tagIncest/TabooMom Lakhsmi's Morning Sperm

Mom Lakhsmi's Morning Sperm


As usual another fantasy about me and sexy mom Lakhsmi

Lakhsmi- 38 years old

Raj- Lakhsmi's son 20 years old

Lakhsmi had just awakened it was just 6, and got out of bed and rushed to

Piss, and then started the morning coffeepot. She stood 5 feet 4 inches and her shoulder length black hair glowed in the early morning sunshine.

Her husband Venkatesh and daughter Roja were late raisers, and will not get up until 8 in the morning. So she always got two long hours to play with her son, and enjoy his company in the cold and lonely early morning hours.

She stood almost naked, she had put on an open front see through doll top with ties to keep the morning coolness away from her 36D size tits. Already, her child sucked thick nipples stuck out ready for a warm mouth or hand to protect them from the coolness of the room.

Lakhsmi tied the doll top strings and looked down at her trimmed V-line jet black thin pubic hair patch over her ever wet pussy as she slipped her feet into a pair of slippers.

She thought to herself, "Goddamn, I'm 38 years old and I still look good after having two kids: A son Raj, now 20 years old and a daughter Roja, now 18 years old."

Lakhsmi left her room and began walking down the hall and as she was passing her son's open bedroom door she stopped. She saw Raj completely naked laying flat on his bed with his legs spread open. He had his completely 7 inch hard thick cock grasped within his fist as he masturbated towards a morning climax.

Lakhsmi shouted, "Don't you even touch it. Let me help!"

Lakhsmi entered her son's room, stared up and down at her 20 year old brown haired son's perfectly shaped 5 foot 10 inch naked body with 6 pack abs and untied her baby doll top to reveal her ample and perfectly shaped tits to him.

Lakhsmi's soft and big round boobs swayed as she got onto the bed next to her son. She removed her son's hand away from his erect dick, and took immediate control of his fuck tool in her hands.

As she continued to jack him-off with a caring motherly smile. She said, "Good morning honey."

And he replied, "Morning Mom."

Then she gave him a kiss on the lips and lowered one of her big round and firm 36D tit to her son's open waiting mouth to be sucked. Raj then grabbed his mom's other big melon in his hand and caressed them lovingly and traced his mother's pink areola.

Lakhsmi is very sensitive in her breasts, and Raj always made ensured to give his mother utmost pleasure.

He then began to roll his soft fingers around her stiffening half inch nipples. Lakshmi pleased at her son's work looked into his eyes with desire as well as motherly love. She approved his actions and leaned more into him and gently stroking his hair. She placed a soft but wet kiss on his forehead, as loving mother who was completely pleased with her child. She then pulled him more close to her ample and engorging breast. Raj now began to roll his tongue over his mummy's nipple, which was in his mouth and pressed the other gently between his forefinger and thumb.

His mother Lakshmi reacted to it loudly, " Ohhh.... God fuck..... UUMMM keep doing it!!!!!!!!, Son I love you. Your SLUT MOTHER loves this Raj."

Raj moaned into her heavy boobs, "my pleasure mother, I love to please you. I am lucky and honored to be your lover mom."

Raj now had began to bite his mother's swollen and erect nipple buds lovingly with his lips. He began to knead her other breast with his right hand. He was kneRajng a little roughly but he knew perfectly well how much roughness his mother can take. He has been pleasuring his mother for more than 3 years. And knew all her pleasure points perfectly well.

"Sonny keep doing what you are doing. You are doing well Raj," his mom gasped in ecstasy.

"Are you loving it MOTHER? Is your mother fucking son turning you on...... mom, Oh mom you are such a nice fuck," Raj replied back.

Meanwhile Lakshmi was reciprocating her son's love with long soft and smooth strokes on his stiff erect pole. The dick which she loved to hold, Cock which has seen the depths of her motherly fuck hole.

Lakshmi began to tease him, "Son your 'mother-fucking', 'big fat pussy-splitter' feels so nice and warm."

"You can hold it mother as long as you please," he further added, "you can also put it wherever you need it mom."

Lakshmi blushed, "You mother fucking BASTARD, you are a real tease. Aren't you?"

She cupped his balls in her soft hand and squeezed it gently. While she kept on shagging his long shaft with her other hand.

Raj let out a gasp, " fuck mom you are so nice."

Lakshmi laughed back, " Are you enjoying your mother's attention son." And as if to stress her words, she tickled at the base of his balls with her fingers.

"Fuck you, MOM .....," Raj giggled.

