tagIncest/TabooMom is Away Ch. 02

Mom is Away Ch. 02


Please read part one for the background and description of the characters.


Sam - I am 19, 5'11", toned body and short hair.

Anu - My sister is just one year younger. My sister is about 3 inches shorter than me. our skin color is fairer than most Sri Lankan's since my mom's father was from Italy. My sister has long dark hair that reaches her elbows and dark eyes that she inherited from my mom. Her thin waist ends with a butt that is the envy of most of my friends. Her hips are wide following the genes of most Sri Lankan's and her thighs are nicely toned and in a pair of shorts they tend to drive anyone wild. Her breasts are 32 C with dark pink nipples.

Amali - My Aunt, 5 ' and is a 32C. Her hair is dark like my sister and has hair up to her shoulders. Her butt is smaller than my sisters and her hips are wide but not as wide as my mom's. She is more boyish until you get a glimpse of her chest.

Avanthi - My mom has dark hair which is cut to resemble Meg Ryan's hair cut in "You've got mail". She is a 32B and has a sexy butt that I lust for. Her hips are wide and she has a sexy walk that drives my friends wild.

So after our little love tryst, we felt awkward to talk to each other and this went on for about 2 weeks. Mom started suspecting that something was amiss. I avoided all of them and spent more time in my room watching Busty Lesbians eating each other out and pretending to be a hot mommy at an adult chat site. I enjoyed being a woman more than a man online. I met a few sexy ladies online and made a habit of making them cum with my naughty role playing. This went on for some time and I started getting tired of the chat rooms and the unfulfillable experiences where there were more takers rather than givers which is quite common at these sites. I wished I could spend another day with my sister and aunt. I was soon to be rewarded.

One Saturday morning, I woke up late after a long Friday night of role playing and porn. I had a hot shower and finally made my way downstairs. My aunt was in the kitchen with her back to me. I asked her, where everyone were. She replied that my mom had gone out and my sister was at her friends place. She didn't look at me. She was wearing a housecoat over her night dress and she was washing some dishes. I could see her reflection in the window and her breasts were shaking like crazy under her nightdress. This gave me a deja vu feeling of our past encounter. She looked in the window and she must have seen me looking. I looked away hurriedly but not in time to avoid embarrassment.

"Are you hungry?"

"Yeah, I am famished. Would love to have some melon juice."

She stopped what she was doing.

"Really? Do you like melon juice?"

"Yeah. I developed a taste for it recently."

She turned around and looked at me.

"May I ask you when?"

"Well, a couple of weeks ago. To be frank, a few more of my tastes changed," I added smiling mysteriously and my eyes no longer in control of where they wanted to look. This was not helping my blood circulation that suddenly found a single place to give attention to.

"What might they be?"

"Oh, just stuff."

"What kind of stuff?"

"Oh nothing much."


She turned back to the dishes. I continued to watch her shaking breasts and my cock was testing the strength of my shorts. I took half a melon out of the refrigerator and started to make a drink. I felt my aunt approaching me. She stood close and watched me make the juice.

"Looks like the melon got you all excited."

"Well, yeah. The way it moves is quite provocative."


"Oh yes. I can't wait to taste it."

"What's stopping you?"

"Well the time has to be right."

"So when would this right time come?"

"It depends."

"On what?"

I turned around after finishing the blending session. I dipped my finger in the drink and tasted it.

"Is it good?" she asked.

"Do you want to taste?" I countered.

She nodded. I took a spoon and she shook her head.

"I want the finger," she said smiling.

I dipped my finger in the juice and held out my finger. She lifted herself to reach it and started to suck it sending shivers down my spine.

"You make a mean Melon juice."

"You think so?"

"Oh yeah. I would love to taste more of it."


"Oh yes," she said closing her eyes her voice barely a whisper.

I dipped my finger again and held it close to her mouth. She started to lick it again, as if it were a cock.

I was so hard by now. She had her eyes closed.

"Why don't you sit down, Aunt Amali," I said, an idea forming in my twisted mind.

She sat down, her eyes still closed. I took my finger and offered it to her again. She moaned as she tasted me again.

Then I took my shorts off and first dipped my tongue in the juice and held it out to her. She licked it as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Then I rubbed some on my nipple and offered it to her and this time she took longer.

