Mom is Dominant, Mom is Submissive


"Very good, Momslut of mine. Now, maybe soon I'll reward your obedience." I put the mouth patch back on and walked away. Back in Mom's room, the shakes overtook me and I had to sit down on the bed. I couldn't believe what I'd done. I'd just beaten my mother with a wooden paddle and we'd both enjoyed it! I could smell Mom's arousal all the way in here. My cock ached with need. I tried to calm down, but my own lust was overwhelming. I could not calm down.

Several minutes passed and I could resist no longer. I stood up and quietly walked back to the Play Room. Mom was sniffling behind her mask, her body trembling with pain and need. She cocked her head left and right, sensing my movement, but not quite sure where I was.

Her inner thighs were soaked, as was the floor underneath. Mom's pussy lips were literally quivering, juices oozing from her aroused flesh. I crept up behind Mom and aimed my cock for her pussy. I hesitated just shy of her flesh, relishing the sensation of heat emanating from her twat.

Mom's head perked up, her instincts warning her someone was near. To her credit, she didn't cry or call out, at least until I had thrust home, burying my cock in the sweetest, most wonderful place ever! Though her mouth was covered, still she gave a loud, muffled scream as with one stroke I buried my long, hard cock in her to the hilt.

I didn't say a word, not giving her the satisfaction of being positive it was me, but rather, I simply fucked my mother hard and fast with long strokes. Mom's pussy, used to a smaller cock, felt deliciously tight and silky as I pumped in and out. Mom's cunt walls tried clasping my cock as I fucked her, making the sinful sensations all the more delightful. I loved feeding it all to her, grinding my groin against her upraised ass and pussy mound, feeling her heavy, wild hair against my flesh, our pubic hairs tangling and then tearing apart.

Mom's pussy was a slick, wet inferno, a far hotter pussy than any I'd ever encountered. The few girls I'd been with paled in comparison with my mother's pussy. Suddenly, Mom's body began to spasm, her arms and legs straining against her bonds. Her cunt muscles clamped down tightly around my cock. Her pussy bathed my cock with a sudden torrent of fiery pussy cream. Mom was cumming! I was making her cum!

Just the thought that it was my cock making my mother cream sent me over the edge! With a growl, I thrust my cock as deep as I could inside my mother and yielded to the sweetest sensation a man could ever know -- filling up my mother with my hot semen! Mom screamed anew and her convulsions turned violent as my orgasm only served as fuel to make her own more intense. I came and came, emptying a tremendous load of my seed into my own mother's womb.

As my ejaculations ceased, I abruptly withdrew from her clasping vagina and moved around in front of her. I ripped off the mouthpiece of her leather mask and said, "Open wide, Momslut! Clean your master's cock." I pressed my cock, lathered up with pussy juice and sperm, against her lips and Mom opened her mouth and took me inside. My knees almost buckled from the incredible waves of pleasure that Mom's tongue produced as it rolled over my very sensitive cock and as Mom sucked the last remnants of my seed from my still erect penis.

I was a happy man as for the next several minutes I permitted my mother the pleasure of cleaning and then sucking my cock. Mom threw herself into it enthusiastically, working up quite a sweat, her body glistening from her effort. She wordlessly groaned when I finally stepped back, my penis still long, thick and erect, and dripping with Mom's saliva.

I reached down and undid the mask, pulling it off to reveal Mom's sweat streaked red face, her luxurious black hair in a mad tangle. She looked up at me with some anger and fear. I smiled down and said, "You may thank me for making you cum, Mom."

Mom scowled, her eyes blazing even as she said meekly, "Thank you for my orgasm, my son and master."

I grinned and said, "You're welcome, Momslut. Would you like more?"

Expressions of desire fought with Mom's dwindling resistance to being submissive. Desire finally won and Mom whispered, "Yes, my son and master. Please fuck me again."

"Gladly," I replied. I walked around behind Mom again, her cunt now gaping open and dripping both semen and pussy juice on the floor. I put both hands on Mom's tight butt cheeks and spread them as wide as I could, exposing Mom's little brown asshole. Mom gasped, realizing what was about to happen even as I pressed my cock against her anus. As I pressed into her, forcing her anus to yield to my saliva covered dick, I said, "Mom, you have permission to yell and scream all you want." Then I popped my cock into her ass, her sphincter muscles suddenly relaxing as my swollen cockhead forced its way inside Mom's ass.

Mom cried out loudly in pain, her whole body going rigid as my cock invaded her anus. I groaned as her hot skin enveloped my cock. Her muscles seemed to pull me along and with several quick thrusts, had most of my cock up Mom's ass.

"OHGODOHGODOHGODOHGOD!" Mom sobbed over and over as I sank deeper and deeper into her bowels. Mom's ass was tighter than anything pussy I'd ever had before and beyond my own amazement for having had the nerve to assfuck my mother was my new found appreciation for a woman's ass.

