tagIncest/TabooMom is Away Ch. 03

Mom is Away Ch. 03


Please read part one and two for the background and description of the characters.

Sam - I am 19, 5'11", toned body and short hair

Anu - My sister is just one year younger. My sister is about 3 inches shorter than me. our skin color is fairer than most Sri Lankans since my mom's father was from Italy. My sister has long dark hair that reaches her elbows and dark eyes that she inherited from my mom. Her thin waist ends with a butt that is the envy of most of my friends. Her hips are wide following the genes of most Sri Lankans and her thighs are nicely toned and in a pair of shorts they tend to drive anyone wild. Her breasts are 32 C with dark pink nipples.

Amali - My Aunt, 5 ' and is a 32C. Her hair is dark like my sister and has hair up to her shoulders. Her butt is smaller than my sisters and her hips are wide but not as wide as my mom's. She is more boyish until you get a glimpse of her chest.

Avanthi - My mom has dark hair which is cut to resemble a Meg Ryan hair cut in You've got mail. She is a 32B and has a sexy butt that I envy. Her hips are wide and she has this sexy walk that drives my friends wild.

First I ended up playing with my aunt and sister and then my mom caught my aunt and me playing. Finally we ended up with my aunt and my mom!

The third story in the series obviously has no connection to me, at least not directly. This is when we all decided that we should get my sister involved in this scenario. So my mom and aunt decided to set her up! It started off with me leaving one of my Jenna Jameson DVD's strategically on my sister's bed. We hooked up a web cam in her room and watched the action. We saw my sister look at the DVD, pick it up and then make a move towards the door. Then she hesitated and her curiosity got the better of her. She went to her PC and inserted the DVD. The movie started to play and it started with Jenna and Asia kissing each other. This got my sister's attention. We could see her chest rise and fall at an increasing pace. She looked around a bit and then walked up to her window and closed the curtains. Then she went back to her PC and started to fondle her breasts. Before long her hand was moving down to her pussy. My mom sent my aunt first. We saw Aunt Amali sneak into the room. My sister was so engrossed in what she was doing that she didn't know until my aunt turned her swivel chair. My sister was starting to rub her pussy and it was in full view of my aunt. My aunt rushed to her and started to kiss her hard before she could react. We heard my sister asking where the others were. My aunt said that we were not around and that she wanted my sister badly.

They started to kiss hard and finally moved to the carpet. My sister started to kiss my aunt hard rubbing her body against my aunt.

"Oh, Aunt Amali, I went crazy after the first time. Why did you ignore me after that," she moaned as she felt my aunt's hands on her breasts.

"I know sweetie, I was so scared that you didn't want to anymore."

"How could you think that? I kept dreaming of your pussy so much that I had to seduce one of the girls in school who resembles you."

My cock jumped at that statement. I heard my mom gasp. My whole family had suddenly turned bisexual!

They started to kiss again and mom was getting restless. I started to rub her breasts and her nipples were hard from the lovely sight of her sister and daughter.

"Why don't you go in?"

"What if she freaks out?"

"Don't worry, she won't."

"Is this exciting for you?"

She just took my hand and shoved it under her skirt. Her panties were soaking wet. I turned to her and kissed her hard as I fiddled with her mound.

I heard her moan as my hand found her slit over her panties. I stopped kissing her momentarily and urged her to join the two ladies. She bent to my hard cock which was pulsating under the pair of shorts I was wearing and licked it a little and then she left.

She went into the room. I was so hard that I found it difficult not to touch my cock, but I willed myself to watch the fun ignore the hard member right under my nose.

My mom stood by the door, watching. My sister was on the floor on her back and kissing my aunt feverishly. Then she saw mom and screamed trying to throw off my aunt. My aunt looked up at mom and said something I could not catch. My aunt got up and walked over to mom and started kissing her. My sister watched with her hand to her mouth, surprised. She got up and sat on the bed watching her aunt and mom kiss like long lost lovers. I was hoping she would get up and move in on the couple.

The reverse happened. My aunt took my mom by the hand and they went to my sister and they started to kiss each other. My mom got my sister's mouth first and she started to kiss her. My sister was tentative at first, but she soon got into it by kissing mom hard on the mouth. My aunt was kissing my sister's ear and trying to get in on the act. Mom let my Aunt join in. All of them got into a three way kiss. It was so erotic that I got up and watched the action from the doorway of the room.

My mom moved down to my sister's breasts. She started biting my sister's nipple over the t-shirt. My sister moaned as she kissed my aunt. I stared at her disbelievingly as she pushed my aunts face down to her other breast. Now mom and my aunt were sucking my sister's breasts and before long she lifted her t-shirt to let the two older women suck them without any other barriers. My cock was in so much pain under my shorts that I had to release it. I stood there with my cock standing out. My mom lay on the carpet and asked my sister to sit on her face. My mom's hands shook as she maneuvered my sister onto her waiting mouth. Her tongue snaked out of her warm wet mouth searching for my sister's juicy pussy. My aunt continued to suck my mom's breasts while rubbing her pussy against her hip bone.

My mom pushed my aunt down urging her to lick her pussy. When my aunt reached my mom's pussy, there was a loud moan from my mom and subsequently from my sister as my mom's attention increased on her. I watched mesmerized as the three women continued to please each other. Since my aunt was left out, I had no choice but to move behind her and start to lick her wet pussy. She groaned as she felt my tongue trace her slit while my finger played with her anus. It didn't take her long to cum hard. My sister took a few seconds longer and my mom erupted soon afterwards. Since my sister was the only one at my cock's height, I placed my cock next to her open mouth and she started to suck my cock. Her tongue teased the underside of my cock and her hands were all over my balls. My mom moaned as she watched her son being sucked by her daughter. I pushed my cock harder into my sister's mouth and shuddered as I felt my orgasm start. My cum poured out of her mouth spilling onto my mom's face. She collected it all with her fingers and sucked on them. This made me pull my cock out of my sister's mouth and stuff it down my mom's throat. She sucked the rest of my cum off. The next few days were definitely going to be interesting!

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