"I like the way this is progressing. Wonder what I will get next."

I put some on my other nipple and she sucked obediently.

I wanted my cock to be next but I wanted to tease her too. I could see her hands shaking and her breathing increase in its frequency. Everytime she breathed, her breasts swelled up inside her nightdress.

Then I put some on my navel and she licked that as well, making it seem like she was licking a pussy. I had a hard time keeping my cock out of her face.

"Oh god, I want something bigger to taste now, Sam."

She smiled as she heard me gasp. I wanted to tease her more. So I peeled a banana and dipped it in the melon juice. She was waiting for my cock and I heard her sigh as soon as the tip of the banana made contact with her lips and she laughed as she realized what it was. But she played along making me regret that I had held back my cock. Her tongue moved slowly over the tip of the banana, exploring every millimeter of it. She took it into her mouth and sucked on it making loads of interesting noises. She pulled my face down to her and made me suck the other end of the banana. My mouth was so close to her and I bit off as much as I could so that our mouths met over the banana. Our mouths fought for the banana and it was one of the most erotic scenes I had ever experienced. Finally she let me go.

"The next item that I taste better be your cock!" she threatened.

Then finally I dipped my cock into the juice and gave it to her. She took her time, teasing me. She brought her mouth so close to it but refused to lick or kiss it. She kept running her hand lightly over it, mocking me. All the time her eyes were shut. I couldn't take it any longer. She laughed as I grabbed her by her hair and tried to push her face to my cock. She didn't budge and I didn't try that hard since I didn't want to hurt her.

Finally with agonizing slowness she started sucking it. Her eyes remained shut. The melon juice was all over her face and falling onto her nightdress.

She let me dip it in the juice again and then started to suck it once more. My cock head was buried in her mouth and she moaned as she sucked on it. My whole body shook at the sensation. I could feel her teeth on my skin and I wondered whether it was normal. I didn't want to ask anyone to clarify!

She opened her eyes and then asked me whether I was enjoying the attention.

I nodded dumbly. She took off her housecoat and nightdress and spilled the juice all over her body.

I was surprised. She pulled me close and we started to slide against each other. I felt kinky doing this with her. I bent to her hard nipple and started to suck the melon juice out of her melon. She arched her back and pushed it into my mouth holding onto me with slippery fingers.

"Oh baby, suck my melon. Do you like your aunt's melon baby?" she moaned.

She started rubbing my cock with her hand. I licked her all over tasting the melon juice intermingled with her sweat. She pushed me down to her pussy and put one leg on a chair making it easier for me to lick her. I started to lick her pussy while rubbing her rim. She moaned my name as I licked her hard. Her clitoris was small but hard like a small pimple and she was dripping wet. I wet my finger with her pussy juice and I kept rubbing her rim, increasing the pressure. My finger eventually entered her anus making her push against my face. I started to suck her hard while my finger went in and out of her anus. I used another finger to rub the opening of her pussy.

My tongue moved to her vaginal opening and I started to fuck her with my tongue. The intensity of her movement increased signaling that her orgasm was near. I licked her harder and my finger moved faster.

I had a hard time keeping my balance as my aunt was going crazy. She was moaning and screaming calling out my name and my sister's and I forgot all about my aching thighs and neck and pressed on.

Finally I felt the onset of her orgasm and she came like a volcano. This time, my face was drenched with her cum. I realized that she was one of those rare ladies who could ejaculate. I started licking her harder only to be pushed away and she sank to her knees taking my cock in her mouth. Her finger found my anus and she started to suck me hard. Her other hand cupped my balls, squeezing it gently while her mouth engulfed most of my cock.

I didn't last long in her mouth and I came really hard. She let the cum dribble down her chin as I fucked her mouth even after emptying my balls into her. I found it hard to stand as I could feel a slight cramp in my leg. Then all was forgotten in the next moment.

We heard a familiar voice. "Well, well, this is what happens when mommy is not around."

I turned around and found my mom standing by the kitchen door looking rather upset. My aunt made a mad scramble to restore her dignity by reaching for her nightdress but as is the case with most situations like these, the simplest of actions can't be accomplished easily. So I stayed put, my cock resembling a dead eel. Its amazing how a rock hard erection can disappear at the sight of authority and my mom was pissed.