Mom's cries of pain slowly leveled out to be replaced by moans of pleasure as I settled into a steady fucking rhythm. "MMMMMMYesssss! Fuck me, Thomas, fuck me my lord and master! Fuck Mommy's ass my son and master, with that big hot cock!." Despite being restrained, Mom made every effort to drive her ass backwards to meet my thrusts, desiring to take me deeper.

It wasn't long before Mom began to make "I'm cumming," noises. I began slapping her already reddened ass cheeks to urge her on. Mom began to shriek, louder with each slap of my palm, the mixture of pain and lust bringing her pleasure to new heights until she screamed incoherently as she again began to orgasm. Soon after, I exploded again, emptying a massive load of sperm in my mother's ass.

I withdrew and left the room, commanding Mom to be quiet and to not make a sound. I returned shortly from Mom's bathroom with a wet wash cloth. Mom, who tried to look subservient the entire time, sighed visibly when I bent down and unlocked her restraints. As I undid Mom's ankles, I admired the lovely sight of both Mom's anus and pussy leaking my seed. I was amazed at the amount of semen and pussy juice pooled on the floor

I walked over and set down in the easy chair. "Stand up, my Momslut."

Mom moaned and eased herself off the furniture block. Her body shook from the stress of the past hour or so. "Look down, slave. Look at the mess you made."

Mom stared down at the puddle of our mixed cum. "Did you have permission to leak my precious seed from your body, Mom?"

Mom flashed me a momentarily scornful look, but as I raised an eyebrow and lifted my paddle, she looked down hurriedly and softly said, "No, my son and master."

"Then you must be punished. Lick it up, Mom."

My mother glanced up astonished, her face flushing anew. "I can't, Thomas. Don't make me, please. I'm your mother."

"YOU'RE MY MOMSLUT, SLAVE!" I roared. I stood up and Mom cringed back a little. I felt both ashamed and exhilarated to have intimidated my mother so. "You will lick up our cum juices or I'll beat you and then you can lick it up."

Mom whimpered, but quickly sank to her knees and began lapping up the puddle of semen and pussy juice. Tears ran down her face as she did so, but I noticed that her nipples were as swollen as tight as ripe grapes. Watching Mom obey was already making me hard again. Mom was diligent and within a few minutes, had licked the floor's surface clean. "Did you enjoy your little snack, Mom," I asked. "Be truthful. I'll know if you lie."

Mom looked ashamed as she said softly, "Yes, my son and master. It was delicious."

"Good, I'm sure you'll have many such snacks in the future. Now, crawl over here and clean me up!"

Mom complied without argument and my cock came to full mast as I watched her sexily crawl across the room like a sleek jungle cat. She took the washcloth from me and proceeded to lovingly and gently clean my cock off. She kept glancing up at me, her eyes now simply filled with desire.

"My son and master, may I speak?" Mom whispered.

"Permission granted," I replied.

"My son and master, your magnificent cock is hard and swollen again. May I have the honor and pleasure of sucking my son's cock?" Mom raised her head up and smiled at me...the same smile I have treasured my whole life.

"I'd love that, Mom!" I said, reaching out and stroking her tear stained face. Mom proceeded to give me the blowjob of a lifetime. She took her sweet time, stretching it out, easing off when I came close to cumming and then resuming. Mom's tongue seemed almost supernatural in its ability to create pleasure. It was my turn to be trembling and sweating as over what seemed to be an eternity, Mom sucked and licked my throbbing dick.

As Mom brought me closer to the point of no return, she whispered, "Would my son and master like to cum on Mommy's face?" I nodded quickly and Mom wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and fluttered her tongue across the top of my cock and then began stroking my shaft as she let me slip free from her mouth. "Cum for Mommy, son. Please, cum for Mommy, my son and master."

And so I did! With a groan, I began cumming, shooting thick ropes of semen into Mom's face, splattering it across her forehead and into her jet black hair, across her nose cheeks and into Mom's hungry, open mouth.

The day went on from there. Mom seemed to quickly come to terms with her new status. We spent the day exercising a few erotic fantasies. I couldn't believe how many erections I was able to muster. In late afternoon, we took a long nap in Mom and Dad's bed, Mom in my arms, wearing nothing but a studded black leather collar that I thought looked good on her and that sexy black widow from the previous Friday.

After we woke up, we talked about the future and Dad and everything. I told her what I wanted to do. Mom made a few suggestions and then we went back to the Play Room to await Dad's arrival home from the office.

When Dad arrived, he found us locked in passion's embrace. Mom's arms were suspended from the A-Frame, she barely able to stand on tip toe and I was fucking her in the ass again from behind, my fingers teasing the clamps attached to her swollen nipples. Mom was wearing a ball gag, which did little to muffle her moans and sobs. My semen leaked from her pussy as well, having just finished depositing my third load of the day in Mom's sweet snatch.

