hot.

"Don't stop rubbing your pussy against my thigh," she said pulling my sister close. They started kissing again and my sister humped my aunts thigh. After a few seconds I felt the knot on the railing loosen and I gently pulled my hand and to my surprise it came off. The two ladies were so into their act, that they didn't notice me disentangle myself. I made my way towards them and I went behind my sister and started to rub her back. She didn't stop or give me any reaction. I moved closer and I my cock started making contact with her butt. Since the pool was quite shallow, my sister was standing in the water with the level up to her thighs and my aunt's thigh was extended. I straddled my aunt's thigh and then I lifted my sis and positioned my cock under her pussy so that she could ride on it. She stopped kissing aunt Amali and looked back at me and smiled.

"Mmmm nice cock tiger. I have always wondered how it would feel against my pussy," she said, starting to rub her panty covered pussy against it. My aunt took one of my hands and placed it on her breast. I shuddered as I felt the soft skin and she gave me a little lesson on squeezing a woman's breast. I felt her nipple harden underneath my palm. she lifted my palm and placed a generous amount of saliva and made me place it again on her nipple. My hand slid all over her breast, lubricated by her own saliva.

The sensation of my sister's wet panties against my cock was too much and I was so close to an orgasm. I stopped sis, as I didn't want to get her pregnant. She stopped rubbing and I pulled my cock out.

"why don't you cum in my mouth, young man?"

As if in a dream, I climbed out of the pool and my aunt wanted me to move between her and my sisters faces so that she could suck my cock. MY aunt started to lick my balls first. Then I felt my sister's tongue on my bun. She started to suck it. She placed a finger at the top of my ass crack and I felt the finger trail down. I love to play with my asshole when I masturbate and I shuddered as I felt her finger move lower. My aunt's tongue started to explore my perineum and it was edging closer to my anus. I felt her tongue move closer and closer to my anus. I felt her tongue finally taste my rim. It explored me gently, wetting the area and finally it gently probed the opening. I was ecstatic.

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