tagGroup SexMom Knows Best Ch. 07

Mom Knows Best Ch. 07


They didn't have to ask twice. John was more than willing to fuck all three of these hot teenage cheerleaders in their locker room. The only question was where to begin.

He put down the camera and walked toward the bench where Monique's thick, nude, light-brown body was stretched out. Jessica had returned her soft mouth to Monique's shaved pussy and John was mesmerized by the contrast of her bright pink pussy compared to her brown flesh. He stood at one end of the bench with his hard cock jutting out towards Monique's face as he watched Jessica feast on her pussy at the other end of the bench.

Mary Beth walked toward John and dropped to her knees in front of him. She tossed her long blonde hair over her shoulders and glared up at John with her passion-filled green eyes as she rubbed her full breasts. Mary Beth took John's cock in her hand and gently squeezed it in her fist before pumping it slowly in her grasp. Monique turned her head to the side so she could see John's hardness in Mary Beth's fist.

"Don't you dare," Monique ordered Mary Beth. "I am the captain and I want the first taste of that hard cock before you get your damn lip gloss all over it."

"You are the captain," Mary Beth said as she guided John's cock toward Monique's mouth.

John watched as Monique slightly opened her full, pouty lips while running her tongue over them. She reached out and took his cock from Mary Beth's hand and brought it to her mouth. Monique moved her mouth toward John's cock, but did not lick it. Rather, as Jessica continued to eat Monique's pussy and finger her own wet twat, Monique stuck her tongue out and somehow squeezed it so the tip was pointed. She pressed the tip of her pointed, wet tongue against the base of John's cock between his swollen balls and begin to rotate her tongue in tiny, tight circles.

Her tongue set John on fire as it danced on an area very sensitive because it had never been touched before. She then began to dart her tongue in and out - zapping a tiny spot at the base of his cock again and again in a quick rhythm. Monique then told John she was going to suck his dick like it had never been sucked before and closed her lips tightly around his cock just below the mushroom tip. She squeezed her lips tightly until it almost hurt. The pain was new and John liked it, especially when Monique unexpectedly rammed her face down his shaft with her lips still tightly squeezing his cock. While her vise-grip lips plunged down his cock her tongue was doing fast circles around his hardness inside her mouth. She pushed his cock all the way in her mouth and then relaxed her lips and gave John the most gentle, soft and perfect blow job he had ever experienced. It was the opposite of a sloppy blow job and John loved it.

Mary Beth was turned on by it to. She was standing with her legs spread as she watched Monique pleasure John. Mary Beth had one hand on her soaking wet pussy. She was sliding two fingers in and out of her fat pussy while the other was busy fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples.

"Ohhhhhh," Mary Beth began to moan. "Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm!"

Monique glared at Mary Beth.

"Oh shut up you little whiner," Monique demanded. "You want a hard cock in your pussy? You ready for your fuck already?"

Mary Beth was silent as her shoulders slumped forward and her head dropped to almost a bow. She was still for a split second and then nodded her head ever so slowly indicating yes.

"If you want this hard cock in your pussy you have to ask me first," Monique said. "Don't just stand there and feel sorry for yourself. Now, let me hear you ask."

"Monique, my captain, may I please have that hard cock in me?" Mary Beth asked pleadingly. "May I please have that dick fuck me until I cum nice and hard? I am so horny. I will do anything you ask if you let John fuck me."

John could not believe the control Monique had over her cheerleaders, but he loved it. He wondered if he could somehow get her to make ALL of the cheerleaders fuck him. His daydreaming of a massive orgy with the entire cheerleading squad evaporated when he saw what Monique had Mary Beth doing.

Mary Beth, as instructed by Monique, had straddled the bench she was laying on with her pussy right above her captain's face. Mary Beth was facing away from John now and she leaned forward into a 69 with Monique. He could see Mary Beth and Jessica fighting over Monique's dripping wet pussy using their tongues as weapons as they dove in and out of her slippery folds.

Monique, on the other hand, very methodically and gently reached up and squeezed Mary Beth's perky firm ass cheeks. She spread them apart and then began to tongue her pussy. Mary Beth loved it, but wanted something more.

"Oh, captain I love your tongue. You know how to make me so wet and feel so good," Mary Beth said in a pleading voice. "Please get me wet and command John to fuck me! Please!"

John thought, "Command me? Why, I'll do whatever I want and if I ... "

His thoughts were interrupted.

"John, you may fuck her now, but only in this position," Monique said.

John was getting what he wanted, so he did not question whether or not he needed her permission.