Dad stood in the doorway, mouth gaping open in disbelief. His son covered in well earned fuck sweat and his wife's sweaty, jism smeared body taking her son's cock in the ass.

"There's a new Sheriff in town, Dad, so strip down and put on your slave collar. My Momslut's cunt needs a good licking and you're just the dog to do it!" I snarled.

Dad looked just dumbstruck and said, "Um, what?" as he stared at me pistoning my cock in and out of Mom's ass. "Uh, Victoria, what the hell is going on?"


Dad shivered and swallowed hard. He turned around and walked back to the Toy Chest, removing his shirt as he went. Over Mom's shoulder, I watched as my father hurriedly stripped off his clothes and put on his regular slave collar. His cock was so hard it slapped against his belly like it probably did when he was a teenager.

He came timidly into the room and with an expression of extreme humility, asked, "Master, do I need to use a cock ring?" He looked at me hopefully.

"Of course, dog....not that you'll be doing much cumming around here anymore." I said with scorn. Dad clamped on the cock ring and then returned to the room. I commanded him to kneel in front of Mom and eat my sperm out of her cunt. With amazement, Dad immediately went to it. Mom moaned and cried and shivered and had orgasm after orgasm, culminating in a monster cum as I gave her what I think was my seventh load of the day!

Exhausted, I pulled out, my cock throbbing with a dull, not unpleasant ache and staggered over and collapsed in the easy chair. "Slave, what are you waiting for? My Momslut has an asshole full of her son's spunk, go clean it out. Don't swallow it, though, she's probably ready for a snack!"

As I watched, Dad hurried around behind Mom and spreading her ass cheeks, buried his nose in her crack as he lapped my spunk out of Mom's butt. Mom continued to shake, barely able to keep on her toes as orgasmic waves of delight rippled through her body.

When Dad finished his tasty chore, I instructed him to remove Mom's ball gag and kiss her, sharing with her my thick, still warm seed. I ordered Dad to release her from her restraints and had her brought over to me. She curled up at my feet, her cum smeared face resting on my thigh. Dad was forced to kneel in front of me as I explained the new way of the world to him.

"I'm the master now. Mom belongs to me, not you. You're the low man on the totem pole, you're sucking hind tit for the rest of your life."

"Yes, my son and master," murmured Dad, his hard on throbbing more than ever.

"My word is law. If I am not here, then Mom is your master and you will continue to obey her every whim."

"Yes, my son and master," replied Dad.

"One last thing, Slave," I said. "There's a change in our sleeping arrangements. I'm moving into the master bedroom with Mom. She needs a firm hand and a large cock all the time."

Dad's jaw clenched a little. He was truly caught in a catch-22. I was taking his wife from him and rubbing his face in it, but his masochistic side really loved it. In a tight voice, Dad replied, "Yes, my son and master. Shall I move myself into your old room?"

I laughed derisively. "No! A proper dog always sleeps at the foot of his master's bed! You will make your bed on the floor of our bedroom where you will always have the privilege of listening to me fuck your wife's brains out every night!" This has been one of Mom's suggestions. She knew it would get Dad's masochistic rocks off.

Dad was shivering with effort now. His cock looked as if it might burst. "In a strangled voice, Dad muttered, "Thank you, my son and master!"

And so our evening ended, Mom and I watching Dad with some amusement as he fixed a little nest at the foot of the bed. I allowed him to take off the cock ring and masturbate while watching me fuck Mom on their bed. My head was swimming as I tried to grapple with the heady rush of the power I suddenly had over my parents. I mean, there we were, Mom spread-eagled on the bed, begging me to fuck her harder while I rammed my cock in and out of her while Dad stood off to one side, stroking his erection.

I commanded him to cum on Mom's face and within a few minutes he did. The sight of Dad's jism dripping off his wife's face was too much for me and I felt my balls tighten and the wonderful sensation of a cum racing up my shaft. I pulled out of Mom and scrambled up to straddle her chest, managing to hold off my own orgasm until I could splatter the meager remnants of my seed in her face (in my wildest masturbation crazes, I'd never cum eight times in one day!) Mom sucked the last drops of my semen from my aching, weary cock and then I ordered Dad to lick her face clean

My first night as lord and master of my parents' household ended with Dad, lying at the foot of the bed in a nest of blankets and pillows, no doubt embarrassed and aroused as Mom and I cuddled up on what used to be his bed, whispering sweet nothings to each other.

The last thing I remember is the sweet sensation of Mom's warm flesh pressing into mine, her long, shapely leg draped across my legs and her thick, furry muff scraping deliciously against my thigh and her lips nuzzling my neck as I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of our future. I dreamed of Mom dominating Dad and myself dominating Mom and all the exciting adventures that were our future.

The End?

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Loved how Son took over...

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by Simkam08/02/18


Hope the Mother win back the power. Love the storie, until She lost her strengt.

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Turned on

Great story keap me hard the whole time. Can’t wait for ch 2. Keep up the great work

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