"Clean up the kitchen for goodness sake!!" she screamed and turned around and went upstairs. My aunt was really upset and I tried to comfort her.

"Its all my fault. I am the one who tempted you into this," she said sobbing.

"No. Don't say that. The moment I saw you, I wanted to make love to you."



I hugged her hard and felt my cock hardening again.

"See what I mean?" I said, laughing. She hugged me harder and pushed her hand down and took my cock in her hand. She parted her legs and let me push my cock between her thighs.

"I am on the pill, but it needs at least a month to be effective," she said.

"Until then, you can fuck my thighs."

I started to move between her thighs and it was exciting to feel her body against mine shaking as if we were having sex. Her eyes looked at me lovingly as she quietly urged me to rub my cock between her thighs. I came quite quickly and we kissed again. I started to kneel down, wanting to lick my aunt again, but she stopped me. Since we didn't want to make my mom angrier, we cleaned the place up and went to our respective rooms. I had to stop myself so many times from kissing my aunt again and when I woke up after a deep slumber, it was dark and I didn't want to go downstairs. The whole house was silent like a tomb.

I passed my mom's room and I saw that the door was open. I knocked and she called me in. I was scared at first, but I wanted to confront her anger and get it over with. I went in, to find her in a bathrobe in bed. She straightened herself and sat up on the bed. She seemed upset.

"I am so sorry mom," I started.

She held her hand up, stopping me.

"It's OK. I can understand what happened. It must have been torture for you to see three semi-naked women everyday."

"No, mom, it's my fault. I started the whole thing," I said.

I explained to her what happened in the morning and how the sight of my aunt's breasts made me horny.

She sighed.

"It reminds me of your father. He was crazy over Amali's boobs. He never liked mine."

I could see that she was upset.

"That's not true mom. I find you really attractive and I love your breasts."

"Don't try to pacify me young man. I am a big girl. I can take this kind of shit."

"It's true! I fantasize about them sometimes," I said moving closer to her.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"Don't you screw around with my feelings young man!"

"Mom! I am not kidding. I really do like your breasts, not to mention your body. And so does a lot of my friends."

Her eyes lit up.

"Then prove it!!"

There is no mistaking it. She had me by the balls.

"Show me how much you like my breasts!"

"Well, I will need to see them first," I mumbled.


"I mean, I will need to see your breasts to show you how much I like them," I stuttered.

"You want to see your mother's breasts?"



"So that I can show you how much I like them."

"How will you show me that?"

"Well, it depends," I countered.

She shrugged and slipped off her bath robe, turning towards me. I couldn't breathe. She was wearing a lace bra that had no padding. It was almost see through. Her pussy was covered in a motherly pair of panties that Jenna Jameson would have avoided like the plague. She started to caress her breasts looking seductively at me. My cock didn't need a second invitation. It stood up in my shorts making a significant bulge.

My mom looked enquiringly at me and I slipped my shorts off exposing my 6.5 inch member. Her eyes gleamed and she slipped off her bra straps pushing down the bra. Her breasts were finally exposed to me and that made my cock harder.

"Come closer."

I went closer to her.

"Tell me what you want to do to my breasts?"

"I want to kiss them."

"What else?"

"What do you want me to do to them?" I countered.

"I want you to suck them. I want you to bite them and I want you to rub your cock all over my breasts and finally I want you to fuck them," she said.

My cock started imitating a hummingbirds' wings. She got up and came to me. She pulled me roughly to her and hugged me hard pushing her face into the area between my shoulder and head making me shudder as I felt her tongue licking my neck. She started rubbing herself against me in a manner that was somewhat between a sex crazed woman and a loving mom. My skin tingled as her bra brushed against my chest. Her slightly rounded tummy was soft against my body and my cock had a hard time finding a place to stand against her intense actions.

Finally, her lips touched mine and I started to kiss her. I must have been tentative since it not everyday that a son gets to kiss his gorgeous mother. I was as nervous as any son would be. She realized this and eased up. She held her intensity in check and she started to kiss me slowly. Her tongue slipped into my shaking mouth, tasting its wetness and started a slow sensual dance with my tongue. I finally responded by sucking her tongue harder. I realized that I had inherited her long tongue.