Mary Beth was on her tippy toes, straddling Monique's face with her back stretched out so her face could reach down to her captain's sweet, bright pink pussy. The way she had to stretch her body to get her tongue on Monique's wet pussy caused her to stick her ass slightly in the air as her pussy hovered inches from Monique's expert mouth and tongue. John straddled Monique's face as well and slid his hard cock into Mary Beth's juicy tight pussy doggy style. Monique's tongue found a spot on John's body between his asshole and his balls and began to rapidly flick it against the sensitive skin. Monique rolled her tongue lightning fast as if she were a Spanish teacher showing her students how to roll their R's.

Jessica looked up from Monique's shaved triangle and, seeing that John was enjoying himself and extremely busy, walked over to his camera. She fidgeted with the buttons until she discovered how to turn it on and then look some photos of the kinky threesome. John knew she was taking pictures, but he didn't care at the moment.

"Wow," Jessica said. "Now, I know why you get so turned on taking pictures of me. You all look so hot!"

Jessica took a few more pictures and was able to capture John's making extremely lust-induced facial expressions. She loved the way his face contorted from pleasure as he rammed his cock deep inside Mary Beth as Monique licked his cock and balls between each stroke. She put the camera down and began to run her hands over her petite frame as she watched.

Monique did not like the fact that Jessica was watching and not participating in the orgy.

"Jessica, we are a team. Get over her and give John a special surprise," Monique ordered. "Now! Give him the surprise I gave you yesterday!"

Jessica's eyes became brighter as she thought about what Monique was telling her to do. She walked slowly over towards John while biting her lower lip nervously. She positioned herself behind John and sat on the bench.

Jessica reached up with both hands and ran her fingers lightly through John's hair and then slowly down the back of his neck. She reached around and pressed the palms of her hands into his chest and let her fingers dance over his body downward until she came to his waist. She traced an invisible line around his waist with a finger on either side from his belly button around his sides until her hands came to his tight, firm ass.

John did not know what the surprise was, but he liked it so far. Jessica's soft touch only magnified his passion as he felt Mary Beth's pussy lips begin to contract harder around his thick cock while Monique ran her wet tongue over his balls as they slapped into Mary Beth's juicy ass.

Jessica placed her thumbs on either side of John's ass crack and pressed them into his flesh as she spread his cheeks. She leaned forward and teasingly slipped her tongue against his flesh at the top of his crack causing his body to lurch forward instinctively. Jessica ran her soft, wet, warm tongue down his crack until the tip of her tongue found his tight asshole. She pressed her tongue against his tight hole and licked him hard, pressing the pointy tip of her tongue slightly inside his ass as she moaned.

John did not know what to think. Jessica's tongue felt so good and he decided not to think about having his ass violated and concentrated on penetrating Mary Beth harder and faster.

Mary Beth began to whimper and then moaned loudly as she neared orgasm. Her slippery pussy felt fantastic as John rammed into her while Jessica continued to lick his ass while Monique tongued his hard tool.

"John, you like having a tongue in your ass?" Monique asked in a stern voice. "Now, let's see you eat pussy! Jessica show John our secret cheerleading stunt."

Jessica must have been waiting for her cue because she dashed around in front of John and climbed up on the bench straddling the bodies of her fellow cheerleaders. She sat on Mary Beth's back facing John. Jessica took a few seconds to get perfect balance then she spread her legs and wrapped them around John's waist. She leaned back and managed to stay atop Mary Beth despite her bucking and rocking as if riding a bull in a rodeo.

Jessica looked into John's eyes pleadingly as Monique ordered him to lick her shaved teenage pussy.

John leaned forward and down until his mouth was on Jessica's creamy pussy. He tongued her sloppily as he continued to fuck Mary Beth. Both of them were moaning and yelling for more. Mary Beth's body began to shake more violently as she came hard all over John's cock almost tossing Jessica off her back.

"Fuck me," Jessica begged. "Please fuck me now. Please!"

John withdrew his cock from Mary Beth's cumming pussy and rammed it into Jessica's tight folds as she pushed her body down Mary Beth's back closer to him. Monique slid her body slightly down the bench and began to lick Mary Beth's pussy clean as John fucked Jessica. All three of the girls were moaning with passion.

Jessica was ready to cum long before John ever entered her tightness and she came hard after just a few strokes of his thick cock.

"Oh, yes," Jessica yelled. "Fuck me! Fuck your dirty little teen slut! Fuck me hard and fast! Yes! Right there! Oh, yes, ohhhhh!"

Jessica sat up on Mary Beth's back and kissed John hungrily as she came all over his cock. She grinded her hips into him riding his cock as it penetrated deep inside of her as cum flowed out of her pussy and dripped down onto Mary Beth's ass. Her cum slid down between Mary Beth's juicy ass cheeks and Monique began to lick it up as it mixed with Mary Beth's pussy juices.

