Mom is Away Ch. 02


"Oh god, baby. Where did you learn to do that?"

I took my mouth off her breast for a moment to explain.

"Jenna Jameson!! She does that to women."

"Oh I know. I love to see her suck women's breasts."

I was shocked. My mom was a fan of Jenna Jameson.

"How did you..?"

"Well I can operate a computer you know and your porn collection is all over the place," she laughed. I went back to sucking her harder and moved onto the other nipple.

Before I could stop her, my aunt bent to my mom's nipple and started to suck it.

"Oh god!! Who is this?" my mom moaned, trying to pull away. Without answering, my aunt pushed her breast into my mom's open mouth.

My mom was shocked into silence and she lifted the breast away long enough to ask whether it was my aunt or her daughter.

My aunt replied and my mom went absolutely crazy. She started to suck on my aunt's breast like a hungry child. I could see that there were tears in her eyes while her mouth worked relentlessly on my aunt's nipple. Her hand reached for my aunt and started seeking her pussy. My aunt needed no second invitation. she placed my mom's hand on her wet pussy and my mom started to rub her slit. She pushed my head down to her pussy with her other hand and I moved down obediently to her panties covered pussy. Her panties was now drenched and was sticking to her pussy. I realized that she was clean shaved and I spotted the contours of her pussy lips against the material.

I moved my head between her legs and started to lick the panties without bothering with her thighs. I sensed that she needed my tongue on her pussy. I started to lick her pussy lips over the panty and the force of my tongue pushed the material between her lips. I made the panty like a thong and started to push it between her slit while sucking on the lips. This drove her wild. I looked up to see my aunt sitting on mom's face, facing me and she kept pinching my mom's nipples while she grinded her pussy and ass against her thirsty mouth.

I took off mom's panties and started to French kiss her pussy. I found her opening with my tongue and started to fuck her with my tongue. Her finger reached under her butt and started to rub her own rim. I started licking her finger and before long her finger went into her anus. It was so sexy to see my mom doing stuff like that. I pulled her finger out with my teeth and started to suck on it. I heard her scream into my aunt's pussy. I continued to suck on her finger and then pushed my own into her ass and my mouth founder her clit. I started to lick her as she moved against my hand and tongue. I had a hard time keeping my mouth on her pussy and then I felt her tremble making me realize that she was going to have her first orgasm with me. I sucked her clit harder and she came so hard that she lifted my aunt off her and screamed, digging her fingers into her thighs. She shook like a leaf and it took her about 2 minutes to calm down. She didn't rest then. She called me by my name and said that she wanted me to cum in her ass. I have never had anal sex before and I told her so. My aunt volunteered to help us.

She sucked my cock along with my mom and made it absolutely wet with their saliva. Next she turned my mom on her tummy and parted her cheeks. She deposited a glob of saliva on her asshole and motioned me to come closer. My mom lifted her ass off the bed and I placed my cock head against her anus. My aunt provided the push and I pushed ever so gently. Bit by bit, my mom's ass relaxed and I pushed my head into her ass. My mom moaned as I started to move slowly, pushing most of my cock into her. It went in easily since my cock was not the thickest in the world and finally I was buried in mom's ass. My aunt started to lick mom's pussy as I started to move faster. Her ass was so tight that I had trouble controlling my orgasm. Finally I came in mom's ass. My aunt rushed to the scene and started to lick the cum dripping off my mom's ass and she tongued her ass like a pro. Then she sucked my cock, cleaning it up and finally she kissed my mom on the mouth. These two ladies were so nasty. Finally they relaxed and lay side by side. My mom stretched like a cat, smiling at us.

"This is the best day ever," she said raising her tits and pointing them at me.

"I think we have forgotten Aunt Amali," she said.

Aunt Amali was nowhere to be seen. She came back into the room with a condom.

"Can I ask your boy to fuck me, Avanthi?" she asked.

"Of course darling, only if you let me make him hard again," countered my mom pulling me to her and her mouth opening to let my half erect member in. She had me hard in 10 seconds flat and my mom put the condom on for me. She licked her sister again and helped me enter her. If entering an ass was difficult, this was worse. I lost all sense of direction on where my cock was going and it kept sliding off her pussy. We had a fun time finding the spot. My mom helped us and I felt my head push past Aunt Amali's tight opening and I swear I heard a popping sound.

I waited for my aunt to relax and started to move. It was tight and somewhat dry at the beginning but I felt it become wetter as I moved. I moved slowly and she gasped at every stroke and I had to stop from time to time to let her recover. Then I realized that it must have been the first time that my aunt had a cock in her pussy. I asked her this and she nodded her head. She said that she used an anal vibrator on her pussy because she couldn't take in any of the bigger dildo's. So I moved slowly, kissing her from time to time. After a while she urged me to increase my pace. Once she asked me to stop and she squeezed my cock hard with her pussy muscles. It was a nice feeling. Then she urged me on and with the help of my mom who rubbed her clit, we managed to make her cum hard. Then both of them took off my condom and made me cum in their mouth. My cock was aching so much and I refused to let them touch it. I was sure something had happened to it. I was physically exhausted by the time we stopped. I left the two sisters in my mom's bed and went into my room to clean up. What a day this had been and I was wondering what would happen next.


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