She pulled me harder to herself. We rocked against each other and kissed some more. I felt her relax in my arms as she felt more at ease.

"Oh god, I wanted to do this to you so much, baby. But I was so scared since I didn't know what your reaction would be. Some nighted I was right outside your door listening to you watching porn and that made me so wet."

I was speechless. I kicked myself for waiting for so long. We moved back towards the bed. I made her sit down but she didn't let me start what I had in mind. She pushed me onto the bed and said.

"Before you start to explore your mother, I would like to see how your body has changed since I last had a chance to see it which was a long time ago."

How could I refuse such a request. I nodded dumbly as she made me lie on the bed and started to explore every inch of me. I mean every inch! She started with my chest where she paid homage to my hard nipples and I never knew that they could be sucked that way. She made me feel so sexy. My armpits didn't escape her attentive tongue. She licked and sucked on the skin that made my cock spasm. All the while, her pussy was millimeters away from my skin. I could see it was dripping wet. I couldn't bring myself to touch her. I wanted to touch her pussy so badly but my fingers would not move. I was scared to touch her and spoil the moment and I sincerely imagined that this was some kind of dream.

Her attention shifted to my tummy and I felt her pussy brush my thigh. My whole body reacted at the briefest of touches. She seemed oblivious to it. She finally moved to my lower tummy and started to lick me there. I squirmed as it was making me ticklish. But she held me down and sucked my skin. She avoided my cock and moved past my thighs. Her pussy rested for a millisecond on my knee and it was off again before I could respond. She went up to my toes and sucked each like a cock. I could not wait any longer. I lifted my torso off the bed and pulled her by her hair to me, without hurting her. She smiled as she sensed my urgency. She opened her mouth thinking that I wanted her to suck my cock. She was mistaken. I reached over to her drawer and took out a blindfold she uses to sleep during the day and made her put it on.

"Oh, my little boy is getting kinky," she laughed.

I put the blindfold on her. Then I tied her hands to the bed post with a couple of socks I found. She giggled like a school girl. I heard a slight sound and I turned around to see my half naked aunt. Her eyes were gleaming. She brought her forefinger to her lips, asking me not to make a sound. Her breasts were exposed and her hands were in her shorts. I guessed that she had been watching us for some time judging by the state she was in.

She came closer and whispered in my ear.

"Please, I want to watch you two. I want you to make my sister cum like she has never cum before. She deserves that."

I nodded, moving to my mom who was moaning and calling out my name. I moved to her lips and started licking her lips. I sucked them both into my mouth. She moaned. I pushed my fingers into her hair and massaged her scalp while I sucked her lips. I moved to her chin and sucked on the delicate mound. I left a trail of saliva along her throat. My saliva dribbled down to her cleavage. She shuddered as I moved towards her ear. My tongue traced the outline of her ear and when it reached the earlobe, I sucked it hard into my mouth. She moaned and urged me to suck it harder. I then moved to her ear and started to lick the inside of her ear. I noticed that she was getting goose bumps. I fucked her ear with my tongue.

"Oh baby, you are so sexy. Why didn't I get you to do this before?"

"So are you, mom."

"Am I as sexy as Amali?" she asked.

"You are both sexy as hell. I like you both for different reasons."

"Momm, do you think aunt Amali is sexy?" I said, getting an idea.

"Oh god, yes!! I get wet when I think of her body and her breasts. I got so wet watching you two in the kitchen the other day. I wanted so much to join the two of you, but I didn't have the guts. I rushed to my room and fingered myself like crazy with one of your aunts' panties."

I looked at my aunt. She was shocked and delighted at the same time. I motioned for her to be patient and started to lick my mom's cleavage.

"Oh baby, I want you to suck my little babies. They haven't been touched by a man for so long."

I moved to her breasts and started to lick the sheer material. She squirmed, pushing her breast at me. I avoided her nipple on purpose and continued to tease her. I slipped off on strap and exposed one breast. I started to trace the border of the aureole with my tongue. She was going crazy pleading me to suck her nipple. I kept it up for a while and then, without warning, I sucked her nipple hard. It slipped into my mouth, sliding past the teeth that provided enough resistance to increase her pleasure. Her nipple entered my mouth like a blob of jelly. It made my mom arch her back and made her scream.

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