Monique sounded almost drunk as she spoke again. Her mouth was so full of woman cum from her two horny cheerleaders that her words slurred as she told John she wanted his cock now.

"Now, you get to fuck me," Monique said. "And, I get to show you why I am the captain of the cheerleading squad. You ready?"

John said he was ready and sat down on the bench as instructed by Monique as Mary Beth and Jessica watched. Monique jumped onto John's lap with her legs wrapping around his waist. She reached down and guided his cum-covered cock into her bright pink and thoroughly soaked pussy. Monique was facing John as she straddled him and slid her pussy down his meat pole. She arched her back thrusting her breasts upwards as she locked her ankles together behind his back.

"Now, fuck me hard! Fuck me hard and fast like you are trying to toss me off your cock," Monique ordered. "You can't throw me off your cock! My tight pussy wants your dick and my strong legs and years of cheerleading give me the balance to ride anyone or anything until I am satisfied."

Jessica and Mary Beth stood beside them watching. They giggled at first and then began to make out with each other as they watched Monique bounce up and down on John's swollen cock.

John was facing Monique with the lockers behind her as he thrust his hips up with all the force he could muster. Monique, true to her words, rode him like a champ. She worked her hips, rolling them into each thrust as John pounded her tight pussy with his cock.

Monique then pushed down hard and squeezed her legs tightly against John holding herself pressed down onto his cock with it buried completely inside her.

"You're good," Monique said in a sexy voice as she leaned down and kissed John's ear.

She whispered into his ear, "Give me a second. Just stay still for the fuck of your life."

Monique unhooked her ankles and moved slowly as she turned on John's cock. She lifted one leg into a heel stretch and held her foot above her head with her knee touching her face. She kissed her knee to make a show of the routine and then brought her leg in front of John's face as she turned her body slowly on his cock. She rotated 180 degrees until she was sitting on John's cock facing away from him.

Monique's tight pussy almost made John cum as she twirled around on his hard throbbing cock. Her pussy lips squeezed his cock tightly as she swiveled around with the head of his cock pressed deep inside of her.

"OK," Monique said. "You can start fucking me again. Fuck me even harder and faster now! Make me cum! You want the captain to be happy, don't you?"

John was mad with lust and began to thrust into her harder than ever. He stood up little by little with each stroke until he was standing with Monique reaching out and holding onto the lockers in front of her to keep from falling. John dove his cock deep inside her violently and her face slammed into the lockers as her pumped his cock in and out of her.

"Now, let's see if you deserve to be the cheer captain," John hissed as he stepped back so Monique could no longer grab the lockers for balance and support.

John grabbed Monique's short hair and pushed her head down as he fucked her standing up. Then, he ordered her to grab the floor.

Monique locked her ankles tightly behind him and the heels of her feet dug into the flesh on his back as she reached down to the floor with open palms. Her hands smacked the cold locker room floor and John thrust into her even harder. It was like a wheelbarrow race except John was not holding Monique's feet, he was fucking her tight twat.

Jessica and Mary Beth cheered wildly as they watched. They stopped making out and watched in amazement as John fucked their captain in a brand new position. Jessica realized it was a special moment and grabbed John's camera. She took several photos as John fucked her captain in "The Wheelbarrow" position.

Monique loved this new position because it allowed John's cock to go deeper inside her than anyone had ever been and she began to cum hard. She was no longer in control and being helpless excited her more than she ever thought possible.

John fucked her hard until she came good and hard all over his cock. Then, he pulled his cock out and stepped back letting her fall to the floor.

"Who wants my cum?" John screamed as loud as possible. "Who wants to swallow my hot thick cum?"

Jessica put down the camera and joined Mary Beth and Monique as they crawled across the cold tile floor toward him.

He looked down at them as he stepped up onto the bench in front of the lockers. They crawled toward him like cats going after a fresh bowl of warm milk. John smiled as he stroked his cock slowly and then faster. Jessica, Mary Beth and Monique were all begging for his cum. They crawled so close their faces were inches from his cock when a giant load of cum blasted out of his cock. The thick white stream of cum showered down onto the three cheerleaders as they used their bodies to push their way into the path of the flying cum like fans fighting over a foul ball. John's cum showered down on them and what they did not catch in their mouths they hungrily licked up off each other's hot sweaty bodies.

John stood on the bench looking down at them as they began to lick each others bodies for every last drop of cum and then began to make out.

John rushed over to his camera, picked it up and took several photos of the three teen cheerleaders filled with lust as they licked up his cum and began to make out.

Monique, drunk with passion, even licked up a glob of his cum off the locker room floor and looked into the camera with an expression of pure horniness and lust as she did so.

Then, out of nowhere, John heard a noise. He grabbed his camera and clothes and ducked behind a row of lockers just as the locker room door flew open...

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