Both mother and son were playing with each other and giggling around like teenage kids.

By this time Raj began to bite his mother's nipple softly between his teeth's and began to maul and pull on her nipple bud with his other hand, while one hand gently traced his horny mom's pussy slit.

"AW!!!! FUCK son, you are turning your mother into your sex slave. UUMMMHH I am loving this Raj. Keep pinching and chewing your slut mom's nipples. Keep doing it son! AAARRRGGHHH," she finished with a loud moan.

Ten more minutes of pleasuring continued Lakshmi suddenly felt its time to stop playing and concentrate on his penis or he may spurt it any moment. And she was very particular not to waste even a drop of her son's jism.

She pulled her tit away with a popping sound and got onto her knees beside him. She then lifted up her big tits in her hands and sucked her own nipples as she caressed her big boobs to tease her son like a nasty street hooker.

This act always drew Raj's attention, and he gave a hard spank on his kneeling mothers nice round butt cheeks.

His mom yelled in delight, "AAW SON, did mother exited you too much? Does your mothers lewd hooker act excites you SON? Spank you mom for being such a tease. Spank mother for acting like a dirty bitch."

She then winked at her son and said, "You know the routine."

She laid between his open legs and he continued to jack-off. She lowered her open mouth to Raj's 7 inch cock, closed her mouth around it and sucked. She could taste his liquid sticky pre-cum as she sucked.

Raj began to moan, "Ah mom, you are great sucker. I love your morning blowjob's mom. Yes, yes, deep throat my fucking dick mother."

And Lakhsmi knew he would climax soon. This was her "cue" to take complete charge of her son's cock so she could provide him with an early morning climax. Also, she wanted an early morning cum shot in her mouth.

She moved her mouth just for a second to barely utter, "Let me take over son."

Raj let go of his cock deep into his mother's caring and cum hungry mouth and leaned back onto his elbows. So that he could see his mother's hungry mouth swallowing his whole fuck rod.

Though he had seen it innumerable time over these three years, yet it was always an awesome sight for Raj to see his long hard mother's pussy-splitting tool engulfed between his mothers cute red lips.

She licked it at the base where it joined his shaved nut sack up to the tip as she squeezed it with her rolling tongue to milk out a clear bead of pre-cum for her taste satisfaction. She licked it off and her son quivered. Then she began to masturbate him, with her mouth: Up, down, up, down with an occasional sucking of the cock's head to clean the pre-cum from it.

Suddenly Raj began to tremble as his orgasm was fast approaching.

Lakhsmi lowered her pretty face to within two inches of her son's prick and began to suck hard on his throbbing prick with her total concentration. Raj felt the pressure of a vacuum cleaner over his hard prick as his mom was sucking hard.

She continued her masturbation of his dick with her mouth while she probbed his butt ring with her one hand and pinched her son's nipple with other. Lakshmi then plunged a finger into her son's butt hole and kept fucking his butt with her finger.

Raj now in ecstacy mumbled incoherently, "That's it Mom...Oh, fucking BITCH that's good. Holy shit, MOM I'm gonna cum! Fuck! it MOTHER, Here it CUMS! Here it CUMS!!!! Oh!........ Oh! Ohhh!!!!!!!! Fuuuck......... yesss.....! Uh! Uh!!!!!

Uh! Uhhh..........!"

Lakhsmi just removed her sucking mouth watched as her son's teen age cock released it's first spurt of sperm for the day.

She always took delight to watch her son's cock head spew cum from very close range just one inch high into the air above his prick. Then she opened her mouth and took in two healthy squirts and immediately lowered and closed her mouth on her son's prick to suck and swallow. She was always very careful and never wasted his teenage spurts of incestuous sperm as she jacked him off slowly.

When he had completely unloaded his nut sack into his mother's mouth he laid back down, with his pillow under his head. This was a sign to Lakhsmi he was done and she could stop jacking him off. She stopped the pumping and licked his softening shaft completely clean to get all his sperm and then she moved up next to him and kissed him gently on the lips.

Raj said, "Thanks Mom. That was great."

Lakhsmi said, "You're welcome Raj. Why don't you come downstairs and I'll make us a cup of fresh coffee?"

Raj replied, "Ok, mother." And kissed her very passionately on her lips.

She kissed him back again on his lips and they both lied tongue tied on the bed for some time exploring each other's mouth. She then rolled off the bed

and stood on the floor as she retied her see through baby doll top and then exited the room.

Lakshmi soon made it a habit to have creamy, cummy coffee in the morning along with her daughter, But that's another